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Covergirl Launches “Be Your Own Covergirl” Beauty Subscription Box

Covergirl just released a brand new subscription box on Amazon.

Spoil yourself with our Beauty Favorites Subscription Box from Covergirl, Sally Hansen, Rimmel & Vera Wang! Perfect for beauty junkies and makeup minimalists alike, this quarterly beauty box has everything you need to prep, prime and pamper yourself. Nothing says self-love like good-for-you formulas that make you look great!”

The subscription will be $29.99 per quarter. Here’s what you can expect from the first “Be your own Covergirl” Beauty Faves Box:

COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Mascara

Covergirl’s newest volumizing mascara creates 10x the volume of bare lashes with no smudging or clumping. This long-lasting formula is clean, vegan, free of parabens, sulfates, talc.


SALLY HANSEN Good.Kind.Pure Coconut Nail Oil

Brush on care with Sally Hansen’s vegan coconut scented nail oil. The oil instantly makes nails and cuticles look healthier, restored and rejuvenated.


RIMMEL Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Halo There

Stay Glossy Lip Gloss comes with shine extended technology that delivers brilliant color and shine for up to 6 hours and contains hydrating conditioners that leave lips soft, subtle and smooth.


VERA WANG Embrace Green Tea and Pear Blossom Body Mist

Celebrate your unbreakable confidence with Vera Wang Embrace: Green Tea & Pear Blossom Body Mist, a fragrance made with the independent woman in mind.


VERA WANG Embrace Marigold and Gardenia Body Mist

Wear your wanderlust on your sleeve with Vera Wang Embrace: Marigold & Gardenia Body Mist. This enticing fragrance features a fruity, floral blend with marigold, gardenia, and melon.

Like what you see? Order by 5/20 to get this box. The first box ships between 5/20 and 5/28.

Are you going to get a Covergirl subscription? Want to see it reviewed?

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Comments (44)

  1. Wow! They really missed the price-point, didn’t they.

  2. A drugstore beauty sub isn’t a bad idea (I’d prefer that over some of those less popular subs that have unknown cheap brands in them) but this price is ridiculous. Like others said, you can absolutely get everything for less with the CVS app! & including two mists makes it seem like they have no idea how to curate a bag. I don’t see this lasting long but then again I thought that about Glow Addict & they’re still around..

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. $30?!?!?? Maybe $15, I can coupon for those items at CVS for 1/3 the price. I don’t even buy Covergirl anything, their mascaras have never stood out to me.

    • I haven’t tried the new, “clean” version but LashBlast is one of my favorites and let’s not forget perennial fave Maybelline Great Lash!

      • I agree echo! Lashblast is always my go to mascara. I have tried so many other brands and I always go back to it!

      • I’ve never had good results with Great Lash. Covergirl has never been that great either.

  5. $30????!!!! At $10 I would CONSIDER it- not even bite the bullet. $30 is a heck no. $5 would be a steal.

  6. That pricing has to be a joke. Like… why would anyone pay that much when there’s other better subscription boxes out there that are offering full size non-drugstore items? Crazy.

  7. Giant Eagle had a beauty box with these brands and it was only $10. I think Hy Vee has one too.

  8. I feel like this subscription is something an aunt or a grandma would send a teenager.

  9. I wouldn’t mind drugstore if it were $5-10. But honestly, probably closer to $5 to really entice me. I’m curious if there’s anything I would like, but not curious enough to spend money on it. Plus it would have to be things that compete with Ipsy because I’m thinking if I really wanted a body mist or nail oil, I would be comfortable buying it at the drugstore. Same with makeup remover. I’m not super picky about ingredients as long as it works and doesn’t leave me feeling gross.

    However I haven’t used a drugstore mascara or eyeliner in years because I get those constantly from Ipsy. In my eyes drugstore options are flaky or smudge easily. My memory of eyeshadow is that there wasn’t color payoff and a lot of fallout. My first liquid lipstick was either Cover Girl or Maybelline and it pretty much instantly dried my lips so badly the top layer of skin flaked off with the lipstick. Not cute. I can’t afford to replace most products I get on ipsy unless there’s a Black Friday sale or something. Finding out I really like a certain eye pencil and could afford to get it in colors other than black would be the purpose in my mind. But at Ipsy prices…nah, I’ll continue to roll the ball with Murad, Purlisse, tarte, etc.

