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Look Optic – Should We Review It?

Look Optic is an eyewear brand that specializes in fashion-forward reading glasses:

We’re here to help make wearing readers a fun, fashionable and fearless experience – wherever you need to read the fine print. Every pair is designed to make you look and feel your absolute best, in any and every situation (even the most dimly lit ones). Because we think confidence looks good on everyone.

Look Optic lenses are designed with the wearer in mind:

We know quality should be something you can see (with or without your readers on). Which is why we chose ultra-lightweight matte frames, the finest Italian spring hinges that bend and flex with you, and prescription quality lenses that let you see the world like never before.

Look Optic helps users find the perfect pair with their virtual mirror, and are easy to adjust so they’re always the right fit: 

  • Every pair of LOOK OPTIC glasses is designed to allow you to to adjust them without heating or visiting an Optical Shop. Gently apply pressure the the wire-core temple, to bend it in or out, until you find the perfect fit.
  • Look Optic offers Blue-Light Readers, Kids Blue-Light Readers, and Sun Readers.

The Box: Look Optic

The Cost: starting at $68 per pair + free shipping

The Products: Blue-Light Readers, Kids Blue-Light Readers, and Sun Readers

Ships to: United States


What do you think of this brand? Would you like to see it reviewed? 


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your feedback! Earlier this year, we did a survey to ask our readers what they’d like to see more of on MSA, and we learned that the majority of readers wanted to hear more about new non-subscription products. We also reinvigorated the “Should We Review?” series to get your feedback on what we should cover. We now have reviews in the works for many of the subscriptions that you voted on over these past few weeks, so thank you again for sharing your feedback! Our goal is to make sure that we’re writing about exciting brands and subscriptions that you want to read about, and we appreciate every comment, whether positive or negative, as it helps us to create content that you’ll enjoy. If there are any products or subscriptions that you want to see reviewed, please email us at [email protected] – we love getting reader suggestions!

Look Optic

How do subscribers rate Look Optic?

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Written by Mallory @ MSA

Mallory @ MSA

Mallory joined the MSA team in 2020. She focuses on engaging with our community online, through daily emails, and across our social media channels. Based in New York City, she can often be found biking through Central Park, scoping out under-the-radar coffee shops, and listening to the Hamilton cast album on an endless loop. Her current favorite subscriptions are Hello Fresh and Fabletics.

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Comments (46)

  1. I understand that a lot of subscriptions have gone under (RIP Popsugar) and the world has changed a bit, but this is not what I want from this site. Not cooking pans, not overpriced glasses. No, thanks.

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for your feedback – our goal for the “Should We Reviews?” series is to get our readers’ opinions on what we’re considering for review. We know they all won’t be a fit, and that’s OK! We appreciate all comments on these posts, as they help us plan out our content.

  2. Not interested. I have my prescription glasses (and a cool pair of prescription sunglasses) which I normally wear, unless I’m wearing contacts.

    And you can find stylish reading glasses for cheap.

    Admittedly if this was a sub box for $16 a month I might get excited at the idea of starting a fashion glasses collection, lol.

  3. I would prefer to see more timely spoilers and reviews on subscription boxes.

    • Yes, I would agree. It’s the spoilers and reviews that I come for. I think if this product was a subscription box that sends a pair every month you could have interest but the price point here very high basic pair of reading glasses. If I was looking to spend this amount on a pair of reading glasses I would spend a little more and get one from my optometrist.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Shannon! We’re adding new contributors to our writing team to help review the boxes that readers’ have been voting for over these past few weeks. Our goal with the “Should We Review?” series is to give readers a say in the content we produce 😊

  4. If it isn’t a sub, don’t review.
    Maybe someone should explain to Mallory what a subscription box is.

  5. No. I have no interest in over priced reading glasses.

    • The new direction of this site includes revies of subscription boxes AND online only stores, apparently. Shame, that.

  6. It’s not a sub box, so NO. I keep coming back to this website because I am very dedicated and I have been a part of it for years, but I am starting to lose the excitement I had before. Not for sub boxes, I still love them, but for MSA. Like will there be a name change next?

  7. Not a subscription box, so I vote NO.

  8. Goodness, this site is really going downhill. Thanks to whoever recommended getting your subscription information from Reddit – I’ll go over there and make myself sqeeeeeeeee over people who are just interested in subs.

