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Universal Standard Mystery Boxes Available Now!

ByMSAFeb 10, 2021 | 60 comments


Universal Standard has new mystery boxes available now! Mystery Boxes will be available through 2/17.

Pick from 11 limited edition 3-piece Mystery Boxes starting at just $55 (but valued up to $708)! Each box is personally curated with a selection of best sellers & never-before-seen exclusives! This year is so good, you can only have 3. It’s only fair.

The Box: Universal Standard Mystery Box

The Cost: $55-$198

The Products: Up to a $708 value depending on which box you pick, the mystery box will include three mystery items in the category and size of your choice. (Available in Tops, Athleisure, Lounge, Petites, Classic, Dresses, Bottoms, Polished, Premier, Luxe, or Surprise box.)

Here’s a look at all the Mystery Box options:

Are you going to grab a mystery box? Want to see it reviewed?

Check out our review of a previous Luxe Essentials box and our review of the Surprise Box to see what kind of items you can expect.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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This was my first time buying US and my first mystery boxes. I was pretty pleased. I got a dresses box, a lounge box, and a surprise box.

1) short sleeve crew foundation tee – gray

2) long sleeve v foundation tee – navy

3) US logo Fiona side split sweatshirt – black

4) Hathaway joggers – black

5) Geneva Dress long sleeve v – berry

6) Hannah Denim dress – dark indigo

7) Misa Dress – red

8) Nora Cross front romper – cerulean

9) Josie puffer coat – black

I’m overall very pleased. I need to try everything on, but the fabrics on a few of these things (tees, romper, joggers) feel absolutely amazing and the remainder feel good quality and sturdy. I probably wouldn’t have chosen the Misa because the waist tie is just odd, lol and I probably would have picked the Geneva in short sleeve crew, but as long as everything fits I’ll keep and wear it all. A few really nice surprises and I can’t wait to get those joggers and tees on!

Will definitely do this next year.


I ordered Luxe outfitting and tops box. I received both today.
Wheaton sweater dress
Cambria jumpsuit
Leeron moto jacket

LS Teerex in black cherry
Ashley in teal
Avro cupro mix tee in olive

Ordered 2/9 I’ve been purchasing US since 2015 and I’m happy with my boxes. Last time my boxes weren’t too great so I feel really lucky with my items


Just got my Surprise Box and Tops Box and got 5 tees and one Turtleneck.

1). V Rex – Navy
2). Genevette Crew – Slate
3). Foundation Crew – Navy
4). Avro Cupro – Black
5). Foundation turtleneck – Navy
6). Maia Stovepipe in Red Dahlia

So lots of Navy. Would have loved a pant in the Surprise me….but I needed tees. Hope I can put them to good use. Is $22 for a tee a good price?


That’s a great luxe box


Those both seem like great boxes! You got the coveted leather jacket!


Shipping notifications are going out!


Got an email, that there’s no limit to the number of boxes now.

Must have a LOT of inventory to move!

Thanks for the discount code…


I bought a mystery box this year for the first time, and I’m getting an email like, every day reminding me I can buy two more. I bought one, OK? That’s what I wanted! I unsubscribed. Annoying.


Just remember that’s the way that also send out surprise gift cards and deals


Haha, I’ve been getting those emails every day too, plus texts. It’s a bit annoying. Laura Geller does that too – I bought a couple mystery boxes last year (liked them, though there were repeats between them so I wouldn’t get more for a while) and another order, and I’ve been getting soooo many emails and text alerts since that it’s actually backfired and I ignore or delete them now.

Admittedly, I’m tempted to get another box since I only got the tops, but do I need two reminders every single day? I want to see if I like the Tops box before I will risk a more expensive one in a future sale.


I bought the maximum 3 and keep getting mystery box promotional emails.

Like, aren’t y’all going to cancel them if I buy more?
Make up your minds!


Just got an email that they didn’t receive the answers to my survey so I had to redo it. Did that happen to anyone else?


I got the notice about the survey a day after I got notice that my order had shipped. I wrote them immediately just in case. That was yesterday, the order arrived today, all opposite of my survey. Wrote them again. Will let this group know the result of that.


US let me know that it was final sale, no refunds, no exchanges. I’m not surprised because I knew that going in, but I am disappointed and have everything I received up for swap: V-Rex t-shirt, Geneva dress, Royal-23″ leggings.


Me too, and they sent a 15% off code with it! 🙂 I just redid the survey and used the opportunity to change an answer.


Yes I got the same email. Just did the survey again.