  10. Gee….if only they’d add a tote! 🙄😏

    • 😂

  11. I don’t think I’ve used a Covergirl product since 1998. Once I became an adult and buying my own makeup, I was going straight to the makeup counters at Macy’s, not the drugstore.

    • Just wanted to insert some love here and stick up for drugstore brands.

  12. Apparently whoever is behind this subscription has never heard of Boxycharm or Ipsy or even Allure for that matter 🙄

  13. These items (minus the bag) are approx. $41…Depending on where u buy them from-the price varies a little. So I don’t understand why? Why even have this? Yes u are still getting a TINY discount. And that’s assuming everyone wants EVERY item “curated” for this bag…(?)

  14. Uh…they’re joking right?

  15. I was excited for a minute, that Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara in the picture is great! But I can get a ton of them for $30.

  16. I was excited for a minute, that Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara is great! But I can get a ton of them for $30.

  17. I got excited about this until I saw the price and the contents. That is way too expensive for what you get. Why two body mists anyways?

  18. $30 for this 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 thanks MSA, I could use the laugh

    • I know, lol!

  19. Fashionsta is cheaper, with ~6 nicely curated full size products a month, with nicer brands. This price point puts them in competition with Boxy, Ipsy+, Kindr, Vegancuts, and other makeup/skincare subs as well.

    I guess they have the name, “Covergirl” going for them, but it’s hard to see how this would be competitive in a crowded sub box market. It feels at least $10 a month too high, and nothing in it is really tempting me (other than ironically the two body mists.)

  20. And why two body mists, instead of a different fifth product?

  21. $30 a quarter? Yikes.

    So not worth it.

  22. More than an ipsy glam bag plus? April Fool’s Day was last month 🤣

  23. That “Clean” mascara has all kinds of parabens in it. I would never use it. I wonder how they’re defining “clean”??

    • It has no definition and no enforcement so they just use it as a buzzword meaning whatever they want

    • Probably because it has a leaping bunny on some of the items. But coty the company that’s owns them have many more brands that people don’t even know they own. It you look up the main owners like coty owns covergirl, you would be amazed at what you would find, as with all parent companies. If where your dollars go matters to anyone I suggest doing this for all things. It’s really eye opening

      • Also, even though belif is a korean brand it is owned now by avon !! So some people love that brand but look down on avon but there’s another example

  24. Where’s the value and to who? This box is crazy expensive compared to Boxy Charm and Ipsy. I’d like to know what executive at Covergirl thought this was a good idea to charge $30. for (5) drugstore cosmetics. Last time I checked most people have a Wal Mart, Target, CVS or Walgreens close by to pick what they’d like. I did get a good laugh out of this.

    • And if you get a newspaper delivered, there will be coupon booklets that will let you save on Cover Girl and Rimmel.

      • Or even just put the CVS app on your phone. Tons of Covergirl coupons all the time.

  25. Yikes! Way too expensive. good luck with that

  26. Where’s the make up? This is terrible.

  27. A bit lacking in color and pizzazz – red, blue, purple. Lips and tips are both colorless here. This is really meh. Reminiscent of the bundle gift sets that Walmart puts up in December, isn’t it? And as Iggy said, for less. Are we getting the ugly black bag with it or not?

    • “Are we getting the ugly black bag with it or not?” LOOOLLLLLLL

    • Yea, No color at all! Not even that Covergirl bag has color in it, not cheerful at all!

  28. So I actually like the premise of this box. I like that it’s drugstore brands, because I can actually afford to repurchase them if I like them, and I like that it’s quarterly, which helps with product overload. It reminds me of the Brandefy Bright Beauty Faves that recently ended, much to my disappointment.
    However, at this price point, it’s just not nearly a good enough deal. I just priced out these items at Target & Amazon, and it came to a retail value of $38.95. For a $29.99 box, that is just not good enough, especially if I end up not liking some of the products. At least with Bright Beauty Faves, the box only cost $15/quarter and my Spring box had a retail value of $52 for the items I chose (could have been higher with other choices). Then again, maybe that great value is what put them under……?

    • Totally agree with Rach. I was excited for a minute 😔☹️😞

  29. For THAT price? No, no, noooooooooo

  30. No. Hard no. I can buy what I want from these brands at walmart, for less. And choose what I would want.

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