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Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2021 Full Spoilers

Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2021 Spoiler #3

We have the third spoiler for the Spring 2021 Margot Elena box! FYI – This box is no longer available. If you sign up now, Summer 2021  will be your first box.

Each box will include:

TokyoMilk Honey & The Moon Shower Gel


Floral Bandana



Willow & Water Eau de Parfum

Fresh-picked from the Library of Flowers, Margot Elena’s artful small batch perfumery, Willow & Water Eau de Perfume is a refreshing breath of calm – crisp & cool like rain-drenched wild blooms on the forest floor. The perfect pick me up to nourish the senses & inspire the gardens of the imagination.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of all things beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries.

Ships to: US

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Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (49)

  1. I love the spring box! Of course, when I signed up, I was signing up for the summer box as spring was sold out. I was billed immediately, even though my bill date was listed as June 1. I also received the waitlist email for the spring box. I called customer service and left a message, wanting to clarify my account. I received a call back within the hour and was told new accounts are billed immediately, then revert to the billing schedule as posted. I said that was fine, but I was hoping that meant I was getting a spring box. The customer service agent asked me to hold for a moment, then came back and told me I would get the spring box as well. She also said most folks on the waitlist will get a box.

  2. Got my box today. My first. Signed up when they had black Friday discount and canceled right away. I’ll probably sign up again if they have black Friday discount this year. Anyways, I have no use for bath salts as I don’t take baths and don’t think I can give it as a gift since no idea who among my friends takes baths. Mask will definitely be gifted probably together with lip balm. Not sure what to do with bandana. Will use hand cream, perfume, lip tint, candle and shower gel. The cards and soap are super cute. Will definitely be using those

    • Bath salts can be put in cloth pouches to use as drawer or shoe fresheners. You can also save them for pedicure foot soaks (Dollar Tree has perfect sized tubs for foot soaks,) or even put them in a pretty bowl for a diy bathroom diffuser, adding extra essential oil drops as the scent fades.

      • It just occured to me that you could actually use the bandana to make a large salt pouch for a drawer freshener.

        Fold in half, insides together, to make a triangle with the outside (brighter/text the right ay) showing. Bring the left and right corners over each other, overlapping like an “envelope” would. You now have the base for an envelope pouch. Stich along the bottom to secure the base of the envelope. Tack the spot where the triangles overlap at the top with a bit of thread to keep it from gaping. Then sew some snaps on so it will close. You could even glue a button on the outside over the top snap to make it look buttoned, or add a cute tassel to it somewhere. Open it up, dump some salts in the bottom, snap it up, and arrange it carefully at the bottom of a sock or other drawer. It would be a bit too floppy for frequent handling, but the cotton will let the scent gently leak out into the drawer to freshen it.

    • Bath salts are made from epsom salts, which is magnesium sulfate. There are lots of things they can be used for around the house. There is a whole list on the Farmers Almanac. Given that these are scented, using them as a laxative or for your garden or houseplants probably isn’t advised. However, you can mix them into water with lemon juice and use on your hair to eliminate buildup, run a cup full through your washing machine to degunk, use as a pot scrub to remove buildup, use for skin relief, etc.

      • Lisa and Jennifer, thanks for all the suggestions.

      • I didn’t know about those other uses! I really like the Washing machine de-gunking tip as our washer gets buildup towards the top which is hard to scrub out.


    Margot Elena Limited Edition Spring Bandana
    Library of Flowers Willow & Flower EDP
    The Cottage Greenhouse Kaolin Facial Clay Mask
    Lollia This Moment Tin Candle
    Lollia Relax Bath Salts Gift Box
    Tokyomilk Dead Sexy Date Night Lip Tint
    Tokyomilk Let Them Eat Cake Handcreme
    Tokyomilk Honey & The Moon Perfumed Shower Gel
    Tokyomilk Set of Four Signature Stationery
    Tokyomilk Neptune & The Mermaid Pucker Up Poseidon Lip Balm
    Tokyomilk Neptune & The Mermaid Lost Atlantis Mini Soap Collection

    Total $213

    • It’s really interesting the clay mask is like a kit as well, with the instructions put on like a tag. I used to not like masks you have to hand mix, but there was one from M.E. a while back I ended up loving, and I have a very small bowl that works just perfect for it, so I don’t mind as much now.

  4. Mine came in today, and I’m very happy with it. This is my first box, and everything is sooo beautiful, like people have been saying. The bonbon fragrance is a bit much for me, but in general it’s a great mix!

