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My Subscription Addiction

4 Cat Food Ingredients That Should Be Retired in 2022—And What to Get Instead

Deylan Buntyn
ByDeylan BuntynDec 21, 2022In Partnership With Cat Person

I’m heading into the New Year with a few resolutions, but I’m not too sure if the same can be said for my cats. And if they are, I’m sure “get more sleep” and “trick my dad into giving me more treats” would be at the top of their list. Little do they know that I’m heading into 2023 with a resolution that they’ll love: ditch the bad stuff that comes in most cat food and lean into the good ingredients instead.

I’ll be turning to Cat Person to help me stick with this resolution. Founded by fellow cat lovers, Cat Person makes a wide range of cat food with only the best ingredients. What are some to avoid, you might ask? Well, here are a few ingredients frequently found in cat food that I’ll be retiring in 2022, and what you should be looking for instead:

1. Swap grains for natural chicken, duck broth, or pea protein

A lot of popular cat food brands use grains in their cat food. And while grains are a great source of nutrients for humans, they are not necessary for our strictly carnivorous felines. With Cat Person, both their wet & dry food contain no grains, leaving more room for nutrient-rich ingredients such as natural chicken, duck broth, or pea protein.

2. Swap potatoes for real meat & fish

Starchy carbohydrates are definitely staying behind in 2022 for my cats. Potatoes are not necessarily harmful for your cat, but they aren’t particularly nutritious, either. Unlike several household cat food brands, I love how Cat Person relies more heavily on real meat and fish, meaning our cats will live healthier (and leaner!) lives.

3. Swap soy protein & other meat fillers for the real deal

And speaking of protein, many common cat food brands go heavy on meat fillers such as soy protein. The kibble and wet food options at Cat Person, on the other hand, are chock-full of all-natural meat and fish. While browsing on their site, I was able to select from over a dozen different protein options, including Duck, Beef, Chicken, and even Mackerel & Bream.

4. Swap unsustainably sourced meat & seafood for planet-friendly options

I love knowing that my kitties are receiving food that is not only good for them, but good for the planet as well. Unlike many cat food brands I’ve come across, Cat Person makes sure their meat and fish meals are made ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. Even their wet fish food is MSC certified.

Protein-packed, all-natural goodness…right at your doorstep

Cat Person’s adorable packaging and convenient shipping initially drew me in. However, it's the quality ingredients and protein-rich options that will keep me and my kitties coming back year after year. I really love knowing that I’m giving my furry feline friends the best–and yummiest–meals. And for that reason, I’m absolutely sure I’ll be sticking to my New Year’s resolution this year.