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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Full Spoilers + 20% Off

CAUSEBOX Winter 2020 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

The Winter 2020 CAUSEBOX is available to order now and we have the first spoiler!

From cozy winter staples to sustainable swaps, the Winter Box has a little of everything: 5 options to customize; 6 sustainable, ethical, full-size products worth up to $275+, one beautifully illustrated collectible box. Yep, all that for just $49.95.

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so, too.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

The Winter box will include:

True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish OR Zeal Living Marble Geo Coasters OR Sanctuary Project Thick Gold Hoops

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference — in your home *and* around the world!

Serve over 5,000 small farming families → To date, True Moringa has planted over two million moringa trees in Ghana, one for every purchase made on their website. These trees not only combat deforestation and malnutrition, but they also create working opportunities, providing a luxurious and deeply moisturizing oil often referred to as ‘the new argan.’ The Rejuvenating Body Polish in the Winter Box is made with fresh Nicaraguan coffee beans from @vegacoffeehq to exfoliate and sponge away dry skin, while the oil replenishes and moisturizes. It’s the perfect treat for winter skin!
Sustainably employ over 9,000 artisans in 17 African countries → Zeal Living began as a way to connect consumers to Africa’s most incredible artisans, designers, and makers, investing in handmade, one-of-a-kind home goods and jewelry that create jobs, sustain ancient techniques, and preserve cultural traditions. Though Zeal Living does most of their production in Africa, the custom-for-CAUSEBOX set of Marble Geo Coasters was made in collaboration with our artisan team in Rajasthan, India, where this project helped to empower and employ 274 artisans. Pair these coasters with a coffee or a cocktail, and cozy up!
Provide meaning employment to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction → Sanctuary Project is a survivor-run, nonprofit social enterprise jewelry brand that offers a safe community for women in transition to grow in practical skills while restoring their lives and hearts. Their jewelry is designed and packaged by the women they employ, and 100% of our sales go directly to providing more job opportunity and job training to survivors! The Thick Gold Hoops were made custom-for-CAUSEBOX, and perfect for sprucing up your Zoom call look.

Which one will you go for? 💛

Here’s a closer look at each product:
TRUE MORINGA Rejuvenating Body Polish

In this polish, the coffee beans tighten and gently exfoliate, while the moringa oil delays the signs of aging. True Moringa serves over 5,000 small farming families. A $34 value.


Spruce up your Zoom call look with these gorgeous matte gold hoops. Sanctuary Project is a nonprofit social enterprise providing employment to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction. A $38 value.

ZEAL LIVING Marble Geo Coasters

A sophisticated set of four coasters handmade out of marble — pairs perfectly with coffee or a cocktail. These gorgeous artisan crafted pieces were made by a 60% female workforce. $42 value.

Annual subscribers will get to choose their product.

The Subscription Box: CAUSEBOX

The Cost: $54.95 on a quarterly basis, or $49.95 per box with an annual subscription

COUPON: Use code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your first box!

The Products: At least $150 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands.

Good to Know: Sign up for an annual subscription to qualify for CAUSEBOX Custom, which lets you hand-pick certain items in your boxes!

Ships to: The continental US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, all US territories (including Guam) & Canada for $7.95

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!


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Comments (94)

  1. How do you skip a box? Just write customer service or is there an easier way to opt out of the month? Thanks

    • Hi Tracy! Their team should be able to help with that – you can reach out here: [email protected]

  2. I’m bummed about this box. They used to be so exciting. I’ve had to choose one each from 3 spoilers and I’m not impressed 🙁 Hopefully there will be a ‘wow’ product coming up. If I could skip a season, I definitely would skip this one.

    • You CAN skip! Just email asking to pause your account by Dec 1.

  3. Lately, All of the items in causebox seem useless and repetitive because you would already have them. When you look at their add on, they are wayy better. They should include some of those items instead if they want people to stay. For me, i dont like any of those items and i was hoping this box would be better so I could stay a member but i guess not.

  4. I don’t know if I like this box. All of the items in causebox seem useless and repetitive because you would already have them. When you look at their add on, they are wayy better. They should include some of those items instead. For me, i dont like any of those items and i was hoping this box would be better so I could stay a member but i guess not.

  5. Where are the 2nd round of spoilers? Not today? I’m on Instagram and there’s nothing.

    I don’t think the 2 men who own this company have a clue as to what we want. Looks like this start up was just a money grab at any industry that was popular and they could make a buck at. They don’t seem to have any roots or personal interest in this industry.

