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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2021 Choice Time

ByMSAJul 2, 2021 | 75 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

It’s the 2nd of the month, which means it’s time to pick three of the items for your July 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus offers Ultra Personalization, which allows subscribers to choose 3 of the 5 full-size products they receive every month—or to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. Access to Ipsy’s Add-Ons market also opens on the 2nd of every month.

Here are some of the products you may be seeing on your Choice Page:


And here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your Glam Bag):


If you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month or find out why our readers named it the best overall beauty subscription box of 2021.

Which product are you choosing for your July 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

IPSY is a personalized beauty subscription. Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $12 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $25 per month. IPSY fe... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Finally received my July Glam Bag plus. I was missing a Juice Beauty moisturizer and didn’t revive the Fenty lip product I chose instead I revived some cheap brushes! I am furious talk about bait and switch! I reached out to them but I think I have come to the end of the road with Ipsy. I am sure I will never see the two kissing products. So disappointed because the Fenty product was the only good thing in my bag this month! 😡


I am shocked there are not more options for SPF products. I had nothing. My bag is meh. Hope next month is better.


It’s absolutely absurd that choice is only 24 hours. I just checked and I cannot choose anything.

From what others have said I suspect I should have skipped.


I literally logged in to pick my choice items as soon as I got the email on 7/3 and couldn’t choose anything. It’s not even that items were sold out….it just didn’t give me the option to choose. The only way I even know that the choice items are is from this site. If I remember correctly, in past months the choice window was open for at least a week, if not more. We should be notified of any policy changes and if they don’t send out notification, they need to be held accountable. I’m am making Ipsy send me the choice items I would have selected or demanding a full refund. As consumers we can’t let these companies get away with sub par service. Keep contacting them and don’t let up until they put you in contact with a supervisor and you get what you want.


No, they have never given us a whole week to choose the item/items. (Not in the last 8 yrs I’ve been a member) Its been 24+48 hours. I did think it was supposed to be open the 2nd and 3rd, though. Did you login late on the 3rd? Maybe it closes at a certain time. Your entitlement attitude is not appropriate, in this circumstance. You should be aware of how things work, that you sign up for…especially when you don’t note things in a calendar or something.


Don’t worry, they’ll pick awesome things for you!


Here is my GBP for the month:
1. Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more cleanser (Ipsy picked for me)
2. Juice Beauty SPF moisturizer (Ipsy picked for me)
3. Dr. Eve_RYouth Vit C serum+ Hyaluronic acid
4. Beauty Stat Universal C Skin Refiner
5. Pūrlissee Beauty BB cheek color in vivid coral
I added on Context Skin balm in back for more and Ouai scalp and body scrub.
The choice selection seemed lacking this month in comparison to past months. If next month’s spoilers look not so great then I will pause.


I’m confused why this post doesn’t show what Ipsy chose for them and what their third set of choices were.

Ipsy picks for me:
FOXYBAE hair mask (yay)
IL MAKIAGE Mascara (yay also- I’m a mascara junkie and haven’t tried this one before)
My picks:
HIGH BEAUTY Eye gel (yay- I’m intrigued)
FENTY BEAUTY Lip in Uncuffed (good- I was hoping the unlocked color would have been a choice instead since a lot of these rosy mauves look too dark on me)
MOTD COSMETICS Brushes (ehh, ok. I guess it’s been a while since I have had new brushes. Never tried this brand.)

Overall I’m pretty happy. I added on Fenty in unlocked and Olaplex. I have read some bad reviews on Sephora that the Fenty Lip paint smells like fish so I’m taking a big gamble. Hoping that isn’t the case.


I LOVE Il Makiage’s mascara in the silver tube! I was very pleasantly surprised, having never heard of the brand when I got it in a box a year or 2 ago. Hope this one works out for you.


So regular Ipsy Glam Bag subscribers don’t rate a post from MSA for reveals/add-ons as well??

I know this is a new MSA crew, but to NOT post this is ridiculous. I am having trouble understanding why even a new crew hasn’t studied the model and realized how big Ipsy is and that this should have been posted.

