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CAUSEBOX Has Changed Its Name to Alltrue

ByMSAMay 18, 2021 | 65 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
307 Ratings | 145 Reviews

CAUSEBOX has rebranded as Alltrue.

The quarterly subscription box features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world has changed its name “because we needed a name that better represented our mission: to build a community that brings truth, kindness, and goodness to everything we do,” their website explained.

There’s also a new offer to accompany the switch: New subscribers can receive an intro box for $25.

And for limited time, subscribers who sign up for an annual membership can get their first CAUSEBOX-Alltrue box for free ($149.85 will be billed upon sign up for 2nd, 3rd, 4th box).

Annual membership details

  • Price for first box: FREE
  • Pick EVERY product in the Intro Box ($150+ value)
  • Customize products in all future boxes
  • Save $39.95 over first year of membership
  • Receive up to $250+ of value in every box the Intro Box contains $150+ of value
  • Get 6-8 full-size, beautiful ethically-made products each season the Intro Box contains 4 full-size products
  • Exclusive access up to 70% off on hundreds of products in the Members-Only Market
  • Renews at $199.80/year

“The evolution to Alltrue is a natural step that will allow us to deliver on our ultimate vision — to create a 360° socially-conscious lifestyle membership that sits at the intersection of commerce, content, and community,” said Matt Richardson, co-founder and CEO of Alltrue. “With the rebrand and expansion of our membership, we aim to make conscious consumption and intentional living even more accessible and affordable. We are investing heavily in content and community features, strengthening our positioning as a source of truth and solidarity as we collectively adapt to more socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.”

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What do you think of this news from CAUSEBOX-Alltrue?

Looking for CAUSEBOX? Then you're in the right place! CAUSEBOX recently changed it's name to Alltrue, so we'll leave this notice up until word gets around, and all of our old reviews, spoilers... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Although the sugar coated reason for changing their name sounds nice and all; I just don’t buy it. Must have been a falling out between partners or some other reason. A company doesn’t go through the trouble of spending time and money to rebrand for no reason.

Cynthia Ross

How do I cancel my subscription?


First spoilers out for summer box: all made for the box specifically and all made in China stuff.


Wow. My comment about my negative experience with this company was just deleted. Are you guys serious?!


The link for the $25 into a box just takes you to their regular subscription page? It’s offering a quarterly or annual sub.


I don’t know if someone already wrote this already but I just wanted to share: I have an annual “cause box” subscription which I canceled since I didn’t want it to automatically renew. But, I just logged on to and it said my subscription is active! So unprofessional and a sneaky wait to resubscribe me since my renewal is coming up after one more box. I’m just glad I checked otherwise I would have been stuck with this.


This happened to me, as well! Mine was cancelled *had the reactivate button, etc*, and when I went in to look after someone else had mentioned it, it was active again. It seems like it happened to a bunch of people.


Same here. I deleted all my payment info from the site. How is this legal – I called their number and it says they have no one to answer their phones. OMG this is ridiculous.


“Annual Membership will automatically renew each year at the start of your fifth quarter on the 1st of that seasonal month” — the season has not started yet and nobody has yet been billed.

I had two annual memberships and just cancelled one this morning (one for myself and one for my niece). I have not been billed for anything. I wrote to customer support just to confirm, and will post the results when they reply to confirm that I will not be billed for another annual on that particular account.


At least with cause in the name I could pretend it was benefiting someone that needed it more than a company, and that’s why there was some excuse for a level of terrible. Now it’s just all true that they’d rather spend money on rebranding then fixing actual issues like their janky online shop and inability to communicate, ship in a timely manner, or even deliver all the items you ordered


I am an annual member and for any of my annual memberships with various boxes, it is totally normal for “subscription” boxes to automatically renew unless you cancel the box. Hence, the word “subscription,” that is what that word means.
In the description and terms when a person joins, it tells you that you will be automatically suscribed unless you cancel.
Furthermore, it is so early in the season without even choices available yet, so if you cancelled, you will not be billed for another year.