    And why in the world would they not make themselves available to sell Christmas gifts???? It’s the largest spending time of every year!!!

    They’ve made some big mistakes and I don’t see them being around much longer. I could be wrong. But this looks a lot like other boxes when they are starting to fail. They can’t sell their boxes: and their spoilers, box releases and shipping schedules start slipping further and further out. I was just hoping they would change their model but they might not survive it at all and go under before they even have the chance.

    • Second spoiler is up. Underwhelmed. I sure hope they get better than this or I’ll be skipping. Does anyone know if you can skip whenever you want to, or is there a limit like once a year?

  6. I appreciate that Causebox has been transparent that the winter box will probably not ship until 2021 but I still find it incredibly frustrating that this box arrives after Christmas. I wish they had more focus on keeping current subscribers happy instead of offering all of the mid-season boxes and add-ons. I get it, they need to make money but man are they frustrating. Once my annual is up I think I’m done with CB.

    • Yea.They need to quit with the editors boxes. They just mix in a few new items to sell that seasons box that wasn’t selling. Just make better boxes and draw customers by letting them customize the box.

    • I skipped my last box from my subscription and I’m getting winter instead because the fall box didn’t work for me. Im am probably done after winter too. I’m not loving these spoilers either:(

      • They used to have such exciting boxes.

  7. I chose the earrings. They are cute and the model is stunning. I have found Causebox jewelry to be a cut above other subscription boxes in terms of quality.

    • For one, who cares about “the model” and two, you sound like a paid commenter.

  8. I have a set of coasters exactly like these that I love, so I chose this customization to add to the set. The other options don’t excite me, though they both seem nice. If I were seasonal, this spoiler wouldn’t get me to commit. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this box!

    Also-I really wish that this were shipping out in time for the holidays. Lately Causebox seems SO far behind the other sub boxes in getting things to us. I got both my annual FFF boxes yesterday and the CB website says these won’t even start shipping until late December. That is a serious bummer.

  9. I just checked, and customization is open!!!

    • Thank you just chose my first item 😊

  10. I really like those earrings! I’m going to select those. I’m excited so see the rest of the spoilers!

  11. These choices look ok, though I do agree that it would be nice for seasonal to customize at least something. I like how FFF does it, I’m willing to bargain some categories if I know I’m getting something I really want in others.
    All that aside, why wait so long with the spoilers? My budget is quickly going to other places already. I won’t jump on a box with only 1 spoiler.
    Also, that model is gorgeous, really like the pick

  12. I agree with everyone else that if they’re going to wait this long to release spoilers, they would have done well to release more exciting spoilers. When I went to the Causebox site to check on when choice would be open for annual members, I was surprised to find that it is already open. There’s only this choice to make, and it’s unclear if that’s because they only have this category for choice or if they’re just slowly releasing choices.

    IF it’s the case that this is the only choice category, I guess it makes sense that they’d release this spoiler first, but it’s also unlike them to only have one choice category. I guess time will tell!

    • There is more to come. It says this under the choices.

      There are more choices still to come! After you check out, you’ll receive an email notification when all of the customization options are available.

    • This isn’t the only choice category. On the causebox website underneath where you choose your item it says
      “There are more choices still to come! After you check out, you’ll receive an email notification when all of the customization options are available.”

    • I’m so glad I cancelled my annual. Nothing here is exciting and certainly not those earrings.

  13. Cynthia
    I agree that now that you’ve already paid for the perk that it would be kind of a rip off for you. This time. But, I don’t think we can give up the whole idea because of that. A bonus box for Annual would be a nice substitute. Something like that,maybe. This subscription box would be back on my list and many others if they changed this!

    • I’m an annual and I wouldn’t have any problem with them opening up the customization for everyone, I’d continue to be an annual subscriber if they offered a discount for doing so…maybe a 20% discount or a bonus box would be enough to entice me. That’s what ipsy does…$12 for a monthly subscription, or an annual amount that works out to be $11/box

      • There is always a 20% off coupon for this box so CB would have to come up with something a lot better than that to keep members paying upfront.

    • I totally understand the seasonal members’ view. If they offered full customization for all members I would definitely sign up as seasonal and use the coupons each season instead of paying upfront. The only reason I was annual for this box was so I could choose some of the colors and/or items even though I actually paid more because I couldn’t use a coupon each season. When I started CB back in 2018 the only customization was color choice, but I’m picky so I understand everyone wants to customize as much as possible especially now they offer such a variety within each choice. I think CB wants annual members so I don’t think they will ever offer full customization to everyone, but it would be great if they did.