I have withheld comments about the new MSA for awhile because I didn’t think it was fair to judge without giving time for acclimation and improvement, but I’m gonna say it:

New MSA, please know what worked for the site you bought and follow that model. I’m already looking for a new site to go to instead of this one. I’d like to stay here, but the quality is lacking overall.


MSA was my #1 website I was constantly checking new content it was seriously an addiction LOL but I noticed big changes sometime last year I had no clue that Liz had sold the company and you could really tell a big difference it’s a bummer because she really went above and beyond to make MSA what it was. Now they’re lucky if I check it once or twice every couple days.


This explains why they didn’t post about beautyfix! This site has gone downhill. I’ve been visiting other sites that are better. Kinda sad what’s happened to msa.




I posted about it last month. Its really disappointing they still haven’t done the regular bag, again.


It’s so sad…no other website gets the traffic that msa does….I feel like there is an opportunity somewhere for someone!! I really agreed with Amy Nicole.

Amy Nicole

The posts have become increasingly generic and devoid of any semblance of MSA posts of the past. You can tell it’s now a JOB, just getting done to create content as opposed to sharing a passion with your readers. The soul of this site is dead and gone.



tammy g.

good..i got a great box this month…love everything, finally..


Questio last month I did add ons for 100+ my box came no add ons the said they had a hard time with my card. It charges you right away I call foul.


That happened to me too last month. I was super annoyed.


I also didn’t receive my add- ons. I was also told their was a billing problem with my credit card. My card is fine. I went round and round with them. They refunded my money. But I’ll go you ladies one better than this… I’m still waiting for May’s glam bag and Mays add-ons from both my glam bag and plus subscriptions. They sent me a free gift for my trouble. I already have said product. 🤣 they sent it to me a few months back. I guess they don’t keep records. I am SO over IPSY. 🥲


Unfortunately, customization isn’t working AGAIN and all I hear is “Don’t worry, we’ll pick out awesome things for you”. No you won’t. You’ll give me another eye pencil.


I’m paused (as usual lol). These options looked so bad. I hope the Nomad palette is in second chance add ons though!


There isn’t a Nomad palette.


There was a Nomad palette offered in my add-ons. (Of course–I have to spend additional money to get anything I really want this month.)


Yes, there was for some people


My Plus was awful this month. For months my picks rarely venture outside a narrow range of products (multiple mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners to choose from) that reappear in each of the three choice groups—come on, I get these every month. How many do I need? I wasn’t offered any of the products or shades I really wanted (still stuck in brown/taupe/bronze hades; three blushes in the product pool not offered one).

Ipsy picked:
*Il Makiage mascara (meh)
*Tula Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm stick (the only product that potentially saves any value for this month’s bag. Lots of reviews indicating that it caused allergic reactions, so I hope I have good luck with it.)

My choices (from the lackluster selections):
*The Lifestyle Co. Botantical Beach Mist After Sun Spray (this was from my FIRST group; I didn’t really want this but wanted the other items less)
*Dr. Eve_Ryouth Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Night Moisturizer (never heard of this, ridiculous retail value, but again, the other options were bad)
*Beauty for Real eyeshadow palette (I didn’t really want another eyeshadow palette as I’ve been getting so-o-o many because my choice options are so bad. Two palettes in group 1, this one in group 3). On sale for $22 on the brand’s website.

I’m with others that I’m really tired of all the Ipsy brands, private label brands and shady brands. I’m all for giving new brands a try, but it’s never ending and so much of these products just seem cheap. I’ve already paused for next month given the spoilers I’ve seen. I’ve signed up for a new sub box that I suspect will finally give me enough incentive to pull the plug on Ipsy. Too bad, but I don’t feel it’s a good experience anymore (at least for me).


Glad I skipped only thing I wanted was the Fenty in Uncuffed. I had the other two colors offered in my add ons for my regular bag


Same. I would love the Fenty but nothing else is yelling me.i have 2 of the Tula eye items. It’s so hot in texas. I feel like the coplingbhelps a little. I also put it on my wrists and behind my ears lol. It doesnt help like a serum would. It also has a shine..not glittery but obvious.


