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Birchbox April 2021 Sample Selection Time

ByMSAMar 26, 2021 | 70 comments

3.7 overall rating
660 Ratings | 191 Reviews

We have spoilers for the April 2021 Birchbox! Selection is open now for Aces! Selection will be open for all subscribers tomorrow.

If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox sample choice, each month subscribers get to pick one of the samples in their box, pick a completely revealed curated box for that month, or swap it. (Alternatively, you can pick nothing and get a complete surprise.) FYI – this month there aren’t curated boxes. You can pick a sample or swap for a starter kit.

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Here are the sample choice options:

  • Re.Fil Beauty Balm – Light Green
  • Re.Fil Beauty Balm – Peach
  • Re.Fil Beauty Balm – Dark Green
Good for your skin, good for the planet. We created Re.fil to make incorporating sustainable practices into your routine as simple as possible. Re.fil reimagines your daily staples, with clean, vegan, and refillable solutions. Available exclusively on

This month you have the option to swap your box for:

Myro Deodorant Starter Kit – Solar Flare

Effective, plant-powered deodorant that makes doing good as easy as smelling good. This starter kit includes 1 scented deodorant pod, loaded in a refillable, and a display-worthy case.

Or, Swap for points:

What do you think of the spoilers for the April 2021 Birchbox? Are you going to pick a sample or the box?

Birchbox is $15 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Birchbox ($15 per month) was one of the very first beauty subscription boxes—we’ve been reviewing it since 2012! Each month, subscribers get a new mix of 5 beauty samples, such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance items. Birchbox lets you choose whether you’d like a box of items picked just... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Tina Ames

I just received my box today and I wanted to let you all know that your bag will not match your refill balm, I choose the dark green balm and got the yellow bag….I did call them to ask them about it, and they said that the bag could be a different color then the balm…..I know a lot of us was thinking the bag and balm would be the same colors but that is not the case…..To me it is not a big deal, but it might be too some of you….Birchbox did apologies for the confusion, and said in the future they would make things more clearer.


Okay, I’m still confused. Not complaining, just confused. Got my box today and there was the Stasher with a matching Re•fil inside, then my five items.. which include the exact same matching Re•fil. Is this what we are all supposed to get? Or did I just get gifted an extra Re•fil?? Anyone else?


I got my bag today and just one re-fil. My guess is you got an extra… enjoy! 😊


I will admit that I know nothing about these Stasher bags other than what I have read here. I will Google it to learn more. However, I, like a number of others, am kind of bummed about this month. I have 2 subs. On one I swapped for points – like someone else said, I can save them and then take advantage of some Black Friday and/or holiday sales or use them if a really cool discovery kit comes out. On the other one I chose one of the balms. I found it very disappointing that one of the “boxes” is just a deodorant. We used to have the choice between: do nothing and let BB choose all of our samples, choose one sample and let them choose the rest, a clean beauty curated box, another curated box, choose a single more expensive item, or swap for points. This month there really wasn’t a choice. I’ve been with BB since 2013, but I might have to quit if they keep going downhill. My last box included an item that has been discontinued from the store! They constantly d/c things, and their sale page is the same month after month after month. Plus they don’t offer nearly as many discovery kits as they used to. I guess the bloom is off the rose.

Kelly Uhland

I don’t see an option anywhere about these stashed bags. What am I missing?? I just have the curated box with the deodorant or the 3 samples with the beauty balm. So disappointed


Every subscriber gets a stasher bag in April.


I’m surprised that everyone is unhappy about the April box. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this month since it was announced! I would much rather have a stasher bag instead of another cardboard box. I had bought a stasher bag for myself and then left it at an Airbnb and was so disappointed. I only used it once for storing cut up veggies in the fridge but I plan to get more use out of the new one. I would have liked to pick more of the other items that will come in it but I’m ok with getting the lip balm and 4 surprise things this month.


