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Macy’s October 2020 Beauty Box Update

FYI – Macy’s Beauty Box subscribers received a couple emails today. First, the box appeared to be out of stock:


We’re sorry, but the item(s) listed below are out of stock. If you were charged, you’ll receive a refund in the amount listed below. Please visit to find similar items.

You then may have received a followup confirmation email:


Thanks for your Macy’s order. Once your order is processed, we’ll email additional details.

I reached out to Macy’s Customer Service and it seems that this was an issue on their end. The October orders were automatically canceled but then quickly restocked which is why you then received an order confirmation. If you are worried about the state of your order, we suggest chatting in to Macy’s with your order number handy so they can verify the status for you.

This October box will include:

  • English Pear and Freesia Spray
  • Peony and Blush Suede Spray
  • Blackberry and Bay Spray
  • Nectarine Blossom and Honey Home Candle
  • Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Cream
  • Lime Basil and Mandarin Body Wash

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

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Comments (179)

  1. UPS insist they delivered to my post office even though tracking says it didn’t. My post office says they don’t have it even though it should have arrived October 5. I am pissed to say the least, Macy’s gave me a credit as box is sold out.

    • This happened to me with an order I placed thru the Gap. I gave the post office my number to call me if they find it and I put a claim through to the post office 1-800-275-8777, you really gotta go through the ringer trying to get a live person but it’s worth a shot.

  2. Oh Macy’s… I love this sub, but the jo Malone box arrived with broken with glass everywhere 🙁
    We waited so long for this ray of light. Disturbing. I’ve Never had a broken perfume sample from Macy’s before. Another 2020 fail. Par for the course I guess.

  3. When I opened my box, tiny bits of glass shards flew out of the tissue paper and landed all over me and my couch. I contacted Macy’s and was told Sorry, but due to Macy’s policy we can not issue a replacement box.

    That’s it. Sorry.

    I did not expect a full replacement box to be issued, nor a full refund. A little bit of compassion maybe? IDK, but surely not Sorry I can’t help you. What if the whole box was damaged? I’m expected to be ok with paying for damaged items?

  4. Mine arrived yesterday, but didn’t open until today after reading the comments and being quite alarmed.

    The candle was very nicely wrapped in magenta paper. The colognes, cream, and sample were extremely well-wrapped separately in magenta paper. The mini bag was wrapped in clear plastic. Everything was in excellent shape. I’m extremely happy after reading the comments. I’m usually the one that winds up with a missing bag, lost in transit that never arrives, or a broken item that’s out of stock.

    My $5 Off discount card was attached to the item descriptions booklet, in case anyone hasn’t found it but has the booklet.

  5. I was happy to receive mine and everything arrived in good condition, thankfully. I found the candle to be very disappointing. The first day I burned it for 9 1/2 hours straight…and no scent. The second day I finished the candle, maybe 5 hours, I didn’t keep track of the total time, but there was some scent the second day, but it wasn’t pleasant (to me). The hand and body wash had a nice scent but was very impractical for me to try to use it out of such a small capped bottle, so I just added it to a pump bottle of liquid hand soap that was close to running out. The English Pear and Freesia just smelled straight up like a single note rose perfume. It also disappeared on me. The scent would be gone within 20-45 minutes. The Blackberry and Bay mini came across as a powder scent with a hint of citrus. It was ok. The Peony and Blush Suede ended up being my favorite of the three “sprays”. I haven’t tried the body cream yet. I’m really curious about everyone else’s scent experiences from this box. Again, I was really happy to get the chance to try it, but I guess I expected to be wowed a bit more.

    • Yes, I also only really liked the Peony & Blush Suede cologne, but then I REALLY liked it – I would be willing to pay full price for that when I run out.

      And the other scents, while not my favorites, are still usable.

      All in all, for $15 I can’t complain, and this was a good way IMO to sample the brand.

  6. Mine arrived with one of the bottles shattered. I called customer service and asked for a replacement but instead I received an email with a shipping label. Do they want me to send back shattered glass? I still have it sitting in my office because it smells so good.

  7. This box sucks for people like me who are scent sensitive. I can’t use anything in this box 🙁

    • I’d love to buy it from you! I didn’t get one.