  14. Bleh! I’m glad I’m with fab fit fun now! boring and you can customize even if you’re not a yearly subscriber. the boxes deliver much faster too-

    • Yep. I agree. And they saw that people weren’t going to put up with that shipping issue for much longer and are doing much better now.

  15. Well…I’m not wowed. I like the coasters but I’m not annual soooooo THANKS CAUSEBOX 😂 I don’t think you’re getting my money this Christmas

  16. I don’t want to upset anyone, but just an FYI…I bought those exact coasters at Target last year for $8, so I’m curious to see what they are valued at.

    • The body polish and similar earrings were valued about $38 each on the source website. Couldn’t find marble coasters on the zeal site, but their handwoven ones were priced about $25 regular, for what that’s worth.

    • Same brand, quality and everything? Just saying, I see a lot of people make comments about subscription boxes and how they can find the same/similar things in other stores for cheaper or claim to even find it in the dollar stores. But getting something similar is different from getting the exact same thing. Especially when it comes to quality. These are marble, hand-made by artisans (so not mass produced) and for a cause. I would assume they’re probably $30 or more.

      And I just checked the Causebox site and they’re listed at $42 value. About what I expected. Could I find something similar for cheaper? Absolutely. The design isn’t unique, I can find many similar ones on Amazon for cheaper. But paying $58 US (to Canada) for this and 5 other things? Not bad. To me anyway.

  17. I’m less interested in the items snd more like WOW over the model. Talk about stunning, good choice Causebox

    • I really love the box.
      I don’t want the coasters. We don’t use the ones that I already have at home.

  18. Just commenting again to add that I agree with the other comments, I think Causebox should allow all subscribers to customize categories like this. I fear they’ll never do that as long as they keep selling out of boxes, though.

    • If everyone was allowed to customize everything, there would be no incentive to go annual. The fact you get to customize your box is the sole reason people go annual. The extra $20 is just a nice bonus. Why would anyone go annual if there were no perks to it? With that said though, I think it would be fair to let seasonal subscribers choose at least one item. But Causebox will never let seasonals choose all the items. No subscription box would. At least with Causebox, there aren’t crazy amounts of variations like there are with say, FFF for example. Most of their categories have 5 or more different options in them. At least Causebox has 2 or maybe 3 items in each category, so you have a 33-50% chance of getting what you really want.

      • JourneeBox allows customers to customize all items, they provide different incentives for annual members.

      • I’m sorry but those are terrible odds for my money. And lots of other boxes do it. Causebox made up the idea that you should pay more to customize. That whole idea is from the industry. Its not something rooted in retail sense or something. I don’t think we should have to. If we stop buying…hopefully they will change that. I haven’t bought a box in many seasons because I’d hate to be excited about these neat products and then not get those items. You know when you see the spoilers most of us know what choice we want right away. Lets make Causebox fun and exciting again! If Ipsy plus can swing it, any of them can.

      • JB annuals also get a bonus item.

      • I love Journey Box! I think they’ve been a pretty decent replacement for Popsugar and this box.
        I love this coasters!!

    • I just did the better than Black Friday offer for Journeebox, which I’ve been stalking for a while. I sprang for Annual because I usually like the annual member extra in each box. Many of the items in this box lol very giftable too. Excited to try something new!

  19. I love those earrings!

  20. Here we go with too many variations,and it is only the first item,and the only people that can choose will be Annual members…..I do not have an issue with annual picking most of the choices,I understand that….But I feel seasonal should be able to pick some things,especially when it comes to jewelry….A lot of us do not wear earrings and other pieces of jewelry,some of us can only wear gold or silver and etc…..I can not wear earrings because my ears are not pierced,and I can not wear gold as I am highly allergic to gold jewelry…..I have sent them messages about this from the last box,because I got the gold bracelet and I could not wear it….Their reply was too bad sign up for annual if you want to customize,that was very rude IMO.

    • I think it would be great if Causebox let subscribers fill out a questionnaire or profile, showing their sizing (clothes, waist, feet, etc.), as well as likes and dislikes, what they’d like to get in their box, etc. Similar to how FFF does theirs. It would give them more information about their customers – especially with sizing, if that’s going to continue to be a thing they do. Not to mention it would lead to higher satisfaction if people get the types of things they want according to their profiles. As an annual, and knowing this is all a luxury and a privilege that not everyone can afford, I also think it would be fair to let seasonal subs get to choose at least 1 item. Maybe even have it so they get 1 choice and it can be in any of the choice categories, so if someone really wants 1 specific item they can get it, and then it greys out everything else.

