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CAUSEBOX Winter 2020 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

The Winter 2020 CAUSEBOX is available to order now and we have the second spoiler!

From cozy winter staples to sustainable swaps, the Winter Box has a little of everything: 5 options to customize; 6 sustainable, ethical, full-size products worth up to $275+, one beautifully illustrated collectible box. Yep, all that for just $49.95.

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so, too.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

The Winter box will include:

ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase OR Maggie’s Organic Heathered Slouchy Socks

Our second spoiler is a snuggly selection arriving just in time for the cold months ahead! Will it be…
The soft-as-silk pillowcase from ettitude ? → The bamboo-based Travel Beauty Pillowcase in the Winter Box *might* just feel more silky than silk itself — and, made from their signature CleanBamboo fabric, those who’ve been sleeping like royalty in their Sheet Set know it! Minimal, sophisticated, and intentionally designed, ettitude elevates sustainable living with a dash of luxury. Using a closed loop system, this 1% for the Planet company reuses 98% of its water in future production cycles.
The walking-on-clouds cozy socks from Maggie’s Organics ? → You’ve probably heard of Fair Trade, but Maggie’s Organics takes it to a whole new level. Made with organic cotton grown by family farmers in Texas and small scale producers in Tanzania, these Heathered Slouchy Socks fit like an honest hug for your feet. Soft, yet snug, with incredible elasticity, they’ll comfortably fit a women’s size 6-11.
Which one feels like the perfect fit? Annual Members, once you’ve decided, you can go ahead and log into your account now to customize as you go! Full customization will open on December 4th 😇

Here’s a closer look at each product:

ETTITUDE Travel Beauty Pillowcase

This bamboo-based pillowcase might just feel more silky than silk itself. Minimal, sophisticated, and intentionally designed, and made in a sustainable closed loop system that reuses 98% of its water! $25 value.


MAGGIE’S ORGANICS Heathered Slouchy Socks

You’ve probably heard of Fair Trade, but Maggie’s Organics takes it to a whole new level. Made with organic cotton, these heathered slouchy socks fit like a hug for your feet, soft yet snug with incredible elasticity. $25 value.

In case you missed the first spoiler:

True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish OR Zeal Living Marble Geo Coasters OR Sanctuary Project Thick Gold Hoops

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference — in your home *and* around the world!

Serve over 5,000 small farming families → To date, True Moringa has planted over two million moringa trees in Ghana, one for every purchase made on their website. These trees not only combat deforestation and malnutrition, but they also create working opportunities, providing a luxurious and deeply moisturizing oil often referred to as ‘the new argan.’ The Rejuvenating Body Polish in the Winter Box is made with fresh Nicaraguan coffee beans from @vegacoffeehq to exfoliate and sponge away dry skin, while the oil replenishes and moisturizes. It’s the perfect treat for winter skin!
Sustainably employ over 9,000 artisans in 17 African countries → Zeal Living began as a way to connect consumers to Africa’s most incredible artisans, designers, and makers, investing in handmade, one-of-a-kind home goods and jewelry that create jobs, sustain ancient techniques, and preserve cultural traditions. Though Zeal Living does most of their production in Africa, the custom-for-CAUSEBOX set of Marble Geo Coasters was made in collaboration with our artisan team in Rajasthan, India, where this project helped to empower and employ 274 artisans. Pair these coasters with a coffee or a cocktail, and cozy up!
Provide meaning employment to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction → Sanctuary Project is a survivor-run, nonprofit social enterprise jewelry brand that offers a safe community for women in transition to grow in practical skills while restoring their lives and hearts. Their jewelry is designed and packaged by the women they employ, and 100% of our sales go directly to providing more job opportunity and job training to survivors! The Thick Gold Hoops were made custom-for-CAUSEBOX, and perfect for sprucing up your Zoom call look.

Which one will you go for? 💛

Here’s a closer look at each product:
TRUE MORINGA Rejuvenating Body Polish

In this polish, the coffee beans tighten and gently exfoliate, while the moringa oil delays the signs of aging. True Moringa serves over 5,000 small farming families. A $34 value.


Spruce up your Zoom call look with these gorgeous matte gold hoops. Sanctuary Project is a nonprofit social enterprise providing employment to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction. A $38 value.

