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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2021 Glam Bag!

Ipsy February 2020 makeup subscription review

The January 2021 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

per month
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Comments (44)

  1. I’m getting:
    Firma Beauty 403 round blending brush. I’m always down to try a new brush

    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate, fine

    Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil, my pick, so pleased

    YC Collection Let Me First primer, meh

    Clara’s New York Moisturizing Rosehip Facial Oil serum… um why am I getting 2 face oils, does ipsy not realize it is difficult to properly test them out one by one and review them in a timely manner?!?!

    Super disappointed to have not gotten any makeup at all when I list my preferences as wanting it, especially adventurous colors.

  2. Did anyone else get the free goldfaden eye cream for purchasing $25 in add one?

  3. I’m happy with my bag. A good variety of items. I’m still fairly new to Ipsy so I usually get things I don’t have yet.

    This month I’m getting:
    Byroe Salmon Cream (my choice)
    Complex Culture Lip Balm
    Kensie So Pretty Fragrance
    Laruce Beauty Kabuki Brush
    Sugar Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayon in Viola

    I added:
    Ora Facial Microneedle Roller System
    Barefoot Scientist Moisturizing Gel Socks
    Foxybae Hair Mask + Biotin
    SL Miss Glam Angled Blusher Brush
    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate (free for spending $25 on add-ons)

    • Bag twins! The salmon cream was my choice item as well.

      I only got the Nomad lip scrub as an add on, but I might grab more in the second chance sale.

    • Fun! Hope you enjoy it all, and enjoy gifting what you won’t!
      If there’s ever anything you get that you know you won’t use, check out local donation options – cleansers, sunscreens, skincare are just a few items I’ve seen at my local food bank in the past. When folks can’t afford milk and beans and veggies for their families, the occasional deluxe sample/travel size personal care product is such a luxury!
      There’s also Project Beauty Share, and I know there are others but I can’t think of them. My brain is derping out.
      I’m not trying to sound preachy; I haven’t been with IPSY a full year yet, and I love it, but I am already considering doing a little product slim-down. I need to slim down a *few* things…😋

  4. Meh.

    – YTTP toner (choice)
    – “Super Sativa Wellness” lip balm
    – SL Miss Glam blush brush
    – Seraphine Botanicals luminizing primer
    – Glow on 5th night cream

    The Super Sativa Wellness balm looked just like a Jersey Shore lip balm to me, so I looked it up, & apparently the president of the new company used to be vp of Jersey Shore. Not sure how to feel about that. Won’t be using the product, anyway, since it has lavender in it & I don’t like that.

    Similarly, Glow on 5th is a brand I’d never heard of, and a quick Google search yields NO information about them. Not even an address on their website. They seem pretty brand spankin’ new, as well. I have a feeling they might be a white label brand like Grace & Stella. The ingredients are not impressive, either. Glycerin, palm oil, alcohols, & then a few fruit extracts at the end of the ingredient list. Not sure if I’ll use this.

    • I got this exactly (even the toner pick). Technically it fits my customization profile as lip balms are “often” and everything else was “sometimes” but I’m not that excited. And I still have not received December either. I would have been happy with any YTTP and the choice items but they weren’t available as add-ons like in the past. I think I will get Feb for Ipsy X and then skip the other months even if I like the choice item.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat! I do like lip balms, & even though I don’t like primer, I love Seraphine Botanicals & have rated their products highly, so I’m not surprised Ipsy chose this variant for me. Technically, it fits, but it’s not my dream bag, lol.

        Sorry about your December bag. I think most of the shipping delays these past few months are out of Ipsy’s hands, though. :/

      • Thanks Marion, it was weird too, there’s no actual tracking for this bag in the app. I had to request it from CS. They said to check my spam folder but I never got the email.

      • I would have preferred the Kinship cleanser and the Complex Culture balm. I like Seraphine Botanicals too but peach color sounds too warm for me as I lean towards cool/neutral. Maybe the tint won’t be noticeable.

    • I think it’s not very fair for you to be so brand conscious with Ipsy. A lot of small, new, or indie brands make their products available to Ipsy at no or very reduced cost in the hopes that publicity and word of mouth would help them grow. How else can Ipsy offer five products, a bag, and the cost of shipping for $12 and still turn a profit? There’s no reason for La Mer and Chanel to be offering freebies to Ipsy. The fact that 2/5 of your bag is composed of brands you’re not familiar with is a pretty decent ratio.

