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Alltrue New Summer Welcome Box – Available Now + Full Spoilers

ByMSAJun 11, 2021 | 75 comments

Alltrue Name Reveal 2021

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
306 Ratings | 144 Reviews

A new Summer Welcome Box from Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX) is available now! If you start a subscription, this will be your first box.

Brighten your summer with the Summer Welcome Box, stuffed with up to $250+ worth of beautiful, useful products for only $49.95! There are over 3,000+ ways you can customize your box, the most choices we’ve EVER had in a box! 

Want some gorgeous Solar String Lights by MPOWERD that conveniently set up absolutely anywhere? Or how about the stylish Canvas Weekender bag by Boon Supply that holds everything and then some? There’s also the super cute Canvas Mini-Backpack by Palm+Perkins to carry your essentials. Get your summer fitness on with the fan-favorite Bala Bangles. But that’s not even close to all — check out your options below!

Choice 1:

  • Luci Solar String Lights by MPOWERD ($44.95 value)

  • Canvas Backpack (Sage) by Palm + Perkins ($48 value)

  • 1/2 LB. Weighted Bangles (in Bone, Marble, or Charcoal) by Bala ($40 value)

  • Wanderlust Travel Speaker by LSTN ($99.99 value)
  • Travel Weekender Bag (Pebble) by Boon Supply ($48 value)
  • Summer Tassel Wrap by Ashiana London ($58 value)

Choice #2:

  • Avala Tortoise Cateye Sunglasses by Eco Eyewear ($135 value)
  • Packable Hammock by Coalatree ($64 value)
  • Set of 4 Waffle Dishcloths with Canvas Holder by Golden & Pine ($28 value)
  • Set of 4 Upcycled Napkins by Palm + Perkins ($38 value)
  • To-Go Bowl by Reduce by Reduce ($20 value)
  • Set of 3 Packing Cubes by MYTAGALONGS ($42 value)

Choice #3:

  • Mini Colander & Bowl by Boon Supply ($16 value)
  • Set of 3 Nesting Bowls by Pepper + Vetiver ($36 value)
  • Milky Way Lantern by Artisan Direct ($40 value)
  • Plant-Based Retinol Alternative Serum by COSMEDIX ($80 value)

Choice #4:

  • Thick Gold Hoops by Sanctuary Project ($38 value)
  • Traveling Cutlery Set by Small:Hours ($25 value)
  • Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Cream by COSMEDIX ($60 value)

Choice #5:

  • Brightening Face Serum by Way of Will ($37.50 value)
  • Love Scrub by Volim ($56 value)
  • OMG Leave-In Conditioner Blend by Brand with a Heart ($18 value)
  • Solo Stone Bracelet by Ettika ($35 value)

Choice #6:

  • Power Couple Nail Care Duo by Adesse New York ($36 value)
  • Hawaiian SPF 15 Lip Trio by Hanalei Company ($20 value)

Alltrue is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Check out all our Alltrue reviews. If you’re still deciding if Alltrue is right for you, see our Readers’ Choice for more options!

Are you going to get a Summer Welcome Box?

Looking for CAUSEBOX? Then you're in the right place! CAUSEBOX recently changed it's name to Alltrue, so we'll leave this notice up until word gets around, and all of our old reviews, spoilers... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I am so disappointed in my box in what I did receive. I just don’t feel it was worth the initial subscription amount. I guess when I signed up I was under the impression that it was the promotion that was in the email. C’est la vie right?


As an annual member, I wasn’t given the option to customize my last box…no email, no text message, nothing. So guess I will be cancelling my membership after this too, which is really disappointing as it started out so promising.


I got a causebox I did not order with only 4 thing in it and it was with bowls, pack Cubs, some face stuff I would never of picked I thought you had to go back if you wanted to pick up seasonal I just got the box on my front stairs. I just wanted to try them I have been with FabFitFun for 6 years and their website number one is so easy to follow. I have been into Causeboc or name changed Alltrue to find products which you can not see or any of the market products or when the dates are available so you end up with junk. The first box you get is full of wonderful products. So what the heck does a person do? Can anyone tell me? Please!,,


I also got 4 items in it. I was under the impression that it was 6 items in box


I’ve always had great experiences with their customer service, & I’ve been with Causebox/Alltrue for about 2 years.


email [email protected] if you need help with anything.


I constantly asked and posted for them to allow “seasonal” customers to be able to customize a few choices – they ignored me… it definitely did not feel like it aligned with their “value system” – as I thought – “wow, just b/c some customers cannot afford to purchase the entire year up front” – now they are giving bad choices to their yearly customers!


