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3 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Dog’s Food (And What You Should Definitely Avoid)

Joey Cappucci
ByJoey CappucciNov 30, 2022In Partnership With Sundays for Dogs

My dog’s name is Cooper. He is a complete mixed breed, but we like to simplify and say he’s a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix). Cooper officially holds the ranking of Cutest Pup Alive, but also the Pickiest Eater Around—he took that title from me when he entered the family. We’ve tried a lot of different approaches to food for our guy.

It was at a friend’s house that I got distracted by the bright yellow box of Sundays dog food on her counter. I already knew I liked this brand at that moment. So, yes, admittedly the packaging is what drew me in initially, but their amazing ingredients and passion for making the best food for my dog is what sold me on the brand. Here’s what they have going for them that’s so important:

✅ Ingredients You’ve Heard Of

If you imagine back to all the dogs who existed before human owners came along to care for them, their diets were made up of whatever plants or vegetables they could forage, plus some animal protein. While of course we’re not leaving our beloved pets to fend for themselves, why would we deviate from what works for the species?

Sundays has both a beef and a chicken recipe, and each consists of USDA-certified meat, plus vitamin-dense fruits and veggies like kale, carrots, cherries, and blueberries, and nutrient-rich grains like quinoa. These whole ingredients are air-dried to maintain flavor, making for a delicious dog version of any meal I’d eat myself.

✅ Enough Protein & Fat

How many macro nutrients your dog needs depends on their age, activity level, and individual characteristics. Sundays food has the recommended 18% protein (provided by actual beef and chicken, rather than mystery meats), the 5% fat that all pups need, and a healthy amount of carbs and fiber, provided by nutritious foods that meet FDA safety standards.

Sundays food was formulated by a veterinarian to cater to all your dog’s needs at each stage of life, and the only thing that changes will be the amount you feed them. That’s easy enough, right?

✅ Human Grade

When I first got Cooper, I would sometimes try his treats to make sure they were actually good. I have a very distinct memory of trying the pumpkin spice Blue Buffalo treats in my kitchen…and thinking they were pretty bland. While I do not eat my dog’s food, it definitely puts my mind at ease knowing that now that he’s enjoying Sundays food, he’s getting the highest-quality food available to him. Humans need protein, veggies filled with antioxidants and fiber, plus healthy carbs, and so do our dogs.

❌ Avoid Synthetic Additives & More

Obviously, synthetic additives aren’t going to benefit your dog’s health in any way, and in some cases, they can be toxic to dogs over long-term ingestion. I feel really good knowing that even the preservatives in Sundays’ food (which is used to help preserve the freshly air-dried meat) is natural. Its technical name is "Mixed Tocopherols," which translates to Vitamin E distilled from vegetables.

Two other things to avoid in dog food are “natural flavors”— which is often code for “beef flavor instead of actual beef,” or other similar trickery—and filler vegetables that don’t have much nutritional benefit for a dog. Things like peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes count as these, and they may interfere with the absorption of essential ingredients.

How do you know these things aren’t great for your dog? Well, anecdotally, when Cooper was on previous diets, he would sometimes get the “zoomies”, aka become aggressive, due to the food he was eating.

Sundays Has It All

I’m so happy that I am able to ensure that Cooper has the best possible life he can, from weekly trips to the dog park to making sure the food he is eating is top quality. Sundays’ all-natural ingredients, human-grade ingredients, and healthy balance make it easy for me to provide the best food possible for him. I’ve been sneaking him a couple of pieces a day between meals as treats because he goes absolutely crazy for Sundays!