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Macy’s Beauty Box December 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the December Macy’s Beauty Box!

December’s theme is Self-Care Season:

While the holiday season is in full swing, we’re sending skin care, fragrance & makeup to help you enjoy some merry “me time.”

The box will include:

  • Macy’s Zip Pouch with Travel Bottles
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette
  • Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly Eau De Parfum
  • Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream
  • Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque
  • Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
  • Grande Cosmetics Stay Put Lip Liner
  • bareMinerals Mineralist Lipstick

What do you think of the spoilers for the December 2020 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

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Comments (113)

  1. Hm, it’s middle of January and I still have not received my December box yet- recieved the January one tho- did you receive yours?

  2. January spoilers are up on Macy’s website, hair themed.

    • I wonder if that hair iron is included?.. 🧐

      Without it it’s an okay box, but with it it’s quite impressive!

      • I think the iron is included because if it was not, the value of the box would only be around 30.00…..The boxes are usually 50.00 and above, the curling iron is not that expensive maybe 50.00 at the most…..Also usually everything in the picture is in your box, otherwise that would be false advertising……It also states the value of the January box is 87.00, so it has to be included, if not those other items are crazy expensive lol.

      • Hi Juju, yes the curling iron is included the value of the January box is 87.00 and without the curling iron there is no way those other items come up to 87.00.

      • That’s good to know!

        I mean, I am not subscribed anymore, but I remember one of the best beauty boxes I’ve ever received was a Ricky’s a NYC Cult Crushes box a few years ago that contained a mini hair iron and a Z palette with magnets. I was so impressed when I saw them, I didn’t even care what else was in the box. 🤓

        Oh, and at the time those boxes were only $11 a month!

    • Thanks Mary!

  3. Ok… I actually never looked at the spoilers on here on purpose, because I was planning for a pretty miserable Christmas and intended to wrap any subs coming this month. I scrolled right to the comments. It turns out I am going somewhere for a few days soon, so I just unwrapped my Macy’s Box to get the travel bottles out. I figured I may as well see what they is were and how helpful they might be.

    I too got the Oops! Card. I really don’t quite understand what goes on there, since you can’t exactly order/subscribe last minute. I got the GrandeLips Plumping Liquid Lipstick instead. I think the rest is the same as above. I haven’t tried anything yet. I just opened it. I haven’t formed an opinion yet.

  4. Can someone please tell me how Macys ships there beauty boxes…is it USPS? Thank you..

    • Mine was the UPS to USPS method. Where it starts UPS then they deliver it to the post office and they finish.

    • UPS Mail Innovations

  5. I was really excited to try the lip liner and I knew as soon as I saw the oops card that the lip liner wouldn’t be there. I do like the replacement product, but with all the sparkle it’s not like an everyday lip product. Besides that, they sent that very same product in the same dark color in the past except that it was full sized the last time. I still have it. They also have had oops cards multiple times in the past. It’s really not a new thing for them.

  6. I wrote a long review about how trash this box was, but then I lost it….

    Short story: this box was trash. Macy’s should be ashamed at how skimpy these product sizes are, continuously sending boxes late, substitutions each month, the list goes on. Needless to say, I canceled.

    A. Total. Mess.

  7. I received my box today. Kiehl’s was Calendula Petal Infused Calming Mask vs. Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydrating Mask which I am cool with the substitution, imagining they are similar in value. But I was looking for the full-size invisible lip liner and received travel size plumping liquid lipstick in dark metalic color. We receive bold lip colors in sub boxes and I am finally learning to use it, lol, as a stain and it will help the product to stay put. I recently received Lipstick Queen one as GWP from Birchbox, so I will try it out. But it is dissapointing that they substitute a full-size (at least from the picture) to a travel size. I am not sure the BareMinerals lipstick was supposed to be full size or travel size, but it was a travel size… I am locked in for another month, so let’s see if Macy’s can bring it back.

  8. I got my box today. They substituted lip pencil to lip gloss . I think these two months substituted maybe because these box are between June, July. At that time they have this item, but at this time I’m speculating they don’t have these item can work with Macy’s box.