    • I don’t meant to be unkind, but…why would you order a box full of perfumes/other products from a perfume brand if you’re scent sensitive?

      • I didn’t understand that either, especially when there were so many people who wanted the box and couldn’t get it.

      • I had no idea Macy’s was restarting the sub box until I received it in the mail… and I absolutely hate it all…. would never have chosen to purchase a box full of scents… horrible….

      • There are many people who would gladly buy it off you.
        What a strange thing to say about *the* most high anticipated box.

      • *highly

  8. I received my Jo Malone box today, the outer box was a little banged up, but all the products were in perfect condition. If you’re like me and wanted just this box, the deadline to cancel for November is tomorrow, 10/10.

  9. Hi! Curious about spoilers for the November box. Has anyone seen anything about this yet? (Tomorrow is the cut-off to cancel and not get the November box.) Thanks!!

    • They usually release full spoilers after it is too late to cancel.

      • Thanks The other Lee!

      • Good looking out! Thanks 😊

  10. My Macy’s Jo Malone box arrived today. Everything arrived unbroken. Amazing variety of scents. So pleased!

    • i haven’t recieved mine yet ,it said my box had a delay which is a bummer.

      • Waiting for mine too. Thought it would be delivered yesterday.

  11. My box was shipped on Sept. 25th and it still isn’t here 🙁

    • I’m in the same boat. There hasn’t been any update from ups since the label was created on 10/1

    • I just received my box yesterday, so you should see it soon. I’m usually the last to get any subscription box…lol.

    • Got it today. All intact. The candle was loose and rolling around but everything else was well packed.

  12. My box came today as well. The tiny sample of Blackberry and Bay was shattered and I am still feeling like there are tiny glass slivers on my hands. Otherwise, the scents are lovely and more complex than I expected.

  13. My package came intact and is quite a lovely wee bunch of items. So I swapped my wee candle, cream and hand wash and am keeping the wonderful smelling perfumes that spray (because I love). It was a good investment and I’m thrilled with the beige bag that looks big enough to be an eyeglass bag! Quite happy!

  14. Got mine today. Nothing broken, although candle wasn’t wrapped at all. So very happy with everything. I am a long time subscriber. Never cancelling.

  15. My Jo Malone Macy’s box arrived today. Surprisingly intact. It was all put in a bigger Macy’s box separately and banging around loose. Some pink tissue paper, but it was a miracle it all arrived intact

    • My box arrived with the sample vial smashed. I managed to fish out the other items without cutting myself and am overall happy with this box.
      The big question is – Any spoilers for November??

      • If I remember correctly they usually provide spoilers only at around the end of the month.

      • Thanks, JuJu !

  16. I forgot to also mention I also got a 5 dollars off coupon from any purchase on Macys. The bag it also tiny size but cute to use as a coin bag or for small take along stuff.

  17. I received my box today and everything was intact good and nothing broken. Very tiny cute sized samples. The Blush and Suede perfume smells amazing. No wonder its expensive. Going to use sparsely.

  18. Just got my Macy’s box today. Everything was intact and not broken. Upon opening it it smelled delicious, I figured something leaked. Nope all good! Mine did come with pink tissue paper.

  19. I received my box yesterday, and the small tester cologne (blackberry and bay) and the English Pear and Freesia cologne were shattered. The package smelled amazing :0, and I just knew something had been broken. They are giving me Macy’s credit I believe, but I’m bummed they are completely out, and they cannot replace the items.

  20. I got mine today and the candle was melted everywhere. Such a bummer I love that scent and was so excited for it.

  21. Got my box today. Agree, bag is tiny but good for small things like hair clippies, q-tips, flosser sticks, contact lens case n tiny wetting solution, etc. In other words, things from the bottom of your handbag.
    The candle and cream fragrances are barely noticeable but the sprays are strong enough.
    Signed up just to get this collection and happy with it.

  22. Received mine today, everything was intact even though the candle wasn’t wrapped at all!

    Haven’t tried everything yet, but really love the Peony & Blush Suede cologne. With all the other perfume I have this size bottle will last me forever!

