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Allure Beauty Box March 2021 Available Now + Full Spoilers

The March 2021 Allure Beauty Box is available to order now!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The March Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk & Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Laritzy Lip Gloss in Vibe OR Pixi LipGlow in Ruby
  • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream OR Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Rodial Glamolash XXL Mascara (Full Size) OR Nuria Triple Action Eye Cream (Full Size) OR Mudmasky Eye Mask (Full Size)

UPDATE – Here is the breakdown of the March boxes.

New members signing up for the first time will receive:

  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Laritzy Lip Gloss in Vibe
  • Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL (Full Size)
  • Clarins Total Eye Lift **New Member Gift

Current members will receive one of the following boxes:

  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Pixi LipGlow in Ruby or Laritzy Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Vibe (full size)
  • Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Nuria Triple Action Eye Cream (Full Size)


  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Pixi LipGlow in Ruby (Full Size)
  • AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream
  • Mudmasky Eye Mask (Full Size) or Nuria Triple Action Eye Cream (Full Size)

*FYI – The variation depends on your member history – Subscribers will not receive the same product more than once.

If you sign up now, you’ll receive a new member gift:

  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (91)

  1. I really like the colors of the Eyeko shadow stick, but it seems to have no staying power. I tested it on my arm and gave it time to set, but it just wiped right off.

    • Oh yeah. I used the lighter color all over my lid and the darker color as a liner and ended up with major raccoon eyes! I spent the rest of the day constantly wiping away the color from underneath my eyes. I like the colors so I’ll keep experimenting with it – maybe it’ll stick better with a primer – but definitely not using that dark brown as a liner again.

  2. I got my box 8 days ago.
    Does MSA still review boxes?

    • I don’t review this box, but mine only shipped like yesterday and I won’t see it for awhile yet. I don’t think this box sends all theirs out at the same time.

  3. I guess I got lucky, I absolutely LOVED my box. I got a different version than the one shown above. I feel happy and money well spent.

  4. I don’t know where to post this, but has anyone gotten their mani me nails from a few boxes ago. their app will not load on my phone and I have been trying to send photos for them to upload via email, but they keep telling me they are not clear. I know they are trying to be helpful, but I literally cannot make them any better than i am sending them. I would like to contact allure via email just to note that hey- this app may not work for everyone so you may actually never get to use the coupon from allure to try these out.

    • I, too, have been unsuccessful.

    • I got the manime nails in the mail last week after some delays from a large number of orders, presumably from allure subscribers. They were actually great by sending emails apologizing about the delay and even gave a $10 discount off my next order. I haven’t actually used the nails yet but am planning to soon.

    • I redeemed my ManiMe Allure code on the website in February vs. using the app with no issues. I received my order within 2 weeks and I have ordered another set using the $10.00 voucher the company sent. The following link is for the page with Allure options:

    • I just got mine last week. Is there anyone that has a different phone that can take the photos for you? Also, the way my hands are shaped (think long alien fingers) I had a hard time taking a good photo…

    • I did get mine eventually, I had to resubmit my photos once. They told me I could send the images via email because I found the app tedious and cumbersome (I never shop for anything on a phone) although I ended up resubmitting them in the app. I have no idea what they didn’t like about my first set of images either.

  5. Got my box today, Amazon version.

    I take back some of what I said about the eyeshadow stick. The “Dawn” side is a bit shimmery, so not so bad. Also comes with official Eyeoko sharpener.

  6. I am glad I prepaid before the price increase. None of these boxes have been worth the increase. If it was $18 I would think the value is there. I highly doubt I will be renewing after my year is up.

  7. I don’t understand why they don’t listen to their customers I used to love allure and they have been going down hill since the price increase and the boxes are just not adding up after my annual membership is over I’m definitely going to cancel unless the box improves big-time because I feel like they have been on a huge decline Whatever word is opposite of improvement is the way I feel that they’ve been going do better allure it seems like they r just putting left overs in their box i’m honestly scared to skip a month because I feel like if I skip too many months and they go bankrupt I will lose all my money that I paid for the annual membership because they been doing so horrible I wouldn’t be surprised if the company closed

  8. I’ve been asking myself if the quality of the boxes has truly gone down or if our expectations are simply higher because of the price increase and promise of a box upgrade.

    I do feel like we’re not receiving many fun and exciting brands. But the quality of the boxes is subjective – up to a point.

    I thought Allure guaranteed us one more product each month now with the “upgrade”. But I went back through the 2020 inserts and found that we used to receive more items per month than we do now. We usually got a mask as the 6th item, but most of the time we got a small sponsored 7th item.