  9. I just got my box, and I am actually pleased with this one (now regretting that I canceled). They substituted this lip pencil with a plumping lip gloss by the same brand in a crazy dark midnight purple color (had to Google it as the tube says nothing about it). But I am actually excited to check it out. The bare minerals lipstick is also very nice and neutral. Happy! I might think to re-subscribe for Jan. Keep it up, Macy’s!

    • I didn’t get my box yet but Hurray, no lip liner! That’s the one item I didn’t want. Much happier with a gloss 👍

    • I really wanted the lip pencil but also got the plumping lip gloss. The color I got was
      actually a pink color close to my actual lip color so its not too bad.

  10. Just got my first macy’s box, Oops card and no lip liner- of course that is what I wanted the most of the spoilers – I got the 10 gift card so went online and put the lip liner in my cart along with a benefit brow microblade pen and applied the card… 5.00 off… chatted with an online agent and was offered a 25% off my cart- applied that code- excludes cosmetics/ fragrances… along with a list as long as my arm so no discount with that code. Tried to get the agent to apply the 10 dollars as stated on the card… no go. Said that the items in my cart were excluded and I should put other things in my cart… freaking run around frustrated … NO SALE. 🙁

    • So they send boxes just missing items and say oops?? I don’t understand. I haven’t gotten my 1st box yet, but it sounds terrible. 🙁

      • With the Oops card, Macy’s sends a substituted product, although they tend to be of lower value, and last month not everybody even got the substituted items. Reading past reviews, substitutions are pretty common for this box. I’m over it. I also didn’t get the lip liner, but a liquid lipstick in a shade I’ll never wear, and a different Kiehl’s mask (but that’s no big deal, to me at least). I went on the Macy’s beauty box website and it says there’s a waitlist to join. Really? Hard to believe because a lot of people have been cancelling, and I’ll be one of them. Of course I got my box after the Dec 10 deadline to cancel the January box. 🤬

      • No, I don’t believe substitutions were ever common with the Macy’s box in the past. In fact, no variations and no substitutions were some of the major reasons I used to subscribe to it.

      • JuJu is right. Only these last 2 boxes had substitutions and that is why I had resubscribed (hate boxes with variations). Not sure what I want to do now.

    • I was missing the only full size item in last months box and they basically so there is nothing they can do about it. After seeing this is a common thing with Macy’s am probably going to cancel

    • I am on hold now with them, they kept telling me it was only a $5 coupon not $10 I told her I am looking at it, and said it is probably a glitch, if not then more like bait and switch. The rep is trying to reach out to the solutions dept…LOL I just saw your response and I can see that happening to me as well. More than likely I will end up canceling my box, not really worth it in the end. Thanks for your post Louise, I am sorry you have this issue as well so frustrating. ^_^

      • That’s messed up. Because of all the posts, I checked my “$10” coupon code, and it applies as $5. Not ok. I don’t understand how they send that and basically say “oh well” when contacted about honoring it. The $10 is printed nearly half the size of the whole card. Kinda hard to miss.

      • Are you guys all forgetting that the $5 card from the November box was actually a $10 value?
        This was obviously a mix-up.

      • How does that help,if they refuse to honor it?

      • It was meant to be $10 last month and $5 this month, that’s all. The coupon is normally only $5, they make it $10 only occasionally. You are not necessarily entitled to $10.

        No one was complaining last month about getting extra $, were they? The number on the coupon is merely a misprint.

      • Good lord. I hope you work for Macy’s. Otherwise I’m guessing they don’t need the message board volunteer branch of their legal team.

        I stand by what I said. As do a number of others it seems.

        PS – Every month there are new subscribers. Whatever happened another month is irrelevant to those people (if not everyone, since it’s a monthly subscription)

  11. It looks like Macy’s might be trying to make up for their last box, which was horrific. I hope I actually get everything advertised. Last month 3 were missing, and replaced with 1 item. Big disappointment.

