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Last Day! Universal Standard Mystery Boxes + 50% Off Leggings!

Today is the last day for Universal Standard Mystery Boxes and they have a new deal available! Today only, use coupon code MOREMYSTERY to save 50% off a pair of Roya Leggings (regularly $58) when you buy a mystery box!

Pick from 11 limited edition 3-piece Mystery Boxes starting at just $55 (but valued up to $708)! Each box is personally curated with a selection of best sellers & never-before-seen exclusives! This year is so good, you can only have 3. It’s only fair.

The Box: Universal Standard Mystery Box

The Cost: $55-$198

The Products: Up to a $708 value depending on which box you pick, the mystery box will include three mystery items in the category and size of your choice. (Available in Tops, Athleisure, Lounge, Petites, Classic, Dresses, Bottoms, Polished, Premier, Luxe, or Surprise box.)

Here’s a look at all the Mystery Box options:

Are you going to grab a mystery box? Want to see it reviewed?

Check out our review of a previous Luxe Essentials box and our review of the Surprise Box to see what kind of items you can expect.

Terms: Offer is valid until February 17, 2021 at 11:59 pm PT or while supplies of Universal Standard Mystery Boxes last, whichever is sooner. When applying the MOREMYSTERY code at checkout  receive one (1) pair of Roya Leggings (any size/color) for 50% off retail price ($29 vs. $58) with the purchase of additional Mystery Boxes. There is no longer a 3 box maximum on Mystery Box purchases. Additional Mystery Boxes and Roya Leggings must be purchased in same order for code to apply. Offer is limited to one (1) use per person. No price adjustments on prior purchases. Not valid on TryNow orders. Return of any discounted items will be for the price actually paid. No rain-checks. Please allow up to 1-4 weeks for shipping. Mystery Boxes are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return, size/color exchanges or Fit Liberty exchanges.

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  1. My mystery tops box came today! It had, dark green short-sleeved, v-neck t-rex; dark blue long-sleeved, v-neck t-rex; and Audrey v-neck cap-sleeved t. I’ll probably use them as a first layer while it’s still winter.

  2. I got my tops box, yay! And I’m really happy there was no logo tee in it. It’s not stuff I would pay more than $60 total to get, so I don’t really feel like I got a “deal,” but it’s all stuff i’ll wear which works. One wierd thing though is their fabrics are on the thin side, and they are all fussy “lay flat to dry” things, which is wierd for basics. I expect my fancier clothes to be high maintenance, not my t-shirts. 😉

    – Foundation short sleeve Crew neck in black – RV $48 The fit is really good, but the fabric is thinner than I’d like. I also picked warm weather and I *think* long sleeve (not sure, since i did the survey twice, but i think I picked long sleeve on the redo they sent,) but this feels more like a spring top other than the color. I guess I can layer it up. I tend to like my shirts long, but this is crazy long, well past my hips. That seems a little odd, like I’ll need to always tuck it in because of the length but it will also feel akward tucked in. It seems really overpriced.

    – T Rex in navy RV $50 – a great basic, and the fabric is the nicest on this (probably because it is the only one that is a cotton blend.) it’s a bit of a dull/dark navy, so I can’t quite pair it with most of the navy stuff I was hoping it would work with, but I do have a pair of pants that should go perfect with this. The fit is good. Other than the “lay flat to dry” aspect, I think it’s a decent t-shirt. The length is just right on this one. Would I ever pay $50 for it? No. I might be persuaded to buy the same shirt in eggplant for $25 if it ever goes on sale, though.

    – Amie Liquid Jersey Rib Hem tee in black – RV $62 I’d asked for more polished vs. casual in my notes, so I was hoping they’d put in a button up. I didn’t get one, but I did get this which is a sort of “polished t-shirt” look with an interesting hem and cuff to it. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much of a shape, and again the fabric is too thin. But it isn’t a bad shirt, either, and my husband seemed to like it on me. The modal-elastane blend gives it a kind of neat, slippery feel. It’s still not a shirt I could ever see paying more than $20-$25 bucks for.

    Total rV $160 (Out of “up to” $250)

    So, overall, not a bad box, but not one I necessisarily feel compelled to buy again. I feel kind of like I got what I paid for, no more or less. As a mystery box, I think they definitely oversold what people would be getting this year, and they should do something more like a *minimum* value rather than a “maximum” value. There is a large difference between shopping a 65% off sale and an 80% off sale! Plus, if any of the shirts had been a complete miss, (such as that logo tee many got,) the overall value would have plummeted and it wouldn’t have been much of a sale at all.

