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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

4 Unexpected Ways This Personalized Vitamin Brand is Elevating My Wellness

Kali Dunson
ByKali DunsonOct 1, 2022In Partnership With Persona

We’ve all heard these mantras: eat healthy, get 8 hours of sleep, work out consistently, don’t forget about “me” time…but, frankly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing my various roles can feel impossible. As a parent, I don’t always have time to put myself first, but I recognize that I need to give my body the nutrients it needs so I can be the best version of myself. That’s how I discovered Persona.

1. Persona’s tailored quiz addresses my health weaknesses

Persona is a personalized vitamin subscription that tailors your supplements based on your genetics, lifestyle, and goals. The online assessment takes five minutes, and viola!–you’ll receive a bespoke treatment that hits all of your concerns.

I was so impressed by how thorough the assessment was. The quiz asks you questions about your health history, what your concerns are, your habits (such as time spent indoors and screen exposure), and so much more for a comprehensive understanding of your health. Not only is Persona incredibly thorough, Persona is also highly accommodating to dietary restrictions and individuals with rare health concerns or issues–truly, nobody is left behind.

One of my biggest struggles is low energy levels, and doctors normally just tell me to take a B-12 vitamin. On the other hand, Persona asked me questions about the type of energy I would prefer, as well as my caffeine intake. Persona made me feel taken care of because the experience was so customized to me.

2. Persona can connect your account to previous genetic testing results

Persona has the unique ability to connect your account with your 23andme and Ancestry.com results. Because my 23andme account has my DNA samples, Persona could pull from this and design a vitamin routine for me that was tailored to the max. All too often, vitamins address your concerns but nothing else–with Persona, you’ll receive guidance based on your genetics, body type, and medical history.

3. The personalized packaging encourages me to stay on track

Aside from Persona’s incredibly speedy delivery, I am in love with the cure packaging! The vitamins come in a box with a custom information sheet about each vitamin you’re taking, including advice for how to get the most out of your new routine.

Each packet was labeled either “morning” or “nighttime” so there wasn’t any confusion there. This is super helpful for someone who suffers from “mom brain” like I do, and forgets whether or not they took their vitamins for the day already! I love the extra touch of adding my name on the packet–what an adorable bonus. Each pack also contains a list of each vitamin in the package, in case I forgot or am curious about learning more.

4. Persona’s team of nutrition experts supports my wellness journey

I love that Persona’s membership includes more than just the vitamins–you also have access to a team of qualified nutrition experts that can customize your experience if your health goals change. Because Persona evolves with my lifestyle, I can stick with my routine for the long run!

My Verdict

Persona has been a huge game changer in my overall health. I feel like my biggest health concerns have been addressed–and all I had to do was take a simple quiz! Overall, I am incredibly satisfied with my experience with Persona, and I would recommend anyone who is looking to enhance their mood, nutrition, or overall health to check out Persona–the five minutes it takes to complete the quiz has changed my life for the better.