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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2020 Glam Bag!

Ipsy February 2020 makeup subscription review

The October 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

Customer service
Retail value
Quality of products
Ease of canceling

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Comments (61)

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  2. Here’s mine:

    1) COMPLEX CULTURE Full Time Eyeshadow in Lavender Metal

    2) IT COSMETICS Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara in Black

    3) LAURA MAKEUP LABS Queen Blending Brush

    4) MALIN+GOETZ Mojito Lip Balm

    5) TARTE Maracuja Tinted Hydrator in Light Sand

    I love the bag design, and the contents are okay but could be better. The Tarte looks too dark,; I don’t know why they don’t go off the profiles and send the lighter shades. Also, when I went to do the add ons I kept getting an error, then went back and what I wanted was sold out. That’s irritating.

    • Same here with the add ons 🙁 and there were some really good ones too.

  3. Not super thrilled with Oct, but not mad either. Feeling meh about the products so it’s a good thing I LOVE the bag!

    LOTTIE LONDON Slay All Day Liquid Lipstick in So Good – I’m trying to find a liquid lip that dries down and stays put under a mask, so I’ll at least try this for the formula.

    OFRA COSMETICS Blush in Bellini – love Ofra highlighters, happy to try a blush.

    PISTACHÉ SKINCARE Whipped Pistachio Body Butter- I have SO many lotions but this looks like a cute little pack to keep in my purse! I work in healthcare and my poor hands have aged 10 years since March with all the extra sanitizing.

    MODA Pro Fan Brush – Don’t like/use fan brushes. Will use to sweep away fallout if it’s soft enough, otherwise it’s going in my giveaway pile.

    TARTE Maracuja Tinted Hydrator in Light Sand – this definitely looks too dark, so I picked up the Fair Neutral color in add-ons.

    It’s a good balance of products, and I may fall in love with all of them! Just not super exciting
    on the initial reveal.

  4. My bag:

    Bareminerals strength and length serum mascara (excited to try!)

    Benefit gimme brow in warm golden blonde 2 (boo wrong color! I have blond hair but dark eyebrows)

    Malin and Goetz – (my pick!)

    Tarte Maracuja Tinted Hydrator in Light Sand (another wrong color I think fair neutral would have been better, also I selected “fair” so I’m not sure how I got this color)

    Timeless Beauty bar sheet masks – (excited to try! I love sheet masks!)

    no add ons nothing else excited me too much I would have loved if the bobbi brown mascara would have been an option!

    • This is exactly the bag that I got! I’m pretty happy with it overall even though I don’t use mascara or color my brows. I plan to just give those away. I added the pistachio lotion as an add on, and I’m excited to get it all!

  5. Second weird month in a row…
    I redeemed points for an item in August. Got that same item in my September Glambag. Again, I redeemed points for an item in September and I’m getting the same exact item in my Glambag.
    Everything else in my Glambag this month are things I have marked rarely. I look at all the products for the month before judging my Glambag picks and I’m pretty disappointed in ipsy the last couple of months. Did they change their algorithm so we buy add ons???

    • That’s what it seems like, the same thing is happening to me. I didn’t even get any of the items they spoiled for this month, and my options for choice we’re past items.

    • I chose to get 2 gb this month. My first one was ok, 3/5 worked for me. But, my second one on a separate account was only 1/5 (my choice item)! Everything else was rarely. That second account had been doing extremely well with what they chose for me. But all of a sudden, a huge dud in September. I was very disappointed by it. :/

      • Oops I meant a huge dud in October, not September.

      • I’ve been with Ipsy for 5 years and it seems to me about every 4-5 months they start sending items marked rarely. I’m guessing it’s to see if we will try new things…
        My daughter and my nieces are happy with my Glambags. 😂

  6. My reveals are not up and neither are add ons!! I’m so sick of this crap same thing last month and I had to wait two weeks to see my reveals and Pick add ons! Stupid!

  7. Bag twins except for the highlighter. I got a Lottie London lippie (and a different shade of the Tarte). The eyeshadow quad was my pick.
    I’m pretty pleased with my bag considering this is the first one I’ve got, I’ve been skipping bags since the Spring. I didn’t order any add ons because I’m still waiting for two separate orders from Ipsy offers that I placed in September.

