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My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons This Silk Pillowcase is The Simple Luxury You Need in Life

Julie Kim
ByJulie KimJan 11, 2023In Partnership With Blissy

The Blissy Silk Pillowcase has had a pretty meteoric rise in the past year–we’re talking over 81,000 5-star reviews, and a super loyal following. It’s always sold out, but those who have tried it have said their skin & hair has never looked better. After getting my hands on it, I have to say, they’re not wrong…

1. Out With Frizz, Breakage, and Overnight Knots

Thought it was impossible to wake up with hair that’s not a tangled, messy, all-over-bedhead mess? You thought wrong! Blissy’s high-quality 22-Momme 100% Mulberry Silk is, above all, incredible soft and smooth. This is important because it reduces the friction on your hair, leaving your hair way less susceptible to frizz. No friction = no heat, so you won’t experience any split ends or breakages, either. Other pillowcase fabrics absorb your skin and hair’s products and moisture, but a Blissy silk pillowcase doesn’t, which helps your hair maintain hydration. And hydration means a fuller, more gorgeous hair appearance. Yep, it’s possible to wake up with healthier, shinier hair than you had yesterday.

2. It’s (Affordable) Luxury At Its Very Finest

You’re resting your head on a pillow for at least a third of your life. So why should your sleep be anything short of luxurious? Though a Blissy silk pillowcase is a small luxury to introduce into your routine, it sure is mighty. And it’s so good, you’ll be taking it with you wherever you go, whether you’re visiting parents, crashing with a friend, or traveling the world. The best part? You can rest easy knowing it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg (sizes range based on size, but they’re under $100. Win and win). It’s not just the rich & famous who can experience real luxury (or great hair)!

3. It’s the Hypoallergenic, Healthier Choice

Mulberry silk is organic, non-toxic, and OEKO-TEX Certified, and it also has naturally antibacterial qualities and repels dust mites. The way the pillowcase has been designed repels allergens – if you’re quite the sneezer, rejoice! A Blissy silk pillowcase is ideal for those with allergies, and the silk + weaving materials also make it resistant to mold and funghi, along with the aforementioned dust mites and allergens.

Cotton pillowcase has microscopic nooks and crannies, inviting a whole host of dust mites and allergens. This is, to put it simply, a bacterial tragedy.

In addition to beautiful pillowcases in several beautiful colors, they also offer sleep masks, scrunchies, and more—so basically, you can ensure that all the accessories you sleep with are working to protect you from allergens and bacteria. Goodbye, acne and midnight sneezing.  You know what to do–Blissy is a non-negotiable!

4. It’s Easy To Take Care Of

For such luxury, a Blissy pillowcase isn’t high-maintenance at all. You can machine-wash your Blissy a million times over without feeling like it’s getting ruined, like lots of other materials out there. And, thanks to its naturally antibacterial properties, it can be washed 3x less than the standard cotton pillowcase. It’s pretty amazing how Blissy does it (and by “does it” I mean, maintain the exact level of quality it had when I bought it).

5. You’ll Fall Asleep Faster Than Ever

There are a ton of things that make a Blissy silk pillowcase the most comfortable thing you’ve ever slept on. It’s luxurious and it’s a natural thermal regulator, which means you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll wake up invigorated and totally refreshed. Gone are the days where you’re staring at the ceiling or overheating at night!

6. Try Blissy For Yourself

Blissy means I get an unparalleled night’s sleep, but even better yet, I wake up feeling rested and ready to rock my “woke up like this” hair. My skin is cared for, my locks are smooth, and my bed looks beautiful as I walk away from it and into my day. 10/10 recommend.