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The August 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (78)

  1. Best bag I’ve gotten in a while.

    Araceli eyeshadow, glamglow eye cream, kiss and smink lip crayon, generation clay mask and briogeo hair mask.

    I’ll use it all but the lip crayon.

    Unfortunately for me next months spoilers aren’t making me happy..

  2. Can someone ” remind ” me how to find my shipping/tracking details on the Ipsy site? I know usually i go with the link thru the email, But i believe i didn’t get one this month but want to check!! TIA!!!

  3. 4 out of 5 items are complete garbage to me. 4 items that I have set to rarely as well as are items (thanks to my first bag back) that I left 1 star, don’t like them and won’t use them reviews on.

    -Got masks again which I’ve stated I will not ever use period. Why send me something I’m just going to throw out?
    Oh and way to add insult to injury here but the price appears to be a lie as well since I’ve found them online for $2.99 each ffs
    -the bubble tea says doubles as a perfume which makes it my second perfume after telling them I’m bloody allergic
    -I dont wear brown eyeliner. why are they sending me literally the only color I set to rarely? All other color choices clearly state often but they send me literally the one color I don’t ever want?
    -lip crayon is just like the eyeliner as in I do not ever wear or us neutrals or pinks. It’s why I have often on reds and adventurous. Rarely on the other 2 as they put pinks in the berries group. Yet they chose a pink crayon for me?
    -lastly, well least i can say my stepdaughter will be happy that the Oryza thing she liked should arrive someday and if I’m lucky will enjoy the rest of the things that should come with it.

    I had spent a ton last month on add ons but considering I still haven’t received my bag (shipped extremely late and better all be there after all the complete bs) and the rather dismissive selection they are sending me now. I decided not to bother wasting my money.
    Thanks for all that Ipsy….
    Just resubscribed and it only took you 2 bags to remind me why I had cancelled previously.

    • Yes, *please* cancel so we don’t have to sift through comments like this. JFC. Why do you even subscribe if you’re this picky? Holy moly.

      • She is allowed to put her thoughts….seriously, if you still had not got your bag and then were already onto the next month too and felt it was crap, I’m sure you would be flustered too.

        Mine was shipped pitney bowes to usps and mine was in my town, then went a few hours away for a week, sat there and then got delivered. It was insane, so I feel for the people whom still have not got their bags and add ons last month yet

      • You don’t have to read it. Did you know that?

      • Yes, I do. Did you read it? Hahaha, wowww.

      • Lori, I’m actually not all that picky normally. This time it’s because of literally allergies and getting sent items that all other options are set to often except the selections I was sent which each was on rarely. It’s literally like they chose my bag based on everything I would not want instead of sending me things I might actually enjoy. If it had been only 3 items I would not like I wouldn’t have cared as much. It’s that it’s 4 items that they chose going completely against my profile quiz as well as my bag being shipped 2 days before the august choice date that had me so upset. Now I get to also be upset over the fact that after finally arriving it is missing an item which I’ve had to email them about on top of everything else.
        Wouldnt you be upset if it was you?
        Im sorry my comment before was one big rant and that it seemed to affect your mood.
        You really didn’t need to get snarky about it tho. Could have just scrolled past it instead.

      • I agree Lori! She sounds like a miserable cow. Wow!

    • Still dont have my July bag either. Pitney Bows has had it since July 8th. No end in sight lol. August is my last bag if this one is as delayed.

      • July seems to have been a bad month for shipping for a lot of things, I got my glam bags OK. But other things are delayed badly. Coworker told me his wife works for a trucking company and they just shut down yesterday for the 4th time in 6 weeks due to Covid cases and the truckers traveling from other areas passing the virus to the warehouse staff. It’s probably not helping deliveries.

