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My Subscription Addiction

Hello Bello vs. Honest vs. Dyper: Which Diaper Bundle Is the Best Value?

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMay 9, 2022

As both the mother of a 14-month-old and a doula, babies are a top 3 conversation topic for me. And, the one baby item young parents always say they wish they could save money on? Diapers. Of course, that doesn't mean they want to sacrifice quality, functionality, or striving for sustainability. Is it possible to achieve both that budget goal and the element of putting a feel-good product on your baby? It is, friends, it is. Let's explore who does it best.

The 3 Brands I'm Comparing

Hello Bello

Hello Bello is a premium diaper brand that believes all babies deserve the best, which means offering a product that works well for babies and parents, is easy on the planet, and is available at an accessible price. Creating a Hello Bello diaper bundle equals discounts on both the diapers themselves and on other Hello Bello products. Plus, occasional surprise freebies so you can try out their other items!

Honest Brand

Honest brand is founded on health and wellness, and their diapers, which focus on being free from harsh ingredients, align with that mission. Honest also offers diaper bundling with monthly discounts, including the opportunity to add other products to your cart at a discount, but no surprise freebies are promised.


Last up to bat is Dyper. This brand sells nothin' but plain white diapers with a spotlight on sustainability and softness. Their diaper subscription is sort of "set it and forget it," which means they offer limited options: you can choose your size and frequency, but you always get four packs of diapers per box.

The Face-Off

Today we'll take a look at how these four diaper brands hold up against four of the top must-haves: cost, functionality, ingredients, environmental impact, and style.

#1 - The Cost - Is It Affordable?

I recently had a family ask me about my cloth diapering experience—they were considering switching over to save money on diapers. Seriously, the costs of diapering add up! In the end, I suggested they stay the course and explore diaper bundling because their baby was approaching 1 year old, and investing in a full cloth system might not have been more economical than a diaper subscription.

How much does a Hello Bello bundle cost?

  • $69.99 per shipment of 119-238 diapers (depending on the size) + 4 packs of wipes. That costs up to $0.55 per diaper.
  • A freebie of your choice is included for some months. Items like baby body wash, bubble bath, vitamins, sunscreen, and more.
  • 15% discount on any additional products you'd like to add to your purchase.
  • Subscriptions are available through the Hello Bello site, but you can also pick up backs at Walmart, both in-store and online.

How much does an Honest bundle cost?

  • $79.99 per month when you subscribe, for 126-224 diapers (depending on the size) + 4 packs of wipes. That breaks down to up to $0.63 per diaper.
  • 15% discount on additional products added to your purchase, and a free gift every 3rd shipment.
  • Subscriptions are only available through the Honest website, but you can also pick up packs at Target or on Amazon.

How much does a Dyper bundle cost? 

  • $80 for both a one-time and a recurring purchase of 120-265 diapers (depending on the size). That costs up to $0.67 per diaper.
  • Dyper diapers can only be purchased on Dyper's website.
  • No bundling is available.

Which diaper bundle is the most affordable? Hello Bello diaper bundles offer the best value! 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes, 15% discounts on loads of other awesome products, and free gifts that take you by surprise and make your day when you least expect it. Score!

WINNER: Hello Bello

#2 - The Functionality - Is It Leak-Proof?

Okay, so now we know which diaper is the best value, that was an easy win for Hello Bello. Now let's take a look at which diapers are keeping everything contained because a good deal is only a good deal if the product works. Here's my first-hand experience with each of these diapers after 2+ weeks of use.

Are Hello Bello diapers leak-proof? Hello Bello offers separate diapers for daytime and nighttime. Their daytime diapers are a little lighter and lower profile but still offer great coverage for robust babies. No leaks so far! Yay!

Are Honest diapers leak-proof? Honest offers separate daytime and overnight diapers. We haven't tried their overnight diapers, just tried to get away with using daytime ones overnight, and that wasn't the best idea. I also think Honest diapers are better for slimmer babies, as we've had a number of daytime blowouts in this brand.

Are Dyper diapers leak-proof? This is the brand we have the least experience with, but we've had a couple of instances of wetness around the leg elastics.

Which diaper works the best? From my family's personal experience, Hello Bello is one of the only brands of diapers that haven't leaked on us!

WINNER: Hello Bello

# 3 - The Safety - Is It Clean?

Babies wear diapers 24/7, so it only makes sense that parents want to put 'em in something that's safe, clean, and comfortable. Let's look at the details.

Are Hello Bello diapers clean? Hello Bello diapers are hypoallergenic and use plant-derived ingredients for their absorbent liner. They're also processed without chlorine and are free from lotions, latex, fragrances, and phthalates.

Are Honest diapers clean? Honest's whole angle is how they offer a clean product, and their NO List™ includes over 2,500 chemicals and materials that they intentionally leave out of their product due to the potential harm they may cause. Included on the "no" list are phthalates, parabens, and animal cruelty.

Are Dyper diapers clean? Dyper diapers are free from chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT, and phthalates. They are Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEK, which is a company that tests textiles for harmful substances.

Which diaper is the most clean? All of the diapers listed above have a cleaner ingredients list than your average grocery store diaper!


3 open diapers

Honest, Hello Bello, and Dyper diapers.

#4 - Style & Fit - Can It Make You Smile?

YODO. (You only diaper once...per baby, anyway.) Might as well have some fun with it. Ever quarantined with a baby? Yeah, it's the little things that make the day brighter. Here's who can serve up the best time:

What designs do Hello Bello diapers offer?

  • Tons of colorful, all-gender patterns to choose from, in a variety of styles, including the option for two-pattern packs! Rotating seasonal designs are in the mix from time to time.
  • Separate daytime and nighttime diapers.
  • The wetness indicator on sizes N-2, on diapers that have white backgrounds. For larger babies, you can easily see and feel when their diaper is full!

What designs do Honest diapers offer?

  • A mix of always-available patterns, limited edition patterns, and the option for white.
  • Separate daytime and nighttime diapers.
  • Every size has a wetness indicator.

What designs do Dyper diapers offer?

  • These diapers are all-white.
  • They offer a classic fit, a wide fit, and a pull-up diaper.
  • Every size has a wetness indicator.

Which diaper wins for style? Cheetahs chilling among leafy plants? Dachshunds rocking hot dog buns? Critters skateboarding on pencils? I'm feeling pretty amped up about the good time Hello Bello has in store.

WINNER: Hello Bello

Which diaper is our winner?

baby walking in the bathroom wearing a hello bello diaper.

Hello Bello takes the cake—their diaper bundle offers the best value.

And my little one is pumped about it. Hello Bello diapers are functional, they're fun, they're accessible, and they're the lowest cost of all the premium diapers out there.