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Brightland – Should We Review It?

Brightland is a natural olive oil and vinegar brand:

We’re in the business of extra virgin olive oils & vinegars that are good for you, no questions asked. With Brightland, you know exactly what you’re getting – authentic olive oils and vinegars that are never rotten, overprocessed, or fraudulent. With absolutely no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Brightland ingredients are sourced from a family-run California farm:

Olive Oil: Our sole ingredient comes from trees that live on for thousands of years; so you can rest assured that what you’re putting into your body is straight from the earth. It’s grounded. It’s good for you. It’s never seen a lab.

Vinegar: Chardonnay and Zinfandel grapes, Navel and Valencia oranges, and ripe Triple Crown blackberries are grown in nutrient-dense soil, selected with care, and double fermented in stainless steel. You’ll taste the process on your palate – zingy and bright, bold and decadent.

Brightland has olive oils, vinegars, and gift sets available: 

  • The Pair – fruit-forward and double-fermented vinegars, including Parasol and Rapture vinegars
  • The Mini Essentials – includes Brightland’s bestsellers (Awake, Alive, Parasol and Rapture) in petite sizes
  • The Duo – paired together to balance and round out your kitchen, including Awake and Alive oils
  • The Essential Capsule – includes Brightland’s Duo and the Pair, which are the perfect foursome to complement and round out the kitchen
  • The Golden State Capsule – a special edition set that includes all seven of Brightland’s oils and vinegars. Perfect for home chefs, entertainers, and food enthusiasts!

The Box: Brightland

The Cost: selections ranging from $22 to $225

The Products: olive oils, vinegars, and gift sets

Ships to: United States


What do you think of this brand? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your feedback! Earlier this year, we did a survey to ask our readers what they’d like to see more of on MSA, and we learned that the majority of readers wanted to hear more about new non-subscription products. We also reinvigorated the “Should We Review?” series to get your feedback on what we should cover. We now have reviews in the works for many of the subscriptions that you voted on over these past few weeks, so thank you again for sharing your feedback! Our goal is to make sure that we’re writing about exciting brands and subscriptions that you want to read about, and we appreciate every comment, whether positive or negative, as it helps us to create content that you’ll enjoy. If there are any products or subscriptions that you want to see reviewed, please email us at [email protected] – we love getting reader suggestions!

Written by Mallory @ MSA

Mallory @ MSA

Mallory joined the MSA team in 2020. She focuses on engaging with our community online, through daily emails, and across our social media channels. Based in New York City, she can often be found biking through Central Park, scoping out under-the-radar coffee shops, and listening to the Hamilton cast album on an endless loop. Her current favorite subscriptions are Hello Fresh and Fabletics.

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Comments (62)

  1. Okay, if you guys are really going to start pushing non sub products on us can you at least make them good quality and original? Overpriced magnifying lenses and hipster olive oils aren’t the things. I get great local California olive oil from my farmers market for $10 a bottle. Olive trees in California aren’t thousands of years old, my ancestors planted the first ones in the 1700s. I live in an area full of olive tree groves and olive oil producers, most aren’t organic or natural. This company is ridiculous and their mission statement is full of lies and buzzwords. Also, Costco olive oil is great and can be trusted over this random company that came out of nowhere.

    • Thank you for this feedback, Mandi! We’ve heard great things about Brightland, which is why we wanted to ask the community about it before we added this brand to our content queue.

  2. No, it’s not a sub box. Though if Oil & Vinegar had a sub box I’d love that, since their store has some amazing non-grneeuc oils and special mixes.

  3. I’ve been an avid MSA reader for many years and I do have to agree that the non subscription items really have no place here. I also dislike all the lists. It’s distracting to the site.

    I used to be familiar (not personally) with the entire MSA team. Now I’m not sure who is who…and I have to agree with others, I definitely miss Marne! At 40 years old (close to me!) she was my secret idol. I really appreciated all her reviews as she certainly had a gift for writing.

    That said, I realize this website underwent a transition, so I’m thinking they are just trying to find solid footing. Hopefully people still support the site as I know it’s always on my list to visit at least once a day.

    And Mallory has been fabulous. She has been a great, responsive help to me, so I thank her for that 😊👍

    • Agree that Mallory is fabulous and agree that the lists and shilling for boutiques should stop. Perhaps it would help if the staff of MSA would sit down together and pound out a scope statement for the website (what it is and is not). Then it would be very clear what belongs and what doesn’t, which will also help them with allocating their time appropriately (some reviews and spoilers have been really late in past months).

      Work time is limited, so focusing on its best use (reviews) and prioritizing will enhance everyone’s experience.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Snow! Always happy to help however I can 😊 Although there have been some changes to the site, I can assure you that everyone on the team loves subscription boxes and is passionate about sharing them with our readers. We miss Marne as well, and we hope she comes back to write about a few of her favorite boxes in the future!