I wish I had skipped. So sad.
Ipsy picked
Tula Rose eye balm
il Makiage mascara

Choice one: Juice beauty prebiotix facial but the reviews are scaring me.
Choice two: Fenty beauty unattached
Choice three: purlisse bb blush in vivid coral
I probably should have chosen the hand Cream instead of the juice Beauty. I had the same brand hand Cream in 2 categories. Eye roll.


Can someone please list some of the DLS/private label brands Ipsy is carrying?

My bag was another month of pick the least undesirable in my product 2 & 3 categories.

Ipsy chose: Dr Brandt cleanser, Juicy SPF moisturizer
I chose: Symbiosis eye serum, Dr Eve Vitamin C moisturizer, Hanalei lip treatment

None of the eyeshadow palettes called to me


Unfortunately, it is really hard to tell if a brand is private label or not — they don’t advertise that stuff. And a lot of indie brands rely on manufacturing contracts, even if they do have their own proprietary formulas, so you can’t rely on public shipping records or makeup packaging/components alone to tell.

Ipsy supposedly does not work with DLS any more, but there have been ties found with DLS to the brands Basic Beauty and Saint Luxe. Also suspicious are the brands Sophia + Mabelle and Glow on 5th (Ipsy refuses to reveal who founded, owns, or runs these companies). Item Beauty & Complex Culture are Ipsy’s in-house brands, so I can only assume they are private label.

Another thing you have to watch out for with Ipsy is that most of the stuff they send out from indie brands is not actually made by the brands. Ipsy purchases a license to manufacture their product under their brand name, then “reverse engineers” the product without using the indie brand’s proprietary formula. You can sometimes catch this out with indie brands (like Coloured Raine & Eleman Cosmetics) that have “Made in the USA”) on their websites, but when you get your Ipsy version, it says “Made in China.” Or sometimes they will say “Ipsy exclusive” or “Made by Ipsy for [Brand X].”


Kenley – Yes, the big-name brands can typically afford to have hundreds of thousands of samples/full size products ready to go for Ipsy.


Thanks Marion !!! Again great info 🙂


Thank you, Marion! So, the products we get from established brands with Ipsy are usually legit and only have to worry about Indie brands being reverse engineered?


Peg – to be honest, I’m a little bit addicted to the thrill of the chase & the gamble of it all, lol! For example, based on my profile & past product ratings, I had a pretty good feeling that the Ipsy algorithm would match me with the Juice Beauty SPF this month, so bam! done! box paid for right there, since the retail value of that is over $30 and the Ipsy bag is only $25 (and I get the kick out of having accurately predicted what Ipsy would assign me). Plus, Ipsy is really good at making their subscription an ~experience~ with the best product description pages of any sub (honestly, Ipsy usually does a better job than the brand’s own websites, including sizes/weights, full ingredients, & how-to’s), their daily deal sales, their 4x monthly sales, the bag customization, their blog spoiler drops, their Instagram video teasers, etc. I absolutely do get hyped sometimes for products I never would have considered otherwise. (Sometimes that’s a bad thing, & the product ends up being a disappointment, but sometimes it’s a good thing and I find out something new.) Right now, for me, all that stuff tips me in favor of Ipsy… BUT I am keeping my eye on them 👀👀👀. For example, I have seen people get 3 known private-label junk products in one bag, and if my monthly bags start to get to that point, I likely would cancel the sub.

Kenley – Yes, BoxyCharm does the same thing, & that’s actually how I initially heard about some of the practices! The Storybook Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes that were sent a couple years ago are private label product inside packaging provided by Storybook, and there was a bit of controversy about it. Boxycharm has also historically been WAY worse than Ipsy about this… sometimes the ingredients that Boxy lists on their website are from the genuine product, and then the Boxy version of the product they send you has different ingredients listed on the packaging. Don’t worry about the Farmacy, though — folks have checked the labels & ingredients carefully, & apparently every time, the Farmacy ingredients in the Boxy version ARE exactly the same as the ingredients to the genuine article. In some cases, the “BoxyCharm exclusive” label is there more to prevent people from returning the product to a store for retail value.


