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Margot Elena Discovery Box Fall 2020 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the Fall 2020 Margot Elena box thanks to Candace! FYI – this box is not available. If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box.

Each box will include:

  • Library of Flowers Field & Flowers Soap – $11
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Violette Fig & Black Currant Salt Scrub – $28
  • TokyoMilk Neptune & The Mermaid Song of the Siren Eau de Parfum – $44
  • Lollia Imagine Shea Butter Handcreme – $26
  • M.E. Happy Home x Ellen Everett Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych – $28
  • Lollia Poetic License Candle – $34
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Sugar Beet & Blossom Body Wash – $22
  • TokyoMilk Light Lip Gloss – $21

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (159)

  1. This was one of the best ME boxes yet! You don’t like art, that is OK,someone WILL love it, donate it! If you are open to scents then this is the box for you. If you are picky, you should stick to picking out things at Home Goods. Every single box I’ve received so far has included a hand creme, a lip product and a candle. The ones this month are outstanding! I love love love ME and the different products, especially Library of Flowers.

  2. You can find ME items pretty frequently on for really great price points, if you want a few things without committing to a whole box of surprises. Last I checked they had shower gel and soaps this month.

  3. I loved this box. The salt scrub smells amazing! One of my favorite smells so far. I am excited about the lip gloss and body oil wash. For the amount you pay you get a bunch of quality items. I was thinking about canceling because of the price increase, but I think I’ll stick around.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I was talking to my husband about it and he asked, so $40 more a year? When he put in those terms I think this box is still totally worth it.

  4. Got my box today. I love it. I heard all the negative reviews , so I was worried. No fear Margot Elena has never let me down since the first box. And in the majority here but I am going to frame the prints. I work for a packaging company, and that is good quality paper. My candle is Tomorrow, I could open a candle shop so Ir might be gifted. Still in live with my box.💛💚💙💜🧡

  5. I really loved this box. 🙂 I opened it with my daughter, without looking at spoilers first, and it was such a fun unboxing experience, as always.

    I was especially excited for the Song of the Siren perfume, one I’ve been wanting! It’s a lovely scent, and my daughter declared it was a ‘shared’ perfume, lol. This was a great hero item, as was the Lollia candle.

    I wasn’t especially crazy about the art prints at first, but they did go well with my downstairs color scheme and my daughter was excited to put them up near her school calendar.

    I liked that there was a sugar scrub, something new for the box, and even a lipgloss, which we haven’t had in a box before.

    The scent of the poetic license candle is a unique scent for fall, though I prefer the scent of “The Air I’m Breathing” one I already own. The two candle boxes look nice with each other!

    While normally I do like more stationary or home items in the mix, I loved everything in this box. It’s probably the first box I’ve got which I plan to keep everything in it for myself, lol.

  6. This is my favorite one yet. Love the perfume, the candle. The lip gloss is great! Always enjoy hand creams and I needed a new body scrub!

  7. Of course when I join this sub starts going downhill. This makes me glad I signed up too late for fall and I’m getting winter Instead. I thought they always included a nice non beauty item. I might cancel after winter if I’m underwhelmed. It looks like they got a lot of sign ups from popsugar ending and know they are sold out seasons ahead and tooK advantage. Hopefully that isn’t the case. Either way this will be nice to get near the holidays.

    • Which company is sold out seasons ahead? I’ve noticed I don’t get emails about the next box anymore so it must be ME. I don’t know anything about Popsugar.

