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5 Reasons I Appreciate Parallel Learning As a Parent and Educator

Brandi D.
ByBrandi D.Nov 17, 2022In Partnership With Parallel Learning

As a former special education teacher and now a mother who homeschools her four children with various personalities, I’m super on board with the idea of a support network for parents of children with learning differences. I have worked with a lot of parents of students with and without special needs, and just as the range of needs can vary, so can the level of support they require.

While there are many resources within the classroom, I know my own students could have benefited from extra support at home too. After the learning interruptions that happened during the pandemic, Parallel Learning has saved the day by making individualized support affordable and accessible for families, so that children can reach their full potential.

1). Parallel Learning focuses on the whole child.

Maybe you only have academic concerns for your child or there are specific behaviors you want to address–Parallel Learning has you covered. Since Parallel Learning focuses on the whole child, you can get the support you need, whether it be educational support, speech or behavioral therapy, or even neurodiverse and mental health support. If you have any overlap between these categories, your child can still get the care they need all in one place. This holistic approach can be much more effective than just one intervention alone.

2). Evaluations make sure your child gets the right type of support.

In addition to your initial free consultation, Parallel Learning also offers individualized testing specific to your child, and they even have clinical psychologists on board to perform psych evaluations. Without Parallel Learning, it can take months to get off the waitlist to see a clinical psychologist and once you do, those evaluations cost a lot more than you would think (plus, they’re not in the comfort of your own home). What I love about Parallel Learning is that they provide the same services at a fraction of the cost and in a timely manner. With resources like this, you can see exactly where your child has needs and then a care coordinator can help you get set up to begin addressing them!

3). Individualized support plays to your child’s strengths.

Throughout my schooling as an educator, there was so much emphasis on the individual child and how each one learns so differently. Now that I’m a mother and I am homeschooling my own children, I see how much their differences, specific interests, and personalities can drive them and their learning. With Parallel Learning, they take those strengths and interests and use them to empower your child and unlock their potential in the way that makes the best of their abilities.

4). One-on-one virtual support provides instant feedback in a safe online space.

I’m sure a lot of families have experienced virtual learning at some point throughout the pandemic, but what is so different with Parallel Learning is that the support is completely personal and individualized. The learning specialists are able to provide online one-on-one support in a safe space without any distractions, which makes their interactions more meaningful and allows children to get immediate and specific feedback as they work toward their goals.

With virtual services, it’s much easier for kids to apply what they are learning in the space they’re in, instead of them learning in a different environment and having to apply these learnings in another environment. It can allow them the freedom to grow and excel in ways you might never have dreamed of!

5). A Care Coordinator streamlines the process.

When you start with Parallel Learning, you are assigned a care coordinator who will help guide you every step of the way. They come up with a personalized success plan that is flexible and tailored to your child and their needs. They will help you get everything scheduled and make the process of getting your child the support they need a seamless one. As they get to know your child, they will be able to work with you to make sure your child is getting exactly what they need.

My Verdict

The role of a parent and guardian is one that comes with many responsibilities, and when learning differences are keeping your child from reaching their potential, it can be difficult to know just how to address them. Thanks to Parallel Learning, you can get expert support and find a team that supports your child, plus empowers you with the tools to help them.