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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 Spoiler #2

Margot Elena Discovery Box Winter 2020 – Spoiler #2!

We have the second spoiler for the Winter 2020 Margot Elena box! FYI – The Winter box sold out so if you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box!

Each box will include:

Limited Edition Gift Tag Kit

Let’s create something wonderful together! A perfect package-ready gift tag set, illustrated with happy hand drawings and colorfully crafted floral patterns inspiring the gardens of your imagination.


Honeycomb Perfumed Soap & Ceramic Soap Dish

Perfectly paired, our Library of Flowers perfumed Honeycomb soap and ceramic soap dish will brighten your day. Ready to gift or to keep, out ultra-rich Shea Butter based soap is infused with choice botanicals and sits atop a dish adorned with happy floral patterns top and bottom.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of all things beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries.

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (72)

  1. I love the box! Most of the items will be gifts, begrudgingly lol.
    I was hoping someone could help me out.
    I tried peeling the sticker off the gorgeous gift tag box. I got 80% off but I have been picking at it for days. I have tried soap, face cleanser, soaking. Nothing will budge the last bits of glue. Spread all over. Now it dirty tacky glue. Nothing seem to take it off. Help?!?!?

    • Sometimes nail polish remover will do the trick. Also there is a product called Goo Gone which is great for removing price stickers etc

      • I love Goo Gone for jobs like that. Often using a hair dryer for a minute will loosen the sticker enough to peel it off. But in this case it sounds like Goo Gone is your best best.

  2. I’m curious to know what roller ball sent everyone got in their box? I got Everything & Nothing. I like it, not something I would normally pick out.

    • I got the scent “Bulletproof”, not my favorite scent but I’ll try it out

      • I received bulletproof as well. My husband told me it smelled like an old grandma. It is an interesting scent.

      • I think it leans more old grandpa…your hubby was probably just being nice…

      • Actually I’ve been wearing the Bulletproof fragrance a few hours now today, and I really like it! It has mellowed a little since I put it on and it now smells faintly sweet and it is a really nice, beautiful scent that is not overpowering. I’m very glad I got this one.

      • I also got bulletproof. Honestly, I thought it was an absolute no when I smelled it, but it changed when I put it on. I can’t explain, but I keep putting it on and kind of love it now. Never would’ve guessed from just smelling the rollerball…

    • “Everything and Nothing” for me. It’s a bit different from anything I have, but I really like it. Not quite as much as “Pretty Rotten,” but it’s such a nice, pleasing scent I’ll be wearing it a lot this winter. It’s like candied oranges, crisp white florals, and a nice cup of tea. The scent sticks close to the skin (which I like, I don’t want to overwhelm the world with my perfume) but it lasts a while. I can still smell it a little, though only the floral and moss notes are really distinguishable, over 8 hours later. (I did apply to my inner elbows though, so it doesn’t wash off as easily.)

    • I got Everything and Nothing as well. Not a scent I would have picked for myself based on the description but I loved it once I put it on! I will be using this one up fast ☺

    • I got Bulletproof. I was so excited. I fully expected to love it as I’m not super particular but I love musk/spice/wood scents. This one is “off”. Too much burned tire and synthetic forest fire… Oh, very very masculine. I’m glad it is just a roller ball instead of a full bottle. I’m just going to toss it into a stocking and be done with it.

  3. I just got my box, love it! (Other than the theme being “shine bright” and there is no candle, lol.) my dream of her including a soap dish has finally come true. 🙂 And finally, we get to try a makeup item! (I wouldn’t want them in every box, but I’ve been curious ever since seeing the “Let in the Light” Tokyomilk eyeshadow palette on her site to see how well her cosmetics stack up.) I don’t think I’ve every tried a “blush oil” before, but it seems perfect for winter.