  8. I’m very pleased with my GB this month. I received:
    SLMissGlam blush brush in emerald green – my choice and how beautiful!
    Smashbox Primer
    Ofra Blush in Rose
    Essence highlighter in Poppin Champagne (will probably gift to a daughter)
    Tarte Tinted Hydrator in Fair Neutral
    Plus I made good use of the add-ons, purchasing 7 items:
    Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion (have never tried a Dr B product)
    Hey Honey Facial Serum (love this brand)
    Briogeo Leave-in Conditioner (received before and love this product)
    Lottie London lippie in So Good
    La Chatelaine Hand Cream – Cinnamon Orange (sounds interesting)
    Benefit Gimme Brow in Lt Brown (for a daughter)
    Laura Lab – purple blending brush

    Can’t wait for it all to show up in my mailbox. I hope it doesn’t take until the end of the month like my Sept bag did, finally got here on 29th. Ugh!

  9. I posted my bag below and mentioned that I received the wrong shade for my brow gel (and foundation). I just received an email from Ipsy saying that they sent me the wrong shade in the gel and 600 points to use on a free product. That’s pretty cool.

    (The brow gel is probably a little more usable than the foundation, which I think is really off, but still happy to see that they proactively fixed this. I never would have even contacted them.)

    • Ha ha, I just got an email about the foundation. They gave me points for that too.
      I’m really happy they caught that. I would have just moped about it lol.

      • Wow, that’s great!

  10. I am really happy with my bags this month. Plus I love the actual bag! I am going to use it to stash all my essential oil blend roller balls!
    Oh I added on all the Sunday Riley products!

  11. I’m happy with my bag and could have went ham on getting max add-ons, but I reeled myself back. Lol! I got:

    Essence Cosmetics Highlighter I’m Popping Champagne

    ORYZA Amethyst palette

    Malin + Goetz Mojoto Lip Balm

    Lottie London Liquid Lip in Fleek

    SLMISSGLAM Round blush brush

    Added on a Benefit Gimme Brow, the Blemish stickers (I have two nieces about to go through puberty….I’m sure one of them will want them lol), the purple blending brush, and the Illuminati quad in Secret Society. 👌

  12. I’m getting:
    Doucce eyeliner in black
    Lottie London liquid lip in Fleek
    Malin + Goetz lip balm (my pick)
    Oryza astral amethyst eyeshadow palette
    Tarte tinted hydrator in fair neutral (I’m definitely a cool undertone, so we shall see how this works with my coloring)

    Overall pretty pleased, but definitely don’t need another black eyeliner

    • This is the best variation I’ve seen so far, imo.

    • I got the same bag, same choice item. This will be the THIRD time I’ve received an Oryza palette despite rating them low.

  13. COMPLEX CULTURE full time eyeshadow in lavender Metal ::: I have so freaking many eyeshadows… please stop sending me!!

    ESSENCE COSMETICS pure nude highlighter in popping champagne ::: stop sending me highlighters as well… but this shade looks good for my undereye gliters. I’d try it

    Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara in Black ::: Yay! Finally got a mascara to try. I’ve been using Dior mascara but I wanted to try another one. Cool!

    SLMISSGLAM P40 Round Blusher Brush ::: I usually use cream type blushes but Ipsy keeps sending me blush whatever so I might try powder ones with this brush. Hmm

    SR Luna oil ::: I chose this

    I mean… I’ve been subscribed for 10 months and I got like 5 highlighters, 3 bronzers and 5 eyeshadows from them. Stop sending me these please!!!!! Ugh!!!

    • I opted out of highlighter and bronzer. The downside to this is a black eyeliner at least once every other month. But at least no more of the other 2. I was going to update to no eyeliner and bronzer, but that would be the month that a pretty, non-black eyeliner would be offered. I did not have the mojito was not available in my add on options🙁

    • Bag twins!

      Not excited about the lavender eyeshadow.I have red hair and fair skin with red undertones and it seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. A darker purple or violet would have worked better.

  14. Doucce eyeliner
    It Cosmetics mascara
    Malin+Goetz lip balm
    Pistache Body Butter
    Tarte Tinted Hydrator

  15. I will be getting It cosmetics mascara,going to my daughter
    Oryza amethyst quad, going to my daughter
    Smashbox primer, I have several full size probably give to daughter
    Sunday Riley eye cream my pick
    Timeless sheet masks

    Add ons: skin regimen
    Real chemistry day cream
    Cinnamon orange hand cream


  17. If anyone is willing to sell me their Ofra Highlighter in Blissful, let me know! Thanks!

    • I’m getting ANOTHER highlighter. This is my 4th bag and I think 3rd highlighter. I selected not very comfortable with makeup because I literally have no idea what to do with it. Seriously, I would cancel if it weren’t for the great add on prices. Scored something last month for $18 (the Sunday Riley Tidal cream) that was $34 as an add on for another sub at the same time.

      • I keep getting eyeliners and mascara. I never get highlighters and I love them!

      • I usually use highlighters as eye shadow. I’m naturally glowing but a bit on the cheekbones is cute too. Probably go in and redo the survey and make sure highlighters are marked to rarely. That helped me when I was starting out I got like 6 in a row lol. This is the first time I got one since.

