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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Full Spoilers + 20% Off

The Spring 2021 Box from  CAUSEBOX is available now for $49.95 ($210 value!) and we have the full spoilers!

Into the spring of things. It’s heeeere. Introducing the Spring Box: a curation that has a little something for every budding warm-weather adventure. Up to a $325 value for just $49.95.

Use coupon code SPR20 to save 20% off your first box!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Annual subscribers get to customize their boxes.

The Spring box includes:

THIS WORKS Stress Check Sleep Spray

Put your stress and anxiety to bed. Made with 100% natural essential oils, spritz your pillow with this sleep spray and enjoy its naturally calming and relaxing effects. A $25 value

Choice #5:

Three Ships Lip Treatment Kit

Your lips deserve some love. This duo delivers with a yummy vanilla exfoliator to scrub away dull skin and a buttercream mask that hydrates and rejuvenates. A $30 value.


PUR Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray

Make that cat eye and contour last all day with this makeup setting spray. Enjoy an instant fresh-faced finish and protect your skin from environmental aggressors like damaging sun rays and blue light from your digital devices. A $24 value.


PROVINCE APOTHECARY Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask

Made with all-natural ingredients, this versatile vixen of a skincare product can be used in many different ways, leaving skin refreshed and rejuvenated. A $36 value.

Choice #4:

ADESSE NEW YORK Power Couple Nail Care Duo

This custom-for-CAUSEBOX dynamic duo will strengthen dry, brittle nails and keep your cuticles in tip top shape. A $36 value.


WYLD French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge

A powerful-yet-gentle exfoliating facial sponge made from renewable plant root and French pink clay. A $16.90 value.

Choice #3:

FEED PROJECTS Canvas Market Tote

With tons of handy pockets, compartments, and features both inside and out + made with 100% cotton canvas and brass/gold plated hardware, the Market Tote is your carryall for anything, anywhere. Even better, 3 meals are donated to children in need for every tote made for this partnership.

Annual Members choose from three colors: Glacial Gray, Coastal Stripe, or Sea Blue

Choice #2:

GLASS LADDER & CO. Katherine Tech Organizer Roll ($35 value)

Keep your essentials in place with this innovative tech roll. Glass Ladder & Co. creates beautiful designs that help young women feel confident and chic as the step into professional settings.


STOJO Collapsible 16 oz. Cup ($20 value)

As New York City dads, the founders of Stojo know a thing or two about living on the go (think strollers on the subway). This cup makes B.Y.O. way more convenient with its innovative collapsible design.


MAJI SPORTS Stretch & Exercise Bands (3 pack, $24.95 value)

Spice up that work(out)-from-home routine with resistance bands in three different resistance levels. Perfect for a morning stretch or afternoon sweat.


Choice #1:

NIMBLE CHAMP Lite Portable Charger ($49.95 value)

Power on the go. This portable charger will give you two full phone charges, fast. Nimble is making tech more sustainable with their eco-friendly materials and one-for-one tech recovery project.


PALM + PERKINS Set of 4 Upcycled Napkins ($38 value)

Complementary patterns in cool tones. Made from cotton scraps and upcycled plastic water bottles, these Palm + Perkins napkins are perfect for your next picnic or family dinner night.


DIFF EYEWEAR Finn Sea Tortoise Blue Light Glasses ($85 value)

This year in particular, we’ve spent a lot of time on our digital devices. These glasses block out blue light, helping prevent blurry vision, reduce risk of headaches, and improve sleep.


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Comments (49)

  1. I signed up for an annual membership at the end of last year and have been disappointed that I haven’t received any notice about when customizations open. So this will be the second box that I didn’t get to select any items of my own choosing. I was so excited about this but now I’m just mad that I spent money on what was supposed to be a me-splurge and instead is just a frustration.

  2. Still waiting on my box…..

  3. I just got my box today!

    – The FEED tote bag is less wide/smaller than I thought it would be, but it looks well made. It does smell a fair bit and is crumply, so I’m hoping some time airing out and not wadded up will fix that. I love the zillion pockets. I do wish the handles were real leather and not the fake plasticky stuff, but it does all look nice. I was waffling between the gorgeous sea blue and the coastal stripe, and eventually went with the stripe – glad I did, the patter really fits well with it.

    – The travel organizer looks nice as well. It’s not something I’d spend $30 on its own for, but it looks useful and should be nice organizing my tech for an upcoming airplane trip.

