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Ipsy May 2021 Build Your Custom Kit – Available Now

Earlier this year, Ipsy added a Build Your Custom Kit option to their Shopper section. Now the selections for their May 2021 custom kit options are live.

You can choose up to 10 of the following products and you’ll score a free gift with purchase for all qualifying orders.

Here’s what Ipsy members can choose from:




Body and Nails

The Box: Ipsy Build Your Custom Kit

The Cost: Products range from $5 – $50

The Products: Up to 10 products.

Are you going to grab a kit? 

FYI – you must be a current or previous Ipsy subscriber to buy through Ipsy Shopper. If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month. 


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  1. ipsy friends….question?…if i join glam box x for august…and i’m a glam plus now…can i skip june and still get glam box x? Thanks to all my friends out there..

    • Yes. My understanding is long as you have Plus OR base for July/August, you’ll get X.

      • Thanks Marion…I just got my first x box,and I want to skip June ,it does not look good to me so far and wasn’t sure if I could skip a month…thank you so much…

  2. I’m so over ipsy and the horrible customer service if you can even call it that! Delivery issues, missing products and I also couldn’t use the pop up shop all yesterday because of the error message and now reading about the DHL scandal wtf ipsy !!!!! So that means the eye cream and the lip liners I received yesterday in my bag are basically only worthy of the trash can urghh I’m done !!!!

    • What DHL scandal? Yikes. Please tell. Still waiting on my May GBP.

  3. I am a current subscriber and tried at least 10 times on Tuesday to order and always got an error message. I’m guessing I don’t need to spend any more money so may not even try today. There were only a couple things I was interested in so no big deal if this pop-up passes me by. Thanks for all the info about DLS. I remember the Faccia Skin facade. Sorry to see her brands continue to expand. Buyers beware!

  4. Pop-up order confirmation emails now have survey links at the bottom, FYI.

    I’ve entered into what looks like it might end up being a knock-down, drag-out fight with Ipsy. When I tried to place an order from Pop Up yesterday, I clicked “Place Order” and got a pop up window that said there was nothing in my cart. I could see the subtotal + total tabulated at the bottom of the page, so I knew there was stuff in my cart, so I hit Place Order again. This time, the window that popped up said that I needed to enter valid payment. Mine hasn’t changed in years & there’s never been a problem with it. So I clicked through the link to Billing that the window showed me & double checked my payment info (which was fine). I navigated back to the Pop Up shop, and then my cart really was empty, so I put what I wanted back in the cart, then tried to submit again. I got the same 2 messages (cart empty & billing error). I waited a few minutes, rebuilt my cart (with a couple fewer items) & finally was able to submit an order…. THEN I started getting order confirmation emails from Ipsy! Despite telling me that I did not have up-to-date payment information, Ipsy DID process those first 2 orders. I navigated to my Orders page, but when I clicked on the orders, I did not see a way to cancel, even though the order still said Processing. I immediately emailed Ipsy, describing the glitch & including the 2 order numbers that I wanted canceled.

    Of course, by the time Ipsy got back to me, the order had already “been processed” and no refund was possible, along with information about how to cancel before processing via the Orders page.

    I wrote back that it was not an acceptable conclusion for me, and that there was no way I was paying over $90 for 3 duplicate orders. Of course, Ipsy hasn’t gotten back to me yet… but they sure did send out shipping info for all my orders right quick. I will be opening a dispute with PayPal if Ipsy doesn’t refund me, and I have the feeling that if I have to do that, I’ll be banned from future Ipsy purchases, so this may be the end of the line for me.

    • I got banned for contacting my credit card when they wouldn’t refund a lost bag that had been stuck with DHL for a month. It is a real thing. You can add stuff to your cart but then get an unspecified error when you try to check out.

      • Are you still able to do a subscription?

    • Wow. I’m sorry (but not surprised) that happened to you. It may not help in this case, but I’ve learned to take screenshots of everything.

      • It would’ve been nice to have screenshots of the billing error glitch just to prove that I’m not lying about experiencing a glitch, though I never got an order confirmation screen for those first two orders, and unfortunately screenshots wouldn’t be able to prove that.

    • Marion, I got the exact same error messages. Luckily I use PayPal and got the notification from them that the payment went through before I reordered. I hope you are able to get your money back!

      • Thanks Michelle! After my “this is not acceptable” response to CS, I got an email last night that said my info has been “passed onto the team” for “research” and they’ll get back to me. 🙄

    • No if they ban you your subscription is canceled as well and you won’t be allowed to resubscribe.

      • Thanks for the info, Sue! I know some people have all their shop orders canceled due to ‘suspected fraudulent activity’ yet are still able to get regular subscriptions, so I guess that’s a separate issue.

      • Yes that’s a separate issue because in that case you’re not the one causing problems for them.

