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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Allure Beauty Box October 2021 – Full Spoilers

Allure Beauty Box March 2021 Spoilers!

ByMSAFeb 2, 2021 | 63 comments

Allure Beauty Box
3.6 overall rating
726 Ratings | 160 Reviews

We have the spoilers for the February 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, February will be your first box. Check out the February spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The March Allure Beauty Box will include:

111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (full size!)


Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk & Dawn

What do you think of the spoilers?

While supplies last, click this link to get a FREE gift – Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb – with your first month of Allure Beauty Box! You will receive ONE of the following fragrances:

  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Dew
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar

Or, get a FREE Mega Bundle with a 1 Year Allure Beauty Box Subscription!


Click here to get a 12-month Allure Beauty Box  subscription and a Mega Bundle for $250!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. If you sign up now, February will be your first box. Check out the February spoilers here.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

"Each month, you'll get 6+ Allure-approved makeup and skincare picks delivered to your door ($100+ value for only $23). 6 or more products (at least 3 FULL-SIZE) valued at $100+ Only expert-approved products, hand-selected by Allure editors New member gift valued at $15+ Free shi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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On the fence on the 111Skin product – none of the sub box items from them have really done much for me yet. I do like that it’s a Vit C product, though.

The eyestick looks useful.

I’ll wait for more spoilers, I guess!


Not bad! But, I’ve gotten 2 of the same 111Skin from other boxes. Can’t say it did anything for my skin. So, I’ll probably skip. I also think this brand is highly inflated for upping the “worth” of boxes…I don’t think anyone actually buys it at full price. Maybe I’m wrong?


Ahh this post keeps getting me back because it says spoilers but doesn’t have all the spoilers!

Carolyn Denise Thurston

They never post a full list of the spoilers, until well into the month. Until then, it is a total cliff hanger…


It will say full spoilers once it’s all the contents. It’s happened to me before too lol


Haha thanks. I will try to remember!


111Skin does have a reputation insofar as beauty boxes are concerned, but the way I look at it is Vitamin C is Vitamin C. I’m good with that. If they keep the serums coming, I will probably stay subbed. I really like the DermElect serum we got a few months back, and definitely can’t pull the trigger on buying these higher-priced serums.


YES! The Dermelect Sleep Serum is amazing. I’ve gone through the bottle we received in Allure and already bought 3 bottles to replace it! I love it so much, I use it almost every night. Sometimes I combine it with my retin-A to really make my skin glow. (I don’t advise doing this – my skin is very tolerant!).



U beauty resurfacing compound V/S 111 skin vit C serum
Both cost around $150.

❤Please share your inputs ladies ❤


Which one you think is worth the price? Or how much would you pay for each?


The U Beauty is amazing. It works great for me. I would pay anything!!! Finally, I found a game-changer. Of course, it won’t work the same for everyone, but it does have great reviews.


U Beauty HANDS DOWN because I already use it and have paid full price (usually buy at Net-A-Porter)


111skin has been known to send beauty boxes cheaper made-in-China versions of their products, with different ingredients, just keep it in mind!


Yes, this is why I don’t trust them at all. I got one of the products and it didn’t look anything like the product at Nordstrom’s…or the ad I saw on YouTube. The consistency was supposed to be a bit like a gel but what I had was straight up like WATER!


ooh. i love allure boxes but this is sadly a no for me 🙁


I am glad to see a vitamin C product for March. I really loved what was in the February box but I had to skip it because I am pregnant. Unfortunately, retinol containing products are totally off-limits when pregnant or breastfeeding. I am just glad Allure will let you skip a month or two at a time. Vitamin C is something I can actually use. Birchbox always has some good options for people that cannot use some skincare products too.


How do u skip a month?


Call them before the 3rd of the month and let them know you want to skip. At least that is what a CS rep told me.


I do not like the 111 Skin products.


I am not a fan of their products. I do not want products made in China on my face either.


111Skin – hard pass
not into the pencil thing either, I don’t like pencils in general (twist or liquid is my preferred depending on pencil product)

Probably a skip month for me. Oh well


I’m ignorant about most things surrounding these brands – what’s the problem with the 111 item?


I think the general feeling is 111SKIN is outrageously priced and doesn’t deliver results that merit such a price.


Ok, I’m sticking with March.
This brand is way overpriced, but it’s good at sub price and I’m not too impressed with the powder C serum they sent in previous months, so this will be a nice replacement


I never received my freebie from
The last one… not gonna get suckered in anymore.


Please remind me, when is the latest to skip March?


February 28. It’s always till the last day of previous month


Thank you for the info about the skip. I got Allure from Amazon before. I subbed for the U Beauty! Totally worth it. Agree w/ the 111 Skin comments. Their RV is way over-inflated and products do nothing for me but if the serum is Vit C might consider. I wasn’t going to resub for long. I have other subs.


FWIW, a CS rep told me skips needed to be requested by the 3rd of the month.


The 111 Skin serum is about $150 to buy, so that’s a great price for $23, but I’m kinda tired of Vitamin C stuff right now. Will wait to see what else is in the box for March.


I’ve only really tried one 111 product, the cream Ipsy had a while back. It was nice, but not worth the $100+ their site wanted for it.

I’m also wary of Vitamin C skin products because the early ones didn’t sit well with my skin.


It’s super lightweight and not sticky at all.


I guess I’m back to skipping.


I adore the serums of 111Skin, so I’ll sign up in March for this box. Hopefully they won’t send me the stinky Flowerbomb “perfume.”