    – The glasses are way oversized and not a great style for me, so they aren’t something I’d wear much in public. But they do seem to work – they make my laptop screen a little less blue and easier on the eyes. I don’t think they are especially comfortable, though, so we’ll see if they work out long term. They were quite nicely packaged though in their own box.

    I haven’t tried out the sponge or lip treatment set. I’ll regift the “This works” since it has lavender, in it.

    The Feed tote was definitely the star of the bag for me, and I might try using it to sub-organize a larger tote I have. The tech organizer is useful. I’m unsure if I should have grabbed the glasses instead of an always-useful charger, but I’m eager to see if these work longterm. I don’t dislike any of the other filler items, either, so it’s overall a very practical bag which works out.

    My daughter was a little disappointed there was no coloring page in the info booklet this time around, though, as she had such fun with the last one!

  4. Anyone else feel like their communication and shipping dates gets worse and worse? I’ve had it for a few years now and now I have check daily to make selections when I guess it might be open and my box still hasn’t shipped out. I’ve been an annual for years and have had many people sign up too. Why am I getting my boxes after new subscribers and one off people?

    • I think so too. I’m an annual member, have since canceled but so far I’ve only received 1 box. I was supposed to get last Summer 2020 box, it never shipped, after about 2 months customer service replied that it would ship, never did, finally, they came back and said sorry it didn’t ship, they would add on to my subscription. I received the Fall 2020 box which was missing 2 items, no Winter box, nor did I receive my ad ons, again no replies from messages, and so far no Spring 2021 box and it is still showing as not having shipped. I had subscribed back when they first came out, they had shipping issues (supposedly) I give up on them sadly 🙁

  5. Just got mine today! Loving the glasses although my friend said they make look 15 years older but I think they are stylish. The bag is cute with tons of pockets but is a bit small. The foldable cup seems worthless and the other stuff is kinda crappy in my opinion. Not my favorite box hopefully the other products are better once you use them

  6. I’m an annual subscriber so why haven’t I been able to pick out my own boxes? I thought that was a perk with annual subscription. I just got a notifications that my box had been shipped (which by the way I did not even get that for the winter box) but I have not gotten a notice to pick my box. I was ok with the winter box I received but I see quite a few thing for spring I would not be happy with.
    Thank you

    • Same thing happened to me!

    • Hi Karen, yes you should be able to customize. I’ve found CB to be hit or miss with the notifications on when customization opens, so don’t rely on them to notify you. I either get several emails leading up to it or nothing. It helps to follow them on IG or FB, or watch this spoiler site, because then you will know when this window is open and can just sign onto your account and customize rather than following the link in an email. It’s usually about two weeks before the start of the quarter. This quarter’s customization was different. They released each category separately so you had to keep going to their site to customize. Super irritating. I hope this isn’t how they are going to do it in the future.

  7. Got my box today. Very impressed with the tote, compared to past box hero items this is one of the best thoughtfully designed and functional totes! Material feels high quality. So many pockets, a zip pocket and key clip – will make a great beach bag for me! Love coastal stripe colors.

    Chose the champ lite charger in yellow, I love how it is small and light to throw in purse everyday just in case. Only disappointment was charging wire was plain gray – doesn’t match the chargers spring color theme – I would have preferred white as I thought the whole point was they wanted to make tech less boring/masculine and easier to find in your bag.

    Also got the stojo cup, haven’t had a chance to test yet but the design is smart with an insulator sleeve that also acts to support the cup from collapsing and a reusable straw. Looks easy to take apart to clean as well.

    The province apothecary mask was great as a gentle exfoliator, it is mainly oat and bean flour with a bit of green tea and lavender. It is super gentle for sensitive skin and great clean ingredients. A little messy, so I use before shower.

    I got to try the WYLD sponge for first time, love it as a gentle daily exfoliator, feels so good! Such a treat and something I would never normally buy.

    Only item I won’t use is stress spray, I find
    essential oils irritating to inhale and have baby and pet who I don’t want exposed to this spray. May gift it to a friend.

    Overall one of the best boxes, 5 out of 6 were hits!

  8. Question for anyone who also received the tech bag in their box as I’m trying to determine if I got a dud or if they are all made this poorly, Wish I could attach a pic. The side pocket that snaps is a nice feature, except….The pieces of material that make up the compartments in the middle section of the bag are sewn underneath this pocket, so inside the pocket. They are not even sewn down, so they sort of stick up and catch on anything you are trying to take out of the snap pocket. Is anyone else’s this way also, or is mine a lemon? Thanks for replying

    • Mine is the same way.