Okay, at least I’m not the only one nonplussed by this. I left BB years ago as it was going downhill. I did a three month trial sub just recently because it seemed they had made a lot of good changes, including clean beauty boxes. But now I’m not an ace and haven’t been able to snag a clean beauty swap at all. Instead I get this month with a choice of packaging color or else a tomato red deodorant. What the?? Thought maybe I was missing something but from the comments here it seems like I’m not the only one feeling kinda duped by BB this month.


I will be swapping for points this month. I am trying to save the points to use during their Christmas sales.

Tracy D

Birchbox is under $15 a month.
It’s totally worth it, you’ll really never have to buy makeup and you will find some great products that you never knew about.
I’ve been getting my Birchbox every month for years. If there’s ever a problem, they are really accommodating and they get back with you fast.
I get an ipsy bag too but omg, Ipsy is so hard to try and get in touch with. You have to thru Instagram 🙄 it’s ridiculous ipsy does that.
Birchbox is my fav and totally worth it.


Birchbox doesn’t send much makeup. They mostly send skin and hair items, at least to me. That’s why I call them Bhairchbox. ipsy sends makeup.


Bhairchbox, LOL. It’s true! Last month I didn’t receive a single makeup item in my box. If the trend continues, I’m discontinuing. I don’t want more skincare or haircare products.

Danette Garcia

I really thought it would be three different choices to choose from but I did choose the pink one and the curated box didn’t interest me but I’m excited to see what they choose for me


I may be dumb, but what is a stasher bag?


It’s like a reusable ziplock bag, only you can microwave it, too. So it will keep sandwiches or leftovers fresh, but you can also reheat things or drop in a bit of water and bitter to steam some veggies in the microwave. The idea is to use less disposable bags.


An overpriced and ugly piece of silicon. Stasher is a brand, so if you google the term, you’ll get to the Stasher website and see examples.

Ragan Buckley

It doesn’t seem sanitary to me to have a stick product that you can use a whole bunch of different places. Like I don’t want to use lip balm on my eyebrows and then back on my lips.

Every now and then I think “I kind of miss Birchbox” (I quit back when they stopped giving points for all your reviews so it’s been a few years) and then I see a preview like this and any temptation I may have had is gone. (I don’t do natural deodorant either. Essential oils anywhere near my armpits is just a recipe for a bad, bad rash.)


If you’re clean, what difference does it make? I wash my eyebrows and the skin underneath them.

Ragan Buckley

As one example, you can give yourself conjunctivitis if it gets too close to your eye, or if you use something on your mouth, then your eyebrow, then rub your eye without thinking. The native bacterial population of your mouth (and lip products *can* touch the inside of your mouth) is very different from that on other parts of your face. It doesn’t matter how “clean” you are or that it’s your own product (i.e. not shared with someone else).

Some ingredients (this is more true of pigments than anything else, so it may not apply here, but is a good general caution) may be unsafe for ingestion (i.e. use on lips) or unsafe for the eyes and this is not always well marked on packaging.

Here is a link from the FDA with a bit more (including “you may be exposing your eyes to contamination from your mouth”):


I don’t have a problem with using the same stick on my lips and my eyebrows. If we were talking lips and feminine hygiene, that’s a whole different story. Question to the group- if I want to use code DOUBLEFUN and be sure I get the April box, should I wait until 4/1 to subscribe?

Cheryl Zaccone

Same here once the points stopped I stopped.


I’m surprised there are so many negative comments about the April Birchbox. I am really excited about getting a Stasher Bag – those cost about $12 alone. And I’m a lip and body balm fanatic, so I’m quite happy so far, with 4 additional unknown products to come! I got my annual sub on sale and only paid $8 per box.


Is there a way to skip? I don’t see anywhere on my account page to do that, but I may be overlooking it. Thanks!


You can’t skip months with Birchbox but you can swap for points to use towards a purchase in their store. This is their version of “skipping”. If you don’t want to pay and you’re month by month with them, I would just cancel and resubscribe!