    • Hey Crystal, than really sucks that you’re getting stuff you won’t use. I’m just curious, before you cancelled the first time, did you reach out to customer service to let them know their ‘incrdibly advanced personalization’ basically sucks for you? I’m just asking because I was wondering if they offered to make it right somehow. How long were you subscribed the first time before cancelling? Did you have the opportunity to review a lot of products? Like I said, just curious. I tend to get tons of blushes and bronzers which I barely use. But with this new option of choosing GBP products, hopefully I wont have as much stuff collecting dust. Sorry again for your bad experience. Thanks for your time. 🙂

      • Hello, I was with them for about a year or so. Yes, I had emailed them the first time around and got the usual automated reply saying update your profile often and make sure you review thing everyone gets. Honestly The personalization was better my first time around with them. It was when they started changing everything that I started to have issues. I cancelled when things got glitchy with them a bunch and decided my wallet needed a break anyway. This time around I’m just getting frustrated because it’s been a hassle since I signed back up in June. I’m not sure what to think of them right now because when I first started with them it was great. Now it seems like with every update it gets worse. Doesn’t help living in Canada as we can only get the regular bag and add ons the first round. Can’t get addons the second round. Can’t use any of the other features at all. The Ipsy shop is pretty much like getting dragged out to the mall without your wallet and watching everyone else goes nuts over all the sales.

  4. I’m shocked! 4 out of 5 items match my profile. Sorta… All skincare! Yes! One item is for acne prone skin. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The only thing I will not be using is another dreaded eyeshadow brush. 😂 Every month! Lol!

  5. I got the GlamGlow Brighteyes, Incredible Cosmetics roll on gloss, Motd cosmetics brush, Naked cosmetics lip scrub, Araceli Beauty eyeshadow in Sombrero (my pick)

    I like it but I’m not incredibly excited though, I guess I’ll see once I get it and try them out

  6. I love my bag this month!!

    – Balance Me congested skin serum (how did they know I LOVE this product?? Lol)
    – GLAMGLOW Bright Eyes eye cream
    – Tatcha dewy skin mist (my choice)
    – Hey Honey peel mask
    – Estate Cosmetics bronzer

    I’m probably least excited about the bronzer but, I can always use more bronzer!

    • Bag twins! Except my choice was the glamglow eye cream.

  7. Okay, so this never happens to be! Both of my bags are perfect (at least for me)!

    Bag 1:

    – Incredible Cosmetics Rollerball lipgloss
    – Skin Regimen Microalgae Essence
    – Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
    – Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Hoard
    – Glamglow Eye Cream

    Bag 2:

    – Incredible Cosmetics Rollerball lipgloss
    – It Cosmetics Night Cream
    – Jersey Shore Watermelon lip balm
    – Tonymoly Algae Eye Serum
    – Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

    • I would love to have either of those bags!

    • Your Bag # 2 is my exact bag – how STOKED are you about it? I was scrolling through when I looked on the app reveal yesterday going “YAY!” “YAY!” “YAY!” YAY!” YAY!” *ALL* five things were perfection. I couldn’t be more excited.

      It’s the little things, ya know? ; )

      Enjoy your bags!

      • I know, right? I couldn’t believe it. Most of the time by bags are 2/5 at best! I’m so excited!

    • I got your second bag too, I love it!!!!

  8. My Ipsy bag is wonderful this month-
    Eyeshadow in In Bloom

    Endless Silky Eye Pen in MatteMulberry

    Microalgae Essence

    ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    My pick-
    BRIGHTEYES™ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

    Add ons-
    Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Marietas

    Color Rich Lip Gloss in Be Limitless

    The Curl Friend Defining Curl Cream

    • Haha! Everything you listed – except the last 2 – I chose as add-ons for my GBP! 👍

  9. My bag is: (I didn’t choose anything)

    GLAMGLOW BRIGHTEYES Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream (Happy to try it)

    IBY BEAUTY Eyeshadow in In Bloom (annoyed with another single shadow, I keep rating them poorly and adding comments)

    PIXI BY PETRA Endless Silky Eye Pen in MatteMulberry (not a Pixi fan, but will try it. Def glad its not blk)

    SKIN REGIMEN/ Microalgae Essence (interested in trying this, not familiar with the brand tho)

    SUNDAY RILEY ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream (not knowing this was coming, I added it to my Plus bag, yesterday. Thinking that might be okay, for this item!)

    I might pause the regular bag, after this month and stick to Plus for awhile. (Or until there’s an actual bag I want) I am frustrated to keep getting single shadows, every month, for months now. I can’t rate the item poorly, as my Plus is on the same account. I asked and found out that ratings WILL affect both bags. Other than the one dud (again) I’m pretty happy with August.

    • Pixi is hit & miss for me, but the metallic shades I’ve tried with that gel pencil formula are good! This will be the first matte one I’ve tried — I bought it as an add-on.