ZEAL LIVING Marble Geo Coasters

A sophisticated set of four coasters handmade out of marble — pairs perfectly with coffee or a cocktail. These gorgeous artisan crafted pieces were made by a 60% female workforce. $42 value.

Annual subscribers will get to choose their product.

The Subscription Box: CAUSEBOX

The Cost: $54.95 on a quarterly basis, or $49.95 per box with an annual subscription

COUPON: Use code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your first box!

The Products: At least $150 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands.

Good to Know: Sign up for an annual subscription to qualify for CAUSEBOX Custom, which lets you hand-pick certain items in your boxes!

Ships to: The continental US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, all US territories (including Guam) & Canada for $7.95

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!


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Comments (62)

  1. Meh about this whole box so far – can I skip or not select and see what they give me?

  2. I actually do bring a pillowcase with me when I travel, both because hotel pillows squick me out and because a lot of detergents bother my skin
    So a nice feeling pillowcase with its own little house is actually a delightful choice!
    For, you know, whenever I travel again in whatever year that will be.

  3. Watched a sponsored video on Facebook with unboxing showing more spoilers.
    There was a choice between reusable ziploc bags and a silicone baking sheet.
    Then a “cozy cloud wrap” top or a gold kettle as the big ticket item. I guess that’s fine but ugh I feel like the most recent boxes don’t have things that I really need or would want to use.
    Side note it’s funny watching this woman getting excited and joyful over these things as if a plastic bag is so thrilling.

    • Yes. Way to excited.

  4. I backed ettitude’s original Kickstarter for two pillowcases, to the tune of $40 AU, whatever the exchange rate back then was between Australia and the U.S. – literally three-plus years ago now.

    The pillowcases were okay but nothing phenomenal.

    I’ve been FAR more impressed with Sheets & Giggles, which are eucalyptus based and not bamboo so I guess kind of apples and oranges here.

    I’m honestly not sure which I’ll pick from the two offerings. I don’t like high socks unless they’re cozy and these do not look super cozy and look like the elastic might dig annoyingly into larger calves. I also absolutely do not trust Causebox’s sizing any more and assume a ‘OSFA 6-11’ would either be a 9-15 or a 3-5 and nothing in between.

    I already have several Sheets & Giggles pillowcases coming and don’t really need a ‘travel pillowcase’ and I’m not in love with the color.

    Guess I’ll toss a coin for this one.

    I picked the coasters and grabbed the coaster holder in the market shop and am content with that one at least. But boy, when the market shop went live… that was a struggle. The website kept breaking due to traffic, took forever to load, kept going down and then back up. It took me forever to actually check out with what I wanted.

  5. I hope the pillowcase washes better than the towels. I washed them and they shrunk so much they are child size.

    • Did you put them in the dryer? Because you aren’t supposed to which could explain the shrinkage. They’re air dry towels.

      • There’s no place in my world for towels that can’t be washed and dried regularly. Let’s face it… That material is cheap af.

      • I’ve never heard of air dry towels so yeah they went in the dryer. They would take days to dry in my house. That’s crazy. I’m a nurse I need towels I can sanitize.

    • I was extremely disappointed in the towels. I now use them for cleaning.

  6. So far I am inclined to cancel and skip winter, but I’ll wait to see more spoilers (hopefully before 12/1). Both socks and pillowcase are meh for me: would I use them? Sure, the pillowcase would travel from the bed to the couch -I didn’t know travel pillowcases where a thing- and socks are socks, so either choice wouldn’t go to waste. But Would I go out of my way to get these items? Nope.

  7. So far I like both spoilers. The coasters and pillow case are practical. I saw on instagram the pillow case is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. I can use all the help I can get with my adult acne. And I’m a consultant so when covid is over, I’m traveling with this pillow case!

  8. Custom service told me I can skip as many boxes as I want. I think you have to email them before customization closes.

  9. Dear Cause box – learn from FFF and listen to your customers. We like you, we like the causes, but you’d be better off letting seasonal members customize 1-2 options and allowing people to buy extras in each category if they want more than 1 thing.

    • Most people have 2 pillows, so 1 pillow vs socks feels really stingy.

      • And you can get 2 of these pillowcases in the fff Black Friday sale right now for like $14…

  10. I am not getting this box, but hopefully people won’t get socks with holes in them and hopefully they are both the same size. Just thinking about the pair of knee socks I got from FFF a year or so ago that had a large hole in the shin and both were different sizes, lol.