Quarterly members get to choose 3 out of 6 categories for this box.


Not every box can appeal to every subscriber. And yes, the welcome box has a lot more choice than the core summer box. As an annual subscriber I don’t mind that at all. I just bought a welcome box as well so I could get the extra things that I wanted. The core summer box is still a great value! We get six items for ~$55. I really don’t understand all the negativity. 🤷‍♀️


I agree


I saw that Ellen’s “be kind” box also contained ettika jewelry but it was a nice necklace, much better than the solo stone bracelet. I get that the welcome boxes are always highest value and most desirable products, they plan these boxes months in advance so it is intentional. Same happened last season with the blendjet This company values new subscribers for growth, and also uses it to gain back annual subscribers who’ve cancelled renewal. They also intentionally add alot of cosmetics to increase profits as cosmetics are a category with some of the lowest production costs yet highest retail markups.

All true (causebox) used to be a standout in the sub boxcategory , but it’s mission is now getting watered down allowing other companies to look competitively more desirable.


Just an FYI, I just purchased one of Ellen’s previous boxes. She has/had them for sale on her website for $15! I was very happy with the quality.


I am assuming that Causebox changed their name to Alltrue, to disassociate all the bad and negative reviews. Just take a look at BBB. They have horrible customer service, shipping delays for months after the season stars, forget ordering a market order unless you can wait 2 plus months for it( by then you’ve forgotten your order), and their seasonal boxes are dismal. They rope you in with a great welcome box, first box free and then the next 3 boxes are full of crap, lack of choices, no options if you don’t want creams/serums etc. They pretend they are for a “good cause” lol it is just a marketing tactic. Most if not all products are made in China not India or as they say helping women with jobs in India. They rebrand the items and get cheap labour in China to produce the items, I.e feed bag. The items are subpar and a waste of $55 per seasonal box. if they truly cared about the environment, they a) wouldn’t sell items that individuals can’t choose so we either throw it away (i.e. landfill) b) wouldn’t sell items at all and mass produce junk, they should change and sell items people want and donate all the profits to the environment or the causes they say they care about ( glasses for people, education in a village etc.) This is a company co-founded by 2 men, you really think they are trying to do good or pretending to do good to get your money. Please DO NOT ERASE this, freedom of speech for all , don’t just pick good comments to sell the box , Just like CB or Alltrue, they are sneaky and erase all the negative comments. They are going to close shop and I just need 2 more boxes(annual sucker) and I am outta here!!!


Yah, the kettle recall was really eye opening. It’s not that brands never have items that miss – but they’d apparently only “partnered” with Rose and Fitzgerald to license the brand name for the product. Yet R&G had *nothing* to do with the product itself – it was designed/sourced by Causebox and made on the cheap in another country. So it looks like they buy a brands name for interest and “trust” and to make it seem like a respectable, designer good, while they then slap something together and don’t care if it’s quality.

I’d rather they drop the act. They could have sourced a beautiful kettle already being made in another country and helped local artisans, rather than coming up with their own thing, sourcing materials as cheaply as possible, and pretending it was a known brand.


Other big sub boxes do this too. FFF does this all the time, they license a brand name, like Botkier and then make the handbags in China for cheap. Subscribers stupidly think they’re getting a real Botkier bag.

Molly Honey

They don’t care. We all begged them to allow customization for quarterly customers years ago. Everything we’ve asked for has been ignored. Then they rebranded but didn’t address any of the issues subscribers reported repeatedly. They added no new perks for customers. Again they helped themselves and thehell with us.


It appears you can customize as a seasonal some choices in the summer welcome box. Like fff does. Not sure if they’ll stick to this partial customization for seasonal members or it is temporary.


They just released an offer on Instagram. YOU CAN NOW CUSTOMIZE SEASONAL BOXES!! They finally broke. Wow! Said just for this box. Seems like bad timing when all the Annuals are already mad. But okay.


New quarterly subscribers only have option to customize from choice 1, choice 3 and choice 5 for their first box.


I don’t remember seeing that anywhere on their website or Instagram post . The Instagram post has since been deleted


The fine print is that NEW SUBSCRIBERS can fully customize. My guess is that they’ve lost so many subscribers, they are using this to rope new people in.


I signed up so I could customize the entire welcome box….however it only let me pick the first 3 choices. Am really annoyed with myself for signing up and believing them. I’ve sent an email to their customer service.


