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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

4 Ways I’m Reaping All the Rewards With 1 Easy Habit in the New Year

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 5, 2023In Partnership With Canopy Humidifiers

It recently occurred to me that all my problems have the same solution: a Canopy humidifier. This cure-all is rehydrating my parched skin, clearing my sinuses, and sending a soothing aromatherapy through my home.

For the last few months, I’ve slept with my  Canopy humidifier on my bedside table, intercepting the forced-air-style heating in my house before it could wreak havoc on my nose and throat and make me more susceptible to all those colds my kid’s been bringing home from preschool.

In the spirit of setting goals I know I can keep this new year, I upgraded to a larger-coverage humidifier: the Canopy Humidifier Plus. This baby covers double the square footage and provides clean, hydrated air for my whole family. It probably sounds like small potatoes, but the reality is that protecting my skin, my system, and my stuff from profound dryness has had a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. Here’s how:

My Humidifier Is Helping Me In All the Ways

1. Now my skin is noticeably more hydrated

We all know cold winters are harsh on our skin, that’s nothing new. But this year my skin is suffering. I was practically dousing myself in oil every hour on the hour and still feeling those dry lips and knuckles emerge all sandpaper-y repeatedly. My standard-sized humidifier added moisture to my bedroom effectively when I was in that one room, but this winter’s dryness is a job for the big dogs. Canopy’s Humidifier Plus covers a whopping 1,000 square feet of space, which in my humble-sized home, is the entire downstairs. This humidifier does all that work without the little chimney-poof of air that leaves the whole area damp. I did not know I’d accomplish clean, dry full-downstairs humidifying capabilities by age 33, but I couldn’t be more proud.

2. Now my breathing passages are less irritated

One superpower of a humidifier is that it helps to keep sinuses clear, which is just one way I can actively work to prevent all those preschool germs from nestling into my face. Canopy is the only mold-inhibiting humidifier out there, with smart sensors that allow the machine to continue running until it’s completely dry inside. Any water that may be left evaporates off the paper filter, leaving no contaminants behind. In other words, the device I’m using to decrease illness in my house is not going to inadvertently add to it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you set your humidifier to “Auto” mode like I do, it’ll increase the humidity at night, when our skin needs it most—and, when those germs do occasionally win out and infect us, our breathing passages can use all the help they can get. I love this feature.

3. Now my instruments and floors are better cared for

Between the guitars and ukuleles hanging on my wall and the piano plopped down in my dining room, there’s a lot of precious wood that needs some moisture during the driest seasons, too. Canopy humidifiers have up to 36 hours run time before needing to have their water tanks refilled, so while our bodies are reaping the benefits of the increased moisture in the air, so are our instruments.

Not a musical family? Believe it or not, maintaining between 35-55% humidity in a house with hardwood floors or other wooden components ensures their longevity. In an old home like mine, this is one thing I can do to prevent my floorboards from cracking. I’ve also noticed my jade, aloe, and other house plants looking so much more perky with that ample humidity in the air!

4. Now my home is a happier place to be

I love a good ritual, and checking my humidifier every morning is a simple one that brings me joy. Why? Because I know it’s going to benefit my family and me throughout the day and night. When dust collects, Canopy’s dishwasher-safe parts make it a cinch to clean. When it’s time for a refill, the water tank is easy to manage and doesn’t leak. And when I’m wanting a little extra something, I can diffuse essential oils in my humidifier using the built-in aroma diffuser.

I saved the best for last: my Canopy Plus comes with an effortless subscription, so I’ll receive a  clean new filter and fresh essential oils each month—and I don’t need to lift a finger. Now that this beneficial habit is officially formed, I’m living my best life in so many ways!