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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus November 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

ByMSAOct 19, 2020 | 89 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
246 Ratings | 32 Reviews

We have add-on spoilers for the November 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products that will be available as add-ons:

BEAUTYBLENDER BeautyBlender Duo (BeautyBlender Original Sponge & Opal Essence Serum Primer)

TATCHA The Deep Cleanse

BYROE Bell Pepper Serum

IPSY Face Mask (3-pack)

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

TULA Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer

This primer instantly smooths the look of uneven skin tone and redness for a filter-like finish. Probiotics and superfoods like licorice and chia seeds help balance and nourish skin. As you blend this buildable formula, it releases its special skin-blurring properties or “glow particles” that create the look of sun-kissed, radiant skin.


SUGAR RUSH Lip Sip Vegan Oil in Dragonfruit

Get in touch with yourself by going for a more natural look with a glossy, sheer wash of color on your lips. They’ll love the comfort jojoba, hazel, and sunflower seed oil formula has to offer, without a sticky texture.


VIOLET VOSS Coral Pop Palette

This stunning collection of everyday neutrals was curated to beautifully coordinate together for all your go-to looks. Velvety smooth mattes that blend like a dream go hand in hand with high-pigment metallics for a dazzling finish.

MURAD Retinol Night Cream

Refresh and renew your skin while you sleep. This cream improves the look of youthful contours and wrinkles while intensely hydrating. Preventative and corrective retinol strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.

JULEP Eyeshadow 101 Creme to Powder Eyeshadow Stick in Champagne Shimmer

Get rich, long-lasting color that glides on like butter, no brushes required. It’s so easy to use—it comes with its own spongy smudger to blend and diffuse your color for a gorgeous finish. This color is amazing on blue eyes but will look gorgeous on anyone.


TRÈSTIQUE Good Vibes Mascara

This is the first time we’ve seen a lash-curler tool and lash-enhancing mascara in one product! This unique all-in-one mascara gives your lashes a curving, lengthening, and volumizing effect. The unique half-curler lifts every lash for an all-day lasting curl.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 5 full-size products! You’ll also get a makeup bag once every three months.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I love being able to choose 3 products but they haven’t been for me the last 2 months. I’m giving them 1 more shot and may go back to boxycharm if they dont step it up a little


I’m having the same issue with glitches for 3 months. Same with glitches with add ons. The glam bag is fine but plus wont let me pick anything or add on…keep getting 4 or 5 different errorcodes, screen shot and sent them to them, got blown off, happened again last month they give the run around and said they will “watch” this month… I’m about to take a break from them for the first time in 6 almost 7 years. I have never missed a glam bag or plus… but not thrilled with how things have been and their lack of usually amazing customer service


I never did receive my July glam bag plus box it’s really the first time that’s ever happened to me they finally gave me my refund last month and I have skipped every box since then except for the regular bag.


wow I never received my glam bag or july either only I never even received a Refund . kept telling me it held up in Orlando , I seem to be having the same issue this month its been in Orlando for 5 days now. hum


I’m Shocked Ipsy Subscribers are able to Write Reviews on Ipsy Bag Plus..Past 3 Months My Pkgs Come LAST Week of Month (within Days taking $for Next Month) I Look on “SHOP” App which Shows were Pkgs Route Is going From Any/All CO’s from Moment they Make Req for Shipping Label (BEST App) I contact IPSY & Tell them My Pkg is Stuck/Stopped in (MOSTLY) “Greensboro,NC” or This Month “Raleigh, NC” PKGS Sit for 2 Weeks until I contact USPS, IPSY sends emails Saying “Due to COVID..Wait” It’s Rediculous. Daughters IPSY Plus Came EARLY & Had Crushed palette (she didn’t order but charged Add-Ons) Sparkly Eyeshadow All Over other Products Although in Bubble wrap. Her Tarte Setting Powder She WANTED Bad?..Missing! Yensa Missing! Stuff she Wanted Not in Bag & Messed up By Items She Didnt Want (& Charged Extra for) This is 1ST w:Stolen Items Or NOT put in. Far as My IPSY Plus??..I’ve Never Spent so much in “Add-Ons” & Not Recvd Bag Period. It’s 3RD Month of Looking for My Bags..I LOVE IPSY Products But Tired of Not Recving til End of Month or Having to Hunt Down Bag..When I 1ST subscribed & paid for Daughters Ipsy Bag(Samples/Deluxe)..I was unaware she Was Not Receiving & She didn’t Know I Ordered..I thought she was Just Not “Thanking Me” Then She 💭 i Cancelled Since She Didnt Receive Bags Months after I asked where Missing Bags were. It’s Been a Complete Mess! ONLY Co WE have NOT had Problems Boxycharm..Next Month it’ll Be 1 YEAR weve Both have 3 Sub Boxes from BC. IF Anyone Reads this & Has Problems w/IPSY will you Comment or @ Tell me WHAT did you do to Resolve Issues.. THANK You..I Love this forum of Ladies!