      • “Not comfortable” might make them give you more powders and highlight. I don’t know if that’s really happening though. I have my settings on not comfortable, and a friend has hers at the glam setting, and lately I’ve gotten more bold and colorful items. It might just be we have been with ipsy for so long they are running out of guesses of what to give. I hope you get more of what you want! Here’s to that for all of us!

    • Hey I’m pretty sure I have two full size fora highlighters in this shade if u r still needing one I’ll go through my stuff n see but I’m sure I do

      • Yes, Katie! Thank you! If you do, you can email me at knclark1989 @ iCloud dot com.

  18. My bag this month was a slight let down after my last two amazing bags, mostly for the color choices Ipsy made.

    I’m getting:

    – BENEFIT COSMETICS Gimme Brow in Light Brown 3 – I’m happy Ipsy finally got the message I want brow products, but this is the wrong shade. I have dark brown hair selected in my profile, and there was a dark brown option, but they gave me light brown instead. I bought the correct shade in add-ons, but I shouldn’t have to.

    – BOBBI BROWN Smokey Eye Mascara – Not the most exciting product, but I’ve heard good things and I’m happy to try the brand.

    – ILLUMINATI COSMETICS Quad Palette in Enlightened – This looks cute, but I would have much rather received the pink Secret Society palette instead.

    – MALIN+GOETZ Mojito lip balm – I chose this.

    – PISTACHE SKINCARE Whipped Pistachio Body Butter – This looks nice! 1oz is small for a body product for me (I have a lot of body to cover), but I’m happy to try this.


    – BENEFIT GImme Brow in Deep Brown 4.5

    – ILLUMINATI COSMETICS quad palette in Secret Society

    – ORYZA Astral Amethyst shadow quad

    – TARTE Marajuca Hydrator in Fair Neutral

    – LAURA MAKEUP LABS blending brush (So pretty!)

    Overall a pretty good bag; the only real disappointment is the shade Ipsy chose for the Gimme Brow. The last time (over a year ago) Ipsy sent me a brow product, it was also too light. Not sure why Ipsy can’t get this right.

    • I find that the Benefit brow product runs surprisingly dark imo. I have super dark brown hair and black eyebrows but I use the Gimme Brow in shade 3. I have fair skin though so it might depend on your complexion. If nothing else you could probably layer it with a darker pencil 😊

      • Thanks for the tip! I’m fair also, and it has been my experience that sometimes a brow product which correctly matches my hair looks too severe on me. Since I’m getting both of them, I’ll get to see what works best for me.

    • Hi! I also agree with Joy, the Benefit Gimme brow products run pretty light. So hopefully it will work for you!

      • I mean they run dark!! It has been a long day! Lol

  19. The only thing I’m not a hundred percent sure of in my bag is the nail polish color but it’s still something that I’m interested in trying. Everything else in my bag is spot-on perfect for me. This is the second month in a row of the best bags I’ve ever received. Plus I love the bag itself. I am shocked because I had given up on Ipsy a few years ago because I hated everything I don’t know what changed but I’m not complaining

  20. After a few months of really good bags, I got a real stinker lol:

    -Tarte tinted hydrater in the wrong shade.
    -Benefit brow in the wrong shade.
    -A Doucce eyeliner–I don’t use eyeliner
    -Lottie London Lip–I don’t like liquid lip, but the rust shade might be pretty (if we ever wear lipstick again lol).
    -SR Auto Correct–my pick.

    I picked up the SR A+ to make the bag worthwhile.

    • (Just checked my account because I could have swore that I opted out of eyeliner, but it just expired. Oh no.)

    • Boo! That was me last month. 3 out of the 5 were things I’ve marked rarely and I really don’t have many things marked rarely. So I treated myself to a few addons and they didn’t come. Grrr. It was the first time in a year this has happened to me. They can’t all be winners I guess. This month luckily was amazing for me. Better luck next month.

  21. I’m getting:

    1) ESSENCE COSMETICS Pure Nude Highlighter 010 in Popping Champagne

    2) ILLUMINATI COSMETICS Quad Palette in Enlightened

    3) IT COSMETICS Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara in Black

    4) MALIN+GOETZ Mojito Lip Balm

    5) SLMISSGLAM P40 Round Blusher Brush

    I added the RATED GREEN Rosemary Balancing Scalp Pack, PISTACHÉ SKINCARE Whipped Pistachio Body Butter, and SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil. 💖💖💖

    • Bag twins!! I’ve never seen a bag twin on here before lol. I picked the mojito lip balm, cause it’s my FAVORITE. I thought it was a meh bag; but I am excited about the brush, I love them, and the Essence highlighter, I also like Essence products usually. The mascara, I just don’t need anymore mascara, I have so much.

