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Ipsy Glam Bag September 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your September 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Which product are you choosing for your September 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at the September the bag design:

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! 


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Written by MSA


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Comments (92)

  1. Oh my Not me! I really like all theese choices tough decision and liked it!!! Chose the palette quad and in my other bag as an annual gift from mom and dad I chose the Miami Brush looks awesome!!!!!

  2. Ugly bag and I didn’t like my choices so I skipped

  3. Did anyone else receive their Ipsy items from the 72 hour summer sale? I bought the $10 three step skin set with the beet serum and sadly, there was no beet serum in my bag (they had replaced it with Azulene soothing cream). I also bought the $20 Clean & Refreshed set and it was missing the small Hey Honey mask and Tony Moly mask (I got some sheet masks instead). Has this ever happened to anyone? Feels like false advertising to sell a product and then send something different 😑

    • I did, but mine were as ordered.

    • Same. I bought the cleanser duo with Murad and Essenherb and received a TonyMoly cleanser instead of the Essenherb one.

      • I also received a Tonymoly jelly cleanser with my Murad, are you gonna contact Ipsy over it?

    • This happened to me with one of their Ipsy offers. it was a set with Tony Moly masks and lip balms and such. I got the set for the Tony Moly masks and I didn’t received the masks. Instead they replaced them with a random single mask from a brand i’ve never heard of.
      It is definitely not right to advertise something and deliver something different. Don’t have the product you sold? Reimburse the customer, don’t just replace it with random items.

    • Exact same thing happened to me. I contacted ipsy thinking it was just a mistake and they would send the beet serum but they just offered me $3!!! I replied that I just wanted a refund as that was the whole reason for purchasing that set but haven’t heard back! Their customer service used to be polite at least but the last couple of times I’ve had issues with wrong items they basically say “tough stuff” and don’t offer to make it right (I guess I should feel lucky they offered a whole $3 for the mess up this time). I’d be fine with a cancelled order if they oversold but not when they try to sneak in an unknown SAMPLE for a full size product!

  4. I haven’t received my August bag and they are already selecting for September

    • Still waiting on my August.

      • same! so frustrated.

    • Same here! I’m in California and I usually receive the bag no later than the 18th but its been sitting in Texas not moving for the last 6 days and says USPS is awaiting the item from Ipsy but it was initially scanned on the 12th 😑. Their shipping has been pretty bad the last 2 months I placed an order from the shop 5-6 weeks ago and never received it.

      • My GB finally arrived on Sat 22nd. It shipped on the 7th via Pitney Bowes, and I think that’s where a lot of the hold up was. This is the latest I’ve ever received mine. Then today I got 2 different Shopper purchases made later in the month, on different dates, both contained in the same pink mailer. I was pretty surprised about that but not complaining. Pretty sure they came via DHL. Gals, it’s a crap shoot! Hope y’all get your bags soon! I sure understand the frustration!

    • I’m still waiting on my July replacement bag 😔😔😔

    • I have two bags in two accounts. They shipped several hours apart from each other on 8/14 and were moving in step together until they were handed off to USPS on 8/17 and my main bag with $66 worth of add-ons disappeared 🙁 The other bag arrived on 8/19.

    • I feel your pain, my Plus bag is still stuck in transit TO DHL.

  5. muy molesta por que ya no nos llegan las bolsitas a las que estamos subscritas a ipsy plus

  6. I decided to skip…getting a stock pile of each category from having a year subscription…first month back to month to month pay…nothing wowed me…
    But…I caved at got the full sized Murad eye cream set…I have quite a few eye cream samples but I just couldn’t pass it up…🤷‍♀️

  7. I picked IT BB Cream. That is my gold standard of any foundation/cover creams/primetrs. I wear the shade Fair and want a travel size.

    That Glam Bag is growing on me 🙂

  8. Are you blocked from shopping in the flash sale if you skipped the following month? I’ve looked 2 or 3 times today (starting around 7:30 am Eastern) and can’t see it. (Probably all for the best!)

    • I’m not subbed to Ipsy, but I was able to access the Flash Sale. For me, the Flash Sale is advertised above Ipsy Offers in the Shopper tab. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see it there too 🙂

      • Luna, that is great to know you can still access Ipsy Flash sales even tho you’re not subbed. I did not know that. Thanks for sharing that info!

      • Thanks so much, Luna! It worked! I only saw one duo I wanted (Duft&Doft/Paris Hilton) and still debating about it … I’m down to one cleanser but have enough eye cream to last a year.

        Glad I didn’t miss out on the chance to shop.