  9. Got my box yesterday. These are some functional items but nothing really wows. Bag is nice but not as large as I thought it would be. All the pockets make it really functional. I chose the blue one. I picked the charger and was hoping for a cute colored one. Got the gray. It’s fine… I have it charging now to gauge it’s power. Tech case is a bust for me. Phone wont fit in there at all. The pocket on the side that snaps is a nice feature but this is so poorly made. I’ll talk about that in another post, not sure if I got a bad one or if they are all like this. Sleep spray, meh. Face mask, meh. Oh well the value is still probably there I just wouldn’t have purchased any of this stuff separately. Here’s hoping for an awesome summer box!

    • I was surprised at how small the bag is too. I was expecting an actual tote sized bag. This whole box was incredibly disappointing.

  10. When does this box ship out?

  11. Has anyone tried the Province Apothecary mask before? Could it possibly be worth $36? Wondering if I should give it a go…

  12. I’m an annual member so I’m picking the dark blue tote bag, lip kit duo, tech roll, portable charger, and the nail duo. I’m excited to get my box! I did watch a very detailed Youtube review from Meredith EatStretchExplore. ​She said the Feed Tote bags have to be spot treated for cleaning and are not machine washable. She recommended spraying them with water proof spray that you normally use to water proof your boots. This will allow the bag to stay as clean as possible. The GLASS LADDER & CO. Katherine Tech Organizer Roll is not big enough to fit most large cell phones. The NIMBLE CHAMP Lite Portable Charger will fit in the tech roll. She also said the Stojo cup will get stained and retain the flavor on the inside and to use it for one type of drink like just coffee or just tea. You can use white wine vinegar to clean it. She said if you have cats you should avoid lavender because it is toxic to them. For this reason I didn’t select the The PROVINCE APOTHECARY Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask. I’ll also be giving away the THIS WORKS Stress Check Sleep Spray because it is also made with lavender. My cat follows me everywhere. Every product I have gotten in my FabFitFun box for THIS WORKS has always made my skin itch. I have very sensitive skin and the lotion and pillow spray made me scratch my skin a lot. I have oil skin, so I’m not getting the PUR Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray because it is very shimmery and I don’t need to use any additional highlighter on my face. I have a large head so I’m not getting the DIFF EYEWEAR Finn Sea Tortoise Blue Light Glasses because plastic doesn’t normally adjust very much for large heads. I think the napkins would have been nice for outdoor activities like a picnic, beach outing, road trip, camping, backyard cookout, etc. If you’re focused on getting in shape the resistance bands would have been a nice choice as well.

    • Interesting that she said lavender was not safe for cats. Internet searches state that lavender is safe for cats and dogs and (more importantly) my vet confirmed this. I have two cats and I have diffused lavender and used the pillow spray with no issues. I would check with your vet to get their opinion is on what is best for your fur babies!

    • lavender is definitely not toxic for cats. my vet sells a calming spray with lavender in her office that is highly recommended.

  13. Meh. It’s not awful. I won’t skip because I want to get through my last 2 so I can cancel. I just find it a dull box.

  14. I skipped and I have no regrets

  15. Signed up as an annual member because they always curated quality, thoughtful products especially when stacked up to other subscription boxes I’d had for years.

    I have noticed, however, that Spring and Summer boxes across the board take a dive when it comes to taste, quality and/or practicality. Loving that this box is customizable, yet feel it’s very bare– almost too minimal.

    If you’re a keen eyed bargain procurer, you very well may already have most of these items. As buyers our needs and tastes change over time.

    Causebox seems to be forward thinking and it’d be wonderful if they could amp up their curations. Consider adding a lazy susan with a built in scale, convertible snuggies, eye masks with chamomile fragrance and bluetooth, eyeliner adhesive/self sticking lashes, etc.

    Though this box is not quite what I’d hoped for, I’m excited to see them insightfully progress in the immediate future!

    • I wouldn’t want any of the things on your wish list, and I love the curation of this season’s box.

      • I’m not sure if I’m reading the “eye masks with chamomile fragrance and Bluetooth” wrong? I don’t think I want my eye masks to have Bluetooth…

      • Agree. Everyone’s wish list is so different.

      • Yeah I don’t want *any* of the things on your wishlist. Like at all. And I’m super psyched by the totes, chargers, and ThisWorks spray in the spring box. Plus, I’m totally willing to give the sponge and lip duo a shot.