      Aside from that, I do know there are lots of groups and websites out there where people can sell or swap items they receive in subscription boxes. So if there’s something you got and don’t want, there could be someone else who wants to swap with you, or even buy from you. That’s an option at least.

      • Jade
        Why are you, personally,so against Seasonal members being able to choose also?? I’m not understanding your position here. if you already paid extra for that reason maybe you could get some other perk or something. You have so many excuses for them and the model they made up to make more money. Are you an owner of Causebox or something?

      • No one is against seasonal members getting to customize maybe one thing but it wouldn’t be fair to those paying in advance if they get to choose everything. There would be no incentive to pay for an annual! Surely seasonal members can understand that?!?

    • That kind of comes with the territory with sub boxes, you get some stuff you’ll use and some stuff you won’t and will have to swap, gift, or donate.

  21. I actually like the hoops. The matte finish and small size makes them a lot more subtle and wearable in my view. I’ll choose them.

  22. Not bad but SO boring. When they’ve kept us waiting this long it would be nice to give us the show stopper spoiler first. Are they not trying to sell boxes. I’m currently an annual member but if I wasn’t this would NOT motivate me to sign up.
    Oh, and all of the paid/compensated commenters on Instagram who are already SO excited about this box aren’t fooling anyone. The fake comments need to stop because even if people like the art/items it’s definitely not THAT exciting.

    • I agree. I feel like it is a lost opportunity to wait so long to announce spoilers. I actually scrolled a lot of their Facebook the other day, and it doesn’t even feel like they are trying to sell their box. I like the stories of all the causes for the spoilers, but I’m not feeling excited about any of the items. The last box did not turn out well for me other than the tea bottle, so I’m really hoping this one is better. At this point, I can’t wait to be done with my annual subscription. I joined because I liked the idea of supporting causes but the products just aren’t really a match for me. 😭 I’m trying to be content with the idea that I am contributing to causes, and building my gifting collection.

      • They did wait a crazy long time to reveal spoilers. I checked when they started showing winter spoilers last year, and it was the beginning of November. I was super disappointed when they decided to sell an intro box instead of reveal any spoilers this month. Honestly, what were they thinking? And the post about the wait on their Instagram was pretty tone deaf.

        I went annual in the summer with the welcome box, but I had been wanting to get the box for a while and looked at their previous 4 or 5 boxes before deciding to go annual. Plus I love the fact that everything is cruelty free (been wanting that for a long time), sustainable and ethically made, plus it supports some great causes. I liked all or the majority of the items in their boxes. One thing I can say is that the items are all usable for me. Like even if I’m not excited about something, it’s something I can/will actually use. Plus a lot of the items would be great as gifts too. The box is really great for someone just starting out and getting their first place alone. But yeah I don’t really feel all wintery/christmasy yet. Haven’t gotten those vibes yet.

  23. I love the coasters. If they let Seasonal members choose I would sign up right now and be really excited?!
    I see there’s a special club for Annual subscribers called Causebox Custom. Cool. They have doubled down. I guess it really is over for their Seasonal Subscribers, though. Bummer I live those coasters and the shopp

  24. Can somebody clarify something for me? I see a lot of these cute marble/geod sorts of coasters going around lately and I keep hesitating to buy them. For me, the purpose of a coaster is to help absorb the condensation from your drink as well as keep it off your table. But with these ones made out of materials like marble, it just seems like you’d end up with a watery mess… Does anybody have experience with these?

    • It looks like it’s marble and is porous so will soak up moisture. I have glazed ceramic ones and they look cool but the water just slices right off. Ugh

  25. Good Lord! Please let this be a choice, as I don’t wear gold, and I don’t know anyone who does. The only variation I could possibly use are the coasters, and even then I don’t want these ones. Not very good choices for me.

  26. I love the True Moringa company. I have had this coffee scrub before and it is quite lovely if you you need coffee in your life!

    • It says in the description it moisturizers. I have pretty dry skin normally, especially during the winter. Would you say it moisturizers well? Also is it just a weekly body scrub type of thing? The tub doesn’t look very big, so it doesn’t look like it would last very long. Maybe only a few uses before it’s gone.

      • Ugh, stupid auto correct! *moisturizes!

    • Does it leave a lot of mess in the tub/shower? I’ve had a coffee scrub from Ipsy before that was a pain to clean up.

      • Less mess than the Ipsy one, but still quite a bit of mess, especially if you have a shower/tub combo. I have half a container to use up.

