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Ipsy Glam Bag X May 2021 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick some of the items for your May 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag X! Glam Bag X is a quarterly, limited edition upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. Check out the full Glam Bag X announcement here.

Here’s what my May bag looks like for one of our accounts:


Which products are you picking?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month. Ipsy Glam Bag X is $55 a month. It’s an additional $43/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for Glam Bag Plus members. 

Ipsy Glam Bag X

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Comments (214)

  1. There must have been quite a few people cancel. I just signed up for the August bag and it says I have secured my spot for August. I didn’t have to be put on a waitlist.

  2. Just received my Glam Bag X and it is missing three out of the seven products. How does that even happen? I’m done with Ipsy. There isn’t even an easy way to contact them.

    • I was missing two items as well… but you can contact them. I got a response via email within 24 hours and replacement products sent out with tracking code within 48 hours. Look on the website for IpsyCare and go through the process of getting in touch with them.

      • Sorry you had missing items also. I contacted them immediately. I was told that they will ship the replacement products within 15 working days so it might be a full month before they arrive. I am kind of over it now. Just disappointing because I had been really excited to receive my first Glam Bag X box.

    • I had also had missing products. My box was actually opened and taped back up so I’m not so sure it was ipsy fault or not. However I contacted them they responded less then 24 hours my missing products are on there way. They were really good about it. I do understand the frustration I felt the same way. I’m happy with how fast they responded and the way they made it right

    • Wow, that’s crazy that a lot have missing products. I haven’t even received mine yet. It’s been in limbo since the 10th.

      • Mine hasn’t arrived yet, either. This is constantly happening…the response is to have to wait either 10 or 15 WORKING days, then contact them again to discover that everything you chose and expected is out of stock, but they will send you something awesome that they already sent you two times, so that now you can have 3 pieces of some unknown makeup company’s blush trio or tumeric mask…woo hoo!

    • you can also rech ipsy care through messenger and you should have a reply back with in the hour. my may glam bag x never arrived their sending out a replacement within 15 days so basically by July ill have mays…..ugh

  3. I really want the CT cream the most. I have been stalking EBay and Mercari hoping to grab one, but everyone is wanting to sell it for 60+ dollars 🙄 Already paid $60 for the bag and I’m not going to spend another $60 to get one product. Here’s to hoping August is better

  4. Plot twist! Instead of what I was supposed to get:
    – ABH brow in Blonde
    – Ole Henriksen banana eye cream
    – One/Size palette

    I received:
    – ABH brow in Ebony (still not the right shade lol)
    – Rodial Cleansing Balm
    – Charlotte Tilbury cream!

    While my eyes got super big when I opened up the box & saw the CT cream (my family even commented on my expression) this does bring the number of usable products in my box down to a whopping 3. (Although we realized we don’t have a mirror in our classroom at work, so I may get more use out of the mirror than I thought). What’s weird is that I have heard about some people getting the incorrect Choice items this month, while all my Choice items were correct, & it was the Ipsy-picked items that were wrong. I’ve sent IpsyCare an email with a photo, so we’ll see how they respond.

    • That happened to my Feb X. They substituted *four* products on me (including swapping out the Huda Rose Gold palette for the Bell En Argent Plum Premonition from a Plus bag,) and partially refunded two. They claimed this was because they were “Sold out” – but the refunded items were currently still selling one item in shop bundles, and sold the lash serum in April as an add-on, so hardly sold out.

      It looks like what they did is just swap most of the stuff with a different brand or semi-similar item, and refund anything that didn’t have a close enough replacement on hand.

      In the end, I ony got *two* of my box items – the Patrick Ta brow wax and the Creme shop peach and argan oil face oil stuff.

      I regret not insisting they send me a pre-paid shipping label to mail it back for a refund, as they can’t legally require you to accept substitutes.

      • I’ve been told that I’ll be getting replacements for the ABH brow pen & the Ole Henriksen eye cream, but there are no more One/Size palettes, so I’ll get a partial refund of $10.77.

        That puts me back at 4 usable items from the bag (IF the Blonde brow pen works for me… Soft Brown might be better), & the price down to $50 instead of $60. I probably wouldn’t buy a bundle of these items at that price if it were an Ipsy Offer, but, yeah, still a reasonable discount. I guess I’m just surprised that I’m a little disappointed by not getting a new palette to play with, considering I don’t have much interest in the One/Size brand.

    • Ooooh, that’s awesome! I hope I get a plot twist box too lol

    • Received my 2 replacements today, 2 weeks later. 🙂

  5. I wasn’t able to pick my stuff and ended up with a box with mostly stuff I don’t like but I am pretty upset with the Olaplex! If you read the directions you have to buy the No 3 product and use it with the 0 and it cost 28 dollars! So I either have to spend another 30 bucks or one of my products is worthless. This is my first X and it will be my last.