    I suppose it was worth getting once just to know the brand isn’t for me with the high-maintenance fabrics that are thinner than ideal.

    • FWIW, I got the foundation v-neck in last year’s box, and after line drying in a couple of times (who has space to dry t-shirts flat??), I’ve been throwing it in the dryer. It may have stretched a bit, hard to tell since it’s always been super long and stretchy, but is basically fine. I still wear it, because it feels so nice and has a good neckline, though the fit on bottom is odd as you also noticed. I think it’s meant to be worn tucked in? But I mostly wear elastic waistband skirts, which don’t look great tucked… Ah, well.

      Anyway, if I think of it as three $20 shirts that I don’t expect to last forever, I find that I’m ok with drying it like normal and hoping for the best.

  3. I got my Classic box yesterday, and I’m medium happy with (or maybe totally thrilled at how worried I was that I would get a branded tee shirt or see through dress). I got:

    Chloe Sweater in black. This one was weird, because the bag was marked as a Shauna sweater, but the Shauna is merino wool, and the sweater I got is poly/cotton. Pretty sure it’s the Chloe, so that’s what I’m going with. Kind of a bummer, because the Shauna is worth way more. But the Chloe is comfy, if a little too oversized and with a crewneck when I requested V. $88

    Long sleeved Tesino jersy dress (black). I think this is a new item, because the only Tesino dresses on the site are short sleeved. I like this one, very soft and comfy. Typical US potato sack cut 🙂 Maybe $85? Since the short sleeve is $75.

    Moro Ponte pants (black) $88. These are high quality and fit fine but are not my style. I think I may have a swap in the works for a geneva dress that I’d much prefer.

    As far as following my survey, they did OK. All black is a little weird, but I did choose neutrals, so I can’t complain. In fact the only real issues I have are that the I don’t love a crewneck (asked for V neck), and the value is pretty low considering it’s about half of the “up to” value. All in all, not sure I’d do it again, but I’m not mad!

  4. Luxe box

    Meg Short Blazer retail $195
    Wheaton Sweater Dress retail $168
    Cambria Jumpsuit retail $198

    Seems a little low on the retail value. The items are good, though I’m way too short for the jumpsuit. I’ll use the other 2 pieces. Very meh experience.

  5. Just received an email that my boxes should be shipped in the next 3-5 days.

    • …. and I just got an email saying keep your eyes peeled to your inbox, we will send an update soon and that my order had not been forgotten… !?!

      • And I didn’t get any email at all for either of my orders. I ordered 4 boxes on 2/9 and another 3 on 2/17. How they are filling the orders is very random.

  6. Last year I bought a bunch of smaller ones and was very unhappy. I received a couple jeans but they were weird styles. My favorite box last year was the classic so this year I had decided in advance just to order the luxury box. By my calculations worth $513. I received the grey short puffer jacket. I LOVE this and it was what I was hoping for. Also received the black mixed media sweater which I also adore. The 3rd item the luxe twill joggers are enormous! For their size. They are great otherwise but completely unwearable. So next year? I’ll have to see how I feel. I love a surprise and I’m really happy they fixed their shipping this year. Is it worth it? Sort of…

  7. My Surprise box arrived and I got the dreaded black logo top, a black and white stripe long sleeve top (I would never wear this in public)…and a red sweatshirt dress I do like. I’m happy since it a new dress style that I don’t have, but probably won’t risk it again with their mystery box. That logo tee was a terrible choice to fill our mystery boxes with.

    • It seems like a few people got that exact same curation for their surprise me boxes. I think my box is due by Friday (tops) and I really do not want that logo top. Maybe I can throw on an embroidered patch or something, but yah, I’m glad I didn’t spring for a Luxe box as I’m a bit paranoid of their mystery boxes now. The one’s I saw people get last year looked overall much better.

  8. What a MASSIVE disappointment! I finally decided to get a universal standard mystery box and not only was it worth only about half the value of what was promised it wasn’t even what I asked for in my survey. I ordered the Classic Box, supposedly a $400+ value, and got a pair of not very attractive pants, a very long t-shirt and a turtleneck (though I said warm weather, though in fairness it’s the only decent piece in the box). Sadly, this will be my first and last mystery box.

    • Yikes- I’m waiting on the classic box too! Any chance you happen to know the style name of the pants you got?