  10. I’m getting:
    SR Ice (my choice item)
    Glamglow Brighteyes (excited to try it!)
    Dewytree serum (love pore minimizing serums)
    Love+craft+beauty highlighter (I don’t use highlighter)
    Moda orange brush (I don’t use brushes and I got a brush last month)

    So 3 out of the 5 items are great plus I think the bag is cute, so a pretty good month overall.

    I added on:
    SR tidal moisturizer
    Dermedicine Spf
    Charcoal sheet masks
    A colored lipgloss

  11. Eh bag

    Tony Moly eye serum (won’t use since not cruelty free)
    MOTD small shader brush. Eh
    IBY shadow in In Bloom. Love IBY shadows
    IT confidence in your beauty sleep. My face is too sensitive for lavender. I love it on my body but it gives me rashes on my face
    Ofra blush in Bellini. This redeems the bag for me. I love Ofra blushes and the shade is lovely.

  12. I am very happy with my bag this month. Skin care heavy, but I prefer to receive skin care over makeup anyway. I’m getting:

    GlamGlow Brighteyes Eye Cream – I have never tried GlamGlow, so I’m interested.

    Inc-Redible Rollerball Lip Gloss – This looks interesting and I love lip gloss.

    Skin Regimen Microalgae Essence – Never tried this brand, but I love moisturizers.

    Illamasqua Eyehadow in Hoard – The one item I am not excited about. I have received an eyeshadow in this similar color for the last 3 months, even though they had a beautiful metallic purple on this list. I have neutrals marked as “rarely”, and plums/purples marked as “often”. Go figure.

    Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream – My choice product. My skin loves this company’s products. I am using the Luna Night Oil right now, and I have already noticed my fine lines beginning to plump out, so I am hoping for good things from this product.

    TonyMoly Cooling Algae Eye Serum – Add-on. I love TonyMoly and I love serums!!!

    Dewytree Pore Minimizing Serum – Add-on. Another serum, and my pores need minimizing, especially on my nose. Let’s see if this works.

    So for my bag itself, 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t count the add-ons, since I chose those and Ipsy didn’t. Just stop with the neutral eyeshadows!!!!

  13. I got: Outre by Use Me instant repair hair mask +CBD
    Moda Brush neon angle shader brush
    Hempz Triple Moisure Herbal Whipped Body cream
    Murad Clarifying Cleanser
    Oryza Camo shimmer eye shadow palette (my pick)
    Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in Matte Mulberry (add on)

    This is my first Glam bag and overall I am intrigued by the products I am getting. I also think they are trying to tell me something with the Hemp/CBD theme going here lol….maybe that I am “old” and I might need those types of products. Overall pretty excited for it!

    • Woo hoo! Bag twins! I wonder if it is because we chose the eyeshadow as our pick? It is also my first bag.

  14. Ipsy is killing it right now. I loved my GBP and bought prob too many add ons yesterday. I got my reg GB today and I got:

    Generation Clay- Australian Clay Mask
    IT Cosmetics- Night Cream
    Real Her Lipgloss- Be Limited
    Tony Moly- Eye Serum
    Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist (my pick)

    None of my products were doubles from prior months and 3 of them I almost got in the add ons yesterday but didn’t so I’m stoked to see I got them in this bag. I didn’t really NEED to get more add ons but I doubled up and got another bright eyes and SR ice moisturizer, and got the bamboo masks and the watermelon setting powder that I didn’t get yesterday because I didn’t want to regret it. You just can’t beat good products for $3 or a good setting powder for $12. These are honestly the best bags I’ve gotten from Ipsy in a long time.

    • We got similar bags but instead of the Generation Clay and the Real Her I got the Inc.redible gloss and the Jersey Shore lipbalm. I was SO excited! My GBP is amazing too. I always love IPSY – for the cost it’s pretty amazing – and August is definitely the best month since I started about a year ago. : )

      • Right?? Hopefully the good luck keeps coming! I wonder if they changed their algorithm because a lot of people seem much happier with the GB too. I loved the choice options on the GBP and I’d rather get products I actually want versus auto selected ones that I have too many of or don’t want. The cost of keeping the GB and the GBP is $37. I used to have a bad daily Starbucks habit that I recently kicked so i’m telling myself I’m saving *a little* money in the long run by making coffee at home and keeping both ipsy bags and getting some add-ons hahaha.

