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Allure Beauty Box June 2021 – Full Spoilers

ByMSAJun 1, 2021 | 168 comments

Allure Beauty Box
3.6 overall rating
726 Ratings | 160 Reviews

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The NEW MEMBER June Allure Beauty Box will include:

With new member gifts:

  • M·A·C Magic Extension Mascara
  • Natasha Denona Shadow

The CURRENT MEMBER June Allure Beauty Box will include:

*Depending on member history, subscribers will receive 1 of these. Members will not receive the same product twice.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

"Each month, you'll get 6+ Allure-approved makeup and skincare picks delivered to your door ($100+ value for only $23). 6 or more products (at least 3 FULL-SIZE) valued at $100+ Only expert-approved products, hand-selected by Allure editors New member gift valued at $15+ Free shi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I canceled my allure subscription at the beginning of the year. I keep checking monthly to see if I’m missing out… glad I canceled. The boxes oddly seem to have lost quality after the price increase


Ugh. I thought I had canceled my subscription. I must have just skipped a box instead. Just got shipping notification


Same here… I won’t be able to fall asleep for few days. I am a student with an elderly mother as a dependent. worst $25 I have ever spent in my life.. How can I get over getting so angry at myself? I think I will pour it on my mom(i hope not), poor mom


I wish they would have stayed at the old price point. I always felt it was a good deal. Now if I hadn’t gotten a great deal on a yearly sub I would be disappointed as this doesn’t seem like a $23 box.


There *must* be a reason for the price hike otherwise why?


Same. Oddly, I’m now paying less per box (I also got the annual deal), but overall I have been less pleased with the boxes than I was when they were $15. Going into the annual I was absolutely confident that since I really enjoyed the sub at $15/box, I’d really enjoy it at $13.75/box… but it just hasn’t played out that way. TBH, I’m looking forward to my year being up (and I won’t be renewing).


I agree..I felt every box even a crappy one was fun at 15 bux lol


June is a bust…. July with that shadow palette is now a bust….man, WHY did I get suckered into an annual when all I do is skip?!


Hope springs eternal?



Angela DeSilva

Just called and skipped June. I was so glad they hadn’t billed me yet I was borderline time wise for being able to skip. I have two of the Skin & Co Truffle from Ipsy already and nothing else is full size. Every product is linked to their website except the brush set hmmm 🤔 weird??! People saying they’re disappointed that the MAC mascara is for new members only when it’s only a sample size mascara lol! Very weak box in my opinion.


Now that July has been revealed I want to slip that one too. Can you skip two in a row?

Whitney Earl

Yes, you can skip 4 in a row if you want to.


Easy pass.


Agree. If the essence had been full size, maybe I would’ve gotten it. Maybe. Not an impressive box in the least.


Same for me. I have so many eyeshadow brushes, cleansers and masks. The essence was the only product that might have been worth not skipping. I wish Allure would switch it up and deliver products that are actually exciting.


I just watched the unboxing video. Terribly misleading. The first three items showed are the new member gifts, which are noted at the top of the video, but the presenter does not mention this.

All the variants are items that, for the most part, have been in other boxes. They keep this up, I will not be renewing. I wasn’t really planning on it anyways because the cost is so much higher and the randomness is uncontrollable.


At some point, they switched the Skin & Co Whipped Cleanser to Saturday Skin.


As I understand it, the Skin & Co will go to everyone and the Saturday Skin is a variant.


Actually, Allure site says New will get Saturday Skin.


I understand it as current members will get Skin & Co and new members it’s that or Saturday Skin.

Linda D Sorg

Enjoy many of the products but I too cannot use the red lipstick. Would love an option so that another range of colors were available.

Masks are a no no for my skin so I always give them away.


I don’t usually wear a red lipstick at all, but I tried the one for May and it looks really good. I will save it for fancy events.


What red lipstick?


May had a red liquid lip.


I agree about the choice of colors as I haven’t used a single lip color from an Allure box yet. Red lipstick only looks really good on people with the right skin/eye/hair colors as well as people with good-sized lips. Pinky nudes and mauve/blue-based pink shades look better on a larger variety of women.


I’m not seeing any lippies in the box.


Had to skip again (3rd time after subbed for annual). I am not excited about these products and don’t need them. I would have kept it if Mac mascara and Natasha Denona shadow would have been for existing members instead of the cleanser, for example.


Only interested in the Essence.

BUT I always give what I don’t want to my sons’ girlfriends. Thus all are happy 🙂


This is where I finally cut the cord. I have more product than I need right now anyways, but I would have to swap over half of this box and at their $23 price it just isn’t worth it.




Which could also show up in your June box.

I’ve tried 4 times to post this info.

What’s up with that MSA?