Wow, this is eye opening! I had no idea and I’m guessing Boxycharm is the same way. I have received a few products from established brands that say, “Made exclusively for Boxycharm” on the box. For example, most of the Farmacy products I have gotten from Boxycharm say that.


Marion – thanks for taking the time to explain this. Very eye opening and polarizing indeed. In your opinion, what incentive do we have to purchase these bags ? It sounds like we are being duped into believing we are getting this “great deal” and in reality, we are getting low quality, private label brands & inferior imposter products. I could do better grabbing things at TJ Maxx – at least they carry reputable brands. Please expound on your thoughts ? Thanks !!


Really bad bad , they picked and mascara for me and in one of my choices another mascara , that tells me they just pick anything and put it up . Don’t go by any preferences !!


Ipsy picked Juice Beauty spf 30 and Korres cleanser for me. I picked BeautyStat vitamin c treatment (I think this is the third or fourth bottle of this I’ve gotten in the past 6 months from various boxes), Fenty lip in Uncuffed, and High cannibis eye gel. Out of the available choices, I guess I did ok. Like others, I refused to pick private label brands, so that limited the choices. Not a good month for ipsy plus. Hoping X picks up the slack next month.


Same except I chose Dr Eve Ryouth hydrabright night creme instead of the Fenty and got some add ons. My prefs are for skin care.


I chose the Dr Eve Ryouth too because my other choices were bad, but later saw it contains parabens.


Yesss! Another $300 bag!

Waterproof eyeliner
Tula rose gold eye balm
Beauty stat universal C skin refiner
Dr Eve Ryouth hydrabright night creme
Beauty for real pallette golden hour


My first reaction to my reveal was, “Wow, what an awful month!” SO many no name and DLS brands are ruining Ipsy for me. I had the Glow on 5th hand cream in 2 (!) choice categories, just different scents. COME ON! I already canceled my regular bag and my Plus is on very thin ice at this point.

That being said, I think my bag wasn’t terrible, especially after seeing how bad the month’s full product list is.

IPSY chose:
—COMPLEX CULTURE Rose Quartz Gua Sha (I’ve been really curious about these and wanting to try, but not enough to shell out any money for one)
—TULA Rose eye stick (this is okay, not sure I’ll use)

I chose:

—FENTY Lip Paint in Unlocked (bright fuscia–happy with this, hope the formula is nice, fun color for summer. I have a similar color in lipstick from Fenty and I love that it pushed me out of my mauvey/berry comfort zone)

—ZOE AYALA Satin Pillowcase (I don’t sleep on a pillow, but this was the best option out of an awful category)

—BEAUTY FOR REAL Eyeshadow Palette (I’m a palette junkie, so this scratched the itch this month and had the most colors I’ll actually use compared to the other option I was given)



I’ve been using silk or satin pillowcases ever since my grandmother told me if I wanted good hair I should use them. I think she told me this because I’m the only grandchild who was pale like her.

This was in the ’70s when I was a teen.


I bet you have incredible hair! 🙂


MSA please return to making base bag reveal + Add-ons posts! I wanna talk about that stuff, too!


I was wondering where that went. I like to see what others are receiving and their opinions on them.


I agree! I would like to see those bags revealed too.


Anyone have experience with the Tula Rose Glow eye balm stick? Mostly I want to know if it smells like rose.

Ipsy Picked:
+ Juice Beauty SPF moisturizer
+ Tula Rose Glow eye balm stick

My Picks:
– Chella eye palette
– Lauren Conrad eyeliner
– 111Skin antiblemish boost
– Juice Beauty prebiotic facial
– Motd brush set
+ Half Caked eye palette

+ Fenty lip in Unlocked (fuschia)
– Oryza blush in Malibu Sunrise
– Dr Eve Vitamin C cream
– Studiomakeup mascara

– Hanalei lip treatment in Sand
+ Beauty for Real eye palette
– Studiomakeup brow tint in Medium
– Basic Beauty bronzer palette

Ipsy picks are good; would’ve preferred the Hipdot blush to the eye balm, which I’ve seen some people get. I’m satisfied with my bag/see the value in it, yet my top picks of items I wanted from spoilers were not available to me.