  15. Bag twins!
    Love my gb this month. I don’t wear much makeup. I have all skincare set to often. I added on the scrunchies & Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil.

  16. I got:

    Glam Glow Bright Eyes (3ml) – 15ml @ $39 = 7.80
    SR Ice Ceramide (8g) – 50g @ 65 = 10.40
    /SKIN REGIMEN/ Microalgae Essence (15ml) – 100ml @ 75 = 11.25
    IBY BEAUTY Eyeshadow (1.5g) – FS @ $5*
    PIXI BY PETRA Endless Silky Eye Pen (1.2g) – FS @ 12

    *travel size sold at Macy’s

    The SR was my choice item. My bag was $46.45. I only priced it out for another thread. I’m ok with it, but I wold have never chose the last 3 items I think, but the Skin Regimen looks kinda interesting and I had no idea it was that pricey.

    I went crazy on add-ons:
    111Skin Bundle – probably should have said no, but I can gift it
    SR Water Cream (yesterday too from my GBP)
    Cake Curl Cream (yesterday too)
    PureHeals Mask (yesterday too)
    Dewy Tree Serum (skipped it yesterday but when I saw it sold out early AM, FOMO)
    Hey Honey lip tint balm (yesterday too)
    Thrive mini mascara

    Yesterday I got the above items plus:
    Tony Moly Eye
    Briogeo Mask
    Glam Glow BE

    • I love how you priced out your bag! Very interesting!

  17. I got:
    – Hey Honey watermelon lip balm (choice)
    – KVD liner in Trooper
    – Oryza quad in Platinum
    – It Beauty Sleep Cream
    – Sunday Riley Juno oil

    Aaaaand I hate it, lol. KVD & Sunday Riley are brands I do not support (though I’m waffling on KVD now that she’s out of the company), & I like all types of eyeliners EXCEPT marker-style ones. I received an Oryza eyeshadow quad the first time Ipsy sent one, which had horrible colors for me, & this one is near-identical. I wouldn’t mind an It cream, except this one is supposed to be lavender-scented, which I hate.

    I feel like this could be a great bag for someone else, it just doesn’t suit me AT ALL, lol. I think I’m most disappointed about the eye quad — there were SO MANY eye shadows this month, & I would have liked most of them.

    • WHOA. I wish! I haven’t seen anyone post they got the SR oil. One of my bags hasn’t finished making yet, I hope at least I can get the SR oil or an Oryza quad (I picked the GG BE for that bag).

      However, I got 3 Troopers recently, so I’d pass on that part.

      • I’ll probably use the SR face oil, but even if it works miracles on my face, I still wouldn’t repurchase it. At least now I’ll be able to dislike the brand in my review ratings?

        I don’t particularly like Glamglow, but I wouldn’t have minded getting that! XD

    • Low key my dream bag lol. Will keep an eye out for you on swaps 😉

      • Hahaha, I knew it would be a great bag for someone else!

      • Hi! I just joined MSA. Is there a section for swapping? Thanks!

      • Yes, but be very careful on there.
        When you 1st start, you will be required to ship 1st. My 1st swap ever was stolen and MSA did nothing about it. That person is still on the swap site. My last swap was stolen and even though I could prove it to MSA, that swapper is still on there and active.
        I had a lot of great swaps when I had several subs though. There are great people out there. Just make sure you read their page and swap reviews before agreeing to a swap.

    • Finally! 😂I have been waiting to see if anyone actually got that Juno! It was listed as an item last month as well and I have never seen anyone mention that they received it. It’s never been a bag choice or an add on choice for me either and I have face oils checked as frequently.

      • I saw a couple people get it last time!

        Have you received face oils in a bag & been able to rate them? I think that may be why I received this bag instead of other variants — I have face oils as ‘often’ in my profile, & I’ve been able to rate face oils highly a couple of times (Face Hero oil from GBP, & FAB cannabis oil from GB).