    • THANK YOU! I had SAME .. there was only ‘1’ Oops Card for Mine & 3 missing items as well. . It was My 1ST Macys Box. The Eyeliner was Not in there which was Really a Bummer but Then to Realize 2 More Items missing? I was livid. I NEED to cancel this Sub as I Just Read Jan has Same Oops Card & Supposedly only “1” Item missing. I find it hard to believe the Lip liner Is Not in Sub as It’s Not like people are really buying Lip Products (other than Lip treatments) Due to wearing Masks. There’s so Many other Sub Boxes one Can get for Macys Price w/ALOT more Products.

  12. For those looking for uses for the travel stuff – put the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (PITERA Essence) from last month into the spray bottle. It’ll last waaaaay longer.

  13. I canceled Macy’s after we got the spoilers for December because everything after the Jo Malone box has been a disappointment, and I wanted to wait until this sub gets back on their feet again (if they do).

    I thought I would still receive December though, but I was never charged!

    Can’t believe the cancellation worked for the same month, but I am certainly happy that it did.

  14. Just got my November box. Surprise, surprise, they are making substitutions again!

    What is wrong with them? They JUST restarted this box, how is it possible they are sending out all the boxes with only half the advertised items?!

    I got a different Kiehl’s product than the one that is listed, and I got some matte liquid lipstick mini (I have no use for liquid lipsticks and I already have a zillion of them) instead of the full size Grande lip liner, (which was the only thing in this box that I actually wanted.)

    • Ohhhh glad you mentioned the different Kiehl’s mask as I didn’t even notice that because it’s the same color. I received Calendula Petal Infused Calming Mask instead. Also, I didn’t get the grande lips lip liner but instead, received the Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper in a dark shade. Looks full size.

    • Also, it comes with a coupon that says its good for $10 off a beauty purchase, but its actually only good for $5. Talk about adding insult to injury.

      • Okay, now I am convinced that November and December coupons were misprints. The Nov one was $10 even though it said $5, and now this.

    • Was that November? Or did you mean December?

      • Oops! I meant December.

    • SME HERE. lol I wanted was eyeliner. I called got a refund no cncelled. Don’t need thes minis when I get full size products in all of my 12 sub boxes. All I wanted was Jo Malone and it’s hard to get a box as good as that one again

  15. I also was disappointed w/November box! Poor substitution of SK-II and my box was missing the eyeliner & the Anthony No Sweat. I’ve yet to reach customer service. I used to really enjoy this box but they are going downhill badly. Maybe they will actually pay attention to us customers & make some changes. 🤞

    • My box was missing three items and customer service basically said “too bad, we don’t send replacements”. I cancelled and I will never buy anything at Macys again. Plenty of other stores out there with excellent customer service.

      • I don’t understand how one can do business that way. I thought Macy’s was supposed to be quality and maybe… class. I’d almost expect better of their box than any of the others I get, not less. I don’t get it.

    • Don’t even both reaching out to CS. I got the same “Too bad, we don’t send replacements” too. And if I want a full refund, I have to return the whole box. They don’t do partial refunds either. Or I can get a 25% off coupon for future purchase, which possibly excludes beauty products. Meanwhile I read others were given partial refunds of 10% (so $1.50), or a $5 giftcard. And I was one of their original subscribers from way back. I signed back up again for the Jo Malone box, and hoping they had gotten their act together. Apparently not, and it’s even worse now. Cancelled.

  16. As usual, they subbed out thr full size item for a sample size. I am so done with this box.

    • What item was full size I thought this box was samples?

      • The lip liner looks like it is full size. Also the bareminerals lipstick looks it might be full size, though the photo could be misleading. Instead they are sending a tiny BM lipstick, and a sample size of a grandelips matte liquid lipstick. Really bummed about the grande personally, since I was really excited about that invisible liner. I have less than no use for yet another drying liquid lipstick…during a pandemic, no less.

    • same here. 3rd time running. lame & over it.

