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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Spoiler #3!

ByMSAFeb 26, 2021 | 92 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
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The Spring 2021 Box from  CAUSEBOX is available now for $49.95 ($210 value!) and we have the latest spoilers!

Into the spring of things. It’s heeeere. Introducing the Spring Box: a curation that has a little something for every budding warm-weather adventure. Up to a $325 value for just $49.95.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

The Spring box will include:

FEED PROJECTS Canvas Market Tote

With tons of handy pockets, compartments, and features both inside and out + made with 100% cotton canvas and brass/gold plated hardware, the Market Tote is your carryall for anything, anywhere. Even better, 3 meals are donated to children in need for every tote made for this partnership.

Annual Members choose from three colors: Glacial Gray, Coastal Stripe, or Sea Blue

Annual subscribers will get to choose one of the following for their Spring 2021 box:

GLASS LADDER & CO. Katherine Tech Organizer Roll ($35 value)

Keep your essentials in place with this innovative tech roll. Glass Ladder & Co. creates beautiful designs that help young women feel confident and chic as the step into professional settings.


STOJO Collapsible 16 oz. Cup ($20 value)

As New York City dads, the founders of Stojo know a thing or two about living on the go (think strollers on the subway). This cup makes B.Y.O. way more convenient with its innovative collapsible design.


MAJI SPORTS Stretch & Exercise Bands (3 pack, $24.95 value)

Spice up that work(out)-from-home routine with resistance bands in three different resistance levels. Perfect for a morning stretch or afternoon sweat.


Annual subscribers will also get to choose one of these three goodies:

NIMBLE CHAMP Lite Portable Charger ($49.95 value)

Power on the go. This portable charger will give you two full phone charges, fast. Nimble is making tech more sustainable with their eco-friendly materials and one-for-one tech recovery project.


PALM + PERKINS Set of 4 Upcycled Napkins ($38 value)

Complementary patterns in cool tones. Made from cotton scraps and upcycled plastic water bottles, these Palm + Perkins napkins are perfect for your next picnic or family dinner night.


DIFF EYEWEAR Finn Sea Tortoise Blue Light Glasses ($85 value)

This year in particular, we’ve spent a lot of time on our digital devices. These glasses block out blue light, helping prevent blurry vision, reduce risk of headaches, and improve sleep.


Are you going to get this box?

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!

Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX) is a seasonal lifestyle membership that unites a community of individuals who stand for good, seek truth, and take action. Every season, Alltrue members receive a curation of carefully vetted socially-conscious lifestyle products (from fashion and homewares to skincare an... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I’m excited for this box, last box was not my fave, but this one I can use every item


Wondering if someone can tell me about pausing the subscription. I have 2 annuals and I skipped winter, but I want to skip this one too. Both of my subs are already paused, so do I have to email them again to tell them I want to skip this one too? Or does it stay paused until I email them to reactivate?


I’m not sure, in the doubt I would just email them to make sure they are paused. From my understanding, when you skip a season you are automatically enrolled in the next one. Good luck!


I’m skipping this box. It’ll be my first time ever skipping any box since I started sob boxes six years ago. Everything is so practical. That’s not why I get sob boxes. I get them for fun and for a special treat to myself.
I’m happy for those that are happy with this box. I get excited to see others excited. So yay for the people who like this box!


I have enjoyed the two boxes I have received. I’m curious though that a company that markets itself as a socially conscious subscription service offers real leather products. There is no mention of the leather products being recycled leather even. Socially conscious and real leather don’t work together.


Leather is much better than “faux leather”– ie plastic. Much more durable. Recycled leather would be ideal, I agree.


what parker clay bag?


There are at least four different Parker Clay bags in the market.


I believe their leather products are actually vegan leather!


Hi Angela. I’d like to believe that too, but it’s just not true. The organizer tote in the spring box is made of vegan leather, but the Parker Clay bags are, according the description provided, ” made of luxury leather”.