    • You can shop flash, pop up and second chance as long as you have an ipsy account. All those sales are technically shopper purchases. I posted the flash url down the page. But you can also just google Ipsy flash and it comes up. All these sales usually go live around midnight EST even tho they aren’t supposed to. And they go live way before ipsy sends emails out. Regular choice goes live at 9am EST but sometimes early. Add-ons usually go live at 7:30 EST (9 am officially). Last month the new Plus choice went live around noon EST when it was supposed to go live at 3pm.

      So. If you want the best selection. Mark your calendars and be ready early.

      • Is there a list of dates or a specific day of the week? Sorry, I’m new to this and I don’t do social media. So happy that I was able to snag the eye cream duo of Murad and Malin this morning.

      • The dates are posted on your timeline on ipsy and also they post to Instagram I think.
        -Choice got GB and GBU happens usually on the second to last Monday in the month or sometime around the 24-26. Official time is 9am, but it can go live earlier.
        -Flash happens at the same time but the flash sale is usually up at midnight.
        -Reveals and addons happen on the 2nd. GBP choice happens at this time as well, 2nd-3rd if the month.
        -Second chance add-ons happen around the 13-14th. Usually going live at midnight.
        -Popup usually happens once 2nd chance closes. 15th-18th. Usually live at midnight too.

        MSA only posts here about choice and add-ons. So you have to watch elsewhere like red dit.

      • Mari, thank you for all the info. I don’t have a good memory on this sort of things as I sub to too many bags. I just saved your recap and hopefully I will remember to check them on time.

      • I’m usually good at marking down the dates for their flash sales & second chance add-ons, but I keep forgetting that they go live super early… I only remembered once, but I don’t think there was a highly covetable bundle/product for me that time so getting up to look early was a bit of a waste, lol. I think I’m going to cool it for the rest of the year in taking advantage of Ipsy’s flash sales in preparation for the holidays, but I hope I can remember they start early come January when I’ll be back! lol

  9. New $5 combo have been added to flash including the Murad cleanser that showed up in popup paired with an EssenHerb tea tree cleanser, an Oribe spray and Qhemet curl cream, MY FAVORITE: Innisfree volcanic pore mask + BRTC sleeping masks, FS Seraphine highlighter ($22 value) + Porefessional Pearl, and some nail polish stuff that I ignore. Also, the Nomad highlighter/bronzer palette in the 16$ range.

    Also note that the Seraphine gloss is also FS. I keep buying this for gifts for ppl bc it is such a universally flattering color.

    • That Seraphine Botanicals lip gel/Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balm duo is such a good deal! 2 of my favorite brands I’ve discovered through Ipsy.

    • I bought both of those duos. My sister likes the murad so that’s being stashed for the holidays, and I like the jersey shore balms. (The SB is nice, too.)

  10. Did anyone get the PURLISSE Youth Glow Vitamin C CC Cream SPF50 as part of their choice items? I didn’t and I was specifically looking for this one. I did get the IT CC cream but already have it. I’m just wondering if the Purlisse didn’t make it into any groups for whatever reason or maybe it wasn’t going to come in Fair or something similar for my skin tone. Just curious… I went back and checked the spoilers from early Aug. Thanks, ladies!

    • No, my choices were the same as MSA posted above.

  11. I chose the Marc Anthony Curl Defining Cream. I like that brand and haven’t tried this particular curl cream yet. I’ve let my hair grow long again, it hasn’t been this long since I was in my 30’s, am now 65, and I’m trying to reestablish my natural curl pattern after so many years of straightening my hair for work and wearing it shorter. Wish me luck! I’m all over YT watching curly hair videos! lol I’m retired now, could never deal with this much hair if I was a full-time working gal, at least if it was pre-Covid19. I also bought a couple $5 duos at the Flash sale.

    • I chose the same product! I have wavy curly hair and love trying out new curl products! It looks like decent sample size also

    • I don’t use the curl line but I use the Marc Anthony full Volume line and I love it!

  12. By the time I got to the site, Derma E and IT were both gone. I got the eye cream since it’s 1/3 of the full size which is priced at 82.00 CAD, which is 61.97 USD, so 1/3 is a retail value of 20.66 USD. The shadows are nice, but I chose the quad in last month’s bag, plus I got the full size Wander palette as a gift, plus I have enough eyeshadow on hand to last me the rest of my life if I grew 100 more pairs of eyes and lived forever….so I will probably get it in my bag anyway.

    • Lmao that eyeshadow surplus description is so accurate it had me dying! I got the eye cream too, I was excited until I heard it’s been discontinued, so watch me fall in love with it now 🙁

    • SharonDK well, I also chose the little quad palette this month and these shades look so similar, but I still chose it! And besides having drawers full of palettes, I also bought Marc Jacobs and Kaja palettes in Boxy’s pop-up, so there you go. Besides, if I didn’t choose it, ipsy would just give me a single eyeshadow in an invisible beige shade.