    Wish the coupon was $10 instead of $5, but considering that it covers Black Friday can’t really complain too much. 😊

    • I didnt get any coupon

      • Carla, everything kind of poured out the box. The candle was not wrapped, the bag was wrapped in its own plastic and everything else was wrapped in pink paper. My description card is where the five dollar off coupon was. I hope that helps.

        I really love everything. It all smells great! The little bag is adorable and very nice quality for it to be so small.

  23. Mine came today. Everything was perfectly packed in pink tissue, including the candle. Nothing was damaged. It is a great box and I am sorry that everyone who wanted one didn’t get one.

    • Same here! I love the scent of the body creme. These are small but will last me a long time!

  24. I wrote a comment on this post like 5 days ago, saying that my pending charge was gone. I subscribed on March, I canceled it whenever they said they’re not going to ship this box, and re-subbed on 9/3 when I saw the post here in MSA!
    I got charged again and my box is coming via UPS. It’s gonna be delivered on 10/8. Oh well, I was so worried but it went well. I’ll see the box’s condition though.

    • Just got mine and they are just so perfect! Nothing was damaged. I traveled to London like 3-4 years ago and bought a bottle of Jo Malone at the store, and I lost it when I got home. Lol I couldn’t even remember which scent I bought, but now I found out after I tested these. It was Pheony and Blush Suede! Yay~ So happy with this box. XD

  25. I just got off the phone with Macy’s customer service where I was told I would not be getting the October box because they are all gone. What a disappointment!. Especially after the email saying it was being processed. I’ve been happy with Macy’s up until now but, no more. And, this most certainly does not look good on their part.

  26. My Macy’s box came today. Everything was in perfect shape, although I agree that they should have wrapped the candle. No wonder some came broken with it rolling around the box. I was surprised at how small the bag was, though. This is my first Macy’s box – are they always that tiny? I measured it and it was about 6 x 3 ½ x 2. It could barely fit a few pieces of makeup or skin care. It’s pretty just small.

    • My candle was well wrapped in pink wrapping paper. I agree, the bag is very small. Previous bags were much bigger but also looked and felt much cheaper.

    • No, this particular bag is definitely on the small side, they are usually bigger. I guess it was only meant for this contents.
      Although I can see some uses for it, like if you are carrying a very small purse.

    • Hi, I don’t know if anyone answered your question about the Macy’s beauty box and the size of the bags so I will. I have received the Macy’s beauty box faithfully since their start a couple of years ago and never been disappointed, especially with the bags! To give you an idea of past bags you can look at the Macy’s webpage under search of the beauty boxes, they have photos and information about past boxes. I have received different sized bags which are always good size or unique to the theme of the month, including a large backpack which I use to hold all of my boxes and past products that I haven’t had a chance to use yet. I would also like to tell you that there are months that you don’t receive a bag, instead sending you something that you would find more useful, including a beautiful compact, a cute little sealed bag that contained an array of tiny, but useful things such as an eyelash curler, tiny and washable makeup removers, a very cute red lip-shaped bag for Valentine’s Day and a jade roller, among other things!

      I have never been disappointed and expect that I will enjoy this months box as well!

  27. I resubbed sept 7th. was told my order was procession on Sept 25th Then today got email that it had been canceled and they will refund me😑. I’m unsubscribing for good.

    • My last name starts with C and I wonder if they went in alphabetical order and the b9xes ran out on a certain letter of last name. So if ppl who DID receive dont mind sharing the initial to their last name as I said mine is C and I did receive the box.

      • my last name starts with A

      • Did u receive the box? The person who replied with A last name initial Im sorry maybe I missed that. Did u receuve the box?

      • My last name starts with an S and mine shipped last week. (I HAVE been subscribed to the Macy’s box since the very first one, which should matter, though I have no idea if it did.)

      • Mine box shipped on the 1st and is expected to be here by the 8th and my last name starts with a W.

      • My last name starts with D and I got the cancellation email today.

      • I really doubt that they fulfill the orders in alphabetical order.

        More likely by date or order number.

      • My last name starts with “P” and my Mother in laws as well, and we both should have our boxes tomorrow, but I also have been subscribed since the beginning, if that does matter.