  8. Margot Elena products (Tokyo Milk, Lollia, & Library of Flowers) are on GMA Deals today. 🙂

  9. Wow…I’m surprised by all the negative comments. I think this box is gorgeous and a great value. It definitely feels like an early fall theme…and more interesting than the typical apples and pumpkin. The perfume is lovely…and much stronger than anything I’d wear in the summer…feels like a fall scent to me. The candle is a wonderful big size, smells amazing and the box it comes in is beautiful!!! The bright pinks with orange are really vibrant in this curated box…really feeling like the days right after summer ends when fall begins.. like in New England…one day it’s summer and you are swimming and wearing shorts…and then in what feels like overnight, the weather is cool, the evenings are chilly, the days are getting shorter…but there are still flowers in bloom…still moments to sit in the sun. I like the art too…they will look pretty in two simple frames together. I agree with some folks that Margot Elena’s products are not the most moisturizing…I enjoy them more for the gorgeous scents and how beautiful they are… luxurious aromatherapy. I love that we’ve gotten a full size perfume in each of the last three boxes. Simply love this box. Yes, the prices are inflated…but that is what this stuff costs at Anthropologie…so getting all these beautiful surprises for around $60 seems like a good deal to me.

    • Thank God there is no pumpkin spice anything in there.

      • 🎃 👎

    • I agree with everything you said, except that I find her lotions very moisturizing. I’ve tried other “quality” brands, and preferred hers by a long shot. I love getting this box, it never lets me down! 🙂

      • I find them pretty moisturizing as well, though some of them tend to be a bit heavy for day creams. I use those ones as night creams.

  10. Absolutely love my box! I’m really digging all the full size products. I haven’t been disappointed as of yet:) my Margot Elena and Allure subscriptions are the only ones I’ve kept, and I have no plans of canceling either.

  11. This is my 5th box and definitely my least favorite so far. The perfume is nice and a larger candle is awesome but otherwise, didnt really care for anything else in the box. That piece of cardboard is pretty much a joke. Underwhelming this time so I’m hoping for a better winter box. I’ll give it through spring and if this is the new curation, I’ll probably cancel before summer.

    • That piece of cardboard was supposed to be an item of value??? I thought it was trash, and so it has already been deposited in the community recycling bin. What a strange thing to put in a subscription box.

      • Totally agree! I could have made it myself! We were really short changed for the Fall box. I’m normally not a negative person but I think we should call this out. There was no real nice item of value Eg in the past where there was a journal, stationary set or water bottle etc.

      • Art is pretty subjective, but $30 for two art prints on high quality paper actually is a common price point. I’ve charged $15+ in the past for my prints, and my paper wasn’t even as fancy as the stuff she used.

        So while it isn’t particularly an item I would have picked (journals or cards are more useful to me) it wasn’t inflated value, either.

        It turned out they matched my dining room, though, and my daughter loved them, so they are hanging up now and look nice.

    • So true! That’s my thinking. I also emailed ME CS about my negative review.. unfortunately gotta tell it like it is

  12. I am visiting with my daughter and her family and had this season’s box directed to her home. It was so much fun to unwrap each item with her. She kept commenting about the beauty of the packaging and the different fragrances. We especially loved the full size candle, the lip gloss and the field of flowers soap. Needless to say, I have gifted the contents to her! ( we are both ignoring the cardboard saying). I thing we subscribers can become jaded, and I was happy to once more appreciate the ME experience

  13. Gee the more I think about it the more I feel we were shortchanged for this box. We only received 8 items yet comparing previous boxes which contained 9-12 items with a nice ticket item!

    Not happy. Please email ME CS if you also feel this way

    • The total value is still above $200, like every other box. The first box had around 25 items, but they were mostly low value ones. Each box varies on number of items. This box had two hero items (The Lollia Poetic License candle, and the Song of the Siren perfume,) so it is understandable that there would be less items overall.

      Personally, I would have rathered more cards or drawer liners or a tote over the art prints, but the value actually wasn’t inflated for what they were (Quality heavy weight paper, custom art and text collaboration – one would probably expect to pay around $30 for a similar set at a gift shop or on Etsy.)