      • I also don’t understand which item was supposed to be full size?.. 🤔

  17. I really like the Macy’s box! I quit the allure beauty box, so when I learned Macy’s had a box, I jumped right in! What I love about the Macy’s box is the range of products you can get vs other boxes which are typically all makeup and/or skincare. Loved getting the panties to try last month (even if they didn’t turn out to be my favorite, I was curious about them so it was nice to get to try them!), I love getting fragrances which you don’t normally get with any other boxes, the containers this month, etc. I think it stays true to what I love about these lower priced “try me” boxes, which is getting to try a bunch of different things (and so far the samples haven’t been ridiculously small like birchbox–samples should be bigger than my pinky nail, thank you very much!). I haven’t received my box yet, but from the spoilers I know I will enjoy using everything (am secretly hoping for a different lip color tho, sometimes I feel like all the boxes just send out all the dark colors nobody will buy ). Still totally worth it for everything else! 🙂

    • So far my Birchbox things haven’t been too tiny.
      Definitely at least multi-use. I’m also on the 40% off annual plan which makes it worth it. I hope they don’t start sending me teeny tiny things.

  18. I cancelled my box In November past the cutoff day… I thought I would receive the December box. I got the email that my box will be delayed. However, I have not been charged nor have I received a tracking number. I dont really want the box as I went crazy with the Birchbox sale and got super nice GWP and mistery samples packs. Although I didnt budgeted this sub for 2021 Im a sucker for the Macys beauty pouches, so I might re-suscribe if I see one I like.

  19. I’ll be happy as long as I get all the items. I’ve tried the PTR mask and Shiseido before; they worked fine for me. Bareminerals consistently worked for me, though I prefer their blushes & powders to lips.

    Lol at the travel container though. I’ll get use out of those in maybe … two-three years when the corona’s gone?

    • ohhh I see immediate use!

      Spray bottle for alcohol (I have one like now in my purse!)

      The one with a pump for Hand Sanitizer

      One for lotion because my hands are dry because of the hand sanitizer.

      * I buy all my stuff in bigger containers to save in the price and I move them to small containers so I can carry them around .
      * Round containers I need to see how big they are to find a use for them.

  20. Anyone having a hard time cancelling the box? I’ve been cancelled since May and in October they started sending me a box. I’ve alerted them 4 times and they keep saying there is nothing they can do. Meanwhile, they are charging my card without my permission. I have no idea what to do next. They just don’t care.

    • tiffin2la, Update your card info with a card that you do not use that has no money on it but has not expired yet…..This is what I do when I can not cancel my subscriptions, I have a credit card that I have to add money on it to use, it has nothing on it, so I use this card to update my card info on boxes that will not cancel my subscriptions, it works…..Sooner or later they will end up cancelling your subscriptions, because they can no longer get money from you.

    • What does it say under “manage your subscription” on the Macy’s site? Does it show you as canceled?

      • Call your card provider to dispute it. It’s helpful if you have any proof of cancelation attempts. Even dates etc. You usually don’t even need that. Often, they can block charges for something like a year.

        Good luck. Drop a message about how it goes, if you remember.

      • Yes, it says cancelled.

      • The credit card company claims that they can’t block one recurring charge. They say the only thing I can do is shut down the card and get sent a new one. I feel like everyone is just being lazy and stupid these days. I know that’s absolutely not the case on a credit card. But what can you do with stubborn people?

      • I have been able to block an annual subscription charge the company itself wasn’t getting done, through my credit card company. The problem is the block only lasts a period of time, such as a year, and must be renewed after that.

        Also, sometimes they are able to simply get the new card number, so changing cards may not help anything.

  21. Hi everyone, I just wanted to update and say that my box has shipped for this month, got the email tonight, about 8 hours after I was charged for the box.

    • Yup, me too. Got a tracking number and all. UPS to USPS is has not been my favorite shipping method, but we’ll see how it goes. Lol

      This will be my first Macy’s Box.

  22. Did anyone get charged today for the December box,I was charged today for the December box,

    • I did, although I’m not sure if we’re supposed to get charged on the 1st. I went to their FAQs for the beauty box, but when clicking the tab ‘billing and payment information’, it refreshes to ‘not available. this answer is no longer available’. The word “billing” is italicized, unlike “and payment information”, so not sure if they’re currently editing the information, considering there’s nothing listed in that section.

    • I was charged today.