    • Hi Marion! 🙋 I just wanted to say that I am not a fan of most lavender-scented things either, but I rec’d a full 2oz jar of that beauty sleep cream to test & review last spring and really the lavender is one of the least offensive ones I’ve ever experienced. It almost seems to have some kind of citrus scent blended with the lavender which has the effect of blunting it. I don’t know how else to describe it. You may not find it quite as objectionable as you anticipate. I know that fragrances affect us all in unique ways, so I totally get that I may be wrong about your potential response, and if I’ve steered you wrong at all, please accept my apologies! But if you can manage the scent the cream is pretty great. It might be a bit heavy if your skin isn’t on the dry side, and so may work better in wintertime to combat the chapping & chafing lots of people experience. Good luck either way!

    • Dang, that would be a GREAT bag for me. I still like the Oryza palette I got a little better, but I’m lowkey jealous you got the SR oil.

  18. I’m happy with my bag this month. I’m getting:

    -Araceli Beauty eyeshadow single in Horchata
    -Realher lip gloss in Be Limitless
    -MODA Brush Neon Angle Contour/Blush Brush
    -TonyMoly eye serum
    -Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream (my pick)

    I didn’t get any add ons for my Glam bag. Even though there are a few thing I want. Save a little bit of money even thought for my Plus I added the Sunday Riley Luna Oil and the Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I’m supposed to be getting the Luna Oil in my July bag but I haven’t gotten it yet. I got a backup incase my bag doesn’t show up.

  19. I got
    -Naked Cosmetics lip scrub
    -Araceli eye shadow in “sombrero”
    -MOTD eyeshadow brush
    -INC.redible rollerball gloss
    -GlamGlow eye cream (my choice)

    Add ons:
    -Kitsch Scrunchies
    -Kiss & SMINK lip crayon in Marietas

    I’m happy with my bag this month. I will use everything.

  20. this is the last box in my 1 year sub that i canceled and didn’t plan to renew.. and its like they are trying to drag me back in or something, becasue for once, I’m actualy happy with entirety of my box. I see what you did there ipsy, but you have disappointed me too much before.

    anyways I got
    Tacha mist (my pick)
    Balance me serum (love serums in general, and congested skin kind sounds very welcome right now)
    Generation Clay mask (I adore clay masks, and been considering grabbing this one with points or as an addon)
    glamglow eye cream (Glamglow is hit and miss for me, but I use eyecreams a lot, and anti fatigue especially sounds right up my alley)
    Pixi pencil in matte mulbury. I adore pixi gel pencils and that color looks extremely wearable.

    no addons this time, even though couple of them looked pretty interesting.

    all in all – a great bag for once. still not renewing though. last time I got excited by a particularly good bag, was when I bought a year’s subscription. and its been varying degrees of disappointment most of that year.

  21. I’m receiving…

    Pore Minimizing Serum

    Highlighter in Aurora

    ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    MODA® Neon Angle Shader

    BRIGHTEYES™ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

    Not the most exciting bag ever, but not bad at all!

  22. I have glam, glam plus and glam ultimate. I am getting the exact same powder brush in two of the bags, a repeat of another brush I just got last month, another coffee scrub even though I consistently give coffee scrubs one star, my 5th black eyeliner in two months even though I have black eyeliner set to rarely and other shades (brown, plum) set to often and two more black mascaras (also set to rarely). This was definitely the most disappointing month of selections for me. I immediately canceled all three subscriptions. I do much better with FabFitFun and Beauty Box. I honestly think their algorithm may have a glitch where it only gives you items you have said you don’t like. 🙂

  23. I’ve been pretty happy with Ipsy, but this month I’m getting yet another brush, even though my profile says “rarely” for brushes. I wish they had a “never” option lol. I’m getting both an eye shadow and blush in nearly the same pink. They’re also the same shade I got last month. I did mark other shades on my profile, but keep getting pink! Another pore perfector, which I don’t need. And none of the things I marked as “often”, like nail polish and mascara. So my conclusion is they don’t really use the profiles. The only thing I like is the night cream I chose myself.

    • You can email Ipsy to get 1 “never” item. I made mine eyeliner because I was sick of getting black eyeliners!

      • They don’t do this any more.

        They’re trying a feature with some beta testers where you can opt out of categories directly from your account pro.

    • I would love it if I got single shadows and deluxe blushes in pink! All Ipsy ever sends me is fugly brown eyeshadow and mauve blush, though my profile states that I want color.