  11. So underwhelming… I’ve been anxiously waiting for… these spoilers?

    The hero item is either amazing or I need to skip again… because now I’m regretting skipping fall… seriously… freaking socks and coasters. *sigh*

  12. I pick the coffee scrub and socks as they seem nice and practical. Only complaint is the “value” they suggest, a single pair of socks valued at $25 – exaggerating more than a bit me thinks.

    I do wonder what the big ticket item in this box will be…

    • Everybody in their Facebook group is guessing either a cozy sweater and/or a kettle that was featured in one of their recent surveys.

  13. The market and customization is already open. Apparently there’s only two customize categories this time. ☹️ I chose coasters and the pillow case.

    • They’ve said there are five customizations this time. They must just be adding them as they release spoilers.

    • It says full customization will open December 4, they are rolling customization as spoilers come out

      • That’s a relief 😅

      • Well I hope they have all the spoilers revealed before then, or at least the hero item. If you are trying to decide whether to skip or not based on the spoilers, you have to do that before Dec 1 🙁

      • What is the hero item? I’ve seen this a couple of times and haven’t heard of that before.

  14. Mild rant ahead:
    Gotta say I’m kinda regretting splurging for annual, but now I’m locked in. The summer intro box appealed to me (with the portfolio because I needed one) but I skipped fall and now winter is just meh. I guess I’ll use the plain coasters and (travel?) pillowcase but I expected something more exciting especially considering handmade artisan items. They work with these companies and the products on their site are always more unique than the causebox exclusives which worries me as to the quality as well. I know they’ve had cool things in the past which is why I signed up but it seems like I signed up too late maybe. I know it’s hard to please everyone because for every person wanting unique things there’s someone wanting plain gray towels or socks but i personally don’t want the boxes to feel too basic.
    Here’s hoping the next spoiler steals the show!

    • Yeah I kind of agree. I also went annual with the summer (welcome) box for me, which I enjoyed. Although the fall box wasn’t really that exciting, as someone looking to get their own place, I can say that I would use everything in my box.

      So far with the winter box, I’m not wowed by it. I am also shocked they were so late in revealing spoilers. I decided to get the FFF winter box because everything just looked so amazing in it, and I saw the full box in October! My box is currently on its way to me, and I can’t wait to see what I get. I was seriously disappointed and shocked when Causebox decided to release a fall intro box, when we should have been getting winter spoilers. I even looked back to when they started doing spoilers this time last year, and they started in early November! So why is this year so much later?

      It also didn’t sit well with me that post they made on Instagram mocking how long people were waiting for spoilers. It just seemed tone deaf to me and shady, especially with them bumping up charging “a handful” of annual subscribers for another year 10 days early. I did see in one of their comments that apparently these people were given a heads up, and given the option to contact customer service if they didn’t want to be charged early and instead be charged Dec. 1st. It all just seemed so shocking to me though. Especially since I had done my research into the company and looked at like 5 or so previous seasonal boxes all the way back to even 2018. To me it seemed like their boxes just got better and better.

      I don’t know if COVID hit them especially hard, but I’m still waiting to be wowed. Although the quality of the items in Causebox is wonderful, and I love that everything is cruelty free, sustainable and ethically made, and their customer service is also AMAZING…with that said though, what I can say is that as of right now I’m super excited to get my FFF box, and not really excited about this box. I need a big and wonderful cozy blanket/throw, I need beautiful big mugs, I need an amazingly scented candle, or a really great scarf, gloves and hat set, etc. I need these last 3 spoilers to really wow me and be like “now THIS is a great winter box I can’t wait to receive!!” I’m not feeling that yet. Not with a set of coasters, socks and silicone oven pads.

  15. Uh-oh. I don’t use coasters, but living in Canada, I know they won’t choose this option for us. I don’t have pierced ears. A travel pillow case sounds glamorous, but I rarely travel and when I do, I pack the bare minimum, so I can haul more stuff back. Socks are all right, but nothing exciting. And cotton is definitely colder than wool.

    As I’ve done with the last 6-8 boxes, I’ll just buy the items I want off someone from my sub box group.

  16. So far I just want the box. 😂

    • me too!