  9. I just got my order.

    Petite Box, total value $228:
    1) Petite V Rex in Olive. It’s ok. A little tight on me but I can make it work underneath a cardigan or blazer. 2) Petite Geneva Dress in black. It’s loosing fitting on me which is ok. I can improve the shape by adding a belt or jacket. However the ruching fit really weird on me. There is no way I can make it not weird. I probably end up only wearing this item in my house. 3) Roya legging 23″, I like it. Good fit and good quality. It’s almost full length on me instead of being ankle length.

    Top Box, total value $160:
    1) Tee Rex in Navy. It’s a good fit. A basic piece that I will wear a lot. 2)Foundation short sleeve crew neck tee, a bit tight and ridiculously long. I probably will only wear it in house….3)Rayon Jersey Aimee Rib Hem Tee. My favorite item. Fits perfectly and looks really flattering on me. I will this a lot.

    Would I order a mystry box again? I’ll probably still order the lower price point ones and asked for winter pieces to get more value. (I asked for hot weather items hence the low value of my box).

  10. My Surprise Me (size small), $75, mystery box just arrived and I was pleasently surprised by the contents, fit, and value. This was my first ever purchase from US, so I was praying the I had chosen the right size. My 3 items were:

    Marilyn Denim Bomber Jacket in dark indigo ($168): This is the definition of an oversized jacket on me, and in this style it works. I do wish that I had received an XS for this item, but it will definitely get good use.

    Judy Satin Relaxed Jumpsuit in royal blue ($168): I have mixed feelings on this item. I am not a jumpsuit person normally, and un-cinched I feel like a lumpy blueberry. My roommate talked me into adding a belt and a jacket and I started to like the look. It is just the right length on my 5’3 frame.

    Long Sleeve V-Neck Geneva Dress in black ($130): I did not expect to like this hem line or the overall fit, bit once I cinched the waist to give me some shape, I loved this dress.

    My box was valued at $466 and I really liked 2 of the 3 items with a maybe on the jumpsuit.

  11. I got my athleisure mystery box today. Black next to naked top (basic workout tank with double straps), green mesh leggings, and blue half zip funnel neck sweatshirt. I like the pieces, but I certainly wouldn’t have paid $100 for them had I known what I was getting. It was a splurge, and I’ll use them, but I don’t love them. I read a blogger’s review of her athleisure box and it was better (big surprise), so I’m more disappointed than maybe I would have been not knowing what other people’s boxes contained.

  12. Is anyone else still waiting for their order to ship? I ordered one box on the 10th, another on the 13th, and they haven’t shipped yet. It’s exciting to read what everyone is getting, and I am super eager to see what I might get….

    • I ordered 2 boxes on the 10th and neither has shipped so you are not alone.

      • I’m in the same boat! I ordered two boxes on the 9th and another on the 11th (no self control). I figured it would be at least two weeks to ship, but in the meantime, I’m so enjoying reading what others got.

        Is it just me, or does it seem like they are giving a lot fewer pairs of jeans, so far, this year compared to last?

    • 10th as well … waiting … ordered Altleisure .. praying for NO logo tees!

      • Athleisure … oops!

    • Yes, I ordered a tops box on the 10th, and it has yet to ship. They asked me to retake the survey three days ago.

      • Update: they marked it shipped, supposed to arrive Friday.

    • I ordered one on the 9th and one on the 13th and both are listed as unfulfilled. Super annoying.

  13. Received my surprise box yesterday, containing the white camisole, black V necked long sleeved Geneva dress, and a white wrap style skirt trimmed in black piping. It’s completely lined, super quality. It looks great on with the cami as a top. I think I can use the Geneva dress to be Morticia on Halloween, but I do like it, not used to looking so elegant these days of working home. I’m happy with my surprises.

    • I’d be happy with that! Still waiting for my surprise box and seeing so many people get bad boxes. I mean, why advertise different boxes if you’re going to send 3 tops instead of a surprise assortment like yours? I don’t care for the look of the Geneva dress and since I had a few from mystery boxes, I had them hemmed to go straight across and it was so worth it! I’d love to get the wrap skirt too.

  14. Got the top box for the first time and got black foundation V neck T-shirt, black vrex tshirt and white mackaya twill knot top. Total is $216. Not sure how I feel about these as only two of the shirts fit well while the knot shirt looks a bit baggy and a bit odd since it is asymmetrical. I was hoping it would be at least $250 worth and realized it says “up to”. Size I got was 4XS and I request for long sleeves and got all short sleeves.

    • I got the same things in my tops box! I requested short sleeves though so I was pretty happy with mine. I thought for sure the twill knot top wouldn’t work for me, but I actually liked it on.