Lastly, please investigate what you are saying in the future before you say it. Your words were untrue, inflammatory and could have done a lot of damage to the reputation to a company that brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. All I am asking is to think and research before you speak on something to destroy another person’s or company’s reputation


I think you’re replying to the wrong person, but just personally, I’ve been an annual and am generally happy with the box…when I get it. I’ve been shipped multiple boxes months late/into the next season, one box with not the items I selected, and have an no add-on/market orders go without issues. I’ve gotten the oops we were actually out of stock, or we had supplier issues or my order just arrives incomplete and I have to figure it out. Again, I can understand they’re getting products from small businesses/sourcing it from people in other countries where logistics is more of a challenge, but this rebranding takes away from that and say we don’t want to be a cause or a box anymore, we’re putting our money into becoming a lifestyle brand and not improving the basics other boxes seem to be able to manage.


I agree with Saucie.


Looks like someone is a shill for ‘Alltrue’…..


Huh? No reason to toss that shade on Saucie….maybe you meant to bark up a different tree?

Robin Herring-Outar

on their site: “You will be charged $199.80 USD (plus taxes and shipping, if applicable**) at the time of purchase for your first year of seasonal boxes. ” — the season has not started yet, so nobody has been billed for anything

“Annual Membership will automatically renew each year at the start of your fifth quarter on the 1st of that seasonal month” — the season has not started yet

and Lastly, I had two annuals and cancelled one just today and I have not been billed. I wrote to customer service just to confirm and am awaiting a reply and will post to confirm all once I have heard back


Terrible name. Couldn’t think of a worse name. The next box is my last and I am glad. I essentially paid $50 for a $10 tote bag. The robe in the last box didn’t fit me. It’s been a huge disappointment.


I felt the same thing about the tote!! I was surprised I got the multi colored stripe tote (I’m a seasonal member) that I liked the best out of the other colors. I wish the handles/straps were of higher quality. The bag was the only item I was pleased with. I did get the napkins, but I have plenty of those. I can’t even remember the rest of the items, but I know that I didn’t get any of the other items that I would have preferred from each section and got something I didn’t really want.

Oh well, I really can’t complain. I REALLY liked the winter box and the items that were selected for me. You never know but that’s what you get with subscription boxes and should expect hits and misses!


I love that the tote has so many pockets, but the canvas material wasn’t nearly as durable as I expected and picks up dirt so easily. My idea of using it for a spring/summer bag isn’t going to work, though I think it will be fine for short trips.


Ok, now I’m worried. Is it possible to cancel an annual subscription and get a partial refund?


Nope. I tried before mine just expired.

Also Beth

This really feels like a marketing miss. I’m not a marketer or in that world at all, but aren’t you supposed to create or identify a need and then show how you’ve addressed that need? I feel like they totally skipped that step. In all the language in the announcements, it’s clear how the change benefits the company itself (“we’ve been thinking about this for a long time…”) but they really don’t even try to address how it will positively impact their client base in a positive way. Even just choosing to frame it in a “we know you love X so we’re giving you more of it” or “We know you love Y so we’re giving you Z” would have made so much more sense and, I think, made people so much more excited!
And obviously every company is allowed to have marketing misses, but this one feels like a big one. My feeling is that if their priority really was being cause-forward (“altruism”-forward, as it were), altruism/causes would be the focus of the announcement. This announcement doesn’t focus at all on how this rebrand will be better situated to make the world a better place—just how it will be better situated to produce and sell a wider variety of products.
I’m personally just left reminded that the founders are two serial entrepreneurs with no significant history of activism or championing environmental or gender-rights causes. They’ve not really given us any reason to believe that those things are an enduring priority for them, so at this point I’m going to go ahead and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Yes!!!!! I think you made a number of good points. I don’t like any of the new changes, the name, the weird logo, the website and that flag. It seems like they have made a number of cosmetic changes and I feel like they should be addressing shipping and logistics.

I have two active annuals and after skipping both Spring boxes, I’m not happy about most of these “cosmetic image improvements.”


