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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

4 Seasons of Summer: How I’m Getting Sunny Good Vibes Year-Round

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasJul 29, 2022In Partnership With Beachly

As a South Florida-based gal, I’m surrounded by beach and summer vibes. That’s probably why I wasn’t initially convinced that Beachly was for me. But when a few of my friends were raving about Beachly and I’d seen what they’d snagged, I found myself with a little swag envy. Still, I wasn’t sure I needed it, but I ultimately gave it a shot to see if it lived up to the hype.

So, here’s the deal: Beachly is a subscription box that sends quarterly curations of high-quality goods that bring sunny vibes through home, beauty, fashion, and accessories.

Now, when I say “sunny vibes,” I don’t mean coconuts and palm print t-shirts. This isn’t like hitting up PacSun at the mall in 2003. I’m talking about adorable raffia picnic bags, stylish sunglasses, and chic throws that look like they just came out of a cute boutique in Palm Beach.

The Tipping Point

beachly box and items from the box

While I’m surrounded by summer vibes all over, my friends… not so much. My friend Megan is based in Pennsylvania, and Kelly is in Idaho. They both get the Beachly box and are the reason I signed up, to begin with. At first, this seemed a little silly to me. What use do they have for this box when it’s snowing? Well, let’s see…

Last Winter, while visiting Megan in PA, she was showing me the most adorable beach-ready cardigan and pair of tropical slippers she’d received in her Beachly box. I was kind of jealous - Floridians use these things too! Later in the week, I noticed her toting a stylish canvas backpack, and I needed to know where she got it. Joke was on me - Beachly again.

What finally pushed me to sign up was when Kelly came to visit me in Florida. As she was settling into my guest room, I saw her neatly arranged outfits folded in these floral patterned packing cubes, and when I complimented them she laughed and said, “Beachly box, Geri! Just get it already!”

My Turn for Sunny Good Vibes

Every subscription box lover out there knows all too well that some boxes are just not worth the hype or price. I usually do tons of research before signing up for anything, but like I said, I got a little bit of FOMO seeing what my friends were getting in their Beachly boxes every season. Upon opening my Summer box, it clicked - I was in love. This box is amazing! Each box has beach-inspired items valued at $350 and includes 6-8 premium pieces. Here’s what I snagged in my first-ever Beachly box this summer:

  • Monstera cutting board, $44 retail value
  • Bella sunglasses, $75 retail value (my new favorite shades)
  • Team aloha pocket tee, $44 retail value
  • Shore break picnic cooler bag, $99 retail value (my absolute favorite piece)
  • Endless summer throw, $75 retail value
  • Waimea hair tie and scarf, $20 retail value
  • Superfruit radiance balm, $18 retail value

If you do the math, that's actually $375 in products, but I only paid $99 for my quarterly subscription. Cha-ching! It’s really no wonder why my friends subscribed. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten a subscription box where everything inside was something I could see myself wearing or using regularly like this.

Beach(ly) Members-Only

Now that I’ve joined the Beachly squad, I’ve discovered so much more than just my new favorite sunnies and picnic cooler bag - the member perks are serious! Beachly has an exclusive curated Member Market that features a large selection of beach clothes, accessories, and beauty products at almost 50% their value. Naturally, I loaded up - I can’t find deals like this anywhere else - even Florida - and the quality is sensational. To give you an idea, a cute reversible pullover that retails for $95, I got it for $30!

Beachly is one of those rare subscriptions where you get quality curated goods that you’d actually want and will use. They bring summer vibes to the home and body, and it feels pretty amazing to sport items that make other people wonder where I got them.

Trust me, I wasn’t 100% sold on it myself until I ordered my first box, but I quickly realized, this beach-at-your-doorstep delivery earns every bit of its hype and more. In a sea of subscription boxes, I’m living the good sunny life on the beach with Beachly.

Geraldine Orentas
Geraldine Orentas

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