    • Goodness, you seem to have a hard time of just letting things go.

      • At least we can downvote her on reddit 😬

      • Goodness! Where’s your sense of humor? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

      • Not to rain on your SQEEEEEE parade, Carol, but how can you afflict anyone’s Pintrest experience if we are just looking for information on subscription boxes??? I just look for reliable info on these things, and MSA seems to want to be going down the Goop route. You can try and cancel everyone if that floats your boat, but it doesn’t seem to have any bearing on MSA not focusing on subscriptions.

    • Things I don’t ever want to see on this site – #1 glorified ads, and #2 rose being unpleasant. Seriously. Glad you’ve found Reddit, so go.

    • Hmm… so I see you make this comment on many diff threads and it’s very confusing to me what you’re talking about lol…. is this a code word or something? Also for someone who hates this site you are on it and awful lot! When I hate things I tend to stay away from them but maybe I’m crazy😬

  9. No! Sub boxes only, not ads for services!

  10. Since this site is called My Subscription Addiction, it leads one to believe this site covers sub boxes. However, since Liz, the focus has shifted away from reliable and consistent reviews/ spoilers and onto products, ‘lists’, and comparisons. Those are fine and dandy, but it’s not why your audience is here and it becomes more tiresome trying to weed through the junk posts to see actual sub reviews.
    I’ve been on this site for years and it holds a special place for me. I just wish the focus was on reviewing new boxes instead of all this filler.

    • Agree. Enough with the my-favorite-natural-deodorants lists. And by the way, aluminum is natural, not manmade. It’s called an element. And no, it does not cause Alzheimer’s. Try reading science instead of the blogs of bored housewives with zero education.

      • Well said. I almost got cancer reading that post.

      • 👏 Thank you, Julia!

  11. No. Also, how is this a subscription? What have you guys been doing lately? I keep seeing these things sneak in, it’s annoying

  12. I wear prescription glasses, so this is a no for me.

  13. I was not born yesterday. Stop, MSA, and keep your audience.

  14. LOL no! I assumed you gave them your prescription like Warby Parker or something, but they’re just magnifiers or blue light glasses? These look annoyingly overpriced and ridiculous. I think most of us are here for sub boxes anyway, not something like this.

  15. I am not interested in a review of this.

  16. Just today I purchased a four pack of readers from Sam’s for $21. $68 AND UP for one pair of readers is kind of ridiculous. But I wouldn’t mind seeing what extremely overpriced readers look like. On the other hand I would rather read about subscription boxes. I guess I am not in a decisive mood.

  17. No.

  18. Really wish you would stick to subscriptions, which is what you’re about.

    • I agree, let’s stick to subs.

    • Agreed, There have been too many of these lately. Stick to subs!
      The name of the site SHOULD say it all.

  19. I looked on this website for a “mission statement.” I couldn’t find one, but it seems like the goal of MSA is/was to discuss subscription boxes. Reviewing shopping sites such as this seems inconsistent with what I have enjoyed about this page. However, it seems like the site is pivoting somewhat to more generalized reviews, and some may enjoy that also. Very long-winded version of no, I would not like this reviewed.

    • It is free promotions for the companies – and this site gets free products for promoting them which in turn creates more biased reviews. Not interested.

      • Hi Laura! Our goal with the “Should We Reviews?” series is to get our readers’ opinions on subscription boxes and non-subscription products that we are considering for review. We know they all won’t be a fit, and that’s OK – but many of our readers’ want to see product reviews on our site alongside subscription boxes.

        Also – we do pay for many of the boxes featured in our reviews, and we do not receive payment from companies in exchange for featuring them on our site. You can read more about our policy here:

  20. No.

  21. I also vote no. Reading glasses are cheap on Amazon and you could easily buy a dozen pair of reading glasses for that price.

  22. Can buy readers anywhere for $5 or less. $68 is ridiculous!

  23. No. I use readers, but would never pay this amount for a pair. I prefer this site to review subscription boxes only.

  24. Don’t you get reading glasses off the rack at any drugstore for $10?

  25. This isn’t a subscription box is it? If not, do not review is my opinion.

  26. No, because I would prefer you review new boxes rather than individual products like this.

  27. If I’m spending that kind of money on reading glasses I WANT to go to an optical shop. Can’t imagine using this.

    • Very true!

  28. Not for me. I had to go to prescription glasses now.

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