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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

3 Improvements I’ve Noticed In My Dog Since I Switched Her To Sundays

Katalina Fiore
ByKatalina FioreNov 30, 2022In partnership with Sundays for Dogs

This is Ramona. She’s my one-year-old Weimaraner angel sent from above. Obviously I only want the best for her and would do literally anything to set her up for a healthy life. I started Ramona off eating kibble, but then I discovered she’s highly allergic to rosemary oil, which is one of the main ingredients found in most dog foods and treats. With so many options out there, I wasn’t sure where to turn next, but I’d heard about Sundays and loved what I saw. Here’s how Ramona’s life got better after switching to Sundays.

1. My dog’s digestive system was soothed

Dog farts. Not a fan. Aside from Ramona’s rosemary oil allergy that we were addressing, my vet also told me that regular kibble contains a high percentage of corn, plus food dyes and preservatives, that can cause flatulence.

Another disagreeable ingredient in many dog food brands is gluten: gluten can cause loose stools in dogs. Sundays food doesn’t contain gluten, legumes, wheat, soy, rice, corn, or potatoes, all of which are common filler ingredients that can at the least interfere with nutrient absorption, or at worst cause digestive problems. I love that Sundays’ formula contains pumpkin and dried chicory root to aid digestion.

2. My dog’s behavior improved

Sundays food is human-grade and all-natural, meaning you can feel good about what you’re serving to your pup. It’s also air-dried, so it’s ready to serve with no prep! The list of ingredients is all things I’ve heard of and would eat myself. Notably, the chicken recipe includes quinoa, blueberries, kelp, and strawberries, which offer my dog antioxidants to boost both her immune system and her mood.

Ramona has such a great personality—she’s goofy and very energetic, but can be surprisingly laidback for a Weim! When Ramona was eating kibble, she had bouts of lethargy and didn’t seem up for our usual beach runs or ocean swims. On top of making me concerned for her wellbeing, this disinterest had me longing for the puppy I knew was in there somewhere. I was so over the moon when a simple switch to Sundays dog food sorted that out and I got my girl back.

3. My dog has a happier best friend

Okay, so this one is an improvement I’ve noticed in myself–I just love the experience of Sundays food from start to finish. I’m happier in part because it offers the ease of serving old school dog food–aka no thawing or prep that fresh food requires–but without the junky fillers, harmful ingredients, or allergens. Additionally, the natural ingredients that Sundays includes in their dog food makes me feel like Ramona is getting all the nutrients she’s supposed to!

I also love how many options there are for subscribing: you can have your discounted auto-shipment arrive anywhere from every week to every 8 weeks, depending on your needs. Having been created by a veterinarian, I know I can trust Sundays dog food. And if I had any doubt, just seeing the improvements in my pup has been the best proof.