    • I think Bon Bon is in reference to the style of balm pot. The scent is “Pucker up Poseidon” which I guess is elderflower and coconut. I haven’t opened it yet since it takes a while to get through each pot. I like her thicker tin and pot balms like these as night time balms, cuticle balms, or for really dry patches.

      I did try the Dead Sexy lip tint though. While it’s not my favorite scent of hers, it’s very mild here. I like the color on me, but it is slightly sticky for a few minutes.

      • Sorry, I wrote that wrong, I was actually thinking of the “Let them eat cake” scent from the hand cream, which is very sweet, but a nicer formula than my other lotions so I’ve been using it anyway. I think that and the Poseidon and mermaid soap scent have been growing on me a bit already.

        I do like the lip balm, with a nice little sparkle — looking forward to using more of that type of product with less masking in future.

  5. Just got the box and I think it’s my favorite to date!!

    • What did you get? I love spoilers.

      • Other than the spoilers above there are 3 mini soaps, tin candle, 4 stationary cards, lip tint, bath salts, lip balm, clay mask, and hand cream

    • I accidently found the whole box by a google search yesterday. I wondered if anyone was doing an unboxing so I googled Margot Elena spring box 2021. Up came three links directly to the ME website, marked -1, -2, -3. The photos and whole list of items you just described was shown, along with the previously released spoilers. So, if someone can’t wait, you can do that for Summer.

    • I think my favorite would be that box that had the Turkish towel and the foot scrub/cream (maybe the first summer box?) but this is a nice box, too. I love the perfume, and the candle is really nice as well. I’m a bit sad the bath salts are in the Relax/lavendar scent, so I have to pass those on, but otherwise great selections. Bandanas are not something I usually reach for, but this one is a pretty big and it’s cute. I’m debating whether to keep it as a hair ribbon, give to one of my daughters as a scarf, or save for a pretty food basket type liner (as if I’m ever going to be carting around fresh baked bread or cookies in a basket…but it would be cute!) I appreciate that it came in a pretty gift square package great for re-gifting (even the pun “from M.E, to YOU” for those that aren’t into bandanas and want to re-gift it.

      • On that thought…it would be a beautiful bread basket liner for those celebrating Easter. I always turn a cloth napkin good side down into a basket, layer a paper napkin on top, load in the bread, then close the four corners over the bread tightly, just like a restaurant would do.

  6. I have been trying to get a hold of their customer service but as soon as I get through they hang up. I have updated my shipping address online last month but when I received the FedEx notification, it is still being mailed to my old address. I tried going through FedEx but only the shipper can make changes. Do you know how to get through them? Thank you

    • I had the same issue when I moved. They told me you can only change your billing address yourself, you have to call to get the shipping address updated for your subscription. See if you can leave a voice mail, or send an email.

      • Their customer service representative responded via email. Thank goodness. They said they could not reroute it since it’s fedex smartpost. I have forwarding so hopefully I will get it. Thank you!

  7. I am so excited!!! I cant wait!! This box has always been my favorite to receive, I always look forward to it. I dont care about receiving repeats every now and again. I wish they would include a tote! I have been waiting for them to bring them back into the box! I also love the honey and the moon scent. I have a candle from a previous box and I am happy to get another product! I think I will see if I can find the lotion to go with it, as I love to layer the fragrance for longer lasting results. I think I need that perfume crema, as those work beautifully!

    • Leah, I agree! And FYI Margot Elena now has Honey and the Moon in their Parfume Crema tin! It’s a strongly scented, rich creme (they consider it a perfume rather than just a hand cream but I use it as both depending on how much scent you want) and it’s only 22 dollars or so.

  8. I am beyond excited for this box!!! I always look forward to getting it, wonderful fragrances, a real treat !!!! YAY!!!! Love Honey and the Moon!!!! Scarf is very pretty, too!

  9. LOVE this box. So much.

    If you aren’t into shower gels…their shower gels make AWESOME bubble bath. Like…amazing, long lasting bubbles and just the right amount of scent!

    • Oooo I love this idea!! It always takes forever for me to use up shower gel.

      I think the only thing I’m not excited for is the cake lotion. I don’t usually like things that smell like vanilla.

  10. The creme perfume sounds lovely, I will have to look into that! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  11. This will be my 14th box📦 . I love this box, and use some for gifts.