I signed up for an annual for the Fall 2020 box because I got really excited about the towels/robe and then… nothing. I was so hyped for this box but now I have set my subscription to not renew. The horrendously long shipping times and poor communication isn’t cool, and I think the item curation has gone downhill- I don’t want to get stuff that was sent in FFF or other boxes months or years ago (in the last box alone the This Works Sleep Spray and Wld Konjac sponges were repeat items for me). I’ll take my $50 a quarter and use it towards LE beauty sets that come along.


That robe was an unmitigated disaster. That’s when I canceled my annual well in advance. For what ever reason, I was not allowed to select my items in the last box, and ended up with a load of crap I would be embarassed to donate.


Very glad I just have one box left. Hate the new name. Really sounds sleezey. Debating whether to try to get money back on last box from credit card since this was not what I ordered or just let it go and get last box while grumbling alot.


I subbed to an annual in Winter and I’ve been happy with my two boxes so far. The article Tamara shared says “The first box from Alltrue will feature a customizable curation of 13 socially conscious brands, and products ranging from a sustainable retinol serum to a packable hammock and a set of bamboo-based nesting bowls.” I don’t really care what the box is called, I’m just stoked for a hammock.


I wasn’t really happy with my last box, so I’m out. Its getting harder and harder to find a good quarterly box that isn’t filled with junk. FFF was ok but I had way too many beauty products. Guess I’ll be keeping my money, unless you guys have suggestions on a good quarterly box.


Check out Earthlove, they are more like what causebox pretended to be. Actually supporting worthy causes, quality items, they listen to their customer base (community votes on items and which cause to support that season). They are the real deal.


I’ve really enjoyed Earthlove Box – they have a good mix of items: a book, a cbd item, a snack, an accessory or two, a skin care product, useful household items, etc. I don’t like junky clutter, and I don’t wear makeup, and I’ve been super happy with this box!

Rebecca Urban

Thanks! I’ll check that out! Anything with books and snacks sound fabulous to me!


They should change their name to WCSE Worst Customer Service Ever.

Molly Honey

Wow. Terrible name. Why would they feel the need to change their name? Because their name is associated with all kinds of negativity. They are known as a box that you can’t customize. And with really bad products in it. Causebox is known also for horrendously long shipping times. This box is a joke, a scam and one that’s excitement fizzled out over a year ago. It’s just a box of junk. I’m sure they have realized that this model is dead for them. They probably want to be like fff but can’t source “do gooder” items that cheap. So change the name, drop the commitment to fair trade, etc and hopefully lose the attached negativities. It wouldn’t surprise me if they come out soon as more customizable now that they’ve solved the cheap item sourcing issue.
I remember when I first brought this up and received a ton of backlash. Then I noticed others were taking up the same opinion. Now it is just an obvious and common view. I think the fact that this start up is by 2, fresh out of college, business men who had zero to do with subscription boxes or causes has a lot to do with their demise. This was set up as a gimmicky money grab by entrepreneurs not connoisseurs! And you can tell. But they based their whole business around dumping unwanted products on their unsuspecting Seasonal members. This whole situation is hilarious and desperate. When you put your name on those waffle robes and towels, and all the plastic they’ve offered well your name becomes synonymous with cheap and scam. The days of the random boxes of junk are over. We’re over it. And it looks like, finally, they know it too. The future of sub boxes is customization. That whole press release is wordy and talks in circles while actually saying a big bunch of nothing. If it were me, It would’ve went like this. Causebox is ending. A month later… pitch a new box… with a better name. NOTHING is salvageable with this brand. Give it up Causebox. Geesh! And here i go… I told you so.

Also Beth

I’ll also take a moment to jump on my own Causebox soapbox and say that they still haven’t properly addressed/apologized for how their scapegoating small brands for their own poor in-house production (see: the nonsense with the robes and the kettles) is basically the opposite of what they claim to stand for.


You appear to this outsider to be correct. The Matt guy is wordy in a business school way, without actually saying anything. They jumped on the sub box bandwagon, and now that the market and consumers have evolved, they are jumping on the social media bandwagon. That is all there is to it. They want to generate money out of nothing, like all the Instagram idiots who don’t have a real job and make money out of dumb masses hanging on their every word.

