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Halloween Inspiration + BeautyFIX = Ultimate Beauty Resource

April Stettner
ByApril StettnerOct 14, 2021 | 17 comments

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Nothing sets my heart aflutter like a 90s power ballad that cues up the leggy female leads. You know, the scene where the "genetically blessed" or "newly popular" (as the case in Jawbreaker) line up at the end of the hall and captivate us with a mix of beauty and self-assured confidence. The eternal brand that only a teenage girl doused in CK ONE and platform wedges can provide.


As you can see, the 90s teen scream queens hold a special place in my heart. So I knew this Halloween I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorites, and in terms of a beauty resource, I needed a one-stop shop. Enter: BeautyFIX.

Few beauty retailers offer the extent of the brands found on The Derm Store (home of the BeautyFIX subscription.) BeautyFIX allows you access to the latest and greatest in skincare, haircare, and makeup handpicked by a team of beauty pros. Each month, these beauty professionals select full- and travel-size products worth at least $100 (and shipping is always free).

Let BeautyFIX and the Derm Store transform you into your favorite scream queen!

1st Look: Casey Becker from Scream

Drew Barrymore's ill-fated cameo in Scream launched an iconic Halloween costume for years to come. In order to achieve Casey Becker's fresh-faced look, I used products from BeautyFIX's October 2021 box (available Oct 15th ) and The Derm Store.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Illuminating Primer (7 ml) - $50 Retail Value

Jane Iredale - Smooth Affair Illuminating Primer (7 ml.): A face primer that smooths skin and creates a more luminous-looking glow.

 A face primer that smooths skin and creates a more luminous-looking glow. Especially helpful in controlling sweat and oil when running from Ghostface. I have always been a fan of Jane Iredale products because they are much lighter on the skin. Some primers can feel heavy, and this one is effortlessly light.

Tarte Cosmetics Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint (0.1 oz) - $24 Retail Value

Tarte Cosmetics Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint (0.1 oz.) A smooth, twist-up lip tint with a full-coverage formula and matte finish.

I needed a beigey/slightly berry lip to compliment Casey's natural lip. I love a crayon tip applicator and this one gets bonus points for not being too drying.

2nd Look: Courtney Shayne from Jawbreaker

Courtney Shayne, played by Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker— or "Satan in heels," as she's affectionately referred to, is the epitome of cool. Courtney has several monochromatic moments to choose from, but I always preferred her in red. Make sure you have a moisturizer that protects that's delicate skin and lipstick that lasts while you're conspiring to cover up an "accidental" murder.

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Gel Moisturizer (7.8 ml) - $52 Retail Value

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Gel Moisturizer (7.8 ml): An ultra-absorbent, lightweight moisturizer for smooth and luminous skin.

An ultra-absorbent, lightweight moisturizer for smooth and luminous skin. Available on October 15th in BeautyFIX's October 2021 box.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick (0.13 fl. oz) - $24 Retail Value

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick (0.13 fl. oz) A matte, liquid lipstick that stays put for up to eight hours.

A matte, liquid lipstick that stays put for up to eight hours. Appropriately named Maneater. I love a pigmented gloss that is shiny and stays put. I didn't have to reapply once in 8 hours.

3rd Look: Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body


So, I know I'm straying from my 90s Scream Queens, but I have to make an exception with Jennifer's Body. This movie was truly ahead of its time. 2009 may not have been ready for a demonic, bi-sexual cheerleader who eats boys, but it has evolved into a beloved cult classic over the years.

Jennifer Check is a timeless beauty that was only enhanced by feeding on the boys in her grade. Here's how to emulate Jennifer's ethereal glow:

Paula's Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster (1 fl. oz.) - $36 Retail Value

Paula’s Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster (1 fl. oz) - A potent leave-on treatment that smooths, soothes and brightens skin.

A potent leave-on treatment that smooths, soothes, and brightens skin. If you are looking for a dewy appearance beneath your foundation, this is an excellent treatment to help plump and brighten skin.

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm (0.14 oz.) - $14 Retail Value

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm (0.14 oz) - A deeply replenishing lip balm that soothes dry, chapped lips.

A deeply replenishing lip balm soothes dry, chapped lips. I have chronically dry skin, and this lip balm makes sure that my lipstick stays put and feels moisturized all day.

Both of these products are included in BeautyFIX's October 2021 box (available Oct 15th )

What will you use to achieve your Halloween looks this year? Let us know in the comments!

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April Stettner
April Stettner
April is a freelance writer with a borderline unhealthy obsession with all things beauty and 90’s pop culture. When she isn’t beach hopping with her dog Wyatt, she's interviewing female entrepreneurs in Charleston, SC.

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I thought the theme was cute, and what she tried to do. Take it for what it is…this site is now focused on advertising dollars, with little to no interest in giving us the scoop. For what this post was, which was Halloween throwback themed advertising for Dermstore, she did a good job. Perhaps calling it Beauty Fix was a stretch, but she was mentioning the info she had for the new box which was that it is available 10/15 and has two of the items mentioned. A disclaimer stating the review will follow for that box in a few weeks due to shipping delays would have been nice. And the darker lipstick that was so 90s.

