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My Subscription Addiction

My Weekly Workout Series: Week 1


Welcome to our new series at My Subscription Addiction, where we share our workouts of the week. With a new year in place, I know many people have a resolution to work out more, and I’m here to join you. My personal subscription addiction is to all things fitness - I’ve been addicted since I discovered group fitness in college, and even started my own fitness studio a few years ago. Of course, fitness has changed a lot over the last few years, and I’ve now shifted my workouts to be from home. 

This week, I am going to share my favorite workouts I did from my new lululemon Studio. Specifically, I went for a boxing focus, as I used to love going to boxing classes in NYC prior to the pandemic. I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar instructor faces from those days on the lululemon Studio platform teaching boxing.  

For people unfamiliar with The lululemon Studio Mirror, it's a literal mirror that you stream group fitness classes on. When not in use, it functions as an actual mirror, so this equipment works double time. They have a wide variety of classes, ranging from stretching to barre to boxing to cardio boot camp. You can filter through the (massive) class library by type of workout, length of workout, equipment needed, instructor, or difficulty level. 

My Workout Class This Week: lululemon Studio Boxing

Instructor: Deja | Level: Expert | Time: 30 minutes

I have never taken any of Deja’s classes before, but I loved her energy and upbeat attitude. Before starting the class, I looked to see the breakdown of moves and was happy to see it was boxing rounds of 3 minutes with no other information. Sometimes, knowing too much about the moves makes me not want to take the class. 

If you’re new to boxing, I wouldn’t recommend starting with an expert level class (or at least this class), as we didn’t spend much time going over the proper form and technique for each punch (I’m a stickler for form, as I know how easily I can injure myself). The combos we did in each round were lengthy, but we built up to them throughout the round and then had time to run through them a few times. I liked that the combos challenged me both with upper body and lower body moves, and kept my mind stimulated as well as my muscles. 

The rounds moved back-to-back with minimal rest, which I prefer as it keeps my heart rate up. I also challenged myself further by holding 3 lb weights the whole time. My upper back was DEFINITELY feeling it when I woke up the next morning. The class ended with a freestyle; a final moment to throw your favorite punches and get out any last bits of anxiety or stress. 

I also took some boxing + strength classes, as well as boxing classes with other instructors throughout the week, but this was my favorite class. I capped it off with a 15-minute ab workout and was ready to take on the day. 


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