Oh wow. I did it. I bought a surprise me and a classic. I hope I can wear something that comes. I hope I like at least some of it. What a pricey gamble. But their clothes are good quality and staples so money well spent, right? Right?
So nervous. I can’t remember the last time I bought clothing that wasn’t socks or undies. lol


Ugh, I’m trying to resist. I’m mostly working from home and I already have too many clothes, but I love US. I have had some quality issues with a few of their items, but I love the style so much and their jeans are top-notch.


I got an amazing mystery box last year. I think I had ordered the “Classic Box”. I received a jacket,dress,sweater and jeans. If you like US you will love this mystery box.


This is my first time to try Universal Standard. I am glad to read so many positive comments about the Mystery Boxes. I just ordered the tops box and the classic outfitters box. Excited to see what I get!

Wenyan Yuan

Hi, I am normally a size 6/M for top, size 4 for bottoms. I am between 4 and 6, never an 8. Should I pick 3XS as my size?

Thank you!


Hi, Anna and Maria, thank you for the very helpful replies!


I am the same size and a 3XS is perfect for me in this brand.


I’d probably go with the 3XS but if you buy the outfitting boxes you can put different tops and bottom sizes if needed.


Rolling the dice on a Surprise Me box, crossing my fingers for good stuff & no Rodartes or culottes! Oh & the code wardrobe_oxygen10 worked for me for 10% off.


Uggg. Didn’t know about the discount. Put in 2 orders, different profiles, since shipping was free. The clothes are such high quality n the way they fit is nice. Love that they are cotton although they feel like rayon, smooth n almost silky. Happy with the profile topics this time. New categories too.


I learned about US here a couple of years ago because of their Mystery boxes. I ordered a ton the first time. There were a few misses, but I was able to sell them. This time I went with Athleisure, Lounge, and Surprise. I live in their next to naked bodysuits these day. I would be 1000% satisfied if I got nothing but more of those. Their jeans are FANTASTIC! I received a lovely long puffer after the New Year as a gift as well. Their customer service is amazing! If it’s in your budget, try at least one.


I ordered two boxes, the surprise box and the lounge box. I hope they use my previous purchases as a guide because I was only allowed to choose one size for both, and I wear a different size on top and bottom. I’m sure the lounge stuff will be fine at that size, but it asked if I was interested in jeans (I am) but the jeans size I wear from them is significantly smaller than the tops size. My one wish is that there was a way to note this somewhere.


You can email their customer service and they will usually accommodate you when it comes to sizes.


Bought the tops and surprise bundles. This is my first time ordering these. Does anyone know if these mystery boxes are just once per year or how often US offers these? Thanks!


I grabbed the tops box, but I have to say I’m really disappointed in the survey. It’s not like the ones in past boxes – it asks you a few style things, most if which I didn’t care about but others might (short or long sleeve, crew or v neck, warm or cool weather) when I’d just like a variety in that regard. But what really disappointed me was the colors – we just pick “colorful” vs. “neutral” palette vs. colors we prefer or ones to avoid. I was willing to risk the box because at $20 a shirt it’s hard to go wrong – but I thought I’d be able to avoid whites or patterns. :S Now I’m second guessing if it was a smart choice or not.


Sorry to hear they didn’t ask about things you care about.

This actually convinced me to buy the tops box, though. I was so turned off from getting a (super soft, cozy) grey turtleneck last year I hadn’t wanted to try again, but if there’s a chance to get colors and v-necks that sounds great.


It was good of them to ask, I just wish there had been a “don’t care” or “mix” on those. For me, so many of my preferences depend on what type of shirt it is!

I went for the “neutral” palette because I generally can wear desaturated colors easier than bright ones, but I would have rathered be able to put colors I wanted to avoid. I can see why those hoping for “less drab” or dark colors will like the “colorful” option, though!

A cozy gray turtleneck actually sounds nice. 🙂 I went through a gray and red phase in my 20s where it seemed like my whole wardrope was grays or bright red. I still like gray clothes for some reason, although they are not the most flattering on me. Now I stick more to burgandy, navy, olive, and aubergine tones if I can.

I’m hoping for a few good solid basics, as I need some nice shirts to wear with my skirt collection.


The ones I received last year were mixed, some wrong sizes and enormous sizing variations, although overall I was pleased. This year I only ordered the lux since I’m getting to the point where I have most of what I want of theirs. I am hoping for a coat too. I have one from last year and it is very warm I receive a lot of compliments.