Nowadays, sub box buyers want customization, especially for a $50+ box. But in that range, it’s hard to sustain. GlobeIn tanked. PopSugar tanked. And at some point, everyone gets fatigue from too much stuff and jumps off. The decision is easy when the shipping and customer service are bad.

Mary L.

Also, in case anyone missed it in the article Tamara shared below, here are some early spoilers for the next box:

“The first box from Alltrue will feature a customizable curation of 13 socially conscious brands, and products ranging from a sustainable retinol serum to a packable hammock and a set of bamboo-based nesting bowls, memberships start at $49.95 per season and each box includes at least $200 worth of value. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to include the company’s brand new full-length seasonal publication, All Good Things, which aims to support and inspire intentional living.”


They are expanding beyond boxes, so they no longer want the name causeBOX. See the article from yahoofinance. They are going to have a podcast, and a flag! To me the name Alltrue sounds like something out of the novel 1984, and the flag is ridiculous looking. See:

Amy in KC

Thanks for sharing the article! Uh yeah, the flag is weird. I just ended a Causebox annual subscription and didn’t renew. I don’t think the stuff is junky, I just don’t need most of it and I’m tired of getting the same types of things in these lifestyle boxes. But this switch to Alltrue (terrible name) is kinda hinky.


Haha. You’re right. Totally Orwellian. WTF is with the FLAG? Why do I need a flag from a company? Weird.

Also Beth

The big thing they were emphasizing with their flag is that apparently one of the colors can change to support relevant political issues.

Not saying it sounds like textbook slacktivism, but, er…


I agree, it’s weird. They better not be sending us their new flag as an item in the next box 🙄


Well, within the article is spoiler #1. Retinol serum, bamboo nesting bowls and packable hammock 🤷

Mary L.

Now that I’ve read more about the name change, it sounds like this might be the first step in transitioning from a subscription box company to a more traditional online retailer. In that light, I can see why they would want to switch the parent company name. Seems like for continuity’s sake through, they could keep the subscription box component as something like “Causebox by Alltrue.”


They went from sounding like a subscription box that cares about causes to sounding like an insurance company. It doesn’t make sense with the information we have, which tells me there’s more to it. This maybe a last ditch effort to stay afloat.


agreed. Total insurance company name. I feel like this transition is just a nail in their coffin.


Erm…this is the weirdest rebrand. Why change to a worse name and a vaguer mission?

Or is this just because it was getting hard or expensive to source items supporting actual causes, while ‘talking’ about social issues on social media is cheap?


I’m not impressed. Causebox was either purchased or given a bunch of money and now have to bend over for their new investor. The fact that they’re surveying current customers about how they feel about standard big name brands/products (Madewell for one) just shows that they’re looking to expand their product base into mass market goods which does not subscribe to the mission of Causebox. I’m actually a fan of Madewell but I’d put money on the fact that their products are made in the same factories as any other large brand (Gap, JCrew, etc.) that has been called out for Social Accountability issues. Causebox always made it seem like they were working to empower these garment workers and improve their wages and lives. It’s all so murky and really just looks like they’re changing their name and adopting the FFF model. Now I’m wondering, did FFF buy Causebox?


Um… this name is kida dumb. Causebox sounded way better. I can’t stop reading the name as “Allure.”

I’d like to know why they felt the need for this in reality, the explanation they gave is weird. Did someone purchase the business?

For now it looks like nothing actually changed in any meaningful way

Terry C

Altruism is what they are going for.


I’m surprised how many people aren’t picking up on the altruism reference. Maybe they should spell that part out more bluntly.


Is it just me or did the name Causebox already reflect the mission? Not buying this at all. And Causebox just sounds better too.


My thoughts exactly. I do not like the wordy mission babble. It reeks of smoke and mirrors. I’m out.


Like this: “ strengthening our positioning as a source of truth and solidarity” lol, really?


Hmm, I wonder what was the real reason for the name change. Causebox sounded much, much better.


This generic name is not worth the hassle of changing a name. Causebox wasn’t an exciting name, but it made sense and it fit. I wasn’t renewing anyway, but to me this name screams bad management… of all the issues Causebox had, this was the last one they needed to deal with.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.