  24. My bag is fine. I got the:

    Glam Glow Brighteyes (My pick. I am hoping it is like Origins Ginzing Eye cream)
    Tatcha Mist (I have quite a few mists, but I use them often)
    Belif The True Cream (I don’t know if I’ve tried this version. I’ll throw in the moisturizer pile lol)
    Balance Me Congested Skin Serum (I don’t really get acne, but I’ve liked the serums like this that Ipsy has sent me for random breakouts).
    MOTD shader brush (meh. At first I thought it was MODA. I have a brush by them that is awful lol.)

    I didn’t get any makeup 🙁

    I really want to add on a lipstick, but I don’t know when I’ll wear it again so I’m going to save my $.

  25. Another coppery eye shadow I will never ever wear. Why do sub boxes send out the same golden copper color all the time? Actually second month in a row ipsy has sent me one. There was a reason I cancelled this box.
    The only thing I like this month is the hair mask I chose… sigh.

  26. *Deweytree Pore Minimizing Serum (love skincare and I have larger pores in my T zone so I’m looking forward to trying)

    *IT Cosmetics Nightcream

    *Laruce Blending Brush (I opted out of brushes but recently heard that option doesn’t work anymore)

    *Lottie London Eyeliner in Black (of course, black)

    *Buxom Mascara (my choice)

    Adds were glitchy this AM and a lot was sold out but then I signed on again and added on:
    *Thrive mascara (my holy grail mascara)

    *Kitsch scrunchies

  27. I got the same bag as MSA- I’m pretty happy with it, though I wish I could figure out how to get perfume to show up in there. I’ve got every single type of fragrance selected with the highest quiz ratings. Any hints?

    • I have always checked off all the fragrances too and I have only received 1 fragrance in a couple of years.

    • I went through this with setting powder, which I love, but never received because they don’t send it that often. What really helped me was being able buy one as an add-on & then rate it highly, but they don’t usually have fragrance in add-ons so idk if the same method would work for you.

  28. Another disappointing bag. I’m getting a product for acne – completely unsuitable for someone my age with no acne issues. And yet another beige eyeshadow. I’m only happy with two of the five products. Last month I had an issue with a leaking product, and had to fight to get it resolved. Once again I am considering canceling. 🙁

  29. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with a bag as I am with this month’s. The only makeup I wear is nail polish lip balm/lip gloss o my profile heavily favors skin care, hair stuff, etc. This is the first bag I’ve ever gotten that really matched my profile. I got:

    HEY HONEY Take Away The Drama Youth Boosting Honey & Copper Peel Off Mask—I love masks and have been really happy with the other Hey Honey products I’ve tried

    REALHER Color Rich Lip Gloss in Be Limitless—I would have preferred the Hey Honey lip balm but, if this color works for me, I’m all about lip gloss

    /SKIN REGIMEN/ Microalgae Essence—I’ll definitely use a light moisturizer

    TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist—The only reason I didn’t choose this is because when I got the Tatchas in March, I preferred the water cream to the dewy cream. I’m really happy this ended up in my bag

    GLAMGLOW BRIGHTEYES™ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream (my choice)—I’ve been wanting to try an eye cream with caffeine in it and everyone raves about GLAMGLOW so I’m really excited to try it

    • That’s a great bag! I’m in the same boat as you, my profile is skincare heavy because I really only wear lipgloss/balm, mascara and BB cream. Just wanted to let you know to really lay that Hey Honey copper peel off mask on heavy. I went a little too thin and it was difficult to peel off. I usually go heavy handed with peel off masks so that I have something to grab onto so my advice is to look at that tube as a one time use.

    • This would’ve been my perfect bag – teach me your ways, Lol! But seriously, what’s your profile like and did you choose an item or leave it totally up to the algorithm?

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever been full bag twins with ipsy, but I am this month. 🙂 The Tatcha was my choice and the other products are good fits for me.

    I added on the pore serum, the araceli? eyeshadow (the matte beige one), and the LaRuce blending shadow brush.

  31. I sub to gb and gbp, so yesterday I was able to customize and add on for my gbp. Today I got my gb reveal, it’s great, but the best add ons were sold out from yesterday.

    I am very happy, but if I were only a gb subscriber I would be pretty put out that many add ons were sold out before add ons even started.

    They should have a separate selection of add ons ready to go for gb subscribers because this is 100% going to happen again, and 100% very avoidable.