    My 4-year daughter is super happy about the gift tag set. Not only is the tin very classy looking (I may repurpose it as a bookmark or recipe holder,) but the tags themselves are beautiful. She just went with her dad out the door to go shopping and was gushing about the whole ‘sequence’ of making a gift (“First you need a box and then you put the toy in and get some tape to tape the box up, then wrap it with wrapping paper, then get the ribbon and the tag…”)

    And the Tokyomilk Dark rollerball is a scent I haven’t tried before, “Everything and Nothing.” I love it. It’s a gentle but complex wintery scent, like a sweet white floral balanced by orange and a hint of earthiness. Like many of her perfumes, especially the rollerball versions, it doesn’t come off as super strong – which I actually prefer, it’s more like a personal perfume for my own enjoyment. I find applying to the inner elbows helps the scent stay more pure and last longer than on wrist points.

    Pretty much every product in this box is a hit for me, so it will once again be hard for me to part with any of it, lol.

    • Oooh I just tried the blush oil and,…I’m confused a bit, but I think I like it? Looking at it after opening, it seemed more like a cream stick, a little like Milk makeup blushes. But after dotting it on and feeling like a clown with weird magenta patches, I realized it was meant to be blended out. And it blends out like oil would, easily spreading and softly soaking into the skin for a sheer bit of color. I didn’t add any more, since it’s a color that could easily over-whelm me, but it’s a very pretty “winter flush” look. Best yet ,it feels really hydrating, which my dry skin needs!

  4. I have been subscribed since the first box. This box is like opening a beautiful gift to myself. This box beats every other subscription box. The items are stunning. I may not always love everything, there is always someone waiting for it. The letter was a special touch! 🧡💛💚💙💜

    • Caligirl I feel the exact same way about it being a beautiful gift to myself. I said that I was going to wait until Christmas but as soon as it arrived today I kept thinking about opening it immediately. I think I like this one better than the last one with the exception of not getting a candle. My candle is already burned up from the last box that’s how much I enjoyed it. I may have to bite the bullet and pay the increase in cost starting next spring and continue this sub. I canceled my Boxy premium, Allure and FabFitFun but this one has items that I absolutely love and can’t get enough of. They’re beautiful, they smell great and I can use most of them everyday. I don’t really wear makeup all the time so I think this one is perfect.

  5. I have been a subscriber of this box since it started, and I have to say that while I have loved all the previous boxes, I may have to unsubscribe now. The cost went up $10 and the box is half the size of all the previous boxes. I understand the contents are random, and I haven’t been disappointed with anything so, far, but why pay $10 for half of what I used to get? Maybe the dollar amount is the same, but it is hard to calculate the cost when everything is not on their website. With a larger box, I felt I was getting more. I was also disappointed they included the blush oil stick since not everyone can wear that color. They have not included makeup items before which I thought was great since colors work differently on people.

    • I plan to use the blush oil on my lips for a touch of color.

  6. I just got my box and it was so much fun to open! I stayed away from this thread so that I would be surprised (easier said than done!) I loved all of the items, except the blood orange hand cream, which I can regift. I will definitely reuse the beautiful tissue. My roller ball was Tokyo Milk Dark and I am in love with it! This was my third box and I’ve decided to continue this sub even with the price increase in 2021.

  7. So strange. I have the tracking number and it shows it shipped out on the first. It went to Texas and showed as a delivery date of the 9th. As of the 7th it has been in Texas and no update had appeared for shopping and it now shows as scheduled delivery pending. Did fedex lose the package or is there a delivery date they must go by?

    • Leslie, similar here. My box was supposed to be delivered yesterday in CA, but the tracking went dead in Dallas, TX on Monday. So disappointed! Was thinking of calling FedEx Monday if no updates.

      • I emailed Margo Elena today and explained it seemed to get lost in the system. I am in Orange County myself so I wonder how many CA people are having the same problem. I also wonder why in the world it went to Texas? It has never done that before. Strange. I really wish they would just do straight FedEx and skip The USPS (even though it helps them-the postal service-I think.) we Seoul’s get our packages faster and this wouldn’t happen.

    • Leslie, I am in San Bernardino county. My box went to Dallas, TX, to Sevier, UH, then back to Dallas and now it is back in Sevier. No idea why. I called Fedex and they are going to see if they can get it moving in the right direction. Hope it doesn’t get damaged. I am really looking forward to finally receiving it sometime next week!