I’m definitely the demographic, because I love and will use everything here with the exception of the tech organizer. I’ve griped on many Causebox articles that my winter box was late. I was so angry. It arrived yesterday and had every single item that I would have chosen. (I’m seasonal.) I’ve had an annual with Causebox before and might do it again with this box. We’re headed to Hawaii and Scotland this year, and several of these items will be great for vacationing with teens (power banks, collapsible tote, collapsible cup). I have blue-light blocking glasses and exercise bands in my Amazon cart now. We use cloth napkins. So, I may move from wanting to cancel to getting three annuals. 😂


There’s nothing here that’s “exciting” here for me, but I think the problem is me, not them. lol If you’ve had sub boxes for more than 1-2 years, esp if you’ve had multiple boxes, then almost everything is going to start to be product overlap for you. Most of the items here are useful and while the RV is overpriced as always, you easily end up getting $50 worth. RIght now I have the striped tote, the tech organizer, and the charger selected. I don’t need any of these things – have several totes and chargers, and no need for a tech organizer (or bands or a collapsible cup), but after skipping the last few boxes, I want to get through the last 2 boxes in my sub. 😀 The winter bo would have been a better keeper. I emailed to skip that one before I saw the kettle.


I’m having a very similar experience. I am “fine” with this box, so I am not skipping it largely so that I can complete my annual subscription, as I have skipped the last two.


This will be my second box in my annual subscription. I am much happier with Causebox than I was with FabFitFun. Although there is nothing really “wow” here for me so far, almost everything is “usable.” I’m getting the Striped tote, the tech organizer, and the napkins. I may end up using the napkins as dishtowels as someone else said, but I am trying to convince my 60 year old husband that cloth is the way to go. It is a hard sell, but I’m working on it. They look like they are a cotton/polyester blend so hopefully they will not require ironing like 100% cotton do!

Molly Honey

Oh, looks like comments aren’t being displayed right away and are being screened. For what? I wonder…


Are comments ever displayed right away? Mine always take a while to go through, I think it’s pretty normal.

Molly Honey

I think subscription boxes have finally yrun their course. It’s hard to get excited about any of this stuff. Its been real. Now Im gonna move my money onto bigger and better things. Thank you Causebox!


My feeling is that there is a definite demographic target with some of these boxes. So maybe you are moving into a different demographic? I am a mom of young women & certainly love some of the products for myself – so I keep & use them. But I do often gift stuff from this box to women in their 20’s who are establishing their homes and so therefore might be more useful to them than to me – who has built up extra kitchen, home & personal items over the years. That being said – it’s a great box with a great focus – for the right person.

Erica Green

Meh… This is the last box of my annual sub. I can use most of these items, but not really feeling excited! I’ll be canceling.


Can you wash the tote with the plastic handles?


I hate to be that person but there’s not one single item in here that I like. And nothing that I’m remotely interested in.


Meh. I like Earthlove’s Spring Farmer’s Market tote spoiler better. No plastic, organic cotton, and bigger.


I do like that the Earthlove one is Organic cotton, but color/design wise I like the Causebox blue and stripes ones better. The Earthlove one is whitish and has words, so it’s not my aesthetic. Both seem pretty similar with the pockets, though!


Causebox definitely has bolder colors. I like the natural cotton look and the lighter minimalist grey — guess it depends on your personal preferences 🙂


Earthlove put out a spoiler? Where? I did not see it! Love my Earthlove! Which book did you pick? I picked the one about gardening.


I picked the garden book too 😀


They show pictures of it on the Earthlovebox Instagram page.


Can someone please tell me if you’re a seasonal member, does that mean causebox will pick between the the first two spoilers for you? Or can seasonal members pick those as well?
Also is there any coupons at this time?
I haven’t been a member since last spring and I wasn’t totally wowed by the first two spoilers, but I’ve been looking for a tote bag to use like this as an everyday bag for a while now. I LOVE lots of pockets on a tote and the bags I’ve seen on Amazon are around $30 or more, so I feel like I should go for this box.


