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My Subscription Addiction

3 Myths About WeightWatchers That Will Make You Rethink Your Weight Loss Plan

Angela Blair
ByAngela BlairNov 11, 2022In Partnership With WeightWatchers

If you would have told me a year ago that my husband and I would both be on WeightWatchers, referring friends, and loving it, I might have actually laughed in your face.

Not because I didn't need to lose weight - I've had a lot of babies in a short amount of time - but honestly, in my mind, I thought, "that program is for the older generation" and "no one really does that anymore."

I stand corrected. (Well, I sit corrected... You get the point). I have been using WeightWatchers and loving it. So, in light of my jokes, here are 3 myths about WeightWatchers that I will bust one by one so you can see if it's the right fit for you. Are you ready? Grab your popcorn and get ready to see how wrong I was.

MYTH #1: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Tracking...Wrong

I know, I know. Another app, another thing to learn. But really, this is simple. I have found the app to be very user-friendly! I just tap it open, scan my food or type it in, and the point value is magically there for me to track! It takes seconds, people. I used to try and count macros (ie: carbs, protein, fats, etc.) of every food I ate, and let me tell ya, that is time-consuming, not to mention confusing! The WeightWatchers app is like an “easy button” compared to all of that.

You can add foods to your favorites and even create recipes to track over and over. One thing I like to do is pull out my app at the grocery store and scan foods quickly as I decide what I want to buy.

All in all, the simple tracking of points takes no longer than sending a short text message or overthinking your coffee order in the Starbucks drive-through.

MYTH #2: Allowing Myself to Enjoy My Favorite Foods Will Cause Me to End Up Overeating...Does Not Happen!

*Insert buzzer alarm here* Nope! Have you ever tried a diet where you couldn't have a certain food or food group for an extended period? I think most of us have. THAT is the trigger for someone to binge eat junk. The trigger happens when something is taken completely off the table.

But what happens when there are really no foods that are off limits? Your brain relaxes. With WeightWatchers, I can enjoy WHAT I WANT when I want it. I may have to make some trade-offs for other meals that day and/or watch my serving size but overall, I eat what I desire to eat.

Quick real-life application here: I have a big family with lots of littles and I am cooking a sit-down dinner for us most nights. There was a long period where I'd basically plan two dinners: one for them and then something that worked for me on my previous "plans" (that really felt more like punishments). That is a thing of the past!

With WeightWatchers, I get to fully enjoy cooking and eating one meal for my family and it’s such a gift. If the meal is higher in points, I can lean on my ZeroPoint foods (foods you don't need to measure or track!) and lower-point options for breakfast and lunch and I'm good to go.

MYTH #3: I Can't Stick To It Because No One Else I Know is Doing It...Nope

My friend, let me introduce you to a little something called Workshops. WeightWatchers offers these both in-person and virtual (I love the virtual). They are designed to inspire, motivate, encourage, and challenge you every single week. There are dozens upon dozens of coaches with different backgrounds as well as time slots as early as 5am all the way until 10pm. You can stay connected & invested no matter what your schedule may look like!

Not to mention, have you ever seen the poppin' WeightWatchers community over on Instagram?! I mean... just look at some hashtags like #wwpp #wwpersonalpoints #wwmealideas #wwbreakfast #wwdinner #wwinspiration – you'll be blown away at all the great ideas and support. I also love reading inspiring stories on Connect (a members-only digital community) and watching YouTube videos from creators who are fellow members.

Embracing a Healthier You

If you aren't currently happy with your weight or health, I encourage you to give the program a shot. Who knows? It might just surprise you, giving you the food freedom & balance you've been searching for. You never know unless you try!