  27. Finally! Not really interested in any of these: I already have coasters, My ears are not pierced, and I have enough body scrubs. I like the box design though.
    I hope they will release all spoilers this week (btw, I’m not in marketing, but to me doesn’t make much sense to release spoilers during Black Friday week)

    • Right!?

  28. The hoops look like macaroni noodles to me :/

  29. Glad there are choices most will like. I personally don’t like all of the choices, it is starting to look like FFF with CB.

  30. Ugh! Please stop with the ugly, tacky gold jewelry! At least have an option for silver!

    • Ugh! Please stop with the ugly, tacky comments! At least respect the fact that people like gold jewelry!

      • Oh please, I have a right to my opinion. You need to respect the fact that a lot of us don’t like gold! And I’m allowed to say what I think. If you like gold then great for you but there are many people who don’t. Sub boxes never give a choice for silver and that needs to change.

    • I agree. I would like to see real sterling silver or real gold if jewelry is to be offered, honestly. I know that will never happen and that is why I don’t get these sub boxes anymore. My skin is sensitive to anything but sterling or surgical steel jewelry.

  31. Coasters for me. I love Causebox.

  32. Pretty boring. Scrub is out. Don’t know if I want earrings for myself or a gift or coasters for a gift.

  33. Will be going for the body scrub. Don’t wear earings and have way to many coasters we don’t use

  34. The firstspoiler is kinda meh for me. Probably going with the earrings.

  35. Both the hoops and the coasters look great to me! I have two pairs of similar earrings so I definitely don’t need those. I also have plenty of coasters. I guess I can’t go wrong either way, but it will be a tough call.
    I’m glad they spoiled a larger item first. They usually start with a smaller, boring one…

  36. I want the coasters!

  37. I’m not excited about any of these…my annual subscription just ended, so I canceled and will wait and see if I like this box enough to renew. But I wanted to comment to say that I LOVE that they featured a gray haired model. I’m just in my 30’s, but feel like ladies 50, 60+ should feel beautiful and like this stuff is just as much for them as it is for those who are younger. Way to go, Causebox!

    • Lovely thoughts, you’re absolutely right!

    • I’m 61 and I thank you! I can still catch an eye!

      • Alice,
        Please tell us about your skin care routine.

      • Way to go, Alice! 🙂

      • Heck yeah, Alice! ♥️

      • Thank y’all so much! Amy, I credit genes and humidity first, lol! Grew up in the deep south and still live here. Humidity is oppressive but really keeps skin looking great. I cleanse good twice daily, more often if I’m home working on the farm and getting really sweaty and dirty. I tone after cleansing. Use a serum, eye cream, moisturizer day and night. Sunscreen is also key. I use at least spf 30 on my face daily. I physically exfoliate about twice weekly and try to do a mask about twice weekly. I sometimes use an oil at night as well as moisturizer. My skin tends oily so I’m less likely to frequently use an oil. Whatever I use on my face, I also use ony neck, chest, hands and arms. I wish I had paid closer attention to sunscreen on my hands in my early years. I didn’t start serious skin care on my face until about age 50. I couldn’t afford much earlier. My Mom encouraged me to use something like Oil of Olay spf15 in from a young age. That drug store staple really saved my skin. My Mom had gorgeous skin up to her death at 82 (cancer). I have favorites but I don’t stick to specific products. I do try to use all cruelty free and lean to clean beauty lines. Subscription boxes have helped me to afford quality skin care. I had a 20 something cashier flirt with me this year! Love it.

      • Alive, I never would have thought to use my face products on my hands and arms as well! Thank you for that tip!! Great way to get through all the product I’m accumulating, too!

      • Oops, I meant Alice! Sometimes I hate autocorrect!

      • Kay, you’re welcome! That’s exactly how I use up all this skin care, especially samples. My basic thought is, the less I like something, the lower it goes on my body…feet get all kinds of stuff, lol!

      • Alice, that definitely made me laugh out loud! You just gave me permission to let loose with my skincare! 😛 Thanks so much 🙂

      • Kay, you’re so very welcome! Glad that brought a laugh! I sometimes cannot believe all the expensive stuff I slather onto my feet, lol. If I don’t gift or donate, I use it all. Nothing goes to waste. I hope you have the best Thanksgiving and holiday season, and new year! Stay safe and healthy.

    • I thought the exact same thing!

    • Agreed! I’m in my 30s and have already started going gray, and I love to see gray hair celebrated and treated as normal.

  38. Love the gold hoops but dislike that we can’t choose. not interested in the other items.

    • Annual members get to choose.

  39. I like the coasters!

  40. Hmmm. Thinking the gold hoops

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