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My Subscription Addiction

4 People These Handy Magnetic Capsules Make a Perfect Gift For

Julie Kim
ByJulie KimNov 22, 2022In Partnership With Cadence

When I was a kid, the holidays were so exciting because not only did I get a break from school, but my family also managed to surprise me with some presents I really wanted. However, as I grew older, I had to start reciprocating in the gift-giving department.

Issue is, the older I get, the harder it is to figure out thoughtful presents for the most special people in my life (who also somehow seem to have everything).

This year, I found the perfect gift that my loved ones A. definitely don’t have and B. will want to use all year long: Cadence capsules. I know everyone in my life would appreciate these customizable capsules, but here are the four main types of people on my list who are getting the gift of organization - even better, they're currently having the biggest sale of the year!

The Wanderluster

We all have that one friend who lives out of suitcases and has a trip planned almost every month. Well, Cadence capsules are the perfect solution for all of their toiletries, skincare necessities, and even jewelry. Not only are the capsules leakproof to avoid any big messes, but they’re also magnetic so anyone can maintain their daily routines away from home.

Did I mention that they are TSA-compliant? Yep, that’s right: no more having to get rid of a favorite lotion because it’s a few ounces over the limit.

The Busy Mom

There’s no denying that moms are superheroes. That being said, I’m sure they’d appreciate a little bit more organization in their life when it comes to their diaper bags or massive purses carrying thousands of snacks. Cadence capsules are big enough to fit anything the busy mom might need during a day out of the house — hair ties, painkillers and vitamins, baby sunscreen, and even the little rocks kids seem to pick everywhere they go.

Because the capsules are customizable, busy bees can pick and choose how many capsules to take with them each time they leave the house. Moms can finally kiss goodbye the days they have to drop everything because the kids were complaining about having a tummy ache (and the only thing in the bag is old snacks).

The Eco-Friendly Friend

One of the things I absolutely love about Cadence — and I know my friends who are very eco-friendly and conscious of their carbon footprint would, too — is the fact that the capsules are made out of recycled, ocean-bound plastic. Not only is Cadence making it easy for my eco-conscious friends to reduce their carbon footprint every time they take a trip, Cadence is also making it easier to eliminate single-use plastic consumption.

The Indecisive Acquaintance

It’s impossible to please everyone, and someone might end up hating a surprise. Cadence actually offers a gift card, so I can give the people in my life free reign to pick something they’d genuinely love.

Something I’m excited about is that I can customize 2 capsules for the lucky Cadence receiver in my life when I purchase a gift card for them. Once they receive the physical gift, they’ll also find a gift card with the code that will let them go on the site and build out their custom capsule set. This is great for an acquaintance who can pick out their favorite color and decide what they want to use the capsules for. It’s also great for those who aren’t sure if they'll be able to stick with this level of organization. But trust me, once they get a hold of their capsules, they won’t be able to stop collecting them!

It’s Decided: I’m Gifting Cadence This Year

Miraculously, Cadence has found a way to be absolutely perfect for gifting to all the special people in my life this year. From the person who can’t stop traveling to the mom with the never-ending purse, Cadence’s organizational superpowers will have everyone swooning. Now, excuse me while I go add a few more capsules to my cart…