    • Actually the fall and winter boxes were much weaker than last years spring and summer causeboxes. I’m assuming your joking about your wishlist items.

  16. I have allergic reactions to fragrances. So this is out for me. I may give it to someone who needs it!
    To be honest I’m most excited about the napkins!

    • I’ll pass mine on as well as it has lavender. I don’t mind fragrance in general (so long as it isn’t musk heavy) but I’m allergic to lavender. I actually use a Margot Elena Lollia perfume, “At Last,” as my relaxing night time perfume and sometimes pillow spray.

  17. This is one of my favorite boxes. It feels very “spring,” and I always feel like their curations are thoughtful. I’m excited!

  18. I’m a dummy. I thought that photo of the totes, was all one tote. One with 3 handles. That’s what I get for not reading first. I’m staring at it like, how does that come in handy having 3 handles? 😂 anyone have spare coffee to wake me up?

    • LOL, now I can’t unsee it.

    • Ha ha ha… spider tote! 😉

    • Seriously can’t unsee it! Hilarious comment — thank you for that 🙂

    • Lol. I saw that too and thought wow, what an great bag with so many compartments 🤣🤣 I’ll take some of that coffee too!! I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🤣

  19. Yay! I have and use this spray so I’m glad it is the final product. I see a lot of people grousing that this box is “boring” but I am happy with my choices and will use every item. I think it’s a solid curation.

  20. I wish this shipped to the UK. Looks really good.

  21. I feel like causebox is only worth it for annual subscribers. If you are a person who can only afford $50 at a pop, this isn’t worth it at all, because the differences in the choices are so extreme. Like, I would love a charger, but blue light glasses would be useless for me, since I already wear glasses. The same is true for every choice category, except the bag: there is something that would be great, and something that would be a complete waste

    • I agree with you. I have one annual account, but sometimes I’ll order an intro box or just another box if I really like some of the stuff.

      The Winter 2020 intro box was $25 and I LOVE the bowls that were offered. We got some in a previous box, so I wanted to get a couple intro boxes just for those. I figured I’d role the dice on the other stuff because the bowls were a guarantee. I just got my two intro boxes and they are exactly the same and also both included S’well bottles. 🙃

      All I can say is that we will never, EVER be in need of a water bottle again. 😂 My goodness, they must have some kind of major commitment with S’well or they bought a TON a couple of years ago because they pop up in so many Causebox intro/welcome boxes.

      • YEA. QUIT WITH THE SWELL BOTTLES. They are really bad for beating a DEAD horse!!

      • I received another PMD…would have rather had the S’well.

    • Yea exactly. They will change this. I guarantee it. These boxes are starting to fizzle out. They will have to become more customizable for the future market. They need to drop it and do it now but I guess that’s something you plan for months. And they get to bang the last few bucks out of the people left willing to pay for it. Their greed is killing their name, though. We’ll see what happens.

    • It always depends! Take me for example I’ve been looking for a long time for a tote bag with plenty of pockets inside and outside of the bag. I found a few on Amazon that were ok, but all priced about $30-40. When I saw the spoiler for this bag it was perfect, and being that I was signing up for seasonal and got 20% off, my total was about $45. So for me this was the only way worth it. I’m getting a bag I truly want that meets all my needs, then a box full of extras for free.

    • Agree 100%. If you can’t customize it’s a total crap shoot.

  22. Aww, it’s the one with lavender. I’m sort of meh on this box, but I guess it’s ok. I’m wondering if I should change my tote to the stripes as I already have a large dark blue bag I use a lot.

  23. I half blindly skipped this box (thanks to the 3-week long spoiler release schedule), but I’m debating whether to un-skip so I can be done. Somehow I feel that the future spring intro box will be better than this box.

    • I didn’t realize you could skip a box. Too late for this box as it needed to be done by the 1st, but I’ll know for the future, thank you.

    • YEs thank you.. no idea I could skip a box. I like this box… but I would have skipped the previous. Agree with all comments on getting the annual subscription in order to customize. I would have been mad to get the glasses (when I wear prescriptions), a collapsible mug and exercise bands! Totally useless!

    • You can skip a box, but you can’t “replace” it with an intro box unfortunately. I didn’t like the winter core box. Anxious to get to the end of my subscription, I asked if I could get the intro box instead. No luck. Didn’t want to spend more money on Causebox.

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