  4. Way too many employees to pay to just review sub boxes. They got too big. Instagram is the new blogosphere for subs.

  5. No.

    I’ve tried the oils so here’s the short review for anyone interested: they are fine but I would not purchase again. I like the Kirkland oil from Costco better and it’s much less expensive. They do look nice on my kitchen counter, though, so would make a nice gift for someone you really like.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Sarah!

  6. Sure, it makes for interesting reading in the comments lol.

  7. No, this is not a subscription.
    Please stop peddling overpriced goods no one wants to us.
    Is this whole “should we review this” shtick just a way to insert “hidden” ads into the website?
    This is quickly going from one of my favorite websites to being really irritating.

    • Hi Lana! Our goal with the “Should We Review?” series is to get feedback on new subscription boxes and non-subscription products before incorporating them into our content schedule. However, we understand that we’re not always going to get them all right, and we now have reviews in the works for many of the subscriptions that readers voted for over these past few weeks 😃

  8. No. It’s not a subscription.

    And with that said, I believe I’m done with MSA. I’m certainly not looking for a blog to sell my overpriced shop items, I’m here for subscription boxes. Reddit has the spoilers and deals well before MSA now anyway.

    Good luck with whatever you’re turning this website into!

    • Yes I agree with you. I used to come here to decide if I was going to keep or skip boxes, and get other people’s honest product reviews.
      I don’t think MSA is doing a good job filling that need for me anymore, which is sad because i really will miss a lot of the community (though i will be glad to no longer bump into Rose’s obnoxious “squee” bullying).

    • Hi Holly! Thank you for your feedback – our goal with the “Should We Review?” series is to get reader feedback before incorporating new boxes and products into our content schedule. While we don’t always get them all right, we appreciate every comment, whether positive or negative, as it helps us to create content that you’ll enjoy. We hope you stick around to see some of the reviews on new boxes that readers have voted for over these past few weeks!

  9. No, subscription boxes only. All of these ads are just too much, and make me dislike the site.

    • I agree. If this were a sub then definitely review. Otherwise no. A coupon would be nice as I do want to try these myself.

  10. I wish this site would get it together. The reviews are late and all the good boxes seem to be only reviewed by Megan. I wish there was more variety. There used to be some great contributors. The only reason I still come honestly is for the swap site. 🙁
    I think it would be nice for MSA to acknowledge some of these concerns and plan a map forward.

    • Hi Jen! Thanks for writing in. We’re working very hard behind the scenes, and we’re excited for you to see what we have in store for next year 😉 We’ve recently brought on new contributors and are working on expanding our reviews to include new boxes and non-subscription products that we’re asked about. In fact, this is why we’ve brought back our “Should We Review?” series – we want to get readers’ feedback on what we should write about!

  11. Like I said on the other post:

    It’s not a sub box, so NO. I keep coming back to this website because I am very dedicated and I have been a part of it for years, but I am starting to lose the excitement I had before. Not for sub boxes, I still love them, but for MSA. Like will there be a name change next?

    ETA: I really miss Liz. This website felt sunnier before and where is Marne?

    • Yes! I’m missing Marne too! Wish Liz would come back, but I’m sure that shil has sailed.

    • I was also wondering what happened to Marne. I really enjoyed her skincare reviews.

      • Same, she went from “taking a break” to disappearing completely. 🙁

      • Excellent question.
        And no to the olive oil review.
        If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Hi LunaLee! Marne stepped back In May, but we hope she comes back to write about a few of her favorite boxes in the future. You’ll notice most of her reviews have shifted to Megan going forward.

  12. Nope. Doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

  13. No! Please stick to subscription boxes. There are other sites for shopping but not many for subscription boxes. Thanks.

  14. A big no. Like other have said, please stick to sub boxes as this is why we’re all here.

    Not to be rude but perhaps more time should be spent on subscriptions. Since Liz left there is a noticeable lag on spoilers. MSA used to be the first to post spoilers but now I see them on different site days before you post them. There’s also other boxes that you could research and review or maybe even spend time on finding special MSA discounts for us.

    • Hi Steph! Thank you for writing in. We get a lot of requests to review non-subscription products, which is why we decided to ask the larger audience in our “Should We Review?” series, before including a review in our content schedule. However, we understand that we’re not always going to get them all right, so we appreciate every comment, whether positive or negative, as it helps us to create content that you’ll enjoy.

      Also – are you subscribed to our Secret Deals email? We work with brands to get exclusive discounts for our readers, many of which are SO exclusive we can’t share them publicly! You can sign up here:

  15. I agree with everyone else, stick to sub boxes!

  16. No thanks.

  17. My suspicion is that it’s a ploy to increase comments= higher engagement = more ad revenue.

    I think we as readers have made it clear many posts ago that it would be great if we could just get timely spoilers and high quality reviews of popular boxes, please.

    • I’m starting to think that these “should we review it?” ARE “hidden” ads

      • Yes, I agree. Why on earth would it even be a consideration?

        Hey guys should we review Diet Pepsi?

      • They are. The links to the site are undisclosed affiliate links.