If you are seasonal, CB will choose the item/color you receive in each category for you. Only annual members get to choose. This is how they get people to sign up for an annual sub as seasonal members can easily cancel and use a discount every season. If you do decide to go annual, you can skip a box if a particular season is not for you. This will extend your sub for one season. Hopefully this helps!


Thanks Cynthia!!!


Yes thank you Cynthia! Do you know if there’s any coupons at this time? I don’t think I wanna go annual, but I should wait if there’s no coupons right now.


Well. I just signed up for an annual subscription with a winter intro box (or called something like that), which I haven’t received yet. But the items above??? Please tell me there will be another couple of choice items? This looks like it stinks! Someone mentioned that they emailed customer service to skip a box. Can you do this? Kinda looks like a bunch of junk to me….


I just got my my winter welcome box pt1 yesterday that was free with my annual subscription so maybe you will get yours today. If you are annual you can email them to skip this season, customer service is very understanding from my experiences.


Thanks Pilar! I think the collapsible cup pushed me over the edge…. had one of those as a little kid as a toy!


I dont understand why you just signed up if the box “stinks” to you.


If I had seen this selection I would’ve thought twice. I got the winter edit or intro or whatever and that will have the PMD brush which is nice. So I signed up for the year. This is my first box with choices. Looking at boxes from the past year, it looked really good….

Kristin R

She said she signed up in winter for annual which was well before these spoilers were released so she didn’t know this box would “stink” to her yet.

Tracy Meserve

I like this box, but I don’t love anything. I was very “meh” on the first round of choices–don’t need another reusable charger, already wear glasses so the blue light ones are useless to me. I am going to pick the napkins but I’m a millennial so I don’t use napkins…so I plan to use them as dishcloths. The collapsible cup looks practical so I’ll pick that but it’s not exciting…resistance bands aren’t exactly exciting either. The tote looks like it will be good quality and I’ll definitely use it–but it’s really just a fancy grocery bag and I already own a ton.

I am debating whether to skip or not.


I’m a millennial and I use cloth napkins, trying to be more green.


But don’t you Millennials know that paper towels are not that great for the environment? So you should be using cloth napkins over paper towels, I thought you guys was actual the smart ones helping improving the environment! LOL

Molly Honey

Whats worse throwing out paper towels or using all that water and energy to throw them in the laundry?

Jamie Zimmett

It’s a preference, not a generation thing.
No hate- just adding a comment.
If you get napkins, make sure you don’t have to iron them!

Jessica T

What do millennials use instead of napkins?


I’m a millennial and I use cloth napkins. Much more eco-friendly, and just plain nicer to use. I mean, it’s not like they’re expensive.


Idk I’m a millennial and my millennial household uses cloth napkins.

Jessica T

But wouldn’t cloth napkins be better than paper towels? I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️


We use paper towels as napkins. 😉


I want to know too.


All clutter. No need for clutter. How many totes does one person need in a lifetime? I asked myself that about LV handbags 10 years ago and sold them all.


Sea Blue tote.


Thrilled the handles are not leather!


Are there any current discount codes for signing up?


This is shaping up to be a very useful box for me, though not terribly exciting, but I’m ok with that because I’d rather have useful things at the end of the day. I’m going with the striped tote, the collapsible cup, and the power charger.


I was pretty happy to see the charger right after going three days with no electricity. Now there is no such thing as too many chargers.


Those are my choices too but I’m going with the Sea Blue tote.


Yay! Great bag.


The bag really brings everything together, imo. While the previous two spoilers may have seemed like random assortments of everyday items, with the tote, it’s easy to imagine choosing items based on a plan for the day (napkins + cup + tote = picnic; charger + tech organizer + tote = working from the park, etc).


I have a small Feed bag and it’s really nice. It will be hard to choose a color though.


I LOVE THIS! But I also have a tote addiction. I actually saw an add about the FEED project totes and was looking to buy one of their basic models (they are pricey) so I was thrilled to see a version in my Causebox. Plus a great cause. I think this is a great box!


*ad. Not add. But I guess you all get what I meant. 😀

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.