    • I’m hoping that means they’re getting ready to start shipping.

    • I was charged today but at the end of Nov I got an email below, so it make sense that they charge us late.

      Dear Valued Customer,
      Thank you for your continued support of our Beauty Subscription box program.
      Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be a delay in shipping your December Beauty Box. We are working hard to process your order and will notify you when your order ships with your tracking information.
      If you have questions about your current Beauty Box subscription, please visit your Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription to manage your account.
      We highly value you as a customer and thank you for shopping at Macy’s!
      Macy’s Customer Service Team

    • Me too. I got an email about it being charged and also see it pending in my CC account.

    • just now charged. Here to try to remember what the spoilers are and to check the comments. 🙂 I did get the email last week, I think, from Macy’s saying that the box was delayed – so….

    • I was charged today.

      I think they’ll be shipping now.

    • I got an email from Macy’s today notifying me I’d been charged for the box, and that the estimated shipping date is December 15.

    • I was charged today. When I log in, it says estimated delivery Dec 22nd. But that usually gets adjusted when the box ships out

  23. I don’t mind waiting a little bit, as long as I get everything that’s advertised here. The substitutions and lack of amount of items is what makes me sad. I love subscription boxes, I don’t want to cancel.

    • As usual, they subbed out thr full size item for a sample size. I am so done with this box.

  24. I feel like these boxes are getting more and more not what they used to be

  25. I’m happy to see that there’s no “one size fits all” underwear this month.

    • I agree ! I was surprised by the underwear, at least I was able to give them to my daughter, I made up an “just in case emergency kit” to keep in her handbag.

  26. Praying I get all the items we are supposed to… I was missing a few items in the Nov box

    • I was missing a couple of things too. And full size!

  27. Another month without a pouch 😫

    I cancelled and this would be my last box, I had Macys for $15 and another one for $18. Decided to cancel both and start receiving Boxwalla which is $50 every other month. I still need/want a pouch. Im better off buying a pouch instead of hoping Macys sends me one. Maybe I will use the $10 coupon from November to buy one.

    Pouch rant aside…. this month’s curation seems off to me. I expected at least one indulgence. Glad I cancelled, and looking forward to my Boxwalla boxes. Farewell Macy’s, you will be staying in 2020 for me…

    • Well said ! 😉

  28. I really enjoy Macy’s boxes. I look forward to receiving this one.

    • I never received two of the products that are shown on their site for the November 2020 beauty box. My October box I was emailed (twice) I was getting and then they didn’t send. If they don’t get their act together and send a complete box, I’m cancelling.

      • I was missing 2 products from my November box, too! (One full size, and one deluxe) It took a lot of work, but I got someone from customer service. They couldn’t re-send, so they sent me a refund for the box. This Nov box was only my 2nd month, and it hasn’t been a smooth subscription so far. I’m on the verge of cancelling as well.

      • Kendra did you actually get the refund? I was told mine would refund and I never got it.

      • Kristin, thank you for reminding me to check! I did not receive my promised refund either!

  29. Not great, but not bad either- assuming we get all the products that are supposed to be in the box, and not missing items and/or inferior substitutions. The problem is that the Dec 10 deadline for cancelling will roll around before we have our Dec box. If there are continuing problems with this box, I want to take a break until Macy’s can get it together. If the pandemic is the problem, then Macy’s resumed their beauty box program too soon IMO.

  30. I am actually cool with December’s box. If I recall it right, this is from one of their summer box before they paused the subscription (hence the tropical palm tree desing on travel bottle sets?), it took them months to plan, so they didn’t forsee the pandemic. I think some of those bottles will be useful to carry hand sanitizers (gel or liquid form) in our bags when we are out and about. I also apprecaite the warning about PTR. I will do a patch test. I was curious about the universal liners, so it is a good way to try. And the lipstick will make a great stocking stuffer as it looks like a wearable shades for many. Hope it arrives before Christmas!

  31. When i received an email from Macys a few days ago i swear they were going to say they were discontinuing the box but for now that isn’t so. I really enjoy my boxes and I’m happy they haven’t changed price.