Not the right spot for this but here goes.
The Luna Oil in the glam bag was listed as 7.5ml which it was.
The add on Luna Oil for $3 was listed as 7.5ml but they sent 5ml bottles.
I KNOW some are saying “oh come on, for $3 what do you expect?” That question does deserve an answer. I expect Ipsy to state the actual size they are selling.


I did notice that too! Was very excited thinking it was the 7.5 ml and got two as add-ons. Very disappointed when I received my bags and saw it was the 5 ml size….very very misleading


Dont use their app. Use your browser and go through their website. Email them and they are helpful. Sometimes you have to wait a few days and not email or it keeps putting you into the back of line and you will never get answered. Also, if you ordered and got nothing, dispute it with you bank and let them figure it out and track things down.
As far as shipping, I am now getting mine later in the month. They switched to pitney bowes and the shipping times are awful now. Just stop tracking it and let it show up. They send them in 3 different times each month, so if you and your daughter ordered and live in the same town or even house, doesnt men you will get them at the same time.


Thank You Jayme I’ve taken all your advice & Using Internet Website vs. App. Turns out all items I ordered & TRULY wanted Now IPSY says “Out of Stock” & Sorry about that!😳 Ive Come to Conclusion that EVERY time I Ordered to “Add-On” is when Pkg took forever or Didn’t come period. Although it Hurt Not to Order what looked like Deals From Add-Ons I “Refrained” & Waiting to see IF Current Month Appears Earlier or Just Arrives period. So today is Nov 2nd & No return on Ipsy Plus nor the $50 Add-Ons I spent. I wanted the Tarte Setting Powder (as Choice) but Since it’s Out of Stock they Said “$5.” Will be returned back to Me..Along w/ $26. For PMD I ordered but wait 5-7 business Days to hit Bank. It’s a Mess. Not happy w/Out come Obviously. I Did however notify USPS my PKG was Stuck in Raleigh NC from Oct 9th to Present & Products Value is over $350. Ive Recvd 2 Emails they’re Investigating it. Seems odd the SAME Hubs are always holding Pkgs 2Weeks & Now indefinitely. I hope they Catch “Whomever” is messing w/PKGS. I’m gonna feel like real 🍑 IF this whole time it wasn’t IPSY but rather Employees of USPS.


P.s. if you like hair care stuff you should check out the 5 dollar seasonal walmart boxes. They always send shampoo and hair stuff. Play used to as well but they stopped…


I sure hope it fixes it for you!!!! There have been glitches with my plus and not letting me pick items, or add ons, but I can with the glam bag. I wonder if them buying out boxycharm has something to do with issues and their usual customer service is great but not so much recently.

Goodluck 😉


Thank You Jamey for Advice❣️ You’ve Given Me Best Advice To Date! I’m going to Go in & Try Browser Vs. App. Makes Sense too as Mine hasn’t Been Updating & I 💭 maybe It’s My IPhone Not updating Properly. DidNT Know you could Opt out Either. I’d Love try Hair Products as Mosf of My Subs Dont send them & Appeard Ipsy Is Subscription 📦w/ Hair ‘ Nail Products. Both Are Expensive & Hard to Find Samples/Minitures of.


I skipped this month and the same with next. I like the skip features and like the spoilers for next month but I don’t need any more beauty stuff for awhile


Looking again at these spoilers. Two primers. Anyone else about all ‘primed out’, lol?!! Good grief, how much primer does one need?! Seems as if that…and a highlighter or eyeliner…is in every box. It’s getting comical.


Unfortunately they don’t allow everyone to opt out of two categories. It’s only “select accounts”
I’ve tried with five different customer service agents and tried all different tactics. Most of us don’t get that lovely opt out ability anymore. I believe they used to do it quite a bit and allow people to write in a request it. But once they got bigger and higher they are now grandfathering the people who had previously asked, not allow new people and have choice accounts trying out their opt out option on their accounts.


I didn’t know we could opt out of any category!
Nice tidbit although it’s not an option for me.


I generally don’t use primers, and have opted out of them.

This also tends to ace me out of the primer/moisturizer blends, but I can usually pick one up as an add on if I really want it.


Alice ,
I would keep trying….I switched mine up a couple months back I dont do hair stuff and bath stuff and then I started getting too many eyeliners in each box and switched it to getting no bath stuff /eyeliner….and every few months in switch back and fourth….I’m curious if you tried again and what they’ve said


Jamey, thank you. I’ll try again; however, about 6 months ago Ipsy told me subscribers can no longer opt out of anything.