The jeans I got last year are my fav one ever. The tops, tee n long sleeve, were comfy n very durable. Colors were ok; yes, kinda drab but good basics. WFH has changed my needs but will go with a basic choice. No skirts or dresses, hopefully

Alli A

Just purchased a surprise box based on last year’s reviews and reveals. This is going to sound silly but I’ve never added to wishlist on that site. And now I can’t figure out how – is there a trick to it?


I added a bunch of stuff to my cart (didn’t worry about size since they have it with the survey) and I’m hoping they look at previous purchases + my “cart”.

I cannot stand satin, so that’s really the only thing I want them to avoid. I emailed about it, but I got a quick response that my request wouldn’t be passed on. I understand that they have a bunch of these to handle, but I also spend a ton of money with them. Oh well, I’m pretty sure I’ll get some stuff I like — fingers crossed and knock on wood!! Lol


Yeah – hoping not to receive anything satin, either – so not my style. Crossing my fingers for both of us!


I just spoke with US customer service. The wish list option is currently not working, but they hope to have the issue resolved in a month.


I think it’s been discontinued as a feature.

Last year people were acting like it was ordering instructions instead of a courtesy to help inform box selections.

I wouldn’t be surprised if US got a flood of complaints about people not getting wishlist items and decided to turn it off.


I think it’s been disabled.

Last year people were acting like it was ordering instructions instead of a courtesy to help inform selections.


I ordered the luxe outfitting and the tops box early in the afternoon yesterday. Most everything I wear is US as my collection has expanded since discovering them in 2015. I’m excited to see what I receive. Fingers crossed for a good lux box


Good luck on the luxe box.

I’m hoping for a good one too.
Last year they included outerwear and hopefully they will this year too, but they weren’t explicit about it.


Good luck, here’s to hoping we get something good. I’d be disappointed if I received Ranier because I ordered this winter (I’ve not worn it yet but hopefully will soon)

Laura P.

So tempted because their clothing is really well made, but the tops box I got last year was a miss – could only use one out of the 3. I don’t know – it IS a good deal and part of the fun is the mystery.


Last year was a total miss in terms of styles and fabrics as well – I got a tops box too. I also misjudged the sizing as the notes are in garment size vs what size it fits on a human and I ended up with things that didn’t feel well at all. It’s a good deal if you know in advance what works for you with the brand, but after an initial surprise experience I have to tell myself it fiscally isn’t worth getting a surprise of things I can’t wear or don’t like.


Their clothes are great quality, but last year’s box was so drab, and included a Goop product I was so embarrassed by I actually threw it in the trash, so this year I’m going to have to pass.


Oh my gosh, was it the hi-low dress w/ the train? I got that too in my luxe box last year and it was unimaginably awful.

I love US and am a loyal customer. I bought two boxes this year, despite a not great experience last year, but they were at lower price points. I can’t see myself springing for a pricier box again, given my experience last year.


Oh yeah, I hate Goop and the anti-science quackery it is associated with. Was not pleased that I inadvertently supported this brand by purchasing from US.


I got the Goop tuxedo blazer, and it was actually fine as a piece of clothing. It was just that everything conspired against me in regard to that particular item. Goop’s absurdity had just gone viral, my family members were making fun of them regularly, it was the beginning of Covid so no swaps and the second hand stores weren’t accepting donations, I was moving across country in just my car, and I had no need whatever for a fancy blazer.

The clothing was all nice, it was just all black and grey, despite asking for colors and saying I didn’t like black and white specifically.


I got the tops, dress, and surprise boxes last year and was not disappointed.

This year I got the tops and surprise boxes and also sprung for the luxe box.

I’m so excited, but kinda wish I had gotten another outfitting box instead of the tops one.
Hoping that they relax the 3 box limit so I can score another.


I feel you on the three box limit! I had four I really wanted. I ordered my top 3, and did a second order to my work address/email- if they figure it out and cancel it, NBD but omg I would have bought half these boxes!


Yeah! I got one this time! I’ve never heard a negative word about these boxes. I’m afraid I’m going to get hooked!


I was able to get a shirt box before they all sold out. I was going to get a few, but none were available after i added the shirt box to my cart.


Not sold out. I guess they go in and out.


It’s possible they temprarily lock them out if a certain number of people gave them in their cart. It would be really disappointing if ordering several boxes for one to sell out before you got to checkout since someone took less time to order than you did, after all.

I got the tops box and it was not sold out, but it did let me know that 14 other people had it in their cart! I wonder if a ton of people threw it in early on, but took it out of their cart in exchange for other options?

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.