    • I wouldn’t mind that box, since I asked for short sleeves and v-necks. It seems like they’ve been sending a lot of long/short sleeves to people who asked for the opposite, which is a bit odd, since it’s not even like they can out — it’s going both ways.

  15. I ordered the tops box on the second day of the sale. and got an email yesterday asking me to retake the quiz, because they had lost it. Feeling a bit impatient.

  16. I ordered a tops box and then a few days later ordred another tops AND the LUXe box!!!!

    The first tops came today and it was a 2 out of 3 wins. I got a cupro short sleeve shirt in olive, a v rex short sleeve tee in black and a LONG sleeved v rex in black cherry. I live in Florida and on the survey checked off short sleeves and hot climate.
    Value is $180 out of the $250 potential. No exactly thrilled, but I guess I could have gotten two long sleeved shirts right? lol

    I’m super duper nervous about that Luxe box, that was a HUGE outlay for a mystery box. The only thing I do NOT want is a puffer jacket. We shall see……….

    • I hope mine is as good as yours! Hopefully your next 2 boxes will be better for your climate.

  17. I received my boxes yesterday. I got the surprise and the tops boxes. I am super pleased! My surprise box had a puffer jacket!!!! a long sleeve knit dress and a satin jumpsuit. The tops box had 3 short sleeve tees, navy, cranberry and gray, but I am very happy with them.

  18. Well, the surprise box was SO completely disappointing and not worth it.

    I was sent a round neck cap sleeve t shirt, a long sleeve logo tee (seriously?! I don’t pay to wear other people’s initials on my body, this feels like a free with purchase extra) and a short sleeve sweatshirt dress.

    I asked for cold weather, long sleeves, said yes to denim, and prefer v necks.

    Total value (including $60 for the awful branded t shirt) is $218.

    I also got a shirts box, with a white cap sleeve v neck tee, a blue long sleeve v neck tee, and a navy and white stripe button front shirt. Which makes two navy and white stripes tops across both boxes, which is just… ughhh.

    I have ordered mystery boxes the past two years and loved them, I should have known better and stuck to dresses! What a let down.

    • Oh, no! I ordered two Surprise Me boxes and now I’m scared. I’ll be so disappointed if I get a logo tee. I figured I can give anything that’s not my style to a family member, but I’d be embarrassed to give something like that and I don’t wear logos.

    • I wouldn’t be happy with that either. And I had high hopes after the survey seemed to cover a lot of preferences. That logo tee seems like it should be a freebie, not one of the items.

    • Yeah – I’ve been seeing lots of logos, either on tees or sweatshirts. Bummer. However, that sweatshirt dress is pretty nice & should be an easy trade/sale. Are you in the B/S/T on Facebook? Also, what size did you order? My box is shipping but snowpocolypse is delaying everything, but I’d love to trade if I get something different. Happy Friday!

    • Bummer! I had the exact same preferences. I ordered a classic outfitting box and a shirts box and have no need for another short-sleeved t-shirt, especially one with a logo. Neither of mine has shipped yet. Oh, the suspense…

    • Anne, same! I ordered the Surprise box and super dissapointed. I received three tops (didn’t order the tops box?!). I said I don’t like love sleeves and don’t wear casual clothing. I received that stupid long-sleeve logo tee, a long-sleeve stripes shirt, and a hoodie. Total value is just under $200, super disappointed and not happy. They didn’t even look at my quiz answers and if I wanted the top box I would of ordered that and saved myself $20!
      Last year’s boxes were so good, its sad that they are such a disapointment this year!

      • I got the loungewear box and received a red zippered sweater dress, long sleeve striped v neck shirt and long sleeve black promo t shirt with their logo on it. I requested bottoms/crew neck/winter/neutrals. None of these items are loungewear! Where are my sweatshirts and sweatpants?! And the total value for my box was only $228 when the advertised value was $290. I asked for a partial refund since they essentially sent me a tops box which was $40 cheaper than the one I ordered.

    • Oi, now I’m paranoid too. I risked the tops of because most of the shirts on their site looked like nice basics. I figure at less than $20 a shirt it’s hard to go wrong. But I don’t wear logo tees except in rare cases for charities I support.

    • Honestly, it’s making me feel somewhat better to see other people getting disappointing surprise boxes (misery loves company i guess? Haha)
      I’ve decided the horrible logo tee can be used for soap making, since I always wear long sleeves doing that, and won’t mind if I spill something on it!

      • I suppose that’s one way to do it, lol. I once got a cool tee with an artsy tiger on it with the purchase of some art software, but I never wore t-shirts at the time. So I made it my ‘art’ tee whenever I did something craxy with paint or volunteered for painting theater sets, and over the years it actually became super cool with all the paint stains and actually got me to like t-shirts more.

