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4 Ingredients in Your Shampoo That Definitely Shouldn’t Be – And How to Avoid Them

Mary Dee
ByMary DeeNov 11, 2022

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Shampoo is an integral first step in a healthy haircare routine, and but we often overlook the actual ingredients that we put in our hair! Recent bouts of dandruff and hair loss have made me look more closely at my ingredient lists, particularly what I am using to cleanse my already fragile strands.

Today, I want to highlight 4 harmful ingredients commonly found in shampoos and how Prose can be your solution!

1. Shelf-stable products without parabens

Parabens are a common preservative to prevent bacteria from growing in cosmetics and shampoos. They can cause a number of problems including drying out your hair and fading color. In addition, parabens can cause allergic reactions, irritate the scalp, and contribute to hair loss, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid. Instead of harmful parabens, Prose formulas use sodium benzoate, a gentler, man-made preservative.

2. Lather up without sulfates

Sulfates are very strong detergents that create that satisfying lather, but you can avoid this harsh chemical and still get a sudsy wash with Prose because they use natural surfactants that lather up without stripping hair. There’s sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, which is derived from coconuts, and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, a foam booster found in amino acids. These make for shampoos that thoroughly cleanse hair of dirt and product buildup without the damaging effects of harsh sulfates stripping hair’s natural oils – brittleness, increased frizz and faded color to name a few.

3. Thick consistency without sodium chloride

Sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt, is added to shampoos and conditioners mainly as a cheap way to thicken the consistency. Salt can aggravate a sensitive scalp making it dry and itchy, which can lead to hair loss. Prose uses hydroxyethylcellulose, derived from the cell wall of plants, to give its products the desired consistency and satisfying slip.

4. Hydration and shine without mineral oil

Mineral oil is an inactive ingredient commonly used in hair care as a moisturizing agent because it’s a cheap by-product of gasoline production. Not only is it likely to clog pores but there are much better ways to boost hydration and shine, like the coconut oil and jojoba Prose uses to lock in moisture and nourish your strands.

Why Prose?

I have become a huge fan of Prose products as they have changed my hair for the better. Prose lets you take back control of the ingredients found in hair care by tailoring your formulas to your unique needs, without including harmful or unnecessary ingredients. Instead, you are getting only nourishing, repairing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, plant collagen, apple cider vinegar, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, and more.

My Personalized Formula

My fragile, chemically-damaged strands need strengthening, so biotin is a key ingredient in my shampoo while silk proteins are included in my conditioner. My Prose shampoo creates a soft lather and rinses clean, while the conditioner detangles all the knots in my fine hair. Brushing through it was a breeze and took no time at all. Even when I air dry, my hair feels soft, and hydrated, and frizz is much more manageable. If you are sensitive to fragrances in your hair care, you can opt for everything to be unscented. The customization options are endless.

The Takeaway

What I love about Prose is that they emphasize high-quality, effective ingredients without harsh chemicals and unnecessary fillers. What you receive in your products is everything your scalp craves for strong, healthy hair. Head over to Prose to take their online consultation and start your hair journey today!