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Ipsy Glam Bag X February 2022 Curator Spoiler and Spoilers #1 to #7

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Jan 12, 2022 | 39 comments

IPSY Icon Box
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So, our guess on 1/11 was right! Ipsy Glam Bag X has officially let the TikTok star out of the bag! Addison Rae is the curator for the February 2022 Glam Bag X--and we've got more than the three spoilers we had earlier today. Now we have seven!

Here's an earlier shot from the official IPSY Instagram account:


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And there was even more to see from Instagram account IpsyVSBoxy:


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And now that the deets have dropped, here's what we know:

Ms. Rae, TikTok star, He's All That star and the celeb behind ITEM BEAUTY, has made picks that pay homage to her mom--a makeup artist--and the 90s.

“I filled my GBX collab with everything you need to take a trip back to the ‘90s: think soft smoky eyes, fluffy hair, brick-red lips, and more—all with modern twists that feel fresh and new,” says Addison. “My mom was a makeup artist in the '90s, and she has an archive of amazing photos from that time. This collection was a special way to pay tribute to my mom and this era of beauty.”

You’ll get 8 full-size products--you can choose three of them. Ipsy says the bag is worth $500+ -- but you'll only pay $55 as a Glam Bag X subscriber.

Here are the first seven spoilers. Your bag may include:

1. ITEM BEAUTY On The Daily Eyeshadow Palette

item beauty palette

Retail Value: $24

This palette, from the company Addison Rae co-founded, offers neutral shades that are easy to blend and last throughout the day.

2. PAT MCGRATH LABS Lust: Gloss in Bronze Venus, Heavy Petal, Love Potion, Peach Perversion, Secret Lover, or Sunset Rose

pat mcgrath glosses

Retail Value: $28 each

Pat McGrath glosses offer all the gloss and none of the stickiness that can sometimes come with gel formulas.


anastastia brow gel

Retail Value: $24/26

This clear gel can go over your natural brows or lock down pigments from pencils or pens. One plus: this gel doesn't get flaky.

4. TULA SKINCARE 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream


Retail Value: $52

Hydrate and moisturize your skin with this cream, good for anytime.

5. BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional Hydrate Primer


Retail Value: $32

Prep your skin without drying out your skin--and minimize pores as well.

6. STILA Stay All Day® Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner


Retail Value: $22

This eyeliner stays put all day long.

7. GENERATION SKIN Brightening Kakadu Plum Eye Patches


Retail Value: $49

Pamper weary eyes with these brightening patches.

Product Recap

  • ITEM BEAUTY On The Daily Eyeshadow Palette- Retail Value: $24 here/$26 here.
  • PAT MCGRATH LABS Lust: Gloss in Bronze Venus, Heavy Petal, Love Potion, Peach Perversion, Secret Lover, or Sunset Rose- Retail Value: $28 each
  • ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Clear Brow Gel - Retail Value: $22
  • TULA SKINCARE 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream- Retail Value: $52
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional Hydrate Primer- Retail Value: $32
  • STILA Stay All Day® Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner-Retail Value: $22
  • GENERATION SKIN Brightening Kakadu Plum Eye Patches-Retail Value: $49

The value of this combination of products is $229/$231. Ipsy says on their site that the value of this bag is  up to $500; on Instagram they say it's more than $500--are there pricier items waiting in the wings?

If you want to snag these products there's still time to sign up for the February Ipsy Glam Bag X. Here's what you'll need to know!

The box: Ipsy Glam Bag X

The price: Ipsy Glam Bag X is a $55 quarterly upgrade is available for Ipsy Glam Bag and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscribers. It’s an additional $43/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for Glam Bag Plus members.

The products: 8 full-size beauty products curated by Addison Rae.

What do you think about this curator and the first spoilers?

Starting at $60.00
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IPSY Icon Box (previously known as IPSY Glam Bag X) is a quarterly, limited edition upgrade available for IPSY base subscribers. It includes 8 full-size products (subscribers choose 3!) worth up to $350, specially curated by the biggest icons and celebs in beauty. The assortment includes 5 Power ... read more.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Molly with a WHY?