      • I HAVE to be brand conscious with ipsy & other beauty boxes, because they work so closely with sketchy companies that keep launching “new” brands when they get bad reviews or send out a bad batch of product, or when their owners are caught lying about the development of products, etc. I need to know if something is yet another reiteration of Dirty Little Secrets or Thompson Beauty Brands or whatever.

        I actually really like Jersey Shore Cosmetics, and have even used their subscription service on & off, and that’s why I’m so confused about Super Sativa Wellness (& its parent company Princeton Balm Company), because they’re so clearly a carbon copy of Jersey Shore’s design (& possibly their formula). Since they don’t call themselves a sister company or whatever, I don’t know if they’re ripping off Jersey Shore Cosmetics, or if they have Jersey Shore’s blessing, or what.

        An indie brand is NOT the same as a private labeled brand. I don’t think that with its millions of subscribers, Ipsy is even an option for most indie companies at this point. They’d have to have tens or hundreds of thousands of units available for Ipsy to send out. Which is why Ipsy is turning to so many private label brands — they can churn out massive amounts of product for extremely cheap. I don’t necessarily have a problem with private labeling in general. I don’t think something’s junk just because it’s made in China. I DO have a massive problem with dishonesty, false labeling of product, and exponentially overcharging for product. As a consumer in general, I think it is my responsibility to be aware of these things, so when I see red flags like the fact that a company doesn’t divulge its founder or executives, when they label beauty products as “clean” (literally means nothing; there is no beauty definition of clean), and when they don’t even have an address where you can contact them, I get very suspicious.

  5. I like my bag! I’d almost skipped since the bag style was just sort of “meh,” but kept it when choice cane around since I wanted to try the Salmon cream.

    In addition to the salmon cream, I got the Complex Culture lip balm, Laruce beauty brush, Kensie So Pretty fragrance, and Sugar Cosmetics lip crayon in Viola.

    The brush I could take or leave since I have so many now, but all around it’s a really good bag and different from the typical mix.

  6. Wasn’t to excited about my glam bag when I first looked at it this morning, but it is slowly growing on me. I am getting 3 full sized products so I can’t really complain. The products in My January glam bag are:

    1) Belle En Argent nail polish in Bore Someone else $13

    2) Hola Neon High gloss lacquer in Kahlo $17

    3) Item Beauty Air Hug concealer in Light Neutral ( My Choice)

    4) Kosette Salt Scalp Scrub

    5) Laruce LR222 Kabuki Brush in Denim Blue $30.

  7. Eh, too many repeats.

  8. My bag’s not terrible. I’m getting:

    IT bye bye under eye concealer (in a shade that might actually work)
    Jules Smith Gloss (I like lip products)
    Kinship papaya cleanser (choice)
    PUR mini mascara (not for me, but my sister likes to have my mascara samples)
    SLMissGlam angle blush brush (not a brush type I need, but I’ve been repurposing them to clean keyboards.)

    For add ons, I picked:

    Neogen pore refine toner (still seeking my holy grail pore product)
    Violet Voss single (bought one last month, like the formula)
    Hola Neon gloss (looks like a nice color)

    There were a handful of other products that would have been slightly better fits (I love the Laruce Kabuki), but I’m going to guess they combine with products I really don’t like (nail polish, perfume, foundation), so I’m pretty happy with my assortment.

  9. I’m really pleased with my bag this month, though as always I wish I could have gotten one of the nail polishes or perfumes on offer.

    I’m getting:

    BYROE Salmon Cream (choice item)

    SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Strobe Luminizing Primer (Been wanting to try this and it’s full size!)

    SLMISSGLAM Flat Foundation brush (can always use another brush)

    SUGAR COSMETICS Lip Crayon in Stephanie Plum (I actually got this as an add-on a while back; it’s nice, though)

    YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner (I don’t typically use exfoliating toners, but a lot of people rave about this one so I’m happy to try it)

    • Bag twins! I’m getting the same exact products, I think it’s a good mix and well know brands! Can’t wait to get it!

    • Bag twins. The crayon in that dark color is a miss for me.

  10. I’m pretty happy with my bag. The bag design isn’t my favourite but I’m always happy with a bag that is a bit more gender neutral. Not that my boys care too much when I pack something for them in a fluffy pink bag.

    I’m a little make up light this month but I cashed in some points for a Touch In Sol Pretty Filter Soul Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose.

    My bag is…

    Ahava Sea Kissed Mineral Hand Cream- I don’t mind getting handcream I love having little ones for my purse and I love Ahava products.