    • INFO ON OLAPLEX: According to their website, you can absolutely use #0 on it’s own. It will serve as a repair. So if you received this you can still use it if you’d like.

  6. I am happy about the 111. The face wash I am curious to try but like my other skin care friends out here other than that I didn’t get the mask or the CT lotion. I also was shocked I got the ONE eyeshadow when I marked no adventurous shades. I was hoping for Anastasia palette if I had to get one. I guess after seeing the Herbivore mask and then eye cream, banana products… I was hoping for any of those. I wanted the CBD but had to give it up for something else. Excited to try the collegen powder. I canceled. Just really wanted one of the hot skin care items. So jelly of the ladies that got both the cream and mask. Lucky you guys 😍

    • I just wanted to update wasn’t sure how to delete my old comment to make this one.
      So I got my bag and for the people that weren’t sure about the face soap it was hard to get out but super nice on the skin and unique. I really like it.
      The 111 smells yummy and I love it. Leaves a nice shimmer.
      I got the setting spray as a choice and I know that will be good.
      The mascara seems very high quality. Super heavy tube. The packaging is nice.
      Although I didn’t want the OS palette it is also good quality. I will use it.
      I still canceled since its such a gamble to get what each of us really wanted. So even if you don’t get the Herbivore or face lotion, I think the other items are nice. I can’t say I’ve ever had an ipsy bag I absolutely hated. One way or another I like them. Maybe we can buy Herbivore or face lotion later 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Not impressed, glad I canceled. Miiight re-join in August, because August is my birthday month, if spoilers are good. I did get the February box and liked it.

  8. I really wanted the Herbivore, if anyone wants to trade, I would trade multiples! I still have the HUDA palette from last Glam X and Banana Bright Eye Cream ( Would love to try, but am on overload of eye creams!) OR Kosas Mascara (LOVE this Mascara…I am a Mascara I can part with one 🙂 haha)

    I am happy with my Glam Bag X choices, I got several items I wanted..also several I had marked rarely..haha..but I the value outweighs so I will take it!

  9. I’m NOT saying the value isn’t there. BUT…NO! I would be pis$ed about this one…

    • Well said! I wish I didn’t fall for the bait and switch. And the people who got great boxes (CT, Herbivore, OH) are almost rubbing it in and making those of us who got a horrible selections feel even worse. The inequity in this box is awful, and that’s on Ipsy. So glad FFF is now 100% customization, so we can all be happy with what we got!

      • My box is TERRIBLE. I didn’t get anything I wanted and I resubscribed just for this box. I really wanted herbivore or CT but would have settled for Kosas… Didn’t even get that.

  10. I am ok but certainly not excited about the glam bag X and not sure if I will repeat it in august. I knew CR scrub would be a choice item, which I use already, and its $53 price tag would justify the bag and everything else would be extra. The extra is uninspiring. . .
    111skin (uhh)
    OS palette (not my color but already swapped in MSA)
    RMS (interesting)
    Rodial (some interest to try)
    Tower 28 lip jelly (no)
    CR scrub (my only real reason to get this)
    Dr Brandt vacuum cleaner (i just finished this, it’s ok but not the best mask)
    Route Beauty party peel (unexciting for me)

    Having ipsy for a few years, I knew things like the CT, which was in basically every promo for the X bag, would only be sent to a handful of people. They always do this. I just wish that something that is $55 and only comes 4/x a year would leave me giddy or excited.

    • ” I just wish that something that is $55 and only comes 4/x a year would leave me giddy or excited.”

      Well stated! Ipsy tried its best to generate buzz for this bag by posting about it ad nauseum, but the reality was not that exciting.

  11. Im so happy with what I got. I got the Anastasia brow pen in blonde which is right, the magic cream, ole Hendrickson eye creme, color wow, kopari balm, tower 28 in the shade i wanted and of course the 111 skin. Its my first X box and im extremely pleased. I wish everyone loved theirs. Its the worst when u get a bunch of products u hate. Thats why I canceled boxycharm bcuz I always hated what they sent.

  12. I got the Herbivore but wanted the CT the most.

    I see that a lot of people here are curious about the CT cream and wanted to try it. I’ve used it before and I love it. It instantly made my skin feel so much softer, much faster than any other moisturizer I’ve tried. I loved the way it felt. With that being said, I do think it is overpriced and could never justify the full price of it. But CT does a lot of full size GWP which often includes the cream. They also sell smaller sizes and sometimes Sephora has deluxe sample size promo codes for it.

