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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus April 2021 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the April 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

VICTORIA BECKHAM BEAUTY Future Lash, Smudge-Free Lifting Mascara

Leave your natural lashes looking amazing after using this nourishing mascara. It lengthens, defines, and conditions lashes like hair with C2 Complex. The result—a lustrous and lifted lash look instantly and stronger, silkier lashes over time.


RMS BEAUTY Living Luminizer

This award-winning cream luminizer awakens skin with the ultimate light-reflective, dewy glow to create a fresh, subtle highlight that is lit from within. Vitamin E helps protect and smooth your skin while Castor Seed Oil provides anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.



Ditch greasy feels forever. This lightweight gel moisturizer hydrates and balances skin with glycerin, tiger grass extract, murumuru butter, and ceramides to replenish natural moisture without clogging your pores.


HONEST BEAUTY Everything Cream Foundation

This creamy demi-matte formula means the only shine you’re seeing is the lit-from-within, winning personality kind. Its flexible medium-to-full coverage goes on smoothly every time. Jojoba oil helps keep your skin’s natural moisture barrier in balance.



Give your lips a smooth, glossy finish with moisturizing, buildable color that’s sheer to medium in coverage for just the right amount of tint. Plus, it’s made with rose oils to keep your lips baby soft.


GRACE & STELLA Dead Sea Mud Mask

Meet mud, your skin’s new best friend. Think of the mud in this mask as a magnet drawing impurities like dirt and oil out of your clogged pores for a clearer complexion. When wet, mud swells and binds to impurities and, as it dries, soaks them into its center. It’s also packed with nourishing minerals, salts, and natural elements your skin loves.


THE NUE CO THE Pill All-In-1 Serum

THE PILL is a topical supplement that’s your single daily dose of every key nutrient for your skin. With complex AHAs, Hyaluronic Acid, and K-Beauty hero Tiger Grass, it takes the complexity of layering actives and acids out of your routine to offer a one-step solution for smooth, dewy and deeply hydrated skin.


BELLE EN ARGENT Panchromatic Eyeshadow Palette Nude Intuitive Vision

These nudes and neutrals come together in highly pigmented formulas that blend seamlessly with little fallout. Designed to go the distance, this palette comes with an assortment of matte and metallic finishes to achieve any look from day to night.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (57)

  1. Wow!! I have never heard of such a scam -I guess it would be considered that..the only upside I personally see is that there really aren’t an infinite amount of beauty companies out there having an inevitable negative impact on the environment all in the name of beauty.. and I dont care what any company professes otherwise either. Yea, I think I’ll forego April gbp too. I mean damn how many makeup palettes of any type does one girl woman need!? And what’s the point of the beauty quiz can anybody tell me?? Thanks for the valuable info girls!!

    • What am I missing? What is the scam??

  2. I’ve waited this long and no spoilers I want have popped up. I’m debating skipping vs canceling. I really dislike my March bag that hasn’t arrived yet. Probably time to let Ipsy go for at least a few months

    • DHL appears to have lost mine too, although ipsy is demurring (“it’s probably the USPS not updating their tracking” – right).

      • It somehow took DHL over a week to transport my bag two states…where it’s now sitting in another DHL facility. A this point I will be surprised if I get it by April.

  3. None of these spoilers looks exciting- i already got the pallet coming in my March bag- and anytime they ship with DHL it takes foreverrrrr. Think I may cancel unfortunately-

  4. I’m all for women having a platform for opinions on a service they’re paying for, it would be nice however if it didn’t come across so, this porridge is too hot this porridge is too cold vibey. Js

  5. Oh I am actually really excited for April!!!

  6. I really hope I get the Grace & Stella dead sea mud mask in my ipsy April glam bag plus 😁

    • Think I’m going to skip plus next month and go for just the regular bag.

  7. What is going on with my subscription addiction lately??? This use to be my favorite site for getting new subscription information first and now it seems like it’s the last one to post new info which is why I hardly ever check it anymore. It’s been hours since Ipsy glam bag reveals and add ons were open and still no new post? Someone is really dropping the ball here. They need to hire new contributors who don’t mind getting up early in the morning and working/posting. Guess I’m done for good.

    • Hey MissT! Thanks for sharing this – we’re so sad to hear that we’ve let you down 😔 Our team is hard at work behind the scenes, and we try to post spoilers as soon as we see them. If you ever catch something before we do, please let us know!

      My job here at MSA is to make sure that our readers are happy, so if there’s ever anything we can help with or suggestions you may have, please feel free to reach out to me directly: [email protected]

    • I was wondering the same thing. I keep looking for the posts about March bag reveals and still nothing and the reveals have been up since at least 6am CST. They used to always post everything first. I don’t know whats going on with them these days but its sad

      • Ditto on everything!!!!!!!

    • Have to say I agree with you. I’ve been checking all morning. I like seeing what other people are getting in their GBP.

    • I keep refreshing the site too! They have been slow with these, the past few months. Disappointing.

    • Agree, super disappointing. Other subscription sites posted already I was able to see all the spoilers.

    • Yeah, I made a comment about the same issue a while ago and it’s still not showing up…

    • Let’s call Liz!! Lol

    • Let’s call L. C…lol I do t think they let you post comments with her name!!

      • I bet you’re right! The comment that I posted much earlier that still isn’t showing up mentioned her name.

    • Jeanine (I can’t reply to your comment directly) I do think L name is blocked for review here. I’ve said it a few times and each time my comment was delayed in posting.