      • Yay, bag twin!! 🙌👏🙌 I always post just hoping to find my twin! 😁

  22. I didn’t make a selection during choice, and I’m pretty pleased.

    I’m getting:
    Kismet lip scrub
    Lottie London lip in So Good
    the SLS blush brush
    the Oryza eyeshadow quad
    theBalm blush in Perseverance

    And I had a hard time limiting myself on add-ons. I ultimately decided on the Tarte translucent powder (the only real makeup I am wearing regularly these days), the blemish spots, and one of the Illuminati eye quads. I contemplated the R:EP cica serum, the cinnamon orange hand cream, the pistachio body butter and the other illuminati quad as well.

  23. The only thing I really want out of my bag is the Oryza eyeshadow which was my choice. I got the Benefit brow gel, Doucce eyeliner, Pistache body butter, and Moda fan brush, all things that are repeats or very boring. I feel annoyed that i have to spend more money to make up a bag of things Id like to try.

  24. Almost bag twins except I got the lottie london instead of highlighter . I picked the quad. I like every item for once!

  25. I spent so much on the last sale that I skipped and I’m happy to say I have no FOMO at all. I’d so much rather shop the sales and get exactly what I want.

  26. I love my bag and add ons this month. I got the same Oryza eyeshadow quad (full size).


    Ofra blush in charm (full size)
    Bobbi Brown vitamin face base
    Lottie lipstick in fleek
    Moda fan brush

    I added on all of the Sunday Riley items plus the cinnamon orange hand cream because it sounded like a nice Fall scent.

  27. I got:
    –SMASHBOX Oil and Shine Control Primer (my pick)
    –ORYZA Astral Amethyst palette (YAY! The only shadows I was interested in (
    –TIMELESS BEAUTY BAR Sheet Masks (never gotten sheet masks in regular GB, they’re fine)
    –IT COSMETICS Blowout Mascara (happy to try)
    –SUNDAY RILEY Autocorrect Eye Cream (I’ve tried this before and wasn’t impressed, but I rate SR highly because I love most of their stuff)

    Add ons:
    –PMD Cleansing Device in Teal
    –GOLDFADEN MD Mist and Brightening Duo
    –SUNDAY RILEY Luna Oil

    I think this is a GREAT bag, but 2 things:
    –I was only offered the PMD device in pink and navy for my GB Plus add ons (and it wouldn’t let me leave without completing my add ons), so I got pink. But my regular GB add ons had like 4 colors, 2 of which I liked better. I bought 2. Annoying.

    — I’m seeing A LOT of repeat products (some really bad) that I’ve so far been able to avoid, but I hope that gets better.

  28. Ugh, mine is the worst I’ve had. I only like one of the products!! Bummer..

  29. I let my annual GB expire. I’ve been working through a slew of sample sizes and realized i dont need more. I’m staying with Plus and purchasing an occasional Ultimate. I let Boxycharm and a couple others go so I could grab a few of the Ultimate. I’m going to get an October and November for sure.

  30. My bag is decent this month. I’ve had worse, but I also certainly have had better. I’m getting:

    IT Cosmetics Lift Mascara – (I don’t mind getting mascaras)

    Lottie London Liquid Lipstick in Fleek – (They described this as a Terracotta shade which will clash with my red hair, but I’ll wait and see it up close before fully judging it)

    Puriface Sheet Mask Duo – I love sheet masks so I’m ok with this

    SLMISSGLAM Blusher Brush – I love this brand and her brushes

    Sunday RIley Eye Contour Cream – This was my choice pick

    Hey Honey Silk Facial Serum (add-on)

    Real Chemistry Essential Day Cream (add-on)

    Laura Makeup Labs Queen Blending Brush (add-on)

    • Bag Twins…and my Choice Product was the Sunday Riley as well. I feel exactly the same as you. I’m not thrilled but it could be worse. I have brushes and mascara set to “rarely” because I just don’t need anymore. At least I like the brands they are sending! And I feel you with the lippie. I’m a redhead as well…so we will see.

    • Same bag. I picked the SR too. I have mascara and sheet masks to rarely. That said, I’m curious to try the mascara. Sheet masks and I don’t get along. I have lipstick set to anything but neutral – so that went perfectly 🤣 I have nail polish set to ALWAYS and I’ve never seen to get sent one.

    • I am getting the same bag too. SR was my pick. I didn’t do any add on with GB (did them with GBP).

  31. We’re bag twins! I picked the eyeshadow quad during sample choice.

    • Same here! I picked the Tarte hydrator, but was hoping for the eyeshadow.

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