    Now we don’t ever get more than 6 items. And that utterly disappointing December box only had 5 items plus a sponsored item. (They ended up having to throw something extra in last minute to uphold their promise after we voiced our displeasure.)

    So…what it looks like to me is that for the price increase, in addition to getting disappointing items, we are also getting fewer items. If there is not a drastic change (unlikely) there is no way I’m renewing after my yearly expires.

    • All these variables!!! WHY!! I always get the one i DONT WANT! If I get the BUM BUM and the pixi and mud masky I’ll be happy as I DO like 911 skin. I can gift the pencil I have a friend who needs to replace makeup she got evicted. Oh well I just feel for the price increase this box is not worth it this is still a $17.00 box NOT $26.00 ! Not even close

    • No, they have went downhill. You are paying a higher price (unless you locked in the discount) for the same kind of boxes they were sending out prior to the change.

  9. I called the other day when spoilers first came out and skipped it’s easy.

  10. Or.. or…or.

    Good God, if you’re going to that, just go full Ipsy already!!

  11. Yikes! Couldn’t skip fast enough.

  12. Glad I skipped. Nothing really interests me about this one. It didn’t get suddenly compelling with the last spoilers.

  13. Hard pass. This box sucks. Glad I can skip easily through amazing

    • Took me a minute on the phone this afternoon. The customer service rep did ask why, since it seems like a lot of people are skipping.

  14. Not super jazzed about this box either, but shoutout to Allure customer service for always being SUPER nice on the phone! This box inspired me to cancel but their rep was super duper sweet and it felt great to be able to cancel without a hard sell or anything. It’s so refreshing!

  15. I canceled once they raised the price. So far it’s been a great decision. ..

  16. I love that mascara but it just doesn’t carry the box for me. I’m calling to skip.

    • It’s too late to skip now

      • You usually have until the 3rd of the Month to skip it.

      • Not too late! I called this afternoon with no issues. She said tell me I was just in time because they start charging in two days.

      • You have until the 3rd of the month to skip. I was specifically told this by a CS agent. My understanding is they can take a day or two to process an email, so I would suggest a phone call when getting close to the 3rd.

  17. I would skip, but I’m only not since I truly believe Allure is going out of business soon and I figure I’ll get what I’ve already paid for rather than lose out on money. I will add, that I haven’t like any box since October. FFF has gone downhill as well. I am done with subscription boxes once my last two subscriptions run out. I pretty much hand my Allure boxes to my niece. If I add up what I pay for a year for FFF and Allure, I could buy some really nice and pricey makeup! 🤗 I am over subscriptions and feel like they prove that phrase…”If somethings too good to be true, it usually is.”

    • 6 more months with March. I mean, I guess this box is worth the old rate I paid for my yearly. I am afraid to skip a month because I am afraid the following months will be worse😬. I hadn’t thought about them going bankrupt. Just waiting for this train wreck to end….

      • Or they’re getting out of it and are trying to clear their warehouse.

    • It truly feels that way, doesn’t it? I’ve suspected this since the price increase, hoping to be wrong, but something’s not right there. The more expensive boxes just don’t feel that much different than the ones at the old price point, and now they’re putting items that have appeared in the cheaper boxes in the more expensive boxes. I paid for the yearly subscription back in September even though it seemed like they were trying to get enough people to pay cash up front to stay afloat. I thought that because they’re owned by Condé Nast they might be safer than other boxes, but now I’m not so sure. I’m just hoping to get a few more months out of them. Even if they make it to September, I’m definitely not renewing unless they drastically change their boxes. That said, this isn’t a super terrible box; it’s just not exciting. Allure has been good about not sending repeats so I feel fairly confident about what I’m getting. I’ll use all of it except for that bright lipstick, but that’ll go to a friend who pulls off those colors really well.

      • I have ALWAYS got repeats with them if you have stayed longer than a year. ..same self tanner stuff, same brand and everything, same sheet masks just one would be aloe, the other vicitan c or whatever….among many more …I cancelled after 7 years when the price increased

    • Gracie, I feel the same. I now know exactly what I like after having tried so many products through subscriptions. I have three annuals that I’ll let expire. I just paused two others and I’m going to cancel those and a third. I’m done.

    • I kind of suspect the same, sudden spice hike with no actual value increase as they promised. They are not seriously thinking they can compete with other subscriptions with this quality, aren’t they? They just want to take as much money they got so far and just….go bankrupt. I am an annual subscriber and I still have 10 months to go, I’d skip but I just want to get over with this crap and move onto the other. I am not sure if they last until I finish a year subscription especially if I had to skip this often lately.