Basic Beauty, Studiomakeup, & Oryza seem like sketchy private label brands that I would not choose, so that hampered my choices a lot this time (like, I’m shocked that I picked a Beauty for Real palette, lol). The better news is that I checked all 3 eye palettes offered, & none of them have polyethylene/plastic in them. \o/


Once I got an Oryza eye shadow mini quad as an add on. It was ridiculous. Like the dollar store makeup I used to buy as a kid. I stay clear of that brand. Not to be confused with Chella, they have a similar looking mini quad that is divine and buttery.


I really like The Tula product! It feels cool and wonderful under the eyes. And non-irritating.

Amy Nicole

I would say it has a very light fragrance and it’s supposed to be illuminating to your eye area, l enjoy that effect but get it from other products. I don’t find this moisturizing enough and it’s a little awkward to use. I already have it and l also received it in my bag so l better start using it up!


Thank you, that’s helpful! I do have a bad track record with stick skincare in my eye area (my Milk Cool Water stick dried out because I didn’t use it enough! that thing is just way too big for a small area of the face).


I love the Tula rose gold under eye stick. It has no fragrance. I think that the faint sparkles in it are supposed to be rose gold? Or perhaps the light pink color of the product? But definitely no rose fragrance. This is one of my very favorite skincare products.


OK, thanks! I am using the sample of a similar product from Glamglow from Ipsy right now (the teeny rose gold pot), & while I don’t feel like it does much “illuminating” I do like how my skin feels quenched just after I apply.


What does it do/why do you like it?


I’m really pleased with my bag this month.

Ipsy picked:
– Dr. Brandt pore purifying cleanser
– Tarte sea jelly glaze lip mask

I picked:
– Fenty stunna lip paint in uncuffed
– Purlisse blush glow bb cheek color
– Zoe Ayla barrel brush

Added on:
– Farsali serum duo
– Ouai scalp scrub


To each their own I guess. This is the best Ipsy glam bag plus I’ve received all year!

I got:
Il Makiage liquid eyeliner – Ipsy choice
Tula Skincare eye balm – Ipsy choice
111 Skin blemish serum – my pick
Fenty Beauty lip paint in Uncuffed – my pick
Basic Beauty bronzy af palette – my pick

It’s the first time I think I’ll actually get some use out of all 5 items!


I’m curious as to what was in the 3rd product choice category but overall, glad I went back to boxycharm.


My third choice seemed to be random crap.


This is the worst bag ever.. There’s no items actually I’m interested in.

I got
HIPDOT – Sun Goddess Face Palette (IPSY PICK -Not bad)
JUICE BEAUTY – SPF30 Oil Free Moisturizer ( IPSY PICK -I already had it. It’s really mild)
Dr.EVE RYOUTH – Vitamin C Night Moisturizer ( I’ve never heard of this brand)
GLOW ON 5th – Hand Cream in Avocado (There’s nothing to choose in 2nd category.. another hand cream..meh)
STUDIOMAKEUP – Brow tint in Dark (OMG ipsy…no no no)

Hope next month will be better


I’ve loved my Ipsy GBP over the past couple years, but this will unfortunately be my last month. Between all the repeat products/brands and the use of DLS brands, the value is no longer there for me.


I feel the same way. Where are all the prominent make up brands ? ALL I see are DLS brands and inferior products all the way around. Every month they have a new Vitamin C product by another unheard of company. The eye shadow palettes are inferior – last month I received the Fluide pallette and it was complete chalky garbage. This month they chose Mascara a Moisturizer for acne prone skin. I’m dry and have it marked that way on my profile. I don’t want to cancel but they are forcing my hand.

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