Kimberly Goodwin

“Stinky Flowerbomb perfume” LOL!!!
My feelings exactly.


Sign up through Amazon if you don’t care about the new subscriber gift. It’s so much easier to cancel or skip, and you can usually see exactly which variation you’re going to get.


I subbed through Amazon but had no idea which variation I was getting until I received the box in the mail. Has something changed?


Thank you Rebecca! This is great advice.


I’ve tried several 111Skin products and remain mostly unimpressed, especially given the high price tag. This Vitamin C serum was fine, but I can highly recommend Sunday Riley CEO Serum, Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum or Goldfaden MD Brightening serum if your skin likes Vitamin C like mine does.

This is a good start, though and the Viktor Rolf free gift is tempting as well!


I’m so excited everything that I’ve tried from 111skin so far has worked really well on my skin!!!!

Tanya M.

Totally loving the name…. take it you are a huge brush fan! LOL


I think the 111 brand is so overpriced. I have tried some of their stuff and it was meh for me. I did not seem any different than a drug store brand.


Yay! Something that won’t be covered up by a mask 😆 and a day serum is much more versatile than night treatments 👏


Anyone know where the 111 product is manufactured? There seem to be 2 lines for 111, one made in eu, the other prc. I’ve heard there’s some quality difference between where the products were made……


I got this exact one in an advent this year and it is manufactured in Bulgaria.


Man, I hate when they do that! A company has really only one shot to impress a customer and giving them a cheaper variation doesn’t seem like good business practices.

There’s too many good skincare products out there to play these guessing games on their origins and ingredient lists. If it’s not the exact same product sold elsewhere, then I really don’t want it in my subscription box.

Now I’m not sure if I should skip or not…


Their products in beauty boxes are manufactured in PRC, and the ones the company sells on their website are manufactured in the UK. Ive never compared the ingredients personally but someone did on a post I read where there was a couple ingredients that were different.

And in all seriousness, didn’t 111 figure out we’d discover this? Didn’t they figure it would tarnish their brand? And also, you can’t claim the same retail price for a product that’s made in China.


Stephanie, I love Estée Lauder too! Same thing, was my only brand prior to sub boxes. I got an Estee set for my birthday and remembered how nice those products are, albeit heavily fragranced.


I get ya Denise. I actually think Estée Lauder is an incredible brand. I used this line exclusively for so many years, then I got hooked on beauty boxes. The thing with EL is they own their own lab. All these new up and coming brands are all basically private labeling their products. Meaning they don’t have the lab or expertise so they go to an established lab and use one of their formulas, bottle it and put their name on it. All these brands are really just believing they can market their product better. Honestly it’s just who’s better at PR/marketing/sales. Now I do think there’s some legit brands and these are usually by people who have been in the business for many years like Monastery. I use to get a lot of beauty boxes but now just a few, now I value quality over quantity.


I’ve been to some of the production facilities in China, so I can tell you the primary differences. Production standards in China are required to meet the company’s guidelines for sanitation, quality control and all U.S. import regulations, so you don’t need to worry about quality. Some ingredients are swapped out for subscription boxes because they’re cheaper, and others because China has some different rules for what can be used in products (they require some substances to be tested on animals, for example, so a lot of companies will swap out those ingredients to sidestep that. The packaging components and labor are LOT cheaper, and that’s where the savings come in. The retail 111Skin that sells at Neiman Marcus is made by people who earn a living wage. The 111Skin in these boxes will be made by people earning sweatshop labor rates and living in high-rise dorms.


Why are people so against products being made in China, just out of curiousity? Tons of things are made in China.

Denise Atkinson

That’s why I think I’m going old school brands that have been around forever. When the new places have proved themselves and been around for a while that’s different, but it’s getting rediculous just to buy one particular thing and wade thought so many. If you have knowledge it’s easier but for someone like me to wade through ingredients and makers etc I could have something on my face until I can narrow it all down 😔


I’m assuming Denise that the more expensive ingredients are left out for the one that’s made in China. One would need to see the ingredient list to advise on that. Regardless, for quality control, sanitary and regulation issues I don’t do PRC products.

Dept stores aren’t always best. Grace & Stella are in Nordstrom and they buy and rebrand from AliBaba. There are some beauty boxes that give solid beauty products that you can trust.

Denise Atkinson

Even if the ingredients were the same, there’s still no way to tell if one is a higher quality than the other. So it could be like one version really very good, but the other not. Other than stuff to play around with or test for smell or bad effects, I’m going to start going to a store for skincare so I know it’s real, instead of sub boxes. There’s so many over priced things that I would just never buy IRL


They manufacture their beauty box products in China. I have no idea why they do this because I don’t think it makes anyone want to go buy their products at full price.


Mine said Made in China on the box. And even worse the oil they used was PALM OIL!! Have you seen the orangutans hanging on what is left of the trees while the bulldozers clear the rainforest and what’s left of their home? Palm oil is in all types of food products. It has no business being in an expensive skin cream.


The last two 111 products I got from subscription boxes, one form FFF and I don’t remember which box sent the other product. Both made in the U.S.


I haven’t been impressed with 111SKIN so I’ll wait to see what else gets spoiled. Don’t like the shadow stick at all lol, but I guess it’s something different.


Me too, 111SKIN products don’t do much for me.


I’m excited for the 111Skin product!


Both look good to me. I’m a little leery of 111Skin products but I like products that can be mixed into my other serums/moisturizer.


So far so good! At least it’s not an Eyeko eyeliner.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.