I’m not the first person to comment this but its well worth bringing up again. This is February. It’s black history month, and nothing personal, but who gives a single care about people who became famous for filming themselves because they can’t get over how pretty they think they are? I would LOVE to see collaborations with people who WORKED to become successful and/or famous rather than another alien like Kardashian clone. Ipsy could have chosen from countless successful black people but instead its just another social media princess. It’s embarrassing, actually.

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I just signed up for this box and had a question. Does everyone get the same eight products, or is it like boxycharm and there’s many different variations?

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Hi Amy – for the GBX, Ipsy picks 5 items for you (allegedly based on your profile) and then you get to pick the final 3 items, one each out of 3 groupings (usually 4-6 choices per grouping). In past boxes there was one product that everyone got regardless, but I’m not sure if that will be the same for February since Ipsy hasn’t announced that as they have in the past (although they didn’t announce it for the November box either). So short answer, no, not everyone gets the same 8 products, there is some tailoring of products, both by Ipsy and by you. BTW, you get to make your 3 choices on the 2nd of the month (so Feb. 2).

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Thank you Sherri. The date for choice was my next question. Great information.


Geez, Ipsy made it even harder to cancel X! You have to click several times, then actually cancel through an email link. Just a heads up since it says you have to go through the link or you will still get it. 😩

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Tammy g.

i think you need new products ipsy…these are just products you can’t get rid of…cause i’ve had them all from you..and i won’t pay a higher price just to get them..

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Can someone clarify for me: if I cancel X, and I’m a Plus subscriber, does that mean I will get the May Plus bag unless I pause it? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you will get the plus bag unless you pause it.

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Anita, If you cancel X and keep Plus active, then you would just get Plus every month. If X is active, then the months that have X – your Plus is upgraded to X and you would not get Plus. X would replace it. Cancelling X and keeping Plus is absolutely fine and you are not penalized.

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You will get plus every month unless you pause. However, February might not be handled the way you’d like. I recommend contacting ipsy and letting them know if you want plus in February or if you want to skip.

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I’m sorry, maybe I haven’t had enough caffeine yet. I normally get Plus monthly, which is substituted for X quarterly, so if I cancel X, why are you saying my February Plus bag might be impacted? I’m still trying to decide but I’m thinking if I cancel X I might still want to get my Plus in February. The spoilers aren’t too appealing but it’s difficult for me to pull the plug on my subscription. Why would Ipsy penalize me for canceling X if I’m still going to subscribe and get the Plus? That would be typical of Ipsy to mess with their subscribers. I appreciate your feedback. This is so frustrating.

Emily McDaniel

Nope nope nope. I don’t want any of this. I loved the first three Glam X boxes, then the Huda box came 😩 and now this 🤢. Cancelling

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Nikki Jarrett

Cancelled this morning. There isn’t anything that wows me with this X and to spend $55, (a bit more but y’all get the idea) I’d rather get two Gbp’s and choose 6 products and receive 10.

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My thoughts exactly. It shakes out to the same exact price for more products and picks. I’m liking the GBP spoilers better as well.

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Nikki Jarrett

I bought the Huda X at a discounted price and bc it was cheaper I wasn’t mad at what I received. But yeah, I’ll try my luck at a more skincare plus and makeup plus. (Two different accounts with totally different preferences and I usually get 95% of what I’d want) I do like the bag that is with X but I’m not using a choice and spending $55 for the bag.


Getting this box and then I’m done, with no fomo. I like a few items, which are worth than what I’m paying, but the direction IPSY is going. Nope. I don’t like it.

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This actually made me cancel my GBX. My Huda box was missing two items (there was no Huda at all). Now, it is MY fault that I didn’t bother to contact Ipsy, as I didn’t really need anything, and I didn’t realize that there was a problem until after I’d disposed of all of the packaging…and why on earth would they not send the featured brand??? Also, I was too busy nursing my husband after surgery, so missing makeup was low on my list of priorities. This box does not look great. I’m actually excited to get the GBP again. It generally seems more satisfying (but that’s just me).