    • Wow has there been that many? I only missed the first one but It doesn’t seem like I’ve gotten 12 boxes!

  12. Signed up a month ago with this as my first box. I’m not a fan of shower gels, but knew that they usually come in this box. It sounds like a pleasant smell, anyway.

    • Their shower gels make good bubble baths or hand wash’s also if that helps.

      • That’s a good idea, thanks for the suggestion! I hope it comes with bar soap, since I could use one.

    • I’ve subscribed since the beginning and they have never had a single box that didn’t have at least one bar soap. The shower gels are all clear and can just refill any liquid hand pumps up by any bathroom sink.

      I love bar soaps but some people on here complain about them I just tell people they can shave them if they want with a cheese grater and put them around the house or windowsill to repel bugs, slugs or ants. Or even in the refrigerator or in shoes to absorb bad smells. Lol. I use them to wash my make up brushes. But, I have eczema and find quality bar soaps to be used best- in my case – for their intended purpose as well.

      • They have had a couple without bar soap. Winter of 2019 and Summer 2020 are two examples.

        I love their bar soap so I would be happy to get one in every box.

        I think they have had more boxes with Lollia lotion than bar soap. I’d like to see more Love & Toast. I think there has only been one item from that line. 🤔

      • Love bar soap and always have. It’s a real shame that so many people insist on liquid soap. Consider all the plastic containers that are produced each day just to hold liquid soap. AND with after market reuse of all those plastic bottles down they end up as garbage, or litter. There are now companies dedicated solely to producing bar everything, like shampoo and conditioner. I purchased a new made in the USA top load washing machine last year and have switched back to cardboard boxed powdered detergent because you get twice as much for less money and no plastic bottles to throw out. Everyone who reads this, PLEASE use the ME bar soap as bar soap, at the sink to wash your hands, and throw away one less plastic bottle.

  13. I’m excited for the shower gel and I hope I like the perfume. If I don’t see myself wearing the scarf it will make a lovely gift, but I might like it with a denim skirt and plain t shirt in the summer.

  14. The bees are so cute! I’m not sure whether I’ll keep or gift, but it’s adorable either way, and it’s about time for me to open a new ME shower gel anyway as my Peony one is getting low.

  15. I love it all! I’m so happy that I’m a subscriber already, and don’t have to wait! 🙂

  16. No offence to people who like these items, but this is three for three duds for me. I’m really glad I cancelled.

    • Hey! I cancelled too but I was billed today. I was wondering if you had any issues when you cancelled your subscription? I tried to call them and I get sent to a voicemail where the memory is full. I resent my previous cancellation request. I hope they get it sorted out because they charged me twice.

      • I swear I thought I cancelled, but I was charged today. I sent a note to customer service and they said it was too late to cancel now but that they’d cancel for me after my package is sent. I don’t know why they can’t cancel if my box hasn’t been sent yet.

  17. This will be my first ME box, can’t wait! All 3 spoilers look nice. I hope there’s a body lotion to go with this shower gel!

    • This will be my first one, too! I’m so excited; 3/3 spoilers have all been winners in my book. <3 A matching body lotion would be wonderful.

    • It’s my first one too. I am pretty excited about it. I was hoping to get one of those products with the bees on it…so happy we are.

    • I love this box! One thing about the shower gel is that they recently added a new item in the same scent, in their Parfume Creme product. It’s a good-sized tin of perfume in a cream form…very unique and the scent lasts and lasts, and they’re priced well (under $25 I think). So if you don’t get a lotion to match this shower gel, maybe consider buying that parfume creme from their website.

      • I have Honey and the Moon in perfume form. While it isn’t one of my top faves, it is quite interesting. I like it as an evening perfume, as it is very rich (not much sillage, though, so it’s not going to be wafting around – it’s more a personal or intimate scent as many ME ones are. I actually prefer this as it doesn’t annoy people with perfume sensitivities, and isn’t going to mix with other perfumes in a room.)

        Honey and the Moon makes me think of trading caravans – like a sandlewood chest that has carried spices, honey, and goods from all over. The sugary honey note is dominant, but it’s balanced by the wood so it doesn’t become a “sweet” gourmand scent. It’s like one of those nice organic honeys where you can pick out the flowers the bees fed from. Here, it’s jasmine and violets, but an unusual jasmine that’s been integrated with the honey rather than rising to the top as a sweet floral as it’s usually used. There is a bit of sweetness from the violet as well as a subtle spice.

        This perfume is a mood in itself!

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