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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

4 Game-Changing Details Not to Be Overlooked When Shopping for Activewear

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckFeb 2, 2023In Partnership With Fabletics

I don’t know about you, but it feels like the market is flooded with activewear brands these days. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! While I was trolling through all of my options – lululemon, Alo, Athleta – there were four main things that drew me to Fabletics and away from those brands. Keep reading below for the game-changing details that make Fabletics a cut above the rest!

1. Buy More, Save More

The craziest thing to me is the amount of savings Fabletics offers you if you join their membership. Rather than $75 for a pair of leggings, when you join their VIP membership you get your first 2 pairs for $24… that’s just $12 per legging! An average bowl from Chipotle these days costs more than that, and I’m talking without guac. After your first month, the membership costs $59.95 for a Monthly Credit, which can be redeemed for any item or outfit up to $100. However, you’re able to “skip” any months you want as long as it’s between the 1st or 5th of the month, or cancel at any point. To me, this sounds like a no-brainer.

2. Compression Fit that Moves With You

Fabletics’ signature PowerHold® fabric is famous for a reason. This fabric’s maximum compression fit is designed to smooth your figure for a major confidence boost, but it’s also perfect for when you’re moving quickly & need your activewear to keep up. The PowerHold® fabric is stretchy, and its moisture-wicking material is something I can’t live without. From HIIT training to running to cycling to weightlifting and more, there’s no doubt that Fabletics’ PowerHold® fabric has you totally covered.

3. Layering Made Easy

If it is below 30 degrees, I am wearing two pairs of pants, simple as that. I abide so heavily by this rule that I actually nicknamed the weather “two-pants weather.” That said, I’ve been in the market for new layers since, well, forever. Currently, I’ve been making do with my old (as in very old) ski thermals. They really need to be retired - which is why I was so excited when I found out about Fabletics’ Wool Baselayers. These high-waist, light-compression leggings made with thermoregulating fabric are perfect for under my jeans, and the long sleeve top is cute enough to be worn standalone or under a sweater. Also - the fabric is sustainable! I can’t wait to be donning this while walking to work, as well as on the slopes.

4. Pockets Galore

I am one of those girls who is always carrying at least eight things in my hands at once. As I’m sure you can imagine, it can be (quite literally) a handful. Because of this, pockets are truly my best friend. When it comes to leggings, I can usually be found shoving my phone haphazardly in the front waistband… which usually results in it accidentally calling someone. Not the ideal situation. Fabletics has a plethora of styles which have pockets on both sides, so I know I’ve found a winner. I was especially impressed that there are pockets on the maximum compression style. With my lululemon leggings, I have to choose between compression or pockets. I’ll give you a hint of what I’ll be buying from now on - it starts with an “F” and ends with an “abletics”.

Head to Fabletics, STAT

So, there you have it: Fabletics hits the mark on pretty much everything you could ever want in your activewear staples. I seriously love that Fabletics makes it insanely easy to look cute on a budget, all while knowing you’re moving and grooving in some truly high-quality, performance activewear. You can forget about all the other brands out there–Fabletics makes activewear shopping the easiest to-do you’ll ever tick off your list.