DO NOT BUY AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION IT IS A BAIT AND SWITCH! This welcome box fiasco is what has sealed the deal with me to NEVER buy another of their boxes. They could fill a box with $100 in cash and I still wouldn’t pay $50 for the thing. Between them hiding negative comments all over social media, having items that fall apart in a few uses, the shipping issues that started long before Covid and the constant lies from customer service I am truly done with these people. Then they have the nerve to tell some annual members they can swap out their garbage summer box for this welcome box but to be discreet about it. Seriously?!?


I know, this is trash. Other Subscriptions treat their annual members better.


Possibly some good news for some of you: I’m an annual member and purchased a Summer Welcome Box because I too was upset by the choices in the Seasonal box. I emailed their customer service team (kindly) demanding that I should be able to customize my Welcome Box since I’ve already paid hundreds to be an annual subscriber, and after a few back and forth emails I was able to convince them to let me make my choices for my Welcome Box after all. To anyone who is also a frustrated annual subscriber and has purchased the Welcome Box in addition to the Seasonal, I would highly recommend doing the same!! It may take a few emails but if you stick to it they should be able to make the exception for you. Hope this helps some of you! 🙂


They won’t get my renewal money, not just because of their lack of caring about their customers, but because I think it is so shady to delete comments. I already was questioning their practice’s when they changed their name, because to me it signifies a change in how the products will be sourced.


They dropped the causes like that 💥!


I’ve been watching this sun for years deciding whether or not to bite. Still a big no from me.
The Journee Box is so much better. This sub seems to never have a theme.

Amy G

I had 2 subscriptions. One ended with summer, the other was supposed to end with fall. They’re insisting my subscriptions have ended. Even though I only got 3 boxes for one of them. If they could say that I got 4 boxes I would of course be fine with being corrected, but the CS person is going off the date rather than the number of boxes.

The funny thing is I don’t really care since the summer box is so bad, but it’s maddening. I paid for 4 boxes, I should get 4 boxes. Not have to argue. But since I have to argue with them, I want my hammock!

Has anyone else had this happen?


Same as me! Thankfully I found proof today in messenger of this specific conversation so I sent it off today.


Yep, it happened to me (I skipped Winter 2020). It took multiple emails to sort it out. The customer support is not good based on my experience. They are not even pleasant to communicate with.


By no means am I defending Causebox, as I too think they are not running their business right. But I do want to share my experiences with them I had in the past (I am not a subscriber currently). If you pay the annual, you get to customize all 4 seasonal boxes. If you don’t want that box, then you can skip it. If you want the “Welcome Box” in the past I would write to them, tell them I am a yearly subscriber and that I want the welcome box with XX coupon code. They would charge me separately for it, but I was allowed to customize it as a separate box. It’s only the “seasonal” boxes that are counted on the annual plan. So if I wasn’t interested in the seasonal box, I would skip it, if I wanted the Welcome Box I would purchase it, and when the next season came along I would decide the same thing. Just because you bought an annual sub does not mean you have to take 4 consecutive boxes. I am not a fan of the skin care items, so I stopped my annual. I am only waiting for an enticing box to start the process again.


Do we have to buy an annual in order to customize this box? 🤔


What?! But the summer box that they are sending out looks pathetic and with only 5 items!


Both boxes have 6 items.


Christy – the 6th item is the lip balm set, it’s not a choice in the regular box, everyone gets it.


What’s the 6th item? I’m annual sub and I only get 5 choices for Summer Box.


Where is my comment????


Wow! No way did they scam us again! They did. Just when you thought they couldn’t find another way to jip their customers… This is hilarious.
The 2 men who started Causebox don’t care. It’s all a money grab to them. Notice how they changed their name so they could source random products without a care about the environment and fair wages, etc… I think this proves that this company never really cared about any of that. They switched without a care in the world. All that bs about causes was just a marketing ploy. They ran Causebox into the ground. Milked as much money as they could out of it. Dropped it and started a new thing. Just another Start Up to them. But instead they already had a steady stream of loyal customers. Loyal??? Why??
I’ve never seen a company treat its customers worse. Constantly scheming and scamming every last drop they can get. That cheap little bracelet shows that they’re sourcing the cheapest items they can find to maximize their profits. Just another example among many. They changed their name but did nothing to upgrade the quality or shipping times or choices for their customers. It’s all about them and making as much money out of this as possible.
Boycotting and saying No to this company is the only way. We need to let it be known to ANY company that thinks their going to get away with all that they’ve pulled… that it would be terrible idea. We need to sink this company strait to the bottom where they belong.


