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My Subscription Addiction

4 Reasons the Madison Reed Hair Color Bar is the Perfect Mother’s Day Activity

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereMay 12, 2023In Partnership With Madison Reed

My mother isn’t always the easiest person in the world to impress. She’s got high standards, and I’ve spent the last three decades of my life trying to figure out exactly what they are.

As you can imagine, every Mother’s Day is a challenge followed by a semi-disappointment. But this year, I had a silver bullet up my sleeve: Madison Reed Hair Color Bar.

Here’s why I knew she’d love it:

1. Madison Reed Will Please Even the Pickiest Moms

My mom has been coloring her hair for years (shh, don’t tell her I said that), and trusts no one but her long-time stylist to cover her grays and get the tone exactly right.

When her stylist retired a few months ago, I knew my mother and her tresses were headed for disaster. She didn’t trust anyone else, she couldn’t color it herself (trust me, she tried), and she wasn’t ready to rock the gray full time.

That’s when I realized I could win Daughter-of-the-Year by taking her to Madison Reed Hair Color Bar, where she would receive personalized service by hair color professionals using cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested ingredients.

2. Every Service for Every Head of Hair

Hair Color Bar services range from just roots, to all-over color, roots and gloss, highlights, roots and highlights, and blowouts–you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something for everyone.

I’ve gone to Madison Reed before (actually my first time ever using all over color) and had an amazing experience. They helped me choose the right color for me (a rich auburn-y brown), and made my hair softer and silkier.

Walking into Madison Reed with mom felt like I’d truly won the Mother’s Day lottery: mom settled right in with a stylist who knew exactly how to make her feel comfortable, and a plan to tackle her gray coverage to her exacting standards.

3. It’s An Activity That Combines Mother/Daughter Bonding and Self-Care

My mom and I are super close, but with her up in Westchester and me in NYC, we don’t see each other as much as we’d like. We’re also both so busy that coordinating schedules can be a bit of a nightmare. But at Madison Reed, we can really slow down and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’ve ever dyed your hair, you know that it’s not exactly a fast process–even at the streamlined Color Bar! There’s a lot of waiting around as the ingredients work their magic, which makes it the perfect opportunity for mother-daughter bonding. I love being able to wait together with my mom. We caught up on the neighborhood gossip, I updated her on my life, and even planned our next trip together.

4. Affordable Memberships Make This a Recurring Treat

So I pitched this to my mom for Mother’s Day, but obviously we will both need our hair touched up at some point soon. Madison Reed offers two tiers of memberships, Limitless Pro ($45/month), which includes one root treatment every 6 weeks, and Limitless Pro+ ($75/month) for unlimited root treatments.

The membership hair coloring services are redeemable at any of Madison Reed’s 80+ Hair Color Bars across the nation. There’s even one in Scarsdale, not far from my parents’ house.

I’ve Got Daughter-of-the-Year on Lock

These days I’m so busy with work that I feel like I don’t make enough time for myself, especially in the self-care department, but at Madison Reed, Mom and I felt properly pampered.

I’m so happy that my mother loved her results and of course, I loved mine too. Being able to go together for Mother’s Day is truly special and definitely going to be a tradition going forward. My brothers are so jealous that they’ll never be able to top this, but hey, maybe I’ll invite their partners for my next Hair Color Bar visit.