      • If you keep skipping and they go bankrupt, you do not get your money back or anymore boxes. No matter if you dispute it or not. I’ve subbed to quite a few boxes that have just up and disappeared and took peoples money and that was it….one even would do that and start up under a different name, go for a bit and then take peoples money and run again….so really keep that in mind if you skip too much

      • Subscription boxes are not profitable for any company (with a rare exception), they come with a lot more customer service issues and logistic nightmares. In addition, allure, which is not a makeup company has to make deals with other companies with the promise of “if you give us a free product, we will send customers directly to you” but that didn’t always turn out so a lot of companies don’t want to provide that many freebies anymore.

        Allure thought the plastic makeup bags would pull people in but they didn’t and that stopped after what, 6 months? After the bags, they did a price increase with a promise of full products but they can’t deliver on that either because the cosmetic companies don’t want to play ball with the exception of the really big companies or the newer companies with a lot of financial backing.

        There are big popular companies in the makeup world that want nothing to do with subscription boxes and there is a reason for it!

  18. Anyone have the phone number handy to skip? Thanks.

    • If you login into your account their is a phone symbol near the top and you can click on it and it will connect you if you do it from your phone. Just called to skip myself for the first time ever and I’ve had allure for years. It was easy peasy.

      • I used the wrong form of there and I am now mortified.

      • Props for admitting the mistake! 😀

  19. I skipped this month. Feb was awesome, so I’m not cancelling just yet, but there’s just nothing in this March one I really want or need. Maybe the Ahava hand cream or another bum bum cream would be cool, but if it’s the only thing I want, it’s not worth$23.

    Maybe enough people will skip that they’ll avoid 111Skin being the hero product in future? Or at least ensure the company is giving them the genuine product and not a self-knock off in their own packaging?

  20. Wow. This is an awful selection.

  21. Is it too late to skip? :/

    • No I think you can skip until the third. I just called about an hour ago and skipped.

    • I was told by a CS rep that you had to call by the 3rd to skip for that month. I suggest calling in case they can’t get to an email by the 3rd.

      • Their website says end of month “The request must be processed before the end of the previous month.(To skip November’s box, members need to contact Customer Care before the last day of October.) ”
        How is everyone still skipping?

  22. I decided to skip last week before the full spoilers came and boy am I glad that I did. my first time skipping this box but if they don’t step it up it won’t be my last.

    • Girl saaaame. Never skipped before but called after the Laritzy spoiler to skip March. Allure has definitely been going down hill, especially since the price is (and therefore expectations are) higher, and I’m definitely worried they’re gonna go out of business before I get my money’s worth.

  23. I skipped this month because I do not like the repeats of the Laritzy & Rodial Mascara and I kept hearing that 111 was made in China and also did not live up to the inflated value.

  24. I’ve tried the Rodial mascara – it’s not good.

  25. Called to skip this box. It’ll be my first time skipping since I joined Allure June 2020. It doesnt look like a bad box, I just couldnt get excited by it. I have so much stuff these days so unless something is thrilling to me, I need to pass.

  26. I agree this box is not good and this is the first time I skipped.

    All I can think of, is they banked on 111Skin carrying them with this box since this serum is like $155. However, they didn’t realize that WE ALL know this isn’t the $155 version, made in the UK. Anyone who gets sub boxes knows that for subscription boxes 111Skin sends products that are made in China with subpar ingredients. It baffles me they think they can claim $155 when it’s really just a dollar store products.

    • Agreed. I don’t know why they think that people won’t research or discuss online.

  27. Heavens no.

  28. Horrible box IMO And it reminds me of ipsy years and years ago when every single one of their bags had eyeco and laritzy. I could not give those crappy cheap products away!! Allure has gone downhill and I’m amazed that they raised their price! Their boxes used to be better but now that they are putting unheard of brands and especially cheap crappy brands, they won’t last much longer

  29. Awful box. I skipped it too. I skip more than I let through these days….allure why have you gone downhill?

  30. Ipsy is laughing all the way to the bank. No competition here.

  31. Ahh! Am I the only weirdo who loves this box? I want all the variations except the mascara(I have way too many right now). Can’t wait for the serum and the eyeshadow stick is perfect for my makeup bag.

    • It looks like it!

    • I love this box! I guess we’re the only ones lol

  32. The Amazon variation is Mudmasky, Ahava and Pixie. I guess Mudmasky is different than whatever they sent before.

    • The Mudmasky product this month is a serum infused eye mask (in a tube, not a single use type of item). The Decmeber item was a nourishing cream mask for face. It sounds interesting. I like the face mask we got from this brand so I hope I get the eye serum from them.