You should email them. I have been subbed for almost 6 years and they allow everyone to opt out of 2 categories. Like I dont get hair junk or bath stuff…you can also email them and switch it up like get hair junk and then opt out of moisturizers…..they allow you 2 at a time


You’re lucky. I subbed quite a long time ago and Ipsy wouldn’t allow me to opt out of anything.


Ipsy doesn’t reopen already sealed bags ladies. Look at your shipping labels. You will see footnotes at the bottom. That tells the person packing your envelope what to put in it.


Can you please explain the footnotes you’re referring to? I see them on my mailing label but don’t understand them.
Thanks in advance


It is most likely just a company code to show what department and who packed what envelope…they wouldnt mean anything to anyone outside the company.

I believe they were talking about people saying they already had envelopes of certain combos of items already pre packaged and then when someone ordered add ons, they opened the sealed envelope and put the add ons in, that’s why so many are having issues with getting their envelopes and they are open with stuff broken/missing.

The person above was just saying they dont do that because they have those in house company footnotes/markings to track as it goes through departments to get made before they ship it.

At least that’s what I think they are saying


What do you mean?


Someone posted saying Ipsy reopens sealed bags to add our add on purchases. All I was saying is that isn’t the case.


I got the Dr. Brandt this month as well and I love it. Probably one of my favorite products.


I really like the choice of Glam Bag Plus. I just hope they do not put anything by Trestique in their choices for me. I don’t like that brand. Julep products are old since they went bankrupt a couple of years ago.

I dont like Dr. Brandt dermabrasion either, Pink5. It is way too harsh on my skin.

I like everything else. I hope I can get that lip oil. I love lip oils!


Julep filed for bankruptcy but they never closed and still sell great products. I wouldn’t not assume their products are old for any reason.


It would depend on the chapter of the bankruptcy code they used.

Chapter 11 gives them time to get together a plan to keep operating while paying off debt.

Chapter 13 is for we’re done, that’s it.


I’ve been so happy with my Ipsy boxes since the added changes so I’m going to stick it out and not skip November. I really wanted the Murad Retinol cream. I like Ipsy because I usually get a lot of good skincare. Last month I chose only makeup items.

Not really interested in the other spoiler items. I have 3 Yensa lip oils right now from Ipsy and then Boxycharm. I can always use another mascara so I might choose the Trestique if it’s an option.

I canceled both Boxycharm and Boxycharm Premium so this is the only sub I have currently.


What day is choice?


Regular glam bag choice day is tomorrow Oct. 22
Glam Bag plus is Nov. 2.


I decided to not skip this month since it’s my birthday month. Hoping to get the Murad and primer.


Mine too!! Happy Birthday Scorpios.


Happy Birthday to you and all of the Scorpios!


Mine, too! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you!


FYI, my 2 October Glam Bag Plus arrived almost empty, one contain only one item, and the other one 3 items (the cheapest ones), all my add ons from the 2 bags are missing too. This is the first time I have something like this happen. I am shocked as I have never had anything stolen from my PO before and I strongly believe the products have been stolen before they reached my local PO.

I can’t believe it. My regular Glam bags that arrived at the same time than my second Glam Bag Plus are intact with all add ons. So obviously, there are thiefs out there who know that the BIG pink IPSY wrappers contain good stuffs to steal.
I already reached out to Ipsy yesterday and they are sending me some replacement but my add ons are all sold out, no replacement. 🙁
Ipsy should really go back to shipping with a box, the big wrapper is not good, it’s super easy to open and re-seal. And I really hope that Ipsy will raise this problem with their carrier and take all the necessary steps to investigate this matter seriously so they could stop those thiefs and bring them to the authority.


Same thing happened to me! The three cheapest items gone. Box resealed with scotch tape. I was so confused. Someone needs to be held responsible. So annoying.


That’s awful. I think more companies are using bubble mailers instead of boxes because it’s cheaper and realize there will be increased damage in transit (and stolen items),but replacing these items or giving refunds to customers would overall be cheaper than using boxes?


I certainly agree about the issues with shipping in the pouch. I purchased a shopper deal that was two highlighters. Only one got to me since the mailer bag was open. They issued a refund since they no longer had the highlighter. (The one lost was the one I wanted the most.)
Then my GBP arrived yesterday and I had bought 5 add ons but one was missing. I did reach out to them via Twitter DM. (They get to you right away and address your issue via this method.) Luckily they still had the item in stock and are shipping my missing add on which was the SlimsGlam blush brush.
I didn’t have missing items before the mailer bags. Last month another Shopper deal purchase also arrived without one item.


I agree. Them seem like the seal is not tight. Easy to slip things out of.


I’m sorry this happened to you. I also had either UPe or USPS open up one of my mailers (white bubble envelopes) sent to my by Ulta and swiped everything. The post office delivered an empty envelope that was cut and then resealed with scotch tape. Ulta replaced everything except my bonus/freebies were sold out so I couldn’t get that replaced. You feel so violated when that happens to you. I haven’t had anything happen to Ipsy but I have gotten smushed boxes with the envelope and never had any problems with Ipsy boxes.


