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My Subscription Addiction

5 Must-Have Valentine’s Day Gifts from Blissy

Audrey Stefanik
ByAudrey StefanikFeb 2, 2023In Partnership With Blissy

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I've been on the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone I love - my husband, my friends, and of course, myself! To me, the ultimate present is something that feels like a little taste of luxury. So, when I came across Blissy’s silk products, I knew I had a winner.

Blissy’s products are also machine-washable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, thanks to Mulberry silk. See why these five must-have products from Blissy make the absolute best gift for just about anyone in your life, from the jet-setter to the light sleeper. The best part? Everything is up to 25% off & free shipping sitewide for Valentine's Day!

1. Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Blissy pillowcases add luxury to any bed, and for those who want to sleep like a supermodel, gifting Blissy silk pillowcases should be your #1 priority. Silk pillowcases have made the rounds in the beauty industry, because they’re great for smooth hair (see ya, frizz), clear skin (they’re antibacterial), and are moisture-wicking. With tons of colors, there's something for everyone to love.

They are made with 100% Mulberry silk, which sounds like it has some kind of magical powers. While you sleep, this silk can:

  • Help skin retain moisture
  • Help beauty products work better
  • Help hair maintain hydration and fight frizz
  • Help fight wrinkles
  • Repel dust mites
  • Help keep you cool and comfortable

2.  Silk Sleep Mask with Travel Bag

A Blissy Silk Sleep Mask tunes out distractions and blocks light, which sets you up for maximum relaxation (perfect for long flights).

I have to say, these masks are so soft and comfortable and would make the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Unlike cotton and many other fabrics, Mulberry silk masks won't absorb any skin care products you’ve applied around your eyes. This is a must-have when you need to catch some Zzzs (the holidays can wear you out, I know).

3.  Blissy Scrunchies

Truth be told, anyone with hair needs scrunchies. Elastic bands hurt, and they pull out your hair. Plus, we all know they cause the dreaded “ponytail headache.” Blissy scrunchies won’t do any of that, and you’re less likely to get ponytail indentations, too. They are comfortable, and they won’t add to frizz issues like many other materials do.

Blissy makes different scrunchie sizes: skinny, standard, and oversized. The colors are gorgeous! They’re an easy way to add a polished look to your average ponytail or messy bun. They’re the ideal gift for anyone who wants to elevate their ponytail game (which is pretty much everyone, honestly).

4.  Blissy Beauty Band

Clips and bobby pins can damage your hair, and even pull it out. The Blissy Beauty Band is a comfortable way to keep hair out of your face while you’re washing your face, or applying skincare products or makeup. Velcro allows you to adjust the fit to suit you perfectly. It’s cushiony and soft, so you hardly even know you’re wearing it. Wrapping your head in silk feels extremely elegant! Gift this to the family member or friend who loves to indulge in a wind-down skin care routine.

5.  Blissy Dream Set

To really unplug and recharge, nothing beats the Blissy Dream Set. It’s the ultimate gifting splurge, encompassing many of the Blissy fan-favorites we’ve mentioned already: a pillowcase, an eye mask with a travel bag, and two scrunchies. It’s self-care in a box!

Everything in the box is made of Mulberry silk, which makes it the most luxurious gift ever. But I must add that this gift is just pure FUN to open. Visually, it’s beautiful. You immediately want to touch everything in it. And who doesn’t feel special while opening a box filled with silk? The Dream Set is sure to be the perfect gift.

The Final Verdict

If it’s not clear enough already, I’m giving the gift of relaxation and better sleep this Valentine's Day! These items from Blissy are really gifts that’ll keep on giving all year long. Your hair and skin will feel incredible, plus, it’s a little bit of luxury added to everyday life. We all need more of that!