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Jody E

I really don’t think this box is for me. I will need to cancel. I don’t think they allow a skip? I can’t remember.

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No, unfortunately you can’t skip GBX, you have to outright cancel the upgrade (which is what I will be doing because, ugh). Then you’ll be back to getting your normal bag(s). Also, just be careful when you sign back up for the May box, assuming you want to do that – I think people who signed up for GBX well into December (maybe even into January?) automatically got the November box.

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I’m not hard to please, really I’m not…..BUT I really have no interest in any of the items, maybe the eye patches….I don’t do gloss, I love palettes, but in pinks and purples lol, I have a ton of eyeliner and brow gels…
I’ve never missed an Ipsy, any of them but I’d rather get just the PLUS instead of this one, anyone know if that’s possible?
Thanks guys!

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Yes, just cancel your X, and make sure you are subscribed to Plus

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I canceled my GBX subscription yesterday after seeing the curator – nothing personal, I just knew there was going to be a lot of Item Beauty with which my experiences, so far, have been extremely underwhelming. Also, my GBX Huda box was very disappointing, so I was thinking about canceling anyway. And now, having seen these spoilers, I’m very pleased with my decision. Everything here, apart from the Pat McGrath, looks like normal GBP stuff.

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Kai @ MSA

Even more spoilers–through 7 now. What products do you hope they add that are on theme, and will bump up the value of the bag?

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Hoping for Item’s Overdew, setting mist, Powder Hour, concealer. I wish they had chosen the new Item palette “My Element” instead; it has more variety. Also was hoping for Lip Quip lip gloss but I suppose since we already have Pat McGrath’s, we won’t see Item’s lip gloss. Very excited to see a Tatcha cream.

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There is a tatcha cream spoiler? Which one? I must have missed it.

Kai @ MSA

We’ve updated to reveal the celeb curator and the first three spoilers for February. Thoughts?

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The only thing I am interested in is the lip gloss, the Palette is boring and I have enough mascaras to open my own shop…..I hope the rest of the items are better then what we are seeing here.

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There are 7 item spoilers on the Ispy Glam Bag X site

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I am most excited for that gloss!I love every color actually (you know how it goes… you end up with the color you like the least 😂). I have that brow gel but I really don’t like it- just me personally, I am not a fan. The eyeshadow is so boring!!! Whyyyyyyy? I’m holding out though… I am hoping more premium spoilers are on the way 🙏.I am not sure how they are going to get to the $500+ worth of products yet (unless they use 111skin 🤦‍♀️).

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Or Avant 😆

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Angela DeSilva

I’m not impressed. Item Beauty doesn’t interest me at all and that’s an ugly eyeshadow palette! BUT, I am excited for the Pat McGrath gloss and the other brands are all great too!

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Thank goodness I canceled Ipsy in November.

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Do any of these beauty boxes realize they have people of color as subscribers? I have yet to see a box from curated by a person with deeper skin. This is very disappointing to us!

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Also February (when this box drops) is Black history month. It really would have been fitting to feature an African American. There are so many great people and brands out there they could have featured but no, we are stuck with this boring, young, privileged TikTok person. It’s pretty insulting.

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I absolutely agree!! I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to feel like products wont work on your skin tone all of the time. I have extremely extremely fair skin and notice products are usually targeted toward a light to medium skin tone range. Hopefully things change for the better❤️

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Umm, Hudson Kattan curated their last box.

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Stephanie, Huda’s ethnicity is from Iraq. I don’t think she has deeper skin as Sarah wants to see more representation of.


This main collaboration for this upcoming box is Item Beauty which is an in-house Ipsy brand. Good luck to all the subscribers who get a box full of this stuff. Definitely not an upgrade.

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Having been burned to a crisp by the utterly awful Huda collab, I’m never ordering a Glam Bag X, or any Ipsy bag, again. They don’t get another chance with me.

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