    • Right! The beautiful box is stealing the spotlight from the items.

  17. Just wanted to leave this comment here in case they read the comments.

    I would be happy to buy and support CB, but they should allow Seasonals to pick a few customization choices similar to FFF.

    I have medical issues and am unable to put out a chunk of money for the yearly, but love the causes that CB supports.

    I think they would increase their revenue stream if they allow seasonals to pick a few choices, for example, I do not wear earrings so for Cust. #1, if I received them, they would be unusable.

    Hope everyone enjoys their sub!

  18. Are travel pillows smaller than standard pillows?

    • No, they just used the word “travel” because they didn’t give a set of pillowcases. Marketing, my friend.

    • It’s a regular pillow case, it’s just a single and comes with a little useless drawstring bag. I would have rather had another pillow case

      • I actually like having a single one so I know if my husband steals my favorite pillow 😆

      • Yes Mam. You are right. Why didn’t they just make a pair with a little more fabric instead of the bad. They seem so chincy and cheap now with their offerings.

  19. I’ll go for the pillowcase – I bought a set of two Ettitude cases from FFF and they are heavenly. I will probably give the single case to my daughter – silk and bamboo help minimize tangles in her hair.

    • Me, too, Jean.

  20. I’m just confused as to why they wouldn’t do a set of 2 pillowcases.

    The socks don’t look very soft, either.

    I will most likely not renew my annual subscription based on these spoilers so far.

  21. Wish I could pick both. They should start letting us pick extras!

    • Agree.

  22. I guess I’m the odd one out because I love the coasters from the first spoiler and love both of these spoilers. I wonder what their Black Friday sale will be. If the annual’s cheap enough, I might go for it.

    • I like the coasters and 2nd spoilers as well! You are not alone!

  23. ^^SKIP not ship^^

  24. Do we think there will be a Black Friday deal??

  25. I’m pleased so far with both spoilers. I have been wearing down my socks staying home so much, and would love a new cozy slouchy organic cotton pair. But silky pillowcases are also great, they help a lot with face wrinkles. I’ll probably get both, one through the market.

  26. I have worn out a ton of socks working from home since i walk around without shoes. So, I have asked everyone for socks for Christmas……and now i’m selecting socks as well. I can never have too many pairs of thick, cozy socks!!

  27. The hero item had better be pretty impressive. So far, none of this is very exciting.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering what the hero item will be; I always thought it would make more sense to spoil the hero item early to get people to subscribe, but neither of these are it. I’m fine with these spoilers, but I’m not excited yet.

      • Me too. Hope the hero item gets me excited, so far I’m ok with the items. I’ll use coasters and socks, just not very excited for them. Wish instead of cotton socks they would have done what FFF and included big fluffy cabin socks.

  28. One pillowcase and not even a set! I know there must be another here who finds this just wrong. I can’t stand not having a set, so annoying.

    And a pair of socks, wow so inspirational.

    • I agree. I think the same thing every time I see these 1 pillowcase sets. Although they are trying to push it as travel. I don’t know how many people are traveling right now.
      If they let Seasonal members pick… Socks & coasters so far. Since they don’t. I won’t be ordering. 😔

  29. This is my first season as a subscriber and I’m bored with the spoilers. I guess I’ll go with socks. I will give them to my mother. Hopefully the next spoiler will be something I like.

    • Agreed. I wish I didn’t sign up for annual. I got bored waiting for the spoilers, too many other deals out there that we can actually get before Christmas. Then the spoilers are literally socks. I feel like my nephew when he gets socks and underwear for Christmas 🤣

      • I agree. I can’t wait to be done with this box. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten an annual subscription. For the long wait on the spoilers, I’m feeling really let down.

  30. The Add On Market is also open. Based on fact that I am still waiting for items I purchased last go round (in August), I’m going to sit this one out.

  31. Underwhelmed thus far. Sure hope it gets better than this or I’ll be skipping again.:( Anyone know if there is a limit to the number or frequency of times you can skip?

    • How do you skip? When do you need to let them know?

      • Momo you just send them an email (look in their FAQ under skipping or pausing for the address). If you decide to ship this box it must be done before the renewal date which is December 1st for the winter box.

    • They used to limit members to one skip per year but that policy may have changed. I’d email to request a skip – you never know.

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