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My Subscription Addiction

2023: Kind of Like 2022, Just With Better Skin

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Dec 22, 2022In partnership with Proven Skincare

Listen, I know resolutions can be super stressful. Who among us hasn’t pledged to eat healthier, work out every day, or read a million books in a new year? Yet, a couple of weeks into a new year and most of us are rethinking those lofty goals. Want some good news? If your 2023 resolution involves better skin (and it should!) I have your fool-proof ticket to skin success.

Why listen to me? For starters, I am a skincare junkie with literally thousands of published product reviews. I am also a licensed and actively practicing esthetician focused on overall skin health and anti-aging. I have tried everything from indie brands to celebrity launches, pro-only lines, and anything in between. And if you are looking to get your skin healthy and glowing in 2023, you need to try PROVEN. Here is why:

PROVEN is Truly Personalized Skincare

I believe everyone deserves skincare tailored to their individual needs and concerns. And PROVEN makes this so simple with an intuitive and quick quiz that covers everything from your skin type to your location and environmental concerns. The quiz helps PROVEN’s algorithm to craft your perfect 3-step system with ingredients picked just for your skin’s current condition and future goals. My formula had ingredients tailored to help improve the dryness of my skin while protecting it from aging. One of my favorite features of custom formulas is that they tend to be more in line with instant-gratification experiences. You will see results from a custom formula so much faster than other products you find at Ulta.

PROVEN is Affordable

PROVEN is $129.99 for a two-month supply of cleanser, SPF, and night cream (use code MSA99 for an extra $30 off plus a free gift + free shipping!).

While this is a little bit of an up-front investment, I can’t tell you the last time I replenished my routine of Tatcha products for under $150 for much less product and literally zero customization. You can also refresh your supply a la carte if necessary, and the prices are very reasonable. With only three core formulas, your bi-monthly investment cost stays low and manageable while your vanity performs miles better than it would with much more expensive products. That is a win-win!

PROVEN is Active

One of the most interesting things about PROVEN is that all of the ingredients are backed by loads and loads of science. Each is carefully vetted with the help of the brand’s Skin Genome Project, a massive database of over 400 scientific papers and 20 million consumer reviews regarding performance and efficacy. All of that knowledge is bottled into your custom formula that is supercharged to be active, high-performing, and clinically proven to deliver softer and brighter skin. Every single ingredient is clean, cruelty-free, and will help prolong the overall health of your skin. Can you look at your current routine and say the same? I couldn’t before PROVEN.

PROVEN is Simple

I like to tell my clients that they truly only NEED three skincare formulas: a good cleanser, a quality night moisturizer, and a daily moisturizing SPF. Anything else they want to add is a bonus! PROVEN has a simple 3-step routine and it mirrors my advice. Your delivery includes a custom cleanser, daily SPF, and night cream. And if this seems super simple, that's because it is! Use your cleanser day and night, your SPF during the day (yes, even when it is cloudy!), and sleep in your night cream. Literally, that’s it.

PROVEN is your ticket to actually keeping a skincare resolution in 2023. The 3-step system is quick, affordable, and easy, meaning you can spend more time trying to avoid processed food or walking 3 miles a day, or whatever other wacky ideas you have for your new year. And, hey, if you fall a little short on those other resolutions, at least your skin will be absolutely glowing the whole time!