  13. For the most part I’m usually really happy with ipsy plus. However, the only reason I didn’t cancel my ipsy X is because the way they were promoting it they were making it seem like it would be skincare heavy (and no I wasn’t putting all my hopes on just the CT). So I was disappointed to see that out of the 5 products chosen for me I only had the 111 skin that everyone else was also receiving. I was hoping that out of those 5 products I would get at least a couple of skin care items, especially since I rarely get makeup in my regular bags and they tend to be heavy on the skin care. Anyway, I’ll still use most of it but kind of a letdown.

    Ipsy picked:
    -111 skin serum (overloaded with serums, and don’t personally like this brand.)
    -ABH brown pencil thingy (actually sending right shade, and even though I’m not excited about it, it’ll be used.
    -MAC lipstick (just decluttered a bunch of Mac lipsticks, so I’m not sure how I feel about getting more).
    -olé Henriksen primer (one of the worst primers I have ever tried).
    -one/size palette (I assumed that everyone would get either this one or the other one, guess I was wrong, still out of the two this one is new to me, however, seeing as I never get eyeshadows from them you’d think they wouldn’t send me one now).

    I picked:
    -Christophe scalp scrub (have used this for 3-4 yrs now, and absolutely love this thing).
    -Sunday Riley glow oil (again have used it and do quite enjoy it).
    -train case (nothing good in this category, debated between the bag and the mirror, but I knew I would never use the mirror and was only considering it because other people were hyping it up, but the bag would be perfect for my summer vacation).

    • Just curious what did you want? I’m super happy with mine…love the mirror and the herbivore (I wanted those most)! Plus will enjoy the Kopari, brow pen, Mac lipstick and the scrub!!

      • I would have been happy with any skincare. I go through it like crazy, and depend on subscription boxes to replace it since it can get expensive. Wanted to give the the Rodial cleansing balm a go, because I tend to go through jars every month or two and that one sounded interesting. I would have preferred to have gotten the tower 28 lip gloss instead of the mac, but out of the two shades that they were offering I already own one of them, so in a way probably a good thing I didn’t get it (with my luck I would have gotten a repeat).

    • I’ve always been really happy with my Plus bags and since they did such a good job on curating the picks for it, I thought the X would be the same. I feel the same way about how X was promoted. I was hoping for either the CT or Prism mask, because they are two products/brands I haven’t tried before and at their price points I wanna try it before shelling out to buy it. Since my profile is set up for skincare I thought I’d have a chance for at least one of them. I did get the Rodial cleanser, but I just opened up the Go To Fancy Face Oil Cleanser and I found I’m just not into to the whole wipe off with a muslin cloth thing. I was surprised to see in one of my groups that a lot of people got both the CT and the Prism mask, so good on them.

  14. To all of you gals out there that didn’t get the Charlotte Tilbury cream – don’t sweat it. 😉. I can tell you from experience that you are not missing out on anything. The cream is notjing more than overpriced Nivea. It’s thick and super heavy and definitely not a Moisturizer that you would use in the Spring and Summer months. And between you and me, it’s about as magical as my hind end 😁. A high end sunscreen would have been more appropriate this time of year. Also this cream is a free gift with purchase at Charlotte Tilbury right now. I personally feel CT is a tad overrated and overpriced. She has great marketing but the products aren’t all that. I’ve tried many of her things and the only thing she makes that I can’t live without is Pillow Talk lipstick. I’ve tried the foundation, primer, eyeshadow, magic cream, bronzer and blush and wasn’t blown away by any of it. I mean it was decent but my tried and true products were better.
    My point is you are definitely better off if you received the makeup. I think you will get more bang for your buck that way.

    • Thank you for your first hand experience information!

    • This is true. Search for it and the experts confirm. YouTube has some good comparisons.

    • Agreed! I have everything she has made. There are a couple eyeshadow quads that I really like and a couple blushes, and several lipsticks. I have liked the little pots of glimmery (made up the word) one-and-done eye creams. I’ve started buying more Tom Ford and I am totally in love with his quads! He’s my new makeup crush.
      Just received my GBX today and while the postal lady looks like she took a peek since it was pulled open and barely put back together EVERYTHING was inside. So happy to not have to contact them.

      Received a free month of Refreshments, with such a pretty silky bag, I realized that I didn’t get a bag for the GBX.

      Do they not send bags with GBX?

      • I’m glad you received your GBX, mine is still in mail limbo. No, unfortunately we do not automatically get the bag. It’s a choice item.

      • Thank you for the information about “no bags”.

        Hopefully your order will show up tomorrow and you will be excited about the contents.

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