      • I meant Sevier, UT

    • This happened to me too. I had a delivery date of the 9th and then suddenly it got stuck in Texas on the 7th and didn’t seem to be moving. I’m in Southern California. Then it magically got delivered today.

      • I finally got my box today as well after it bounced from Texas to Utah a few times. It’s lovely. Such a treat to unwrap so many beautiful things!

      • I am glad that you both received yours. Yay! Mine is now stuck in Fullerton. Hopefully it makes it’s way down south by Monday. I love this box!

    • FedEx is having MASSIVE issues delivering to CA it seems. Every parcel I have coming via FedEx is mislaid or ‘pending’ and then I get a updated delivery date and then once again swaps to pending – it’s so annoying.

  8. If anyone missed out on purchasing the Winter Box, I have a full box to sell and will list it on Ebay through the swap site. Dec. 10. It was opened to make sure everything was included inside the box.

    Feel free to message me if you would like to purchase it so I know that you may be interested if an offer comes through.

  9. This box is a constant delight. Items I would never buy for myself, but which I always enjoy using. I feel spoiled whenever I open it; yet it costs less than so many “luxury” boxes. It’s my one special treat for myself. The gift tags are a wonderful idea for the season!

  10. Can you believe that the USPS just delivered my box! Sunday eve 715pm. This Margot box is amazing. It’s my third box, and I like each one better than the last. I smiled to myself when I was gathering the tissue paper and box to throw out; TWO additional, small items fell out out from the tissue. WOW, I was thrilled with all the items that I had opened, discovering more was a special treat?

    • Don’t “throw out” your stuff. Please recycle your paper! Recycle!

      • My mistake Susan. The tissue paper is already tucked away in Christmas gift bags. Tis’ the Season to be jolly!

    • I had a package delivered Thursday night at midnight????

  11. Got my box, you guys will not be disappointed

    • Spoilers pretty please!

      • Someone on reddit has posted the box contents.

    • Yes, what’s in the box??!!! I am supposed to get mine on Thursday. Can’t wait! A ray of sunshine in this depressing world.

      • Parfum creama (linden)
        Gift tags
        lollia imagine shower gel
        Tokyo milk roller ball parfum (assorted)
        Tokyo light blush oil stick
        Bon bon lip balm
        Lollia travel size hand creme (breathe)
        Cottage greenhouse hand/body lotion (grape fruit/blood orange)

    • Thank you Beth!!

      • Thank you Beth. Now I have to sit by the door not patiently!

  12. I thought I had signed up for the spring box, but I just received a shipping notice so I guess I am getting the winter box. Works for me!

  13. Charged today shipped today, it doesn’t get any better than that😌!

    • Label created or shipped?

      • I got a shipping confirmation on Dec 1 but apparently it was just the shipping label. FedEx has not received the pkg yet. I’m excited, I like both the spoilers.

  14. I’m really happy with the spoilers. I use a lot of these products for gifts so adding the matching tag to the product just makes for a more thoughtful gift. I’m happy with the soap dish too. It’s not my colors but it’s really pretty. This subscription is the only one I have kept after being overrun by product. I intend to keep it for now.

  15. The price increase doesn’t go into effect until the spring box.

  16. Love the spoilers!! I will use both items or gift them. I am addicted to cards and stationary, so the gift tags are perfect for me. Can’t wait to find out what else will be coming this month. Fingers-crossed we get bubble bath.

  17. I always love this subscription box. The gift tags is a lovely idea. Since we won’t see friends and family for the holidays this year, I want to put extra effort into the gifts I give. I love that these don’t look like the typical cutesy gift tags–they’re very pretty!

  18. Looks like I’m getting a bunch of new bookmarks. I like them!

    • Bookmarks! Great idea! I definitely would use those as I’m always misplacing the ones I have or my kids take them. I will change my ‘meh’ to ‘ cool’ : )

    • A few of the tags are large enough for bookmarks. I’m probably going to re-purpose the tin as a bookmark holder once the tags are used.