    • I’m not happy either. That paper thing simply isn’t an item of value to me. It is silly and insulting and completely useless. (See what I did there…if you didn’t, go read it.) I don’t know why someone thinks I want pumpkin and cranberry scented products for fall. My point of saying it wasn’t thoughtfully curated is that over half of the ME fragrances are what I would consider to fit a fall/winter/evening vibe better than the Neptune and the Mermaid. If it were thoughtfully curated, I would expect the higher value box items to reflect the feel of the season. The perfume and the candle do not hit the mark. Also, with the candles being completely random…that isn’t curation. In my opinion this didn’t hit the $200 value (which really means nothing because the cost to manufacture this entire box is probably $20 or much less). Hopefully, winter will be better but I’m just disappointed in this box–and have every right to be–because fall is fantastic and this box was not.

  14. I just received my Fall Box and I love it. I agree, I normally would not have picked Dandelion online, but it smells amazing and unlike some candles I have tried recently, this one smells like it will strong enough to truly provide a welcoming scent to a room. I have not tried any of it yet, but everything smells wonderful and it is full of quality items that it will be a pleasure to use. Some of them (like Dandelion) may not be traditional fall scents, but I am much happier with the scents received then getting cranberry and pumpkin. That is a great idea to use the perfumes on your bedding, especially since I have a different scent that I like to wear during the day. I was thinking the print may also be a drawer sachet, as it is scented. Still a bit pricey, if I wre to buy it, I agree.

  15. As much as I like the perfumes, I hadn’t been using them much because the scent doesn’t last long. Then I started spraying it on my pillow case and now I am really enjoying them. I spritz a little on in the morning when I make the bed, just in case I overdo it. By evening there is a subtle smell that is so delicious.

    • I use one of her perfumes, “At Last,” as a nighttime perfume – it’s so relaxing!

  16. I think if they are going to charge more then they should start allowing a bit of customization. It could be really basic. I can see where people do not want more bar soap. I personally do not need moew bar soap and do not use body wash but I would love bubble bath. We go through bubble bath like crazy in my house. Also, how come it seems to always be hand cream? Seems like they need more products for the rest of our body or is everyone slathering themselves in hand cream…because I’ve considered it. Maybe mix it with something unscented?

    • Correct. I use the hand cream all over.

      • I tried a hand cream on my legs this morning with shorts and it was great. Will be doing that again.

      • My daughter has been using the cucumber and honey hand cream on her legs all summer. It has kept her legs looking beautiful and her tan rich. We do a lot of boating so she’s tan like it or not.

    • I’d prefer a choice of either a hand wash or a hand cream, as I don’t use hand or body moisturizers at all (but I seem to receive at least two from various boxes every month).

  17. As my first ME box this was terribly underwhelming & disappointing.
    There was no big ticket item like with previous boxes with the cardboard print out looking pretty cheesy & cheap!

    I do like the scents but with just these 8 items it is very much lowered in quantity and quantity. I really wished I bought the previous box and cancelled this Fall Box.

    • I was super disappointed too. It did not seem curated AT ALL! COVID is not a good excuse. If you can’t deliver then just postpone it or be creative rather than throw a bunch of EXTREMELY random stuff in the box that just seems more like spring and summer left overs. Bar soap AND body wash seems redundant. I love fall and I think I was expecting 3-5 things that reflected those scents and products that we use more when it gets colder.

      • Really, not curated for fall???
        There is black fig and currant, sugar beet and blossoms, apricots and honey(field & flowers soap), I got the dandelion candle which is very earthy, and the song of the siren perfume is heavier than a summer fragrance but not strong like a Tokyo dark (which I don’t think is universal at all).

        Agreed no special items, but I’ll be patient. Let’s hope that Winter is full of great stuff.

  18. I just got my box and I really like it! I got the dandelion candle and it’s not something I would normally pick out but actually like the scent. I reminds me of playing outside as a kid. Like everyone else I think $28 for the print is silly. It seems to me that maybe they didn’t have the resources available for the “lifestyle” item due to the pandemic? IDK just my guess. This was my first box but I think I will keep up the subscription even after the price increase.

    • You enjoy your subscription! It is a very nice box. I had this subscription for a year and loved every single item. I wish I would have kept it, but I still have so many products to use, even after giving some as gifts!

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