    I really do love all the unique items they add instead of a bag. And the fact that they give you a coupon for 5 or even 10 is crazy. Please don’t stop doing these boxed Macy’s please.!

  32. I’d like to try the lip liner. I use a clear liner from Ulta’s brand that I really like. The lipstick looks pretty nice too.

    Skincare doesn’t look too great though. I had a sample of that Shiseido gel and it smelled like straight rubbing alcohol!

  33. As long as nothing is missing again I will be happy with these items. I like the travel containers. I dont need to go on an airplane or trip to use them. I like to have little containers to use for mouthwash etc just for a specific meet etc. I need a spray bottle for water at my make up station too so thats perfect for dampening brushes and my beauty blenders etc. I like the idea of taking items in larger containers and now using smaller ones so I have more space. I akso have the Tarte micellar water for mistakes that now I will fill one of those little bottles to make my space more efficent. I welcome those bottles.

    • The travel bottles could prove to be useful eventually, and I know some are happy about them, but putting them in a box right now seems a little tone deaf to me. Some people may be traveling, but my and large experts have asked us not to. It could have been anything.

      • I use my travel bottles at home, too. Plenty of uses for them besides traveling.

  34. Thanks for the heads up on the PTR mask. My skin is so sensitive. Looks like a decent bag. I really like the pouch with the travel bottles and also would like to try the lip liner. Here’s to hoping those things are in my bag.

  35. My last 2 boxes werr full of substitutions and wAs t at all happy with what was Missing … they were the products I was looking forward to getting.Gonna give it another try but if it doesn’t get better I’ll have to cancel….was really happy with my pre pandemic boxes…

    • Wow. This is very disappointing to hear. I joined a few weeks ago for the December Box. I hope they can get it together.

    • Mine was too…very disappointing

    • I didn’t even get my box… it supposedly shipped on 10/30…. the past office never received it even though a label was created… it was weird. Almost like they knew they ran out of products and never sent It…I waited for 3 weeks and then I finally called the past office then Macys. They stated it must have been lost in transit.🤔

  36. I hope there are no substitutions this month.

  37. Wow, this really seems to be another summer box they’re sending out, I mean come on travel containers?! During a pandemic? I cancelled after last month, I hope everyone isn’t missing 3 items like last time.

    • I had several items missing, too. Not even any substitutions. I canceled immediately. Probably, hands down, the worst box I’ve ever received.

  38. The whole box actually looks good,now lets see if we get all the items after last months missing two items….I do not mind it being late,as long as they do not charge me until they are ready to ship,and as long as we get it in the month of December.

  39. I hope there is no subscriptions like last month. Saw this posted on Macy’s beauty box website. They always release spoilers last Friday of the month. Hope that means delay is not too long. Looking forward to using those travel bottles. Was actually going to buy some

  40. Eh, disappointing, although I’d definitely be curious to try that lip liner. I mean, I am not interested in any of those particular skincare items, and there isn’t much there otherwise.

    And I hope the Light Blue is the women’s one? 🧐

  41. Macy’s Beauty Box subscribers received an email several days ago stating the December box would be delayed. They were not definitive on how long the delay might be. That is okay with me but if it’s an issue for some, I thought I’d put it out there.

    • Yeah, I got that and thought it was curious because it was early. This will actually be my first box. I do kinda hope that disclaimer didn’t mean it was going to be insanely late.

  42. This seems like a nice box hopefully we get everything that is shown here. I know the box is going to be delayed but for a complete decent box I’m ok with that. Maybe they are waiting on a product who knows but no hate from me.

  43. My skin is not sensitive, and typically I can slather anything on it, but that Peter Thomas Roth cucumber gel mask BURNED so bad that I had to wash it off right then. No idea why.

    • The same thing happened to me!

    • I had the same experience and I’ve heard other say it calms their skin. I’ll be happy with this box despite the PTR mask at least.

    • It didn’t burn for me but was irritating and turned my skin a bit red, to the point I won’t use it again and am a little wary of the Peter Thomas Roth brand.

      Otherwise, it seems pretty good – I’d want to try all the other products.

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