  19. I actually reall like this. It’s a given that not every box item will suit you. Given the value on most boxes, if 50-75% is good, then it’s usually a win anyway cost-wise. I wasn’t crazy about the diptych, but when I saw this, I thought people in general would be much more pleased with the tags (guess I was wrong based on the comments??).

    I think the tag set is a pretty creative item, and I’m excited to get it along with the soap dish, which is also new/different. Unique items are tough for this box since how many reiterations of bath products can one company do?

    There seems to be a lot of complaining around the ME box, but it’s my favorite sub box, probably ever, and I didn’t even really know she existed before I saw the first box review on this site. I think it would be tough to have box curation as your job given the complaints. I totally see why Liz stopped curating for quarterly several years ago. I got both her boxes, which I thought were fantastic, but she faced so much criticism because you of course can’t please everyone. I feel like if you don’t like the box, then just unsubscribe. You can cancel this one anytime, and there’s a long wait-list of people ready to take your spot. I’m not crazy about the price increase, but honestly I feel like I’ll still get my money’s worth on this box, even after it goes up in the spring. Her products are so luxe and super giftable if you can part with anything. I’ve been subscribed almost since the beginning, and the diptych is the only thing I’ve really not loved. I’ve swapped a couple things that weren’t a good fit for me, but I could totally see how some would love them.

    • 😎❤️. Thank you!

    • I actually love the gift tag set, and the tin it came in is very pretty. I’ll re-use it as a bookmark holder, but I could even see stashing facemasks in there.

  20. Paper products can definitely be hit or miss!

  21. Great something that will be cute for 5 seconds then thrown away with the wrapping paper! Not excited at all, a journal world have been nice. Glad the price increase won’t kick in for me until spring. Maybe I can use some of these as bookmarks.

  22. At least it’s better than the awful diptych. Plus, will we get this box in time for Christmas?

    • I think I read somewhere online that the winter box ships around Dec 8.

    • Mine shipped today (12/1/20)

      • Label created 12/1 but not yet shipped. I can’t wait!

    • I loved the diptych. I framed them using a couple of white shabby chic frames from Walmart ($4 ea). I think they are quite beautiful if you take the time to put them in some frames.

  23. I love this item because It’s different and something I would not buy on my own. It’s something I will definitely use for the holidays. I think they look beautiful. I agree that diptych in the last box was an epic fail.

    • I agree; I think this is pretty and different. Some boxes are better than others, but for me ME is always worth it.

    • Maybe I should cut that diptych and make more gift tags…

      • Lol! I didn’t like it at first when unboxing, but it did end up working out as the color scheme matched great with our oddly painted dining room (Some of the paint choices when we moved in were a little strange, like a pale yellow living room and the rusty red/yellow-cream dining room.) My 4-year old loved it for her “schoolwork nook” and it matches well, so I’ve grown to like it. And the paper it was printed on was actually really nice quality. It’s just not really a font-pairing or even a quote I “love,” but it’s cute enough.

        It would make some cute gift tags, too, though!

  24. I really don’t like this at all. I really hope the other items are way better than this. Hope this isn’t considered worth $20-$30 value.

  25. My personal response is a meh only because I generally don’t use fancy gift tags. I know ME always includes some kind of stationary-type item. Some of them work, some don’t. This IS more functional than the much maligned diptych of last season but it’s also not exciting (to me).

    • ESPECIALLY after a $10 price increase that I was never told about!

      • They sent out an email to all subscribers a while back, telling us about the rate change, and that our next two boxes (fall, winter) would stay the lower rate, but that spring would go up. I felt like they were very transparent about it.

      • The price increase was mentioned in at least 2 emails sent to subscribers and it was mentioned in the renewal email for the last box. It was also on here countless times. Unless you wanted a phone call to discuss it with you personally- not much else they could they could do. It might be more a case of – you missed the emails- rather than them not telling you….

    • My thoughts exactly.

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