Really, and you know this if you come to this site… that subscription boxes are like a club. It’s kind of a niche attraction. And causebox was accepted and loved at the beginning. The products were eclectic and felt unique. But that quickly changed and morphed into one of the worst subscription box experiences ever. With the chincy products, no change in customization, chronically and massively late shipping, now this. But this isn’t new. They’ve been pushing off old crap product on loyal subscribers for years. This is just another time. Alltrue!


Or even straight to the bottom.


What’s the scam?


What a stab in the back to annual subscribers! This is miles better than our summer box. Yes; I’m angry. Another GREAT reason not to renew.


Summer is my last box, too. Believe me, I won’t ever sub with them again. I had accepted the less-than-stellar summer selections with a shrug, but then this…and I got angry. Had I had choices from this assortment I would have loved it. I definitely speak with my hard earned money and they’ll receive silence from me.


Exactly, I even kinda defended the box but now with these new choices and brand new options I feel duped. My summer box looks like leftovers now and I’m upset they didn’t bring out the new things because I remember getting surveyed and saying I’d be excited to get things like the string lights, backpack, and weight bangles. But nope that’s not for me, sucks that I chose to trust them with a yearly sub again. Won’t make that mistake again. 2 years and I’m officially not renewing.


Shadr, I’m with you. The summer box was a disappointment but I still stood behind the sub because I fully accept that not every box can be a home run. But now there’s this. I too feel duped. A box with my choices out of these options would have been a great box. The box I’m getting, just plain not. Summer was the last box in my annual sub and I had been debating renewal. This just made the decision for me.


I agree, the welcome box looks much better! I love the string of 💡! Unfortunately I’m an annual subscriber, so didn’t have that option! That is until fall when it expires. Color me disappointed!


I really think to be fair to their current annuals that they should offer the ability to skip the current box and pick the welcome box to customize. For some reason their welcome boxes are better and have more options than the seasonal box and that’s just not right. Especially when we’ve paid extra to get the customization option. Or at the very least, they should offer the box in their shop to be able to buy (like fff does with the editors box).


Totally agree to allow us to take the welcome box!


Their welcome boxes may be better if you don’t have all this, but as a long-time subscriber I prefer the new items in their seasonal boxes over all these throwback items.


I agree, Cynthia. And if they had presented this “welcome” box as the main box there would be complaints about repeats. The amount of whining here, on FB, and IG is out of hand.


God forbid people who paid $200 for something, that turns out to be a bait and switch because the welcome box tricked them into getting an annual subscription, complain about bad business practices. That’s only one of the many issues with this season. If you’re seeing a lot of “whining” everywhere, guess what? That means a lot of people know this isn’t what they paid for.


How about they present all new items and items that aren’t skincare / other bad options to their LOYAL customers? Why do we have to get mediocre A or B? They just haven’t lived up to their initial hype all those years ago. It’s just a bad sub.


I for one am not “whining” on this site. I had wanted a Causebox subscription and was finally able to go annual last year. The spring box was awful! No hero item there! A tote is not a hero item IMO. Then a rubber cup, nail polish, lip scrub, and one other I can’t even remember. Yuck! Then the summer box items did not thrill me and aren’t nearly as good for me personally as the welcome box items are. How about candles, pottery, textiles? Those would be a win IMO.


A lot of these are brand new options though, and way more variety than in the core box where the choices would be (moisturizer vs serum) and (repeat serum vs hair conditioner) and (cheapo tiny bracelet vs cutlery)


Almost all the new items are in category one. I guess after 3 years I have all this so it’s definitely not exciting to me.


The Welcomebox used to be (and should be) good items from the last few seasons. I can’t stand when the Welcome Box has new items! I thought the BlendJet was a fluke item, but it looks like they are gong to keep dying this.

And I don’t think “but this was in the market” counts. Annual subscribers were never offered the string lights or weight bracelets.

I hate that this box has more choices per category too. The Summer Box had two Cosmedix items in one category and another one that was just a repeat serum and a leave on conditioner. Arg.

The essential market needs to be amazing for me to keep my annual.


Wow, as an annual subscriber this makes me want to cancel my subscription. What a better box this is than the summer box I’m getting.


I totally agree 100% with you.

jaime johnson

I’m so sick of this box. The intro is always better than the summer box.this is my last season for sure

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