This is a problem Birchbox. Why would anyone trade a box of 5 products for a box with ONE product? And it’s a stupid deodorant. That should be a free add on to a box of five items! I probably won’t renew either at the end of the year.


I’m not thrilled with them lately either. And these spoilers – ugh. I agree that swapping for a deodorant is not acceptable, especially when the “choice” this month is among three of the same product! Also, when you swap for points, you don’t get much value in the shop. I think it’s about $1 worth, correct me if I’m wrong. I think I’ll like the bag, though. We’ll see what else they send.


When I swap for points, I get the equivalent of $14 worth ( I paid about $100 for a year’s subscription so I actually get MORE than what I paid for the box). That got me to ACE last year, so now I can just use the points to buy what I want and get free shipping.


Been strongly considering cancelling, and I think this just clinched it for me. Excited for the stasher bag, though.


At the bottom of birchbox home page is a picture of a curated bag,with 5 items,withe the tiny ilp balm,


I like that curation!


I just had to laugh at the description of the deodorant : “display worthy case”! It’s a deodorant not an art installation!

Tina Ames

Wow this is so bad this month, I did not think they could get any worse, but they did…..Like most say if there is only one product why are you giving us a choice…..I think I will skip this month, I do not like the choice product at all, and if I say surprise me I will just receive it anyways.


Oh my goodness people. This was genius marketing on their part. They’re giving you a sample of their new brand with one of the most sought after bags, the stasher. There’s going to be tons more subscribers just for this bag alone so they made it simple and just included one option. Smart smart smart!


Yep I canceled BB Last October, been with them since Jan 2011…I just resubscribed for that stasher bag. Can’t believe I gave in…


So much for claiming that they always offer a choice of a clean *box*. Pants on fire.

Swapping for points. I don’t see the appeal of a plasticky-looking bag.


Yup, I was planning to choose the clean beauty option this month. Disappointed.


The stashers are great as reuseable ziplock type bags. You can also microwave foods in them/steam veggies, wash them in the dishwasher, etc. The basic idea is sustainability – you can use the bag over and over to store food and keep snacks fresh, rather than buying tons of disposable bags.

That said, I’ve only used my stasher a few times in the year+ I’ve owned it, so it hasn’t saved many bags yet.


I’m really confused by these. I went on the website too to make sure I wasn’t missing anythang. Is the only difference the color of the packaging between the 3? It seemed the ingredients were the same and I couldn’t find any scent info so is it just the packaging color we’re choosing. Then they will match the stasher bag to it. Big eye roll. Bahahahaha


And these are samples, smaller sizes. The big one you pick is the full size


Horrible. I am canceling my subscription ASAP. Why do they keep pushing these so-called “innovative” brands on us, that are of NO value? At least in my opinion; I know others feel differently.

If you want to keep your customer base, do it by supporting our needs!

There is so much focus on promoting companies that cater to this or that, or support this or that cause, that WE (the customer) get lost in the shuffle. I don’t give a fig whether a woman or alien runs the company…if it is reusable and/or can be recycled…I want products that I can use and benefit from.

Quit succumbing to all this hype and return to your initial mission…to provide original products that are of quality and value. When politics start playing a role in the choices I am given — I am OUT.

Tracy D

Really? 🙄


Even with a Stasher bag, that my daughter would like, I’m mystified by these choices.I don’t get it. But if my kiddo can get excited about these bags, maybe she can love the balm (refillable?) as well I suppose. Just wish there had been one more option.


I like the theme of April with Stasher bag and refillable products (earth day theme?). However, where are the curated boxes? And full-size swap item is a product of $12 which is lower than the cost of monthly sub price… They didn’t offer us full-size swap option for February. Are they falling apart?


This is just terrible. When they increased the price, they promised more choices. I don’t see more choices here. This is so sad.


Birchbox has gone soooo far downhill. I’ve been with them for years, but my annual subscription is up this month and I am so done with them.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.