  32. For the first time in forever I’m super happy with my bag! I signed up for GBP this month and have zero repeats. I’m shocked and thrilled as I don’t think there’s a good way to avoid that with GBP having access to add-ons on the 1st and the regular GB preview on the 2nd. I redid my profile to only saying yes to appropriately 9 categories overall and I think it really helped.

    The Bag:
    Tatcha Mist – My pick
    Outre Hair Mask – Excited to try
    Moda Contour Brush – I like tools and the blue color is fun
    Skin Regimen Essence – I’ll give it a go as my profile is set yes to serums
    Murad Clarifying Cleanser – I have dry skin, but my profile is set to cleansers so ok

    Honestly didn’t need these, but they looked fun.

    H2O gel moisturizer – haven’t tried a gel in former and could use a lighter day option
    Dewytree Serum & Balance Me Serum – these seemed a little similar and I’m having more acne than usual so I thought I’d give them a go.

    • Bag twins!!

      • Cool! Did yours match your profile / are you happy with it?

    • Yes, this is the most accurate bag I’ve received all year!!

    • The H2O moisturizer is EXCELLENT in my opinion – I always add that brand/moisturizer onto bags when I see it because it’s so good. I like to have a stash of them as back-up.

  33. I’m THRILLED with my bag this month, honestly. I revamped my personal profile in June, and I think it paid off because I got two items this month in categories I’d never received before.

    I’m getting:

    ORYZA CAMO SHIMMER EYESHADOW PALETTE – Yes, yes, yes! I regretted not picking this as my choice item, so I’m doubly happy to see it show up in my bag. Oryza shadows are super quality.

    PIXI BY PETRA ENDLESS SILKY EYE PEN IN MATTE MULBERRY- I was disappointed this wasn’t a choice item, so again, I’m really happy that it ended up in my bag – and in the color I wanted, too! I’ve heard great things about these eyeliners. Plus, Ipsy has never actually sent me an eyeliner before (no, really!).


    KISS & SMINK MATTE CREME LIP CRAYON IN MARIETAS – This was the only “meh” item for me this month; I just don’t think I need another lip product. The color is perfect, however, and I can’t be mad at three full size products in a regular glam bag.

    BUBBLE T COSMETICS PEACH ICE TEA BODY CREAM – Another first – Ipsy’s never sent me body cream before! I love peach scented products, and right now my legs could use the moisture, so I’m happy to get this as well.

    I experienced the glitch where a lot of add-ons were shown as sold out, but fortunately the three I had my eye on were available: the Complex Culture powder brush; the Ciate pressed setting powder, and the Briogeo mask. I also added on the Iby shadow single in In Bloom at the last minute, because it was so pretty.

    Really happy with Ipsy this month!

    • Forgot to add that I was also able to redeem points for two more Pixi eyeliners, in Bronze Beam and Black Caviar. They just posted a bunch of really nice rewards.

  34. I’m getting:

    – ARACELI BEAUTY Jalisco Eyes Single in Sombrero (Cool, I don’t remember trying this brand before.)

    – OUTRÉ BY USE ME Instant Repair Hair Mask + CBD (Super excited for this!)

    – REALHER Color Rich Lip Gloss in Be Limitless (Cool, haven’t tried their gloss before and the color is nice.)

    – TONYMOLY Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum (Nice! Been really enjoying eye serums lately. Also cute whale!)

    – SUNDAY RILEY ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream (My pick! Can’t wait to try!)

    I added on the Brigeo hair mask and the Peach Tea lotion. There are things I would’ve preferred over the eyeshadow and lipgloss, but they aren’t bad, so great bag overall.

  35. ALL of my IPSY bags this month are home runs! I got:

    —Hey Honey watermelon lip (my pick)
    —Bubble T Peach Iced Tea body cream (yum! I was going to buy this in add ons yesterday, glad I waited!)
    —OFRA Blush in Rose (exactly the one I wanted!)
    — IBY Eyeshadow in Bloom (pretty color! The Illamasqua shadows looked good, but this is fine)
    —Lottie London eyeliner in Espresso (yay! Brown eyeliner is my staple, so happy it’s not black. I chose the brown liner in Plus, too, happy to have more)

    Add ons:
    —Ciate London Watermelon pressed powder
    — Thrive Mascara

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