Wow the same thing happened to me! Scotch tape was used to reseal it. Ipsy replaced the missing items.


I got tubes of shampoo and conditioner from Ipsy Shopper and those arrived in a box, when they would have easily fit in a mailer.

Makes no sense.


Thank you all.
LJ, the mailer is flawed for sure.
Rachel, yes, you feel violated, completely agree on this. And it made me want to know at which step this happened.
Amanda, really? That’s what they do? They open the already sealed bags to put add ons? How weird is this?
I hope Ipsy will go back to shipping in a box, this will help getting our products intact too as my products from previous months arrived cramped and packaging got all torn inside.
They should redesign their boxes to make them lighter, their regular boxes are super thick/ heavy. If they want to save, they should redesign their boxes IMO.


That’s awful that happened!

While mine arrived with all the products for the GBP, my mailer was 90% open. Now one one hand I could speculate that someone looked at the products and didn’t like them (I’d understand, I didn’t like them much either) and on the other, and after reading your comment, I’m starting to wonder if the adhesive is insufficient on the new, larger mailers and I just got lucky the product were still in there.

Amanda Dee

There is definitely a flaw in their system, when you do add ons, they open your already sealed bag to add them on! I had lots of issues with the old mylar bags and that’s what I was told when I complained that the tape used to seal the bags wasn’t sticking in the heat.

Beth in Oklahoma

Why are the eyeshadow sticks always a neutral color? I already have several “champagnes”.

I think that I will skip Ipsy again, and budget for a few add ons to my FFF box.


Am I the only ones that HATES lip oils?


Hate them too. The yensa one in particular feels…gross on my lips. It’s too slimy. The taste doesn’t work for me either.


The only lip oil I have liked was Yensa. It’s actually oily and moisturizing. Others I have received are too waxy and don’t seem like a lip oil at all.


Possibly, lol. Have you tried the lip oil from Clarins? It is a bit thicker and works so well.


Thanks for the recommendation, Clarins makes really great products😁


The Clarins is the only one I’ve ever liked!


I’m not particularly fond of them either. I’ve only ever gotten fruity ones and they don’t seem to to a great job of moisturizing.


Not really a plus spoiler. It’s just add-ons that are available to everyone. Prior months ipsy at least gave spoilers of choice items too.


Some of these are choice items. Check out ipsy’s blog.


thanks! just took a look. tula, sugar rush, murad and julep that were previously mentioned are listed as choice.


Crossing my fingers (but not holding my breath) for both the Tula and Murad.

Tiffany A

Those are the items i want too!


I feel like the Julep and Trestique have been hanging around all year, maybe it’s just sub fatigue 🤦‍♀️


I love the bag. I think it’s the first time I’ve liked the bag more than the regular Ipsy makeup bag, which I like too. ☺️



I either already have or don’t want any of this and I think the bag is unattractive.


Same. A lot of boring products that I’ve seen many times before.


I don’t have Plus, but I hope that palette is available as an add-on!


It would be nice to have Plus spoilers, not add on spoilers.


I agree. The way Ipsy has started doing this the past few months is very odd.

I mean, I don’t mind add-on spoilers, but the way they’re lumped in specifically with Plus bags makes it seem like they will be in Plus bags & exclusive to Plus bags somehow, neither of which is true.




This month I didn’t get any choices and didn’t get my reveal until today due to a glitch. I’m getting an awful box of leftovers. I’m supposed to receive a box next month to compensate. I’d really like to get the murad.


I really can’t stand those stupid bags. I mean WTH? It’s just so many of my subs have gone out of business the past couple months, I need to do some sub and self inventory….

Molly Honey

I’m tired of add ons. I want cool stuff in my box that I am already paying for. Add ons are starting to get annoying!!


Ditto. I don’t mind Ipsy providing add-on spoilers, but the add-ons are often better than what we receive in our Plus bag and they’re being very stingy with the actual bag spoilers. And I never assume that an add-on will also be a bag item (so I have a chance of receiving it without spending extra.) I’m not subscribing to any glam bag level for the privilege of spending more money to get products I really want.


I feel the same way. I’ll be so so pissed if the Violet Voss palette is an add on. I hate spoiled add ons.


Why, though? I like having add-ons spoiled because then I can budget. If I see several full size add-ons I want, I know to set some money aside at the beginning of the month.

I understand being mad if an item that was previously advertised as a choice item only shows up in add-ons, but spoiling add-ons hurts literally nobody. I don’t get it.


I’m going to skip again. It may be time for me to finally cancel all of ipsy.

Danette Garcia

I want the lip oil and vilot voss palette ! I love ipsy bags :))) and choice is so cool.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.