The one type of thing I would love to have with this box is being able to choose a lipstick color. We get a lot of red and bright pinks, which a lot don’t wear (myself included) or nude-brown-nude pinks(Anastasia looking at you). That a lot don’t wear. My wish would be to be able to pick the shade you want in your box. Like the one we just got is beautiful but I didn’t even open it because I won’t wear it. and if I could have tried a different color I might have loved the formula and they would have had a repeat customer. I think this may be a issue for the company not Allure exactly, but when I think of all the brands I may have enjoyed if not for the color it’s a shame. This is a box that is like , this is our box this month if you don’t like it tough, type of sub. And I think of allure showed the slightest bit of trying- it would really help customer morale


I agree about the choice of colors as I haven’t used a single lip color from an Allure box yet. Red lipstick only looks really good on people with the right skin/eye/hair colors as well as people with good-sized lips. Pinky nudes and mauve/blue-based pink shades look better on a larger variety of women.


Or they at least let you pick a color family like pinks, nudes, reds, etc.


I have been with Allure from the beginning and I have never skipped a box before, but just did. I am in my 50s and a clarifying mask is just a NO. I have used that cleanser before and it isn’t for me. Tight curly hair so the wax is also a no. Just too many items i will not use. I would love to try the essence but trial size does not justify the box.


I never complain about the Allure Beauty Box and I’ve never skipped but for me, this is the biggest disappointment out of every box for the last year and a half. I got excited when I saw the MAC mascara but that is not included. I like the Donginbi 1899 Single Essence but it is a trial size. I guess I would be excited about the brushes if I didn’t already have so many eyeshadow brushes.

Everyone is different in terms of what they prefer. I love the skincare, especially the vitamin C or retinol serums. I use them on my face, neck, chest and hands so all of the vitamin C serums are not too much for me. I’m old, so I have a lot of sun damage to reverse. The U Beauty already faded a brown spot on my nose so much you can hardly see it now.


Oh? Thank you for that info on the U Beauty. I opened mine and have used and like it, but I tend to rotate my exfoliants. I’m older with sun damage too and I’ve been trying to get rid of a few sunspots for awhile now. I will throw it into my daily routine and see how it goes!


I liked it so much I bought a second box on Amazon. I’m still working on the brown spots on the left side of my face which I assume are from driving. I only have two on the right side of my face so that is why I think it is from driving.

I also bought a lactic acid peel on eBay but I haven’t used it yet. I did a few in the past and it helps but you have to keep doing them. Lactic acid is the mildest so you have the lowest risk and it is the best for anti-aging. Good luck with the U Beauty!

Whitney Earl

How can we find out what size the essence is?


I just called to skip and the rep told me she tells customers to check My Subscription Addiction to help decide if they want to skip or not. She was really, really nice.

Also Beth

Haha, when I called to cancel the rep went “good choice” 😂I’m sure she just meant “good choice for calling so early (I called maybe two weeks ago) but it still made me smile. They’re so, so nice!!


So you can’t pause online?


Jessica, you can also do so by calling 800-274-1603.


No, but you can email customer service.


I was really excited for the MAC mascara and the Natasha Denona shadow until I realized I wouldn’t be getting them (Boo!) My much anticipated May Allure box is enroute, and I treated myself to the luxury at home box, so I’m skipping. Clay mask- too drying, Brushes- rubber handles that get gross rather quickly. Cleansing cream- I use a Kose cleansing oil and a gel wash. I hope those who are psyched about this box enjoy it to the max!


The ESPA mask on the photo is 1oz. Internet search came up with 1.8oz glass jar only. So how is this full-size??


Scroll to the bottom (if following the link above) this is the correct item/size. The jar is moisturizer


I honestly don’t care if it is one ounce , I just can’t see what you are talking about. The link takes you to Derm Store where the clay mask is in a jar and is 1.8 ounces. The same holds true for the ESPA web site.


I hope I remember to email them to skip this one. I have an annual and haven’t skipped any, even though I should’ve lo.


I called them at 800-274-1603 and it took less than 30 seconds to skip June’s box.


It seems like everyone who complains about Allure are the same people who order every single variation of Ipsy/Boxy/FFF boxes and shop all of their sales. Of course nothing is going to be exciting when you buy that much stuff constantly.

For those of us who only have a couple of subs, I think Allure is still pretty fun. It’s worth the $23 for me (although I’m locked in at $13) as long as there’s at least one hero item I know I’ll use and a few products I’m receptive to trying.


I have Ipsy Plus and Allure and I don’t purchase add on’s because I am typically very happy with what I get in my Ipsy. For $2 more Ipsy blows Allure out of the water. Allure box hasn’t offered any more value to their boxes, yet upped their pricing significantly. They can’t compete with other boxes in their same price range because they just aren’t as good. I would argue that Allure was actually a better box before the price change. I would have gladly paid $23 for many of the boxes that went out the summer before the increase and in years past. I used to swear by Allure and now they rarely ever put out a box that I see much personal value in. So no, that’s not the case with everyone.