  5. I wish they had more (colorful) nail polish bundles.

  6. Private label items in Ipsy wouldn’t bother me if it was still 2017 (or earlier), bags were still $10, and 2-3 items were full sized. You would basically break even at that point. The sub box game has changed so much that it’s pretty obscene now…

    I’m outright ignoring the RV posted by the brands… I don’t even think Tarte should cost as much as it should. But that’s why unless it is a known, reputable brand I won’t buy outside of subscription boxes.

    0.8Liter is great for low cost gambles too.

  7. I am so out of the loop… what is a DLS brand?

    • Stands for Dirty Little Secret. One of the brands by some nitwit who lied and said that her family developed the makeup formulas. Then someone on Reddit found a shipping receipt showing that all her brands were generic stuff mass produced in China and she slapped her labels on the stuff. She kept trying to hide the true ownership of her companies, but her dirty little secret came out. Other of her brands are Steve Laurent and Luna by Luna.

      • Yup, she said her sister went to chemist school and formulated all the products….lol

      • A sub-box sleuth posted a very helpful explanation of “DLS” on another subscription box review (can’t recall which, but it had a KAB lipgloss that was DLS and filled with questionable ingredients). I had no idea price inflation was being committed on such a grand scale. This year, I also learned about forced sweatshop labor in China of Uygher minorities, now I’m concerned this might have happened in cosmetics, too — I feel awful if my $$ contributed to these practices with the DLS brands. I reached out to Ipsy on Insta, but didn’t get a reply. I believe there’s a group of folks trying to get Ipsy to stop hyper-inflating prices and working with DLS or companies like DLS. I was just looking at the build-your-own bag sale, and found myself questioning all the brands (even Tarte!) — not a fun way to shop, but now that I know, I can’t “un-know”.

    • Dirty Little Secrets. The DLS umbrella has multiple companies underneath it – the one that seemed to have caught the most attention was Faccia Skin, when they put that $100+ RV gold skin goop into BoxyCharm that was shown to be a $2 Ali Express private label product. Which then brought all of DLS’s doings into question. The business model is to buy cheap mass-produced products from China, private label them, and sell them at a huge markup, all while pretending they are high end cosmetics. The CEO of DLS has done some really shady things, you can google it for more info if you want.

      • Fake it til you make it, huh? Except they may never actually make it because their products are nothing new, nothing special.

    • Not sure if they will pot my other comment but here’s the list of DLS brands: Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna, Steve Laurant, Bang Beauty, Faccia Skin, Basic Beauty, Glow on 5th, Saint Luxe, Give them Lala and KAB Cosmetics (which is co-owned by some celebutard).

      • Thanks for the info.

      • I remember they had a gel eyeliner in the box not too long ago and i was the worst. It was dry with payoff lile smeared mud. Just terrible quality

      • I remember when Boxy sent out a 3 pack of the St Luxe lip pencils and claimed a 50.00 RV 🤣🤣🤣

  8. All I ever get with these is a blank screen that won’t load 🙁

    • Are you subbed to Ipsy? Just asking because I always get a blank screen too, but I think that’s because this is only available to current subscribers, and I’m not a subscriber…. I still click on Ipsy’s link each month anyways just to see if they make it available to non-subscribers like they do with their Flash Sales and 2nd Chance Add-On sales. 🙂

    • I came here to comment this. All I get is a broken link as well. I was hoping since this post said “previous subscribers” that I’d be able to access it, but it’s still broken for me just like it was when they added it. I’m logged into my account and everything 🙁 super sad, because the add-ons and shop options were my favorite part when I was subbed!

  9. Look out for Glow on 5th, Basic Beauty and Saint Luxe as these are all new DLS brands.

    • Whoever starts carrying them should be ashamed of themselves.

      • I was wondering why the website of Glow on 5th was so elusive !!!!! Now we know.

    • Man that list seems to keep growing! I personally stay away from subs that have those types of products.

      • It also looks like Sophia + Mabelle are DLS too but no one has hard proof yet. This is because they are using a server application to hide the domain/registrars information. Super shady. But the eyeshadows they featured were found on AliBaba for 35 cents.

    • Thanks for the helpful info (please see my comment above). — has Ipsy ever responded to the DLS issue?

      • I received a stock reply that said they aren’t associated with her and that these brands are black owned and then linked me to the website that said Nicole owned the brand. I emailed them back proof that DeFalco registered the company and the import papers from these brands that shows DLS is importing for these brands. I told them I have other pics that prove they’re friends and that they should consider that Nicole is just the face of the company (or gets a fee) but the owner is DeFalco and the connection to DLS is there. The replied with another “we passed your comments on to the team”.

    • I replied to JesCro — I think you were the one who opened my eyes to DLS. I can’t imagine legitimate brands want to be associated with this practice.

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