    • Just got my first surprise box. It was all tops, but thankfully no logo tee! I got a black Arvo cupro mix tee, which I really like (I have about 1700 black tops, but I wear them almost daily and I like to have some subtle variety), a navy foundation turtleneck, and a navy vee rex. Total value was $187. I don’t love navy or turtlenecks, so I’ll probably either sell the other two or give them to a family member. I actually already have a navy vee rex from a mystery box a couple years ago and I’m not sure I’ve ever worn it.

      I did get one thing I loved, so that’s cool, but kind of disappointing that it was all tops. But, hey, mystery boxes are a gamble. Hoping my next one is better!

  19. Well…I just ordered 2 boxes: dresses and lounge. First time ever! I’m so nervous. My sizes are all over the place since I haven’t worked out for a year. But excited to try something new. I hope I’m happy since it’s final sale. Eeeeeep! Yay for new fun!

  20. i can’t figure out how to make a wishlist on their site. I’m logged in, but I don’t see any way to ❤️ or add an item to the list. Is this a limitation of using a mobile phone?

    • No, their wish list is broken, I sent CS a text and this was the reply

      Our apologies that the “wishlist” option is currently unavailable on our site. Please know we are working hard on getting this functionality back up on our site as quickly as we can so we apologize for any inconvenience.

      • Thanks so much for responding. I thought I was going crazy!

  21. I ordered the tops box and I’m excited. I have 6 pieces of Universal Standard and all have held up after being thrown in the washer and dryer dozens and dozens of times. I’m glad I didn’t know about the leggings offer as I would have been tempted 😂

    • I ordered the Tops box too, though it’s my first order from them. I’m debating whether to pick up a second box.

    • Mellissa, do the pieces you have recommend the dryer? I have a few tees that all say lay flat to dry. I’ve been nervous to dry them, but after air drying feel they need to be steamed to release the light wrinkles and soften them a bit. They end up sitting down in the laundry room until I feel like steaming them instead of being back in the closet to be worn again.

  22. I wish they would have run this promo earlier / or not had a max 3 boxes all week. I ordered two boxes which I’m super excited about, but if I order more now there’s no guaranteeing it won’t all be duplicate items since boxes ordered on separate days aren’t guaranteed to have different items than boxes ordered previously in the week.

    • fyi – in their rules for the promotion listed on their website they seem to have crossed out the part about being limited to three boxes.

    • I agree; if they’d had this promo earlier, I’d have gotten the leggings but now I’d be afraid of duplicates. They already shipped my mystery box. I went overboard last year when they had mystery boxes but they used to work with you to make sure you didn’t get duplicates so I ended up with an assortment. I don’t think they do that now.

  23. Any word when these will ship? I know last year was a little messy. Last I saw they were out of the bottoms and the petite boxes

    • I just got an email this morning saying mine shipped, I got the Surprise box

    • I ordered 2 boxes( last week and the day the sale opened). I just got 1 box today (surprise with thames fog dress in slate, black long sleeve v Geneva dress, white camisole) and notice that my box is shipping this morning. Yay? The surprise box is value up to $310 and my value was $262 or so. I can wear everything and got something outside of my comfort zone so that’s neat, but…

      • I hope I don’t get the Thames Fog dress…I would have nothing to wear under it.

      • I have it and actually love it!! Try it over black skinny jeans or leggings with a black tank. <3

      • I ordered the surprise box last week and it hasn’t shipped yet. I already have the Thames fog dress and two Genevas, so I hope I get something different, but that’s the risk, right? I am tempted to buy a second.

        I love the Thames fog dress and am actually wearing the shirt version right now. It looks great with black skinny jeans and a black camisole.

      • I avoided getting the dresses box because even though I practically live in dresses, their particular style of dresses doesn’t interest me. They only have a couple I like. I’ve been debating whether I should grab a Surprise box, but I think I’ll pass since I don’t need dresses or camisoles.

        I haven’t got a shipping notice for my Tops box, yet. I’m hoping for a couple well fitting basics and one of their nicer, long button ups.

      • Do you mind sharing your survey answers? I also chose the surprise box – colors, casual, pants vs dresses, and warmer weather. 2XS. Excited to see what everybody gets!

      • Sure! Don’t know how much this will help but I think I did: neutral, yes jeans, no shorts, prefer dresses and skirts, cooler weather, polished.

      • Thank you, Alli!

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