  13. I got the blush duo. I put on profile to get often but cant remember the last time ipsy have me a blush lol. Thinking about mixing my profile all up

  14. I chose the PYT mini palette because I hate getting eyeshadow singles and these are great everyday colors. The swatches in their preview video looked really nice. Most of the choices were meh, though.

  15. I wish the Purlisse CC cream was an option I really want to try it and compare it to the other one I got

    • There was a BB cream in the flash sale but it looks sold out now. It might not have been your color tho. A lot of stuff is sold out in flash. I’m glad I got in early!

      • Wow! I just went back to see what was left, after your comment. A lot is gone now! The 2 duos I bought are sold out.

  16. The Farmacy/Purlisse duo sold out within minutes. I decided to make my choice for both of my bags first instead of shipping the flash sale. Boy, was that a mistake! Literally, sold out within five minutes. That’s crazy!

    • The flash sale was live for like 9 hrs before choice opened so that’s why there was so little left once the masses hit it at 8am.

      • Thanks Mari and Patty. How did you access it before choice? Through Shopper?

    • Flash sale was up since late last night. I was able to score the Farmacy set around 11pm PST.

      • Same here. I just checked around midnight and also got:
        –Il Makiage and Pixi by Petra mascaras (haven’t tried Pixi, but the Il Makiage is BOMB)
        –Tarte concealer and PUR mineral foundation

      • Lori, you made me regret not picking up the Il Makiage mascara. For some reason Ipsy don’t send me any Il Makiage product besides the Inkliner that everybody got. And I have 3 tiers of their bags. I should have gone for this with the flash sale but I spent more than I have planned so took it out of my cart.

  17. I didn’t have the choice of the serum, I hope that means I am already getting it. I picked the eye cream.

    I LOVE the bag for Sept!!!

    • Maybe it already sold out.

  18. This was an easy skip for me. If October doesn’t improve I’m canceling.

  19. I chose the Derma E Serum. I love skincare, so I’ll take all I can get.

  20. I chose the IT Cosmetics CC cream. I have the full size and love it. It will be nice to have a travel size. I was tempted by the primer, the eye cream, and the Pacifica duo as well. I hope some of those appear in my bag anyway! I also couldn’t resist a couple $5 duos from the flash sale.

  21. I wasn’t excited by the spoilers, but there ended up being some good choices! I picked the Derma E serum – it’s a generous size, and I’ve really liked everything I’ve tried from that brand. Crossing my fingers I’ll also get the contour brush in my bag, or that it will be an add-on option.

    I snagged the Farmacy/Purlisse duo from the Flash sale last night, and ended up going back and grabbing the Ofra gloss/Sugar Cosmetics lip crayon duo this morning.

  22. I decided to pause when I saw the spoilers early in August. Because I ordered five mystery bags soon after I joined, I have at least two products and some actual duplicates (Big Ego mascara: great stuff) in every category.

    Sad to skip because I love the corduroy bag — but I hope they’ll offer a mystery bag with it in a few months, when I’ll have run out of most of my samples.

    • The bag is cute but not the color! The plus bag is going to be awesome tho!

    • I’m really liking the bag too. It totally reminds me of the cords I used to wear with my Docs back in the 90’s, lol. I don’t sub to Ipsy, but instead I usually just wait a couple of months to pick up a mystery bag when I see a bag I like. 🙂

      • Oh my I am old! The bag actually reminds of the cords I wore in the seventies! The bell bottoms of my cords was so wide they would almost trip me by wrapping around the opposite leg when I walked.
        I love the bag and the Ultimate bag is even better!

      • Haha, Michelle! I remember I had a pair of bell bottoms my senior yr of hs that would trip me up like that! I graduated in 1973. I love the Ultimate bag design. That’s one I may even consider purchasing in add-ons, if they have it. I like the color story and the corduroy vibe. That final summer before starting college — good times and memories!

      • Hi Michelle! When I wore cords in the 90’s (and not quite bell-bottomed jeans, but super flared out jeans) I think 70’s fashion was making a comeback, mostly thanks to Dazed and Confused being released, lol. 😀 That stuck around for a couple of years, then Clueless came out, then I just HAD to wear skorts with jackets, thigh-high tights and my Doc mary janes, lol!

  23. I chose the DERMA E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum. Not getting GBU anymore its too expensive for what I actually liked and used. WHEN IS GBP choice?

    • Glam Bag Plus choice days are the 2nd and 3rd, of every month. 🙂

  24. I got the Veriphy eye cream. It’s 1/3 the FS and worth about $20.

    I’ll probably pick the derma e cream in my second bag.

    I was up at 4am shopping the Flash sale that went live early. I got a TON of stuff in both my accounts.