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April Stettner

Hi FabSB!♡ I appreciate the feedback on providing a disclaimer next time, which I will be sure to do 🙂

I am taking note of everyone’s feedback; even if I don’t reply directly on here, please know that I see it, and I am trying (even if some of my creative takes fall flat, haha) I appreciate you being patient with me ♡ xo April

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Um….. Drew Barrymore clearly has a matte burgundy lip in Scream. That’s pretty much the staple and cornerstone of her entire makeup look. On no planet is Drew’s color beigy…. How could you possibly get that wrong?

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Good point! Beigy and berry (bergundy) are pretty opposite colors. Dark, matte lipstick is quintessential 90s and definitely what Drew wore in Scream.

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April Stettner

You are both so right! ♡ I’m embarrassed I missed the mark on this because Drew is the quintessential 90s babe, and what she’s wearing is much more berry, maybe even Revlon rum-rasinesque (geez, I’m dating myself! haha) than the shade I ended up using and referenced in the piece.


Since you mention in a lot of your other posts (and in the comment sections as well) that you are truly interested in content that resonates and is beneficial to readers I’m curious if this type of post is what MSA thinks checks those boxes? As of the time when I’m posting this comment, nowhere else on the site do you show the entire BeautyFix box contents for October. Also, this is the first month in awhile (if ever) that BeautyFix was not available until October 15th which caused a lot of long time and new subscribers to scratch their heads and wonder what was going on. I’m being 100% authentic when I ask this-do you really feel MSA is serving their readers needs with this post rather than a post that clearly lists the ACTUAL BeautyFix box contents for October along with an explanation for the delay? One commenter here already had to ask about which items were actually in the box this month after reading this post. I myself had to go search the internet (again) to make sure I hadn’t misread which items were available this month after seeing this post that mentions Smashbox and Tarte lippies (not included in this BeautyFix box). It’s clearly MSA’s site to do as they wish with but this is literally the 4th post I’ve seen in the last day where commenters ask about a FULL review and the actual box contents. Which I might be wrong, but if those are the things they are asking for, doesn’t it seem like maybe that’s the content they are saying they want to see? This feels like you had a Halloween photo shoot for some other gig outside of MSA and then tried hard to make it into a BeautyFix review. I know this might come across as harsh, it’s not meant that way, but when people are actively telling you in the comments that the post does not fit their needs and then you answer with a question of what would fit their needs (I realize you didn’t ask that on this particular post but I just read another comment section where you did), I can’t help but respond this way. Unless you don’t really mean it when you ask? Please help me understand.

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PREACH, sister. I used to visit MSA multiple times a day, and now I rarely log on. The only reason I came to see this post was because a friend sent me a link to it as an illustration of how much MSA has changed. And not for the better.

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Maybe you should reach out to Dermstore to inquire about the October box?

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This is a review site. To get all info about subs such as contents condensed in one location. Her expectations are reasonable to most long term followers. Don’t worry, she’s not hurting the founders’ feelings, nor are you ingratiating yourself to them; they sold the company quite some time ago for a lot of money and these outsourced reviews/posts are pretty crappy and out of touch with what followers had come to expect.


I did actually. Not sure what your point is? I’m guessing you are trying to imply that instead of leaving the comments I have posted that I could have just contacted Dermstore instead? True. But I’m not sure why you are implying that it’s not okay to ask a subscription box review site that has previously posted spoilers for this box why they didn’t this time? I’m assuming that is what you are saying without actually saying it? Or am I misreading your comment?

Naomi Pandolfi

Hi Jojob, I’ll be doing a full review of the October BeautyFIX this month! I have not yet received the box from the brand and as of now they have not specified a reason for the delay but most likely they are waiting on a pallet to arrived.

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Awesome. I have a couple questions. When you say they are waiting on a “pallet” do you mean a “pallet” of the products to arrive so they can ship the box? Because there is not a makeup palette in this months box. Also, as I’ve asked numerous times now, why wasn’t there a spoiler post for this box? And finally, I mean no offense to anyone but why isn’t Taryn still reviewing this box? Thanks!

April Stettner

Hi!♡ The full Beautyfix review is coming later this month; this was just a special Halloween-themed feature.

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Since this is a special Halloween-themed feature I’m taking that to mean that each box is not limited to one post about said box. With that established, I’m curious why there was not a spoilers post about this month’s box that featured the actual box contents along with a post letting subscribers both current and new know about the box not being available until October 15th. Is there a reason behind this? Thanks!


I haven’t been subscribed for quite a while now (pandemic). Have they stopped putting in a full sized item? Seems like there always used to be one.

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April Stettner

Hi, Cindy!♡
So, for October, these are the two full-sized items:
Paula’s Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster
Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm
Let me know if you end up getting October’s box, I want to know your thoughts on which products stood out to you. I’m very into the scrunchie that’s included as well haha.

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