      • You get the Mudmasky Eye Serum (full size), Pixi Lip Glow in Ruby (full size) and Ahava Mineral Hand Cream with Amazon. If you subscribe through Allure Beauty box directly, you will be getting Rodial Mascara (full size), Laritzy lip gloss (full size and Bum Bum Cream,

        The 111skin (full size), eyeko shaodw stick (full size) and B.Glen clay wash cleanser are the same for both.

      • Emily, that can’t be true since they guarantee that current Allure subscribers will not get repeats. I have personally received the Laritzy lip gloss (same shade) and bum bum lotion. I skipped the month of the rodial mascara. If I get a repeat then I am calling to complain.

      • Allure has each of the through Allure boxes mapped on their allure site. It looks like new subscribers will get rodial mascara, Laritzy lip, and sum bum. Existing customers will be based upon history but rodial mascara is only for new subscribers.

    • Oh well I got two of the three I wanted I really wanted Bum Bum cream!! But ahava is good too! Bum bum is my favorite smell in the world I have the perfume but I got the giant size jar for Christmas 🙂

  33. Looks like a lot of repeats. Mascara, Mudmasky, Laritzy. Easy pass

    • The Laritzy is a different color and the Mudmasky we received a few months ago was the Leave Me On Winter Mask (which was amazing btw). This Mudmasky is an eye mask.

      • This exact Laritzy in color Vibe was in May 19 Allure box. We also had that Nuria eye cream.

    • The RV of the Mudmasky eye creme is $57. I’m pretty happy with the Amazon version. I won’t use the Pixi, but probably wouldn’t have used the Laritzy either. But like a lot of other subscribers, I just HATE variations, and wish Allure would stop doing them!

  34. As I have gotten almost everything from them before except the two new items, I’m going to be looking at experation dates on everything !! This month is just wrong.

  35. I was optimistic and have loved, and been surprised by the new Allure boxes. This really does look terrible. At least I hope I get the Bum Bum. That is my favorite.

  36. Ugh, this is pretty bad imo. Allure really has steadily gone down hill since the price increase.

  37. I skipped this box. I’m an annual member, and I think the old boxes were better. Bring on the skincare, or even quality makeup, but not this!

  38. What a joke! I’m so glad I skipped a week ago. Aren’t most of the variations repeats?

    • There are a lot of retreads.

      I also wish that Allure had been more transparent EVERYWHERE about all the possible variations. The unboxing video mentions everything, along with teasing an Akar serum for April.

      I’ve been with Allure long enough that I have gotten pretty much everything except the Mudmasky, that specific 111 product, and the Pixi lip. I got a jar of 111’s standard face cream in an Ipsy bag a while back and it was okay, but not exceptional.

  39. I am glad I skipped this month. The amazon version is much better. Pixi glow and mudmasky eye serum instead of the mascara.

  40. I don’t love this month. That rodial mascara is terrible

    • Rodail is one of the worst cosmetic brands in any type of product I threw out two other things I got from them in other boxes cause they smelled SPOILED

  41. Easy pass. They need some new release items not the same stuff over and over. I’ve only got January in the last 9 months. So glad I didn’t do the yearly signup. So disappointing.

  42. Glad I skipped too. This is horrible. 111 Skin products are questionable at best. Mascara counting as full size is underwhelming when there are only 3 full size products…and another is a full size stick…yay…ugh. They have to do better. It simply isn’t even close to being worth the money when you can get 5 full size products in so many other boxes for only $2 more.

  43. Glad I decided to skip this month, and so glad Allure offers that as an option (and makes it easy to do). I do kinda miss the “old” Allure boxes; I still feel like overall the boxes were better before the price increase . Once my annual (that I had locked in at the $13.75/box price) is done, I will not be renewing (and I suspect many others won’t either).

    • Unless they really up their game, I won’t be renewing either, which is sad.

    • I renewed my Allure annual subscription at the old price as well. Allure used to be one of several boxes I received and I always enjoyed them, especially around the holidays when the value seemed to me to go up. I’ve not been fond of any of the boxes, gave away the entire box of “goodies” they sent for renewing, and am now wondering how the heck I can skip boxes. Can you please let me know who and how to call to ask to skip this month?

      • Customer service: 1-800-274-1603
        Monday-Friday 7AM-11PM CST; Saturday & Sunday 8AM-6PM CST
        You will be routed to the first available representative. They can take care of it.

    • Not renewing.

  44. The only thing I would have liked is the gift for new members only. Glad I skipped March. Allure’s customer service replied to my email in less than 24hrs, very efficient.

  45. This is terrible.

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