    CHELLA & F.A.R.A.H. – Two FS products ($42 value)
    MURAD & ONEKIND -I’ve wanted to try an essence that was not AB and the Onekind looked really good too
    TARTE & DEWYTREE – Almost redeemed points for the Dewytree
    TARTE & PUR – Have been wanting to try Shape Tape – This travel size is small but $10 value
    IT COSMETICS & PURLISSE – Giving BBUE another chance
    SLMISSGLAM & INMO – cant get enough 2.50 brushes

    Farmacy & Purlisse Duo (x2)
    Murad & Malin + Goetz (x2) – got the Murad last month, but picked up extras!

    Radiant Complexion Set – with 2 full-size products I wanted plus 3 DS, this seemed like a good deal.

  25. I picked the Pacifica bronzer/blush duo. I’m looking forward the trying the matte version. I got the shimmer version last year in my bag and I was extremely surprised at how much I liked it.
    Though I wish I would have known there would have been so many bronzers in the flash sale, it may have swayed my choice.

    I’m addicted to bronzer, must be the Jersey in me….

    • Just so you know for next time, the flash sale is usually live around midnight EST and you can access it separately before choice. Just type in and then /shop/i/ipsy-flash (I’m not posting the full URL bc every time I do my post don’t make it here.)

      That’s why the Farmacy was sold out so quick, bc ppl were buying it all morning before choice opened.

      • Mari — thank you!

  26. Sticking to Plus this month. These don’t seem that new and exciting compared to last month’s offering 🤷‍♀️

  27. I chose the contour brush! Would have picked the derma e but I have bought that in the full size bottle before. It’s good w great reviews but wanted to try something else. I already have the professional primer which is really good too, it’s just like the orginal but extra hydrating! Was considering the p/y/t mini palette but I have way too many eyeshadow palettes as it is lol. The brush was the best choice for me!

  28. I chose the Pacifica Duo. I’m always happy with them and this will be my 4th. Was super excited they are finally offering one with a matte blush. Due to my oily skin and large pores matte blushes look so much better on me(even though I do love a shimmer).

  29. I picked the porefessional. I use the original version every day, so I wanted to try this one.

    Also picked up the Tarte and Pur duo. I got it in my head recently that I wanted to try a powder foundation, and this was a specific brand I was looking at.

    I hope the curl cream is an add on!

  30. Glad I canceled 😆

  31. I chose the curl cream but think I’m going to skip. The choices just seemed so meh.

  32. Missed the Farmacy/Purlisse duo in the flash sale ☹️ But, a Noyah lip balm!!!!! Yes please. If you haven’t tried it, do. It’s the best overnight lip treatment.

  33. The veriphy 20/20 eye cream has been discontinued by the company.I’m passing that info on because if you try it and like it-you’re out of luck. I chose the derma e serum, it had good reviews. I hope everyone gets something they love this month!

    • Thanks so much for the head’s up! I almost got that one as part of my quest for the perfect eye cream, but I couldn’t handle the heartbreak if I found my holy grail and could never get it again XD

  34. I decided to go with the Shaina B. Miami brush. The options were a bit boring this month, but I do love brushes, so I am happy. I really hope they bring back the Ofra blush in Rose from August of this year, as a product for September. I’d love to receive that.

  35. I am going to pause for Sept. (Keeping Plus) I did grab 2 flash sale duos, tho!

  36. I decided to go for the Veriphy eye cream. I previously received their serum in an Ipsy bag and LOVED it. It’s also a generous DS @ 5ml. The retail value is $27.88CDN.

    I hope that the serum and eyeshadow quad are available as add ons! Even though I definitely don’t need anymore shadows, I loved it!

  37. I picked the Derma E serum. It has good reviews on Ulta and is a good size. I think I’m going to skip GBP this month even though I really dig the corduroy bag.

  38. After seeing the options, I cancelled my bag. Going to stick with my Plus subscription for now, but Ipsy has been a major letdown lately.

  39. Nothing excites me.

  40. I picked the contour brush! I love It cosmetics CC cream but have some I need to finish up already and I’ve tried the Derma E and like it also, decided to try something new! Also got the star acne patches and dirt mask duo! The star patches were so cute in a video and the dirt mask has amazing reviews, should be good for my oily skin!!

  41. Dismal products. I chose one PYT palette and on my other account, just said ” Surprise me” it’s so uninspiring.

    • I did too. At least the colors are pretty.

  42. I chose the CC cream, nothing was really standing out to me this month 😕

    • Same! I can’t even remember… I feel like I may have gotten it before, though? Or was it a different It CC Cream that Ipsy sent out?

      • Yep! Check October 2019? That’s when I got it. (The Betty Boop month.)

      • Mari, you are right! It was even my choice item then, lol! 🤦‍♀️ Hopefully this doesn’t mean I will be getting a repeat of the rest of the bag contents!

    • I prefer their CC cream to their foundation. Good choice!

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