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My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons I’m Gifting Everyone Universal Yums This Year, And Why You Should, Too

Ashley Schuering
ByAshley SchueringNov 23, 2022In Partnership With Universal Yums

Now that Halloween is over, the winter holiday season is officially upon us. If you, like me, have put off shopping for gifts until now, I have a big surprise for you: you can be done shopping today thanks to Universal Yums. Why should you be gifting Universal Yums to everyone you know, you ask? Read more below.

Universal Yums is the *perfect* gift for just about everyone on your list.

After traveling all over the world and living in 7 cities in my adult life, I’ve learned at least one axiomatic truth: food is universal. And as someone who has spent decades working in restaurants and is now a food writer, I’ve seen the joy that food puts on a person’s face and how it’s such a unifying factor.

That’s where Universal Yums comes in. Every delectable snack is sure to encourage curiosity, pique interest, and stimulate conversation (on top of being downright delicious). You might just learn that your best friend’s mom spent years in France and her favorite French snack made a serendipitous appearance in the box. Giving the gift Universal Yums is an incredibly fun way to spread holiday cheer this year!

(Seriously, next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable silence, ask the person across from you what their favorite meal is and why. I’d be willing to bet you’ll get at least several minutes worth of spirited conversation out of it!)

Get your loved ones talking with Universal Yums.

As someone who has friends and family who are far-flung, Universal Yums delivers on being a great unifier. Gifting a box of tasty treats gives me and my loved ones the perfect excuse to get together over Zoom and talk about our favorite thing: FOOD!

In the box I received, there were a whopping 10 different snacks from all over the world. My favorite was the salted egg yolk popcorn from Taiwan — it was like a cheesy, umami iteration of kettle corn. YUM!

We also received sparkling wine flavored potato chips from Spain (replete with popping candy coating to remind you of the sparkles), 4-layer dark chocolate-covered gingerbread from Germany, and skull-shaped foam candy (?!) from Sweden, to name a few. Our holiday meals looked a little different this year (in the best way)!

Every month brings new surprises.

One of my favorite things that Joe and I do together is going to international grocery stores and raiding the snack aisle. When you gift Universal Yums, you can pass along that same fun without having to locate your nearest international store. Also, the snacks offered in our box were completely different from what I could find at any stores here in town.

And, since each Universal Yums box focuses on a different country or region of the world, we get the opportunity to do a deep dive into new and unforgettable flavors each month. Who wouldn’t want to sample a taste of the world, especially from the comfort of their own home over the holidays (or any time of the year, really)?

Each box is a whole experience.

As if sheer variety weren’t enough to love, each box also comes with a 12+ page booklet with a description of each snack, recipes to try, and fun facts about food.

There’s even an interactive tasting game so each person can rank the Yums. Funnily enough, one of my favorites was Joe’s least favorite, and vice versa. Arguing our cases for the best Yums had us laughing hysterically – you’re gifting the people you love an experience that they’ll remember!

There’s something for everyone.

With three different sizes of Universal Yums snack boxes to choose from, you can easily find a gift for a single person or a whole family to try. And, with prices starting at just $15, it’s sure to fit just about any gifting budget. I can pretty much guarantee that anyone will love receiving Universal Yums!