This is my only sub box (except I got FFF last season) and I’ve skipped 3 boxes in 10 months, including this one, which I hate and will complain about to my heart’s content :d


Lana please don’t stop! I am seeing a very disturbing trend on here of only positive comments. It’s starting to feel like a Twilight Zone/Stepford Wives episode on a lot of posts lately. While I seldom leave a negative comment and have been accused of being a Pollyanna and fake commenter planted by whichever box I’m commenting on, I think censorship is the absolute grossest thing in the world and I’m worried it’s becoming the norm on here. You should be able to say whatever you want regardless of whether or not someone else agrees. I’m glad to see your comments! I don’t need an echo chamber of my own opinion, I want authentic comments on here!

Also Beth

This perspective is really interesting to me! Other than this month’s Skin & Co cleanser and last month’s(?) Chella palette, I haven’t really seen many comments about repetition between boxes being people’s problem with Allure right now. The complaints I see are more often:
1. Repetition within Allure itself—the amount of Vitamin C Allure has sent this year is too much for a lot of people to go through before it goes bad, even with no other subs
2. The switch to “this or that” items, when a lot of people liked that Allure was “what you see is what you get”
3. The focus on one single high-RV hero item in each box (the Akar, the U-Beauty) instead of several desirable mid-RV items. It seems like some people love this and some hate it. (That said, re: the comment that a lot of the people complaining are resellers—wouldn’t resellers like this more?)
4. (As of this month, this seems to be a big thing) The inclusions of items that are classified as full-size but are smaller than the full-sizes listed on brands’ websites.

Idk, I read too many comments and those are just my observations of what people say most often ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Product overload comments tend to come up way more often for FFF, ipsy, and Boxy than Allure, from what I’ve seen.


Hi Also Beth! I too have found myself with more Vit C products than what I can use on my face in the allotted product freshness period, so I’ve been using some of them (plus other mid to high end “overstock” of other skincare products) on the backs of my hands. It’s made a big difference!

I don’t know your age or circumstances, but I’m 47 (lol, I mistyped “37” and had to correct it but not until after I had a brief moment of thinking 37 was correct and than cry-laughing at my mistake), and while my face looks younger than I am, my hands look OLD. I’ve used some Vit C products on my hands and so far they’ve done well! So maybe if you have extras of very time-sensitive products, you could treat your hands with them? 🙂


I’ve had Allure for Ages and I now complain about the boxes they’ve been putting out lately, particularly since the price increase. Only way a company can know if customers are dissatisfied so they can change is if the customers give honest feedback or quit. Allure is the only box I receive and I do not have more than 1 subscription to it. I don’t have a resale business and I don’t have loads of money to buy products outside of the box so I’m not overwhelmed by getting stuff constantly, but I’m still not excited and I’m still pretty disappointed by most of Allure lately. For those of us who have been with Allure long enough to take all these changes into account, I think Allure is a shadow of what it use to be and is not living up to it’s potential. Some people this some people that, why bother commenting about us? Praise Allure all you want, no need to make assumptions about those who don’t. I’m not making any assumptions about those who do.


I think it depends on your outlook and how Allure is now as opposed to the past. For example, November and December boxes were/are(?) always the “hero” months for me. I changed up boxes years ago due to my stance on cruelty-free/vegan only boxes due to my feelings on that subject and have no ill will towards those that do buy boxes that aren’t like that. I suppose I prefer my money going to subs that are like that, like Boxwalla, Laurel & Reed, The Detox Market, etc. when they have boxes that I’m sold on, but I never outright buy or subscribe monthly to any of them. Since many of us do have a stockpile of items (myself included), being picky about which boxes or items in general you buy is the way I buy and that’s how I save money on what I like as opposed to what I don’t. If I find a “hero” item in these boxes, I do buy directly from the website of the company or a resale site. That’s just my two cents and it doesn’t mean much. :/


Those people have too much money and time lol getting at every sale they can and only wanting all their boxes to be perfect in every way possible to “save money” while doing the exact opposite. I wonder how tiring it must be to only get subs just to compare everything to one another instead of appreciating there’s good products they’d like to use instead of waste.


That’s a lot of assumptions about people. Maybe some people just don’t like the stuff in this particular box. This site asks “What do you think of the spoilers?” So people answer.


And, a lot are buying for their resale businesses. Some people have rooms full of stuff!


So true.


I’d like to try the essence. I love receiving essence/toners and I don’t feel like we get them very often.

I really don’t like getting cleansers. I know they are useful, but I have so many and they take a long time to finish. Also, I always go back to my tried and true (Neutrogena or Philosophy), because they just work lol.


Hah! We’re all so different. I feel like I am always running out of cleansers so super happy for a full-size of that. I do wish they’d add some body washes and bath soaks and things of that nature more tho…


I would love bath stuff too! My very first Allure box ever was the one that had the Kneipp bath salts in it. It’s the reason I signed up. That brand is amazing and I would not have known about them without this box. They are extremely pricy too so I would never have purchased from them without first trying a sample. I now purchase from their website at least once every quarter. I guess you could say they are now my holy grail of bath products. 😂


I would love to get bath stuff!

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