    • Sadly but true! I feel since Liz has stepped back it hasn’t been the same. Most MSA emails have a few reviews/updates. The Galentines Day party was nice but there were only a few deals of subscription boxes, and most were of subscription boxes that most wouldn’t jump on. I’m not talking about the reviewers. It’s more so behind the scenes. Makes me sad but I sure have saved lots of 💰. 🙁

      • Hi Beth! Thanks for writing in — our #1 priority is creating content that our readers love, but sometimes we miss the mark. My job is to make sure our readers are happy, so if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see from us, please feel free to reach out to me directly: [email protected]

      • I’m glad it’s not me! The Test Tube reveal was up for at least two days on their website before I saw it on MSA.

  8. I’m interested as well. But, I don’t *need* it. Saving my money and using what I have. Just think of these spoilers as window shopping…you know, what previous generations did…not to spend.

  9. I’ll be skipping next month too. I feel there are too many celebrity and influencer products for April and that these types of products are trending more and more with Ipsy. I’m not much of a fan of celebrity and influencer branded makeup.

    • Me, too.

    • So agree. Just because Victoria Beckham has her name on a mascara makes it no better just more expensive. With gas prices rising and food getting more expensive, it just seems ridiculous, in my opinion, to spend $28.00 on mascara when many other brands perform as well for $9.00. Better yet I will just use the 5 I have sitting in my drawer.

      • Indeed. Unless people have unlimited discretionary funds, I believe it’s better to watch the wallet. I want to retire someday.

    • I agree. Nothing good at all.

  10. Maybe my mind is in a gutter, but the first time I glanced at “RMS Beauty” on the lid, my mind read it as “Breasty” 😆

    • I saw that. 😆

  11. Despite my severe product overload, I’m actually interested in all of these. It is rare that a mascara piques my interest these days.

    • Me too! I’d totally get this box if I already didn’t have an entire houseful of products. Always seeking the next Holy Grail, right? That Nue serum in particular sounds good to my skin. Tiger grass (like Dr. Jart Cica line) is so good to dry, older, stressed skin. Even this palette appeals to me, and the last thing I need is another palette.

    • I’m interested as well. But, I don’t *need* it. Saving my money and using what I have. Just think of these spoilers as window shopping…you know, what previous generations did… not to spend!

  12. Glad I skipped March, but April’s looks good. I will have to go through my hoard and see if I really need more or skip, I have so much already but!!!

  13. I wouldn’t mind trying that serum. It is something different.

  14. I have heard that Grace & Stella is a company that just repackages the products of other companies. I am not interested in that brand if that’s true.

    • Yes, it’s true. Many brands do this, especially ones sent by beauty boxes (because they’re so cheap to send out in mass quantities). Examples: Hikari, Be a Bombshell, South Mane, INT, Appeal, Illuminati, etc. I suspect many more of doing this as well, but brands really try & hide it by importing product under other company names, creating multiple companies with different names but are actually operated by the same staff out of the same address, etc.

      Grace & Stella is one of the few brands that actually has always been open about the fact that they’re a private-label brand, so I actually respect them more & find them a bit more trustworthy. (There’s an interesting article from 2019 about their brand — if you’re interested, you can Google “For Grace & Stella, exports came first.”)

      • Does anyone know of a running list or database that identifies these brands and could be checked? I recently encountered a new brand in several boxes that I later found out was just a new Dirty Little Secret outfit. It would be great if we could look up this info in one specific place…

      • echo, not that I know of. Unfortunately, figuring out who’s importing what involves checking (public) shipping records. There’s been a few great detectives on Reddit who’ve been able to connect the dots, especially when motivated by scandals like the Dirty Little Secrets brands, but that’s beyond my search expertise.

        What complicates things is that there is also a common practice — even among giant beauty companies with brand recognition — called white labeling. In that case, companies do their own research & formulate their own product, but then contract with labs & factories in other companies to make the product most cheaply. So they retain a certain amount of control about what goes into the product (vs private labeling, where companies buy a product that’s already been formulated by someone else). But either way, it is product that gets imported, so unless you also have information about the manufacturer, you don’t necessarily know if the product being shipped is white label or private label.

      • I had no idea companies did this! Although it kind of makes sense how they’re able to have some of these really expensive brands in their boxes and as add ons.

  15. I love these spoilers. Finally brands new to ipsy. Loving it

  16. I’m glad I skipped.

    • Geez, didn’t even realize these are for April. I think I’ll skip next month as well.

    • You already skipped? Today is March 1 and these are the spoilers for April.

  17. Hmmm, not for me.

  18. I absolutely love that Honest Beauty Cream Foundation, the rest 0f the spoilers look good. Regular GB spoilers look fantastic

    • That’s what I’m hoping for too, so long as they give us a good shade selection.

  19. Loving all of these (except the Grace and Stella). Excited especially to see VB, RMS, and Nue products. GBP spoilers for this month are way more appealing to me than the regular GB spoilers.

  20. I’m more excited about the spoilers for the regular GB than for the GBP. 🙁

  21. Okay Ipsy. Victoria Beckam, Honest Beauty, RMS, not bad!!! I’m loving these actually.

  22. They just have all the celebrity brands for April don’t they.

  23. These aren’t horrible, but I’m not excited about any of them. The palette isn’t bad. Regular gb spoilers looked great, though!

  24. I’ve read discussions online about products being bought at wholesale and just being rebranded like dirty little secret and Grace and Stella were definitely mentioned as well. The Dito eyeshadow I got in my Birchbox is also one of them which is why I started doing the research.

    • Wow!! I have never heard of such a scam -I guess it would be considered that..the only upside I personally see is that there really aren’t an infinite amount of beauty companies out there having an inevitable negative impact on the environment all in the name of beauty.. and I dont care what any company professes otherwise either. Yea, I think I’ll forego April gbp too. I mean damn how many makeup palettes of any type does one girl woman need!? And what’s the point of the beauty quiz can anybody tell me?? Thanks for the valuable info girls!!

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