      • Mine is J and I received it but I also subscribed back in March

      • I got my box today. My last name starts with “O”. I subbed in March.

      • No I didn’t recieve a box and my last name starts with an A.

  28. I re-subscribed back in March, and was back in before they suspended it. But just today I got an email from Macy’s that ‘due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to ship your October box but you won’t be charged.’ Gee thanks Macy’s – you’re not charging me for a box you’re not sending?

    They obviously had a stampede of new subscribers for the Jo Malone box, and oversold it. Very irritating.

    • I just got the same email also. This is really frustrating after getting the other emails a little while back. I had gotten my hopes up again. They have had over 6 months to get this box together, I just wish they would have let people know on the front end instead of the back and forth. I am tempted to go ahead and cancel. 😢

      • I’m tempted to cancel too, but I may give them another month or two because I canceled Allure after their price increase. Macy’s has to be canceled by the 10th of the month to avoid the next month’s box though, and they typically don’t release spoilers before then. By the time spoilers are released, it’s too late to cancel for that month.

    • Same thing happened to me. They hit my card twice, both of those charges fell off from pending for too long and I got a (second) cancellation email this morning, same as yours. I’ll probably cancel my “subscription” with them after this–I just cancelled my two Ipsy subs so I might just cancel EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE!

    • That doesn’t make sense that your order was cancelled if you subbed back in March before they cancelled. I subbed at the same time. I just checked and my order shipped 5 days ago and is on it’s way so it won’t be cancelled. I wonder how they determined the cut-off for who would receive and who would not.

      • It doesn’t make sense at all but it happened to me. I subbed the within an hour of the Jo Malone box being posted on MSA back in March (or was it April for March’s box?). I got the emails saying it was coming, pending charges on my CC and then today I got the email saying that my order was cancelled too bad so sad but don’t worry we won’t charge you! No explanation at all. I cancelled completely.

  29. My box hasn’t moved since the 30th – at this point, I think it’s stuck 😫. What a frustrating process this has been for me.

    • The UPS Mail Innovations they use is quite slow, can take a couple of weeks.

      • Thanks for the info JuJu – but I’ve never even heard of UPS Mail Innovations until now.
        I was getting worried because of people have received their’s.

  30. Mine arrived safely today. I can see why others may have received broken candles, since all the other items were wrapped in tissue paper, except the pouch and candle… those were just rolling around loose in the box that was too big to not have some wrapping/cushioning.
    Or like, maybe just put some tissue around the candle and stick it inside the pouch? Doesn’t seem that difficult…

    • Mine arrived today also with the smallest tinest of the perfumes broken. Not a big deal but there was glass and a strong smell in the box. My candle however was intact.

  31. This is my first Macys box in a long time. It just arrived and I’m happy to say everything was in perfect condition. Sorry to hear others got broken items. Everything smells awesome- I can see why people love Jo Malone!

    • I just got my box today, everything was in perfect condition and my candle was wrapped separately in tissue. The value for this box is so good, I’ve spent $92 during the nordstrom sale on 5 of those mini fragrances.

      • I could not believe the price of a full size bottle of Jo Malone fragrance! I’ll be using these samples right to the very last drop, lol.

  32. Well this doesn’t bode well.

  33. I received my Jo Malone box today and the candle was broken along with one bottle of cologne. Macy’s is issuing a refund instead of replacement due to being sold out. Bummer! I was looking forward to the candle.

  34. I received my box today. The candle was melted and made a mess but it’s over 100 degrees right now.Everything else is great!

    • So so sorry to hear your candle melted everywhere. Aww. Thats disappointing!!

    • OMG really? That must have been one amazing smelling box though. Mine came Friday and I nearly tripped over it when I went outside to go to the grocery. It was 108 degrees at that time so I think I was just super lucky I went outside when I did. My candle and package was fine although the label sealing the box closed was torn all the way through and had a rubberband around the box. When I took off the rubber band the whole box just unfolded open/flat. I am rather surprised that everything in the box was still in brand new and plastic or paper wrapped perfect condition! Love that candle scent!

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