        I’m fine with affiliate links, but the fact they’re undisclosed and this is clearly an ad post disguised as a “should we review it?” thing is pretty disappointing.

      • Hi there! The goal of our “Should We Review?” series is to determine which brands we should incorporate into our content calendar. While we do sometimes incorporate affiliate links, this is not the goal of our posts. You can check out our disclosure policy on each post to learn more:

    • I just realized that these products might be from customers of their marketing company. Originally I assumed they were ads paying to be featured on the site, but they could be owned or have a contract with the people who bought MSA, they’re a marketing company right? I mean, my first thought could be true too idk-but I’ve never heard of these companies and they seem very new.

      • Hi Mandi! I can confirm that we are not affiliated with any subscription box or non-subscription product that is reviewed on our site, nor are we paid for any of these posts. The goal of the “Should We Review?” series is to survey our readers and help our team create content you’ll love. A few members of our team are already authentic fans of Brightland’s olive oils, which is why we chose to include them in our holiday roundups and introduced the brand in this series.

      • That actually makes a whole lot of sense. I wonder if they bought MSA because it gave them an established platform to promote their clients?

  18. Several years back I subscribed to 15 monthly boxes. I have whittled it down to four. Product overload, clutter, and an uncertain economic future. Paring down seemed wise for me. I’m sure I’m not alone and perhaps this is why MSA is doing a shift to less reviews? More “Should we review?” IDK, but it seems unwise. I went to the site for reviews. Period. I’m 52 years old and feel rather silly, but my teenage son is teaching me how to find reviews on Reddit and they are more fun these days. It’s fun to look, but my four active subs were purchased using the MSA affiliate links. It used to be a lot more enjoyable when it was primarily reviews.

    • Hi Penny! Thank you for your feedback. We’re working on incorporating more reviews into our content schedule, and we’re using our “Should We Review?” series to get readers’ feedback in real time. While we understand that we’re not always going to get them all right, we now have reviews in the works for many of the subscriptions that you’ve voted on over these past few weeks!

  19. No, it is of no interest to me at all and just seems like a store trying to sell products.

  20. No thank you. Stick to subscription boxes please.

  21. No.

  22. I thought readers overwhelmingly voted against product reviews. Why are so many sub boxes either not or no longer reviewed? I’d love to see a return to the site’s original mission.

    • Well said. Completely agree.

    • One of Mallorys comments on a different post reveals that their new mission is to help connect us with subscription boxes AND online only stores now. So, much more of this to come, I’m afraid.

      • Thats really unfortunate that they didnt listen to their readers. Seems like a bad move that will cost them a lot of readers going else where for there sub reviews and spoilers.

  23. A hearty hell no! LLB said it best. This isn’t a subscription. It’s a store. We come to your site to read about subscriptions. We often use your affiliate links to thank you for vetting subscription offerings. There’s lots of blogs where I do not use their affiliate links to purchase things from because I know that they are just offering click bait. Please don’t go down that route – you will have a lot of people ruing the day that Liz left MSA. Or just start a new site, another Goop is just what we need.

    • I didn’t know Liz left!

  24. Why are there so many useless posts about products that subscription box enthusiasts wouldn’t be interested in? This isn’t a subscription. $65 reading glasses aren’t a subscription. Natural deodorant isn’t a subscription. I guess it’s time for me to find another source for this type of information. Reddit provides most of the spoilers earlier. This site came out with Margot Elena full spoilers today, Reddit posted them 2 days ago. RIP MSA.

    • I agree Michelle. MSA has done poorly this past year.

    • Agreed. I also don’t like that the site feels more like free “promotions” for companies instead of unbiased reviews.

      • Oh, I doubt they’re free. MSA was bought out by a marketing company. We’re going to be seeing more and more of these advertisements poorly disguised as content.

      • Hi there! Although we will sometimes use affiliate links, we are not paid for reviews or any content that’s posted on MSA. The goal of our “Should We Review?” series is to get your feedback on what we should cover, and we now have reviews in the works for many of the subscriptions that you’ve voted on over these past few weeks.

    • I find myself on Reddit more than MSA lately as well. Such a shame! There’s been so many spammy posts during the holiday season, I rarely check in here these days. It’s just not even worth sifting through the garbage to find what I want to see when everything is on Reddit and often sooner than MSA.

  25. Yes! I keep seeing their ads, please review. I want to hear what they’re really like before I decide to buy it or not

    • You can google to see reviews there are lots out there.

      • I’d rather hear it from a site that I trust and read regularly, thanks!

  26. Is this a subscription box? If not, then NO. Given the comments that most people have been leaving to your “should we review it” posts, people come here for news and information about subscription boxes, myself included. I am not interested in coming here to see this site shilling for products and services that are unrelated to subscription boxes. We can go anywhere else for that.

    • I agree LLB. MSA needs to stick to reviewing subscription boxes. I also don’t want to see ads for things unrelated to subscription boxes.

  27. Gorgeous packaging but please stick reviews to subscription boxes only.

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