    Complex Culture Lip Gloss in Clear- I’m pretty excited for this because I don’t have any clear gloss atm.

    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate- never mind getting eye creams. They are so expensive.

    Kosette Salt Scalp Scrub- my choice. I’m not really into hair products because I have fine thin oily hair but this sounds interesting. I’d love to up my scalp health.

    Laruce Beauty Tapered Blending Brush in Denim Blue- another product I never mind getting in my bag! I love new brushes.

    I guess I’m just easy to please. Honestly if I got a brush, a lippy, a mascara or brow product and a skin care in every single bag I would never complain.

  11. Super disappointed in the selection they gave me this month’s bag is supposed to be a replacement for my November bag that never came. The customization is horrible and the only thing I like was my sample choice. I’ve begged them to give me perfume but I still can’t get them too. So glad I’ve already canceled. Ipsy is getting worse and worse.

    • I hate mine too 🙁 it had three skin care items which is what I prefer but theyre all items I was hoping not to get. Sigh. I do like my GBP a lot though. So win some lose some.
      I’ve only been offered perfume twice in my time with ipsy and I had all three bags at one point. And once was today in GBP but it was some really niche products woodsy masculine scent so PASS.
      I would love it if they offered full size perfumes in their GBP—I’d be so thrilled but it’s like those small rollerball versions. Or the sample sizes that you can use twice in the GB. If you’re lucky enough to get them

      • I’ve been “lucky” to get 3 full size bottles of perfume in GBP. I’m not a perfume fan, though.

  12. One of my main dislikes is that they never send a colorful eyeshadow. It would be nice to receive something other than a pink or brown shadow. Love getting brushes and don’t mind getting cleansers in case I find one I truly like. Ipsy please send color!

  13. My bag is very disappointing this month:

    —HEY HONEY Color Correcting whatever (don’t have much use for this, but we’ll see)
    —SLMISSGLAM Angled blush brush (my choice, it’s so pretty)
    —KINSHIP Naked Papaya enzyme cleanser (okay, but I noticed other cleansers better suited to my skin type)
    —SURMEDIC+ Azulene Soothing Cleanser (realllllly, ipsy? 2 cleansers in one bag?)
    —Kensie So Pretty parfum (this is fine)

    I would have preferred several of the other items, like nail polish or lip gloss, but I know it’s always a gamble. But 2 cleansers in one bag? Really? Not happy this month.

  14. I’m getting

    Cake Beauty body balm (I have a few of their hand lotion/cream, smell good)

    Hey Honey color correcting cream. (interesting item, love the brand)

    Moroccan Magic lip balm (just got 2 other lip balms last month. I’m set for a bit)

    SLMISSGLAM flat foundation brush (so pretty!)

    YTTP exfoliatiing toner (excited to try this)

    Overall, another win for my regular Ipsy bag!

    • During the choice time I had a hard time picking, I liked a lot of them. However, the ones I didn’t pick were not picked for me and are not add on options. My bag is rather disappointing, but January’s usually sucks for me.

  15. I get two base bags and one was good and the other just “eh”. It’s funny how different my bags always are on the two accounts considering my profiles are identical. Not complaining! I get to try more items that way!

    I was hoping for the item concealer or it bye bye under eye. I always love hey honey, too. None of those found their way into my bags or add ons, though.

    First bag was:
    -ahava hand cream (something I have a lot of but actually love, so that’s okay).
    -Catherine perfume. I’ve received this before (prob on a different account) and I don’t like it at all. Way too fruit and sweet.
    -salt scalp scrub (my choice. Boring, I know. But I have a lot of product (overload really) and this is something I have none of)
    -blue pretty woman nail polish. I think I’m one of few people that really like getting nail polish. I have 2 teen girls and it’s something we can all use.
    -Uoma mascara. Eh. Again, the girls will use. I pretty much stick to my Thrive.

    The second had:
    -cake beauty body balm. Not a fan of their scents.
    -Foxbae leave in hair mask. Just redeemed points for this, don’t mind having more.
    -Jules smith gloss. I’m a gloss person, so this is okay.
    -slim glass foundation brush. I have a ton of brushes, but that’s not ipsy’s problem. And they don’t expire, so EVENTUALLY it’ll get used.
    -YTTP toner, my pick.

    I get one plus bag and it was okay, too.

    The foundation/tinted moisturizer that was offered in choice was not my color, though. I had to get my color as an add on. Kinda bummed, cause I would have picked that. Barely any of the choice spoilers I was looking forward to were there, but that’s okay..

  16. I skipped again, thankfully lol.

  17. I’m pretty happy with my bag. I got the –

    BELLE EN ARGENT Nail Polish in Love and Attention
    FIRMA BEAUTY 403 Round Blending Brush
    SOO’AE Sheet Mask Duo
    STILA COSMETICS Liquid Lipstick in Patina (my choice)
    VIOLET VOSS Eyeshadow in Bare It All

    I’ll definitely use everything!

    I added the –

    LARUCE BEAUTY Cheek & Eyes Brush Set
    DOUCCE Smokey Pro Palette
    UOMA Drama Bomb Extreme Volume Mascara
    BLISS Oil Free Makeup Wipes

    All in all, a good start to 2021!

    • Lynn, that’s a great bag! I’m jealous of everyone who got Belle in Argent and Stila.

  18. My bag this month is a dud with the exception of my choice product: YTTP Super Hydrate and Glow Oil.

    Ipsy gave me:
    another face oil (why do I need two in the same bag?)
    a CBD lip balm (might be o.k., but I’ve got tons of balms)
    Hey Honey moisturizing/color correcting cream (Hey Honey products don’t agree with me and I consistently rate them low)
    yet another gold highlighter (Catrice–meh). I have received 4 gold highlighters over the past 6 months. I repeatedly communicate my hatred for these, but Ipsy seems to think they can convert me.

    • That bag IS pretty crappy. I’m sorry, I had the same luck this month. 2 cleansers in GB and another in my Plus!

      • Same thing here with the cleansers. I didn’t chose one of them Bc I realized it was a brand that catered to “melanin rich skin tones” and I am the pastiest bitch on the block. Not sure how I qualified for that one.

        But received another cleanser in my GB so two for me. And then an oil in each bag too. How many oils can someone go through?

        Not a lot of variation this month. Super disappointed.

      • Yep–got a 3rd face oil/serum in my Plus. I don’t think any of us–particularly those of us who have been subscribers for more than a few month–could have done significantly better. I didn’t notice an especially wide range of product types and I notice a LOT of repeats. I guess I’d hoped Ipsy would start 2021 on better footing, but alas…

  19. Ipsy made cancelling even easier. Ahava hand cream for the umpteenth time, and perfume- which is supposed to be an extra, not a sample. All of those possibilities and I get two I won’t use. Bye Ipsy.

    • Perfume is considered one of the 5 items in Ipsy. I think you were thinking of Sephora sub box where it was an extra.

    • Do you know how many people are desperate to get a perfume from Ipsy?! I mean, sorry you didn’t like your bag, but lol.

      • I finally got a perfume this month, I’m excited! It’s the Kensie “So Pretty” scent.

        Technically I did get a couple from Ipsy before but they were both Juliette Has a Gun brand and “musk” dominant scents, so a complete miss for me.

        But “So Pretty” is an apple/green floral, which is pretty much my favorite type of perfume. (I love DKNY “Be Delicious,” Tokyo Milk Dark “Pretty Rotten,” and Tocca “Guilietta.”)

    • Ipsy at least sends larger perfume samples, unlike the little vials that Birchbox puts in as a “bonus.”

  20. My January bag isn’t too bad. I am shocked I am not receiving a nude eyeshadow. This month I am getting:

    Elizabeth Mott Hand Cream in Full Bloom – Will definitely be used.

    Kensie So Pretty Fragrance – I love perfume, and this is my third fragrance in the past year from Ipsy.

    SLMISSGLAM Flat Foundation B12 Brush – I don’t wear foundation, but I’m sure I will find another use for this.

    Sugar Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Viola – The only miss for me this month. I don’t like matte lipsticks as I usually find them too drying, but I’ll reserve full judgement until I try it. I do like the color though.

    Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil – My choice product.

    Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner – Add-On

    SLMISSGLAM P30 Angled Blusher Brush – Add-On.

  21. Out of all of those great items that are perfect for me, I have no idea why Ipsy gave me a dark plum matte crayon that is so off from my profile. A rare miss for Ipsy. Another donation item.

    • Is it the Sugar Cosmetics one in Viola? I’m actually excited about it, but I would wear it with a balm underneath and just rub a little of the crayon in for a tint. I don’t think I’d be bold enough to use it as straight color.

  22. I reactiveated after over a year since my last glam bag but honestly I’ll cancel inmediately. I only like one of my products and adds on weren’t better :/

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