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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Did You Hear It’s The Summer of the Beard? Every Man Jack’s Got You Covered.

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsMay 9, 2023In Partnership With Every Man Jack

What's the one thing that they don't tell you about Hot Girl Summer? That hot girls LOVE beards. Take it from me, my girlfriend goes nuts over my beard. This summer, it's bye bye baby face & hello luscious scruff. Now we've all heard the facial hair horror stories: patchiness, ingrown hairs, pimple-y dry skin galore... not to mention it can look like hair downstairs. NOBODY wants that.

Luckily, I'm going to let you in on the BIGGEST beard game changer: Every Man Jack.

Don't believe me yet? Keep reading below to see why millions of guys are hooked on the Beard Thickening Starter Bundle:

1. Softest Facial Hair I've Ever Had - You're Welcome, GF 😉

We've all heard the complaints: "Shave your face, you keep scratching me!!". OR, "I refuse to kiss you until you shave that piece of sandpaper off your face." Since using the beard oil, my facial hair has been softened to the extreme. Now instead of complaints I get compliments!

2. Itchiness Underneath? Absolutely GONE.

One of the eternal struggles of having a beard: the ITCH. However, the combo of the beard & face wash to clean, beard oil to moisturize, and beard butter to hydrate has my itchiness a thing of the PAST. I have sensitive skin to, so I was honestly shocked by how well this worked without irritating my skin!

3. Finally My Patches Are Filling In. No More Middle School Boy Facial Hair!!

There's truly nothing worse than having random bald spots in your beard. Seriously - nothing makes you feel less masculine than little boy peach fuzz. The Every Man Jack Beard Thickening Starter Bundle claims to help promote healthy hair growth... and let me tell you, IT DID. Finally, I'm seeing hair fill into my one bald spots, and am SO much more confident rocking the full face razor free.

4. Bye Bye Beard Breakouts - I'm Pimple FREE

I’ve struggled with pimples my whole life. ESPECIALLY when I grow out my beard. With Every Man Jack’s Beard & Face Wash, long gone are the days of that awful prickly sensation. This face wash deep cleans my pores, removing the dirt, sweat, and grime that lives beneath the beast!

5. No More Scraggles, the Shape Actually Works WITH Me, Not Against Me

My mother used to say I looked like a pirate. “What is that awful scraggly thing on your face?!” she’d often ask me. I never receive that kind of shade from anyone anymore - Every Man Jack's Beard Butter and Oil keeps my beard quaffed and shapely.

6. It Smells INCREDIBLE. Full Stop.

The smell is chick-bait. No seriously - every time I use my Sandalwood Beard Bundle, I get random compliments that I smell great. Not only do hot girls love beards, but they also love the Sandalwood scent. It's like the grown up version of Old Spice - masculine without being too musky.

7. Clean & Naturally-Derived Ingredients... AKA NO Harsh Chemicals

When it comes to my face, I'm very cautious what I'm putting there. It seems like most grooming products that I come across have an ingredient list that requires a chemistry degree to understand. Every Man Jack is different. They strive to use as many natural and plant derived ingredients as possible. Their products are largely made of ingredients that I can make sense of and feel comfortable putting on my skin and beard. I’m confident that even without a biology degree, you would come to the same conclusion.

8. It's America's #1 Beard Company

Look, there's a reason why Every Man Jack got branded this way. With over